"Remind you, if you want to kill me, one by one, first prepare me to die!"

Huangfu Long Dou slowly took off his sunglasses, and his sharp eyes swept over all the lily of the valley around him.

The aura is fully open.

Every lily of the valley is bad, and I feel a terrible sense of oppression.

There was only one person standing in front of him, but it felt like an insurmountable mountain.

Under this sense of oppression, the lily of the valley bad people, who were originally restless, quieted down again.

However, everyone's eyes were still staring at Huangfu Longdou.

"Why? Don't you dare? Lily of the valley should be more than that, right?".

Huangfu Longdou waved defiantly to the bad people of the lily of the valley.

Originally, this trip, he came to Lily of the Valley, and he was indeed not going to fight.

But just now, Tokawa Toshio, Yuji Tokaji, and Izaki rushed up and pulled his excitement up.

The blood on his body was boiling rapidly.

How can this be done if you don't beat a few more people to cool down?


"Who do you look down on?"

"Brothers, let's go together!"

"No matter how strong this kid is, it's just a person, rush!"

"If there is a kind, just rush with me!"

Under the provocation of Huangfu Longdou, the bad people of Lily of the Valley glared angrily one by one.

As one of them began to rush towards the Emperor Fu Long Dou.

All the lily of the valley bad people around him were immediately driven by him.

All of a sudden, the bad people of the lily of the valley were like huge waves on the sea, slapping towards Huangfu Longdou.

"That's right, haha!"

In the face of a large number of rushing lily of the valley, the wild laughter of Huangfu Longdou also sounded.

Not only did he not have any fear, but the whole person greeted him.

And his fist also instantly landed on the bad cheek of a lily of the valley at the front.

Bang 460 !!

With a loud bang that rose into the sky.

At the moment when Huangfu Longdou's fist hit, the bad head of this lily of the valley looked like it was frozen in place, and the body below the neck was still rushing forward.

After rushing to the limit, the lower half of his body began to take off, and he turned around with his head for almost half a circle, and the whole body slammed into the ground.

There is no doubt that after receiving such a punch, you will completely lose your combat effectiveness on the spot.

As for Huangfu Longdou, he didn't look at this lily of the valley at all.

continued to stride out, and took advantage of the situation to punch another Lily of the Valley badly, which also hit on the spot, and also knocked it over on the spot.

At this moment, Huangfu Longdou's whole person was completely plunged into the crowd.

Open the bow left and right with both fists, punch after punch, and the firepower is fully opened.

All of a sudden, the bad people of Lily of the Valley turned on their backs.

"After this guy fought with us, he still has such vigorous physical strength, is this guy human?"

"I now understand a little bit why Senior Nakai and Senior Kawanishi suddenly want to win over everyone from Lily of the Valley to deal with Lily of the Valley together, it's really necessary. "

Without rushing up at the first time, Yuji Tokaji and Izaki, who were standing outside panting, looked at the Huangfu Ryuto in the field, and their eyes flashed with deep consternation.

They finally understood why Nakai and Kawanishi were so panicked.

Faced with such a phoenix boss, they also panicked.

At this time, the Huangfu Dragon Dou in the field grabbed the bad clothes of a yellow-haired lily of the valley and used it as a large shield to crash into other lily of the valley bad clothes.

Although those lily of the valley were bad for the first time to retreat.

But it was too late.

collided with the yellow-haired lily of the valley that was pushed over by Huangfu Longdou.

After stacking together with several lily of the valley badly.

Huangfu Longdou let go of his hand, raised his leg is a kick, kicked on the bad body of the yellow-haired lily of the valley, and directly kicked them over together.

At this time, an inch-headed lily of the valley appeared behind Huangfu Long Dou.

It was a hideous wave of the iron rod in his hand, and smashed it on the back of Huangfu Longdou.


Huangfu Long Dou, who felt the attack, slowly turned his head to look at this inch-headed lily of the valley.

The inch-headed lily of the valley looked at Huangfu Longdou, whose expression had not changed, and then looked at the iron rod in his hand.

His eyes were full of doubts, as if he was wondering if he had hit Huangfu Longdou just now, and wondering if he had gotten a fake, and the iron rod in his hand was actually not an iron rod but a plastic toy

No matter what he was suspicious of, Huangfu Longdou instantly swung his leg backwards and hit him in the face.

I didn't even have time to wail, and with a few teeth flying out, I lost consciousness on the spot.

Immediately afterwards, Huangfu Longdou swept out with one leg and swept over another person next to him who tried to sneak attack him.

"This guy took a hit with an iron bar, but he didn't react. "

"Just relying on their injuries, they can't take down the boss of the phoenix, Izaki... How are you?"

"No problem, if you want to get on, go on!"


Outside the court, Yuji Tozaki and Aki watched Huangfu Ryuto beat over one after another Lily of the Valley, and the two, who felt that they had recovered a lot of physical strength, were ready to rush up again.


At this moment, a loud voice sounded.

Yuji Tokaji and Izaki turned their heads in unison in an instant, and saw Kawanishi and Nakai coming out of it with a large number of lily of the valley defects.

However, the lily of the valley bad guys, who had already killed the red-eyed ones in the field, did not stop there.

"Stop first, don't you hear it!"

Seeing this, Nakai raised his voice again and shouted.

The lily of the valley bad people who besieged Huangfu Longdou stopped one after another.

"I'm finally willing to come out!"

Huangfu Ryudou also withdrew his fist and turned his head to look at Nakai and Kawanishi Sheng, who were standing at the front.

Nakai he was beaten, so naturally he knew.

And according to the rules of the bad world, it is often the boss who stands in the C position.

Then standing side by side with Nakai, Huangfu Longdou guessed that it should be Sichuan Xisheng.


At this time, on a flyover.

Five of the bad of Shangchuan School Park stopped a man who looked tall and thin.

"Hey! Don't think that your father is the president of the Meteor Society, so he can do whatever he wants in Shangchuan, and now in Shangchuan, Lao Tzu still has the final say, understand?"

The yellow-haired man who took the lead said arrogantly to the man.

The man's name is Genji Takiya, the eldest young master of the Meteor Society of the Extreme Dao forces.

Under this identity, most of the bad guys in Kamikawa are respectful to Genji Takiya.

This caused Huang Mao, who was originally the boss of Shangchuan, to be quite unhappy.

His own little brother is respectful to others.

What is this?

And do you take yourself into account?

Finally, Huang Mao couldn't bear it anymore, and took his four sworn friends to surround Genji Takiya.

is ready to prove to everyone that the eldest young master of the Meteor Society is nothing remarkable.

"Of course... Now if you are willing to bow your head and shout big brother, I can consider letting you go and accept you as a little brother!"

Huang Mao looked at Genji Takitani with his nostrils and continued arrogantly.


Genji Takiya, who was holding a cigarette, scooped out his ears and looked at the yellow hair in front of him impatiently.

He didn't say anything, but his eyes looked like he was looking at an idiot.

"TM, you don't see the coffin....."

Before the yellow hair's bad words were finished, Takiya Genji threw the cigarette butt to the ground hard, and then in an instant, it was a punch, as fast as lightning, directly hitting the yellow hair's bad cheek.

With the blood splashing out, Huang Mao fell to the ground on the spot.


Others are bad, looking at the yellow hair lying on the ground in an instant, the brain is buzzing.

"If you want to fight, you can fight, what do you say!"

Genji Takiya said and pounced on the rest of the bad.

Soon, all of Kamikawa's bad things were neatly beaten to the ground by Genji Takiya.

Everyone, is not Genji Takiya's enemy.

After that's all over.

Genji Takiya stood there, slowly pulling out a cigarette and lighting it again.

At this moment, Huang Mao slowly sat up from the ground again.

Genji Takiya glanced at him, and was about to rush up immediately to continue the beating.

"Stop, stop, stop.... If you don't fight, you won't fight, you will be the boss of Shangchuan in the future, and I will be mixed with you in the future. "

Huang Mao was so frightened that he hurriedly waved his hand and said.

There is no longer the arrogance of just now.

Genji Takiya, who didn't expect to surrender at this point, couldn't help but be stunned for a moment, and then slowly took back the kick that was kicked out.

Huang Mao was bad, and he only felt that his back was soaked with cold sweat.

Genji Takitani's kick just now, almost kicked him in the face again, just a little bit.

Huang Mao felt that if he said it slowly, he would probably be in the hospital if he woke up again.

"Boss Takiya... From now on, you will be our boss. "

"In the future, you let us say one, we will never say two, you let us go west, we will never go east. "

"Yes, yes, we will all be your little brother in the future!"

The other bad guys, although lying there, also said one after another.

I didn't feel ashamed in the slightest.

Thinking about it suddenly, the eldest young master who followed the Meteor Society didn't seem to be bad.

And the strength of the people is strong, so they can easily kill so many of themselves.

With such a boss, whoever sees him in the future will have to take a detour, and that is not majestic.

With the name of the eldest young master of the Meteor Society, maybe he can get more money every month.

Even if you can't do it, you can directly enter the Meteor Club in the future.

Others want to have this opportunity, but they don't have it yet.

"Not interested!"

However, Genji Takiya left such a sentence, so he left directly with a cigarette in his mouth.

Leaving five Nakagawa's bad and looking at each other.

"Not interested?

"It means that there is no interest in taking us as a younger brother. "

"So what should I do? Not only was he killed, he was recognized as the boss, but he was also disgusted by him, if this was spread, there would really be no face at all. "

"Now that I'm dying of pain, let's ask again tomorrow, if it's not good, Genji Takiya will agree when the time comes. "

Although they are all classified as bad.

But the gap between bad and bad is still very large.

Not every bad one can be like lily of the valley or impatiens, with a certain backbone.

Many of them are like these people, without any spine, and even very greedy, and can almost call them scum.

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