Toyaru City.

In front of an apartment.

"I'm so sorry!".

Obasan, who was nearly half a hundred years old, stood at the door of the apartment and bowed deeply to Huangfu Longdou.

"Can you tell me why?".

Huangfu Longdou frowned.

Yesterday he rented a small apartment here.

Just put my bags in for one night.

The landlord of Obasan, suddenly said that he would not rent it today.

Just received a call from Obasan's landlord to quit the rent, and Huangfu Longdou hurried over.

If you don't fix this.

I'm going to be on the streets tonight.

"I didn't know you were a phoenix ......".

Under the explanation of the landlord of Obasan, Huangfu Longdou understood the reason.

Recently, the situation between Impatiens and Lily of the Valley has become worse and worse.

Conflicts erupt from time to time.

After learning the identity of the Emperor Fu Dragon Dou Phoenix Immortal today.

The landlord feared that his apartment would suffer in the conflict between the two sides.

For example, in order to deal with Huangfu Longdou, Lily of the Valley rushed directly into the apartment and smashed it, causing damage to the apartment and so on.

"So... I'm sorry, but this is a refundable rent..."

The landlord of Obasang bowed deeply again to Huangfu Longdou, and at the same time took out an envelope.


Huangfu Longdou took the envelope, which contained the rent he had given earlier.

A little bit.

It's not easy to just find a satisfying house again.

Huangfu Long Dou couldn't help but have a headache, took off his glasses, and rubbed his temples that were a little painful.

"At least let me find a new place to live..."

Immediately, Huangfu Longdou looked at the landlord Obasang again.

Huangfu Longdou wearing black-rimmed glasses, Si Sven's.

After removing it, the sharp eyes and the tall body can be described as oppressive.

Think of Huangfu Longdou again, that is not a fight, but a bad identity on the way to fight.

Landlord Obasan's whole body trembled.

I felt that Huangfu Longdou was about to raise his fist and beat it up.

That fist, as big as a casserole, hit yourself in the head, you must be sent to the ICU on the spot!

A strong sense of crisis can be described as rushing to the face.

Huangfu Longdou wants to say: at least let yourself find a suitable place to live first, and then let yourself move out...

Under the sense of crisis, what the landlord heard was: Ha, I don't have a new place to live, where do you let me stay at night now, believe it or not, Lao Tzu will let you move your head immediately?

"I'm so sorry... You can take this money as liquidated damages, and you can take this money and find a hotel to live in first!".

The landlord of Obasan, who was 'sparing his life', was already in a cold sweat on his forehead.

Without waiting for Huangfu Longdou to finish speaking, she took out another envelope and stuffed it into Huangfu Longdou's hand.

Then he took a step back and bowed deeply again.

"Liquidated damages?".

Huangfu Longdou touched the thickness of the envelope, there was about 300,000, and he couldn't help frowning, thinking about whether there was such a thing in the rental contract.

In the Obasang landlord sounded: Who do you want to fool with this liquidated damages? ha~

"Please let me go, I'm just making up for my family..."

Without waiting for Huangfu Longdou to continue, the landlord Obasang took out another envelope and stuffed it into Huangfu Longdou's hand again.

And this time, the landlord of Obasang knelt directly on the ground, which was the standard taxi seat.

"Are you mistaken?".

Huangfu Long Dou noticed the passers-by next to him and had already begun to point at him.

"That's really all there is, I'm so sorry..."

The landlord of Obasang was even crying, and did not give Huangfu Longdou a chance to 'explain' at all.

There are more and more trends around us.

Those who don't know still think it's extortion.

In order to avoid causing unnecessary trouble.

"Okay, I'll move out soon!".

Huangfu Longdou gave up entanglement with Obasan's landlord.

"Thank you so much!"

Landlord Obasang kowtowed again.


Huangfu Ryudou returned to his small apartment and stuffed the money and glasses into his pocket.

After a little tidying up with his free hands, he returned the key to Landlord Obasan.

As there is no luggage.

Huangfu Longdou carried a schoolbag on his back and set out on the road to find a place to live again.

"On the first day I came to Fengxian, I was kicked out by the landlord, what is this called, is the conflict between Fengxian and Lily of the Valley now so bad?".

Huangfu Longdou walked on the road, accepting and accepting, and it was inevitable that he was a little unhappy in his heart.

But there is no way.

There must always be a place to live.

After thinking about it, I decided to go to the agent first.

If there is a suitable house, it is naturally the best.

If you don't have one, find a hotel to stay in first.

Among the liquidated damages paid by the landlord of Obasan, 300,000 yuan were in the first letter and 100,000 yuan in the second letter.

Anyway, the money to live in a hotel must be there.

It's just walking and walking, crutches and crutches.

Huangfu Ryudou, who had just come to Toyaru City, found that he was lost.

"It's a disaster, forget it... Ask someone!".

Huangfu Longdou shook his head, and then walked out of the alley.

I saw a teenager in uniform passing by in front of me.



As soon as Huangfu Long Dou spoke, the young man seemed to be frightened and screamed strangely.

"I'm sorry..."

Huangfu Long Dou thought he had scared him.

I just haven't had time to apologize yet.

After the young man quickly glanced up and down at Huangfu Longdou, he nodded: "I understand!"

So smart?

I didn't even ask, I knew I was lost?

Huangfu Long Dou just thought of this.

The young man took out a wallet directly from his pocket and stuffed it into Huangfu Longdou's hand.

"It's all my belongings, please pay for it!"

That sincere look, skillful movements.

Huangfu Longdou was a little confused.

"And rest assured, I'm not going to tell anyone else, so... Please don't beat me!".

As soon as the words fell, the young man ran away.

Huangfu Long Dou didn't even have a chance to say the second word.

"What's the situation, I just want to ask for directions... Is it the uniform on you?"

Huangfu Longdou looked at the wallet in his hand, his face speechless.

I looked at the phoenix uniform on my body again.

Thinking about that young man, had he been blackmailed by Fengxian's people before?

However, Huangfu Long Dou asked a few more passers-by.

To be precise, no questions have been asked.

When passers-by saw Huangfu Longdou, they either turned their heads and ran, or turned a corner directly.

The deterrent power of the phoenix should not be enough to make everyone afraid, right?

"Could it be..."

Huangfu Longdou suddenly remembered that when he cleaned up before, he forgot to wear his glasses after taking them off.

Hurriedly put the glasses back on.

"There should be no problem now!".

Huangfu Long Dou thought.

Just took two steps.

Suddenly, a hand reached out from behind and grabbed Huangfu Longdou's shoulder.

"Hey, what did you want to do when you came to our lily of the valley territory?"

"It's still a cadre of Fengxian, and it is estimated that there is nothing good. "

"It's not a small amount of courage to dare to avoid coming here with a single shot. "

"Be careful, these bald people of the phoenix have always acted collectively, one by one. "

The guy who appeared in the back, it sounded, was more than one person.


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