Lily of the valley!

Yuji Tokaji and Aki Aki were sitting on the steps smoking cigarettes.

"The phoenix doesn't look strong over there, why are the senior Nakai and the senior of Chuan Xisheng so jealous of the phoenix. "

"Maybe the new boss of Fengxian is ridiculously strong. "

Since the last time I watched Yoshiki Murayama defeat the two of Uchiyama Kyyokusu and Yasuke Yongsuke.

Yuji Tokaji and Izaki became more and more incomprehensible.

Obviously, the cadres of Fengxian are not exaggerated.

If you don't know how to kill it yourself.

The predecessors of Lily of the Valley, they should not be afraid of the phoenix.

The main reason is the recent performance of Kawanishi and Nakai, which makes them care too much.

Lobby the rest of the lily of the valley everywhere and join forces to fight against the impatiens.

In the eyes of both of them.

Kawanishi Sheng and Nakai are even afraid of the phoenix.

"Tokaji... Izaki, I heard that the two of you went to Fengxian a few days ago, did you gain anything?"

At this time, Tatsukawa Shisheng appeared behind the two and asked with a smile.

"It turned out to be you, the harvest is there, but why should I tell you?"

Yuji Tokaji glanced back at Tatsukawa Shisheng and said angrily.

"Don't be so stingy, in the face of Fengxian, we are strictly speaking "zero forty-three", we are on the united front. "

Tatsukawa Shisheng sat down next to the two of them as he spoke, and also lit a cigarette for himself.

Yuji Tokaji and Izaki glanced at each other instantly.

"It's not any special information anyway. "

"The last time we went to Fengxian, we met a guy from Guoshuang who claimed to be Yoshiki Murayama and tried to challenge Fengxian, and beat up the cadres of the third stage of Fengxian, Uchiyama Kyojiu and An Yongsuke..."

Yuji Tokaji then told Tatsukawa about the situation at that time.

"Hey, hey, hey... It's really fake, the cadres of the third section of Fengxian were violently beaten, how strong is that guy from the National Double?"

Tatsukawa shisheng shook the ashes of his cigarette, his eyes full of curiosity.

"It's not so much that Murayama Yoshiki is ridiculously strong, it's better to say that the cadres of the third stage of Fengxian are weaker than they imagined. "

"The strength of Yoshiki Murayama feels similar to Serizawa's, of course, it's just a feeling. "

For Yuji Tokaji and Aki Izaki, Yoshiki Murayama is strong, but not so strong that they are shocked.

After all, it's not so strong that it's unique, and it's desperate.

Serizawa Tamao of the lily of the valley in the first year, in their opinion, should belong to the same level of existence as Yoshiki Murayama.

Of course, as for who is strong and who is weak, they are not clear.

"Are the cadres of the third stage of Fengxian weaker than you think?"

Tatsukawa Shisheng held his chin and muttered thoughtfully.

"Well, if you go head-to-head, you won't have a problem killing them. "

"I don't think they're going to be a match for the two of us, anyway. "

Yuji Tokaji and Izaki instantly puffed out their cigarettes and answered confidently.

"If Fengxian's strength is only to this extent, there shouldn't be any need for Brother Chuan Xi and Brother Zhongjing to be in such a hurry to win everyone over, and even Brother Jiamu is like this. "

The same doubts also rose in Tatsukawa's mind.

"So we speculate that the cadres of the Phoenix Immortal are not a threat, and the really strong person should be the boss of the Phoenix Immortal. "

"A powerful boss who leads a large number of bald people in Fengxian, so it makes Chuanxisheng's seniors feel a huge threat! After all, it seems that Fengxian's side can dispatch 300 people at one time, such a huge number, it's not a joke!"

Yuji Tokaji and Aki Aki were spitting out cigarettes, and based on the information they had obtained so far, they slowly analyzed.

"Hey, Impatiens!"

"Stop for Lao Tzu!"

"This is Lily of the Valley's territory, but you can't come!"

At this time, a series of scoldings sounded.


Yuji Tokaji, Aki Instant, and Tatsukawa Tokio all stood up from the steps and looked towards the main gate.

I saw a tall man wearing a phoenix uniform, wearing black-rimmed glasses, stepping into the playground of Lily of the Valley from the gate.

With his hands in his pockets, his expression was indifferent, as if he was going back to his own home.

If it weren't for the eye-piercing uniform, I'm afraid no one would doubt whether Huangfu Longdou was from Lily of the Valley, it was too natural.

It is precisely because of that uniform that more than 10 lily of the valley defects have now surrounded it, and there are more lily of the valley defects rushing out later.

"Who is this guy? How dare you walk into our Lily of the Valley territory single-handedly. "

"What a bold man!"

"It's not bold, it's a problem with the brain, right?"

Toshio Tatsukawa, Aki Instant, and Yuji Tokaji also looked at the man curiously.

The relationship between Lily of the Valley and Phoenix is known to all the bad people in Yaliu City.

A person dares to step into the territory of Lily of the Valley single-handedly.

It's not that there is a problem with the brain, or that you can't think of it.

And they feel that there is something wrong with this man in the brain.

It's none other than Huangfu Longdou.

"Call out your lily of the valley stewards!"

Huangfu Long Dou glanced at the lily of the valley around him, and walked inside by himself as he spoke.


"Who do you think you are?"

"TM, Lao Tzu told you to stop, did you hear that?"

One of them, the hot-tempered Lily of the Valley, saw that Huangfu Longdou did not stop according to his orders, and immediately raised his fist and rushed towards Huangfu Longdou.

Then he fell to the ground, rolling his eyes, and fainting quickly.

Injections are not so fast.

Huangfu Long Dou knocked over this lily of the valley, but did not stop, while retracting his fist, he said, "Who am I? I don't need to introduce myself, right?"

The other lily of the valley was bad, looking at the companion lying there, and couldn't help but be stunned there.

It poured too fast.

Even their brains haven't reacted yet.

"This guy is the current boss of Fengxian, Huangfu Longdou!"

"Hurry up and inform Brother Kawanishi and Brother Nakai!"

"Hurry, hurry, hurry!"

At this time, among the lily of the valley who rushed behind him, someone recognized Huangfu Longdou and immediately shouted loudly.

How could it not be recognized.

The last time there was a fight, the scene of Huangfu Longdou beating up Zhongjing is still vivid for many lily of the valley bad people.

Among them, there are even people who have personally suffered the fist of Huangfu Longdou.


"Why didn't you say it earlier!"

The more than 10 lily of the valley defectors who surrounded Huangfu Longdou in front of them suddenly felt very embarrassed.

It doesn't work with your hands, and you can't do it without your hands.

Although I haven't seen Huangfu Longdou with my own eyes.

But Nakai was easily killed, they knew very well.

They don't think they can deal with a man who can kill Nakai. .......

Especially since there was an example just now, which is lying there.

If he did it, he would probably be like him, lying motionless on the ground on the spot.

It's very shameless to run away.

So much so that every time Huangfu Longdou took a step forward, the surrounding lily of the valley bad people would take a step back.

And there are more and more people around the lily of the valley, from more than ten people to dozens of people, but no one dares to get close to Huangfu Longdou for half a step.

They all looked at Huangfu Longdou with a vigilant face, and then slowly retreated with the speed of Huangfu Longdou.

Some people have even started to sweat on their foreheads.

It was a pretty cool day.

"Hey, hey, hey... It's all going to be the main building!"

Standing on the steps, Yuji Toji, Aki Instant, and Tatsukawa Toshio were all frowning.

No matter if Huangfu Longdou can go out safe and sound.

Just forced so many members of Lily of the Valley to not dare to make a move, and went directly into the main building.

Then it's a very humiliating thing to say.

Even if it is lily of the valley, it will be looked down upon by others.

And it is rumored that this kind of thing is easy to add oil and vinegar, and once it spreads, I don't know what it will become.

However, Yuji Tokaji, Aki Instant, and Tatsukawa Tokio can also understand the following lily of the valley bad guys.

Nakai and Kawanishi, who were in charge, did not come out.

In the face of the phoenix boss who can easily kill Nakai, it is human nature not to dare to act rashly.

"Forget it... It's useless to guess and guess, only if you experience it yourself, you can know the depth of the other party, and now there is only one person on the other side of the door, it's a good opportunity, Tokaji, Izaki, please help me sweep the formation!"

Tatsukawa Shisheng saw that Huangfu Longdou was forcing the people of Lily of the Valley to retreat by himself, and he was about to enter the main building, so he jumped directly from the steps as he spoke.

"Be careful!"

"The boss of the phoenix, it's definitely not simple!"

Yuji Tokaji and Aki Aki also jumped down the steps while reminding Tatsukawa Tokio.

If they could, they also wanted to try it, what was the strength of the Emperor Fu Dragon Fight.

After all, as Tatsukawa Shisheng said.

I speculated and speculated on the 5.9 side, wasting brain cells.

It's not easy to directly use your fists to feel the strength of the current boss of the phoenix.

What if you kill someone?

What if?

That's the man who made both Nakai and Kawanishi panic.

Kill him, then I am afraid it will not be far from the apex of Lily of the Valley.

"Seniors, let me go!"

Chenchuan Shisheng shouted loudly while squeezing out of the bad group of lily of the valley in front of him, and came to Huangfu Longdou: "You are the Huangfu Longdou, that is, you are gone, Brother Zhongjing, right?"

"You shouldn't be in charge of Lily of the Valley, right?"

Seeing Chenchuan Shisheng stand up, Huangfu Longdou then stopped, and glanced up and down at Chenchuan Shisheng.

"No, but I'm not going to let you go any further!"

Tatsukawa Shisheng looked at Huangfu Longdou with a smile.

"You're not my opponent, and I'm not here to fight this time, hurry up and call your lily of the valley to take care of it, I don't have that much patience." "

Huangfu Longdou took another step, and said that he passed by Chenchuan Shisheng directly.

"Hey, don't look down on people!"

Tatsukawa Shisheng was stunned for a moment, then turned around and suddenly burst out, and swept towards the waist of Huangfu Longdou with one kick.

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