"Brother Murayama, go on!"

"Beat that bald boss away!"

"Let these bald people see how powerful our national double is, Brother Murayama, come on, overthrow him!".

"Brother Long Dou, come on!"

"Boss, control the strength, don't beat people to death!"

Just in the cheers of both sides.

Huangfu Ryuto and Murayama Yoshiki collided in the middle of the playground.

Yoshiki Murayama jumped up as soon as he was ready, ready to kick at the head of Huangfu Ryuto.

Jumping very high, with the momentum of sprinting, the power is not small.

However, Huangfu Longdou did not retreat but advanced, and suddenly accelerated, and before Yoshiki Murayama kicked his leg out, he approached him directly.

At the same time, his fist drew a semicircle in mid-air and slammed into Yoshiki Murayama's cheek from top to bottom.

Yoshiki Murayama didn't expect that Huangfu Longdou would react so quickly, and he was directly close to him, and he couldn't react at all, and he couldn't react at all.

He was hit by the fist of Huangfu Longdou on the spot.


Accompanied by a striking sound that resounded through the playground.

After Murayama Yoshiki slammed his whole body on the ground, he rolled along the ground for a while.

However, after turning back several times, he got up directly, knelt on one knee and stabilized his body a little, and then quickly stood up.

Looking at the blood oozing from the corner of Yoshiki Murayama's mouth.

Standing at the gate of the National Twin Championships, Narumi Daigo, Fighting Spirit, Kumachi Riya, Shibayama Hayato and others, couldn't help but flash a touch of surprise in their eyes.

"I took a heavy punch from the boss in mid-air, and I was able to stand up so quickly. "

"This kid, there's something. "

"Definitely not weak, at least the body is quite strong. "

"No wonder you dare to challenge Brother Long Dou. "

Narumi Daii immediately understood that Yoshiki Murayama was not overwhelmed, but really capable.

After all, in Narumi's opinion, even if he was hit by such a heavy punch as Huangfu Longdou, it was impossible for him to get back up so quickly.

As for the fighting spirit and others, it is even more needless to say.

They all knew very well that if they were to be hit by Huangfu Longdou head-on, 727's brain would basically be stunned on the spot.

After that, there was no accident, but he was easily taken away on the spot by Huangfu Longdou with a set of silky small combos, and it was dark when he woke up.

And at the same time, everyone recognized the strength of Murayama Yoshiki.

The loud cheering sounds on the side of the National Doubles suddenly turned into exclamations.

"Damn, am I mistaken, Brother Murayama was actually punched and bleeding. "

"What kind of monster is that bald boss?"

"Oh my God, isn't this bald boss a little too scary?"

"This is the first time I've seen someone beat Brother Murayama with one punch!"

The bad guys of Guowang naturally know the strength of Yoshiki Murayama.

It was nothing to be hit in the head with an iron rod.

As a result, they are now punched and blood is coming out of the corners of their mouths, which they can't imagine.

And after Huangfu Longdou threw a punch, he didn't stop there.

Continuing to rush quickly in front of Yoshiki Murayama, he took advantage of the situation and struck a left fist like a heavy cannon on Yoshiki Murayama's cheek again.

Yoshiki Murayama, who had just stood up and had not completely stabilized his body, no longer had a smile on his face, and the look in his eyes became solemn.

Hurriedly raised his arm to protect his façade, trying to block Huangfu Longdou's punch.


When Huangfu Long's fist fell, it fell heavily on Murayama Yoshiki's arm, and there was another explosion.

Murayama Yoshiki's arm that protected him was directly blasted away by the punch of Huangfu Longdou.

It was also at the moment when Murayama Yoshiki revealed the gap.

Huangfu Long Dou's right fist followed, slamming into his face again.

Yoshiki Murayama tilted his head on the spot and retreated repeatedly, and more blood appeared from the corners of his mouth.

But it didn't fall there.

[Yoshiki Murayama]: LV30

[Stamina]: 115

[Fist power]: 95

[Leg strength]: 94

[Endurance]: 110

[Speed]: 92

[Technique]: 93

[Willpower]: 91

[Responsiveness]: 90

[Striking Force]: 102

[Mastery Skills]: Reverse Blood (S-Rank, Passive), Street Fighting (Passive, B+), Tailwind (Passive, C-Level), Physical Strength Increase (Passive, B+ Level)

Because the characteristics of this guy are very obvious, that is, the health bar is very long and he has a lot of physical strength.

Combined with the good punch power and speed, when facing opponents who are weaker than themselves, they can often play exaggerated records.

It's like Yasu Yongsuke and Uchiyama Kyoku, it's hard to do a lot of damage to him.

And his fists can hit Yasu Yongsuke and Uchiyama Kyohō hard.

In the end, it became a one-sided crush.

But again, the shortcomings are also obvious.

When facing opponents of the same level or higher than your own level.

His punches and speed are not very threatening.

Especially in the face of Huangfu Dragon Fight, whose level, fist power, speed, and reflexes are completely above him, then the result is obvious.

Huangfu Dragon Dou also has the advantage of skills, which can be said to be Tianke.


At this time, Murayama Yoshiki burst into a shout, turned around and swung his fist at the Huangfu Dragon Dou who rushed over.

For the likes of Yasuke and Uchiyama Kyoku, the punch was still quite fast.

But for Huangfu Longdou, it is very ordinary, and it can be seen clearly.

With Huangfu Longdou making a sharp stop, he dodged this punch.

And at the moment when Yoshiki Murayama swung his fist over.

Huangfu Longdou suddenly accelerated again, continued to stick to Murayama Yoshiki, and slammed down with another punch.

And punch after punch.

With the thumping sound of fists hitting the flesh.

Yoshiki Murayama was beaten back again and again on the spot.

It's simply a one-sided battle.

If Yoshiki Murayama is facing other opponents who are faster and more reflexive than him, he can still rely on his physical strength to consume them to death.

In any case, punching and hitting people also consumes physical strength.

But unfortunately, Huangfu Dragon Dou also has the skill of [Blood Volume Flowing into a River], although the level is a little lower than that, but there is no essential difference.

At least it is basically impossible for Yoshiki Murayama to exhaust the physical strength of Huangfu Longdou before he falls.

In any case, one is an attack and the other is a beating.

The person who is beaten will naturally be physically exhausted faster.

Huangfu Long Dou was punching one punch after another, without stopping at all, and the strength of the fist showed no signs of weakening in a short period of time.

Under the attack of Huangfu Longdou, Murayama Yoshiki is like a lonely boat on the sea facing storms and waves.

The whole person was beaten back and shaken.

Blood and sweat splattered out.

Slowly, Murayama's consciousness began to blur.

A large number of chaotic thoughts began to instinctively rush into his mind.

"If this continues, I'm going to lose, right?"

"How could it be ....."

"I must not fall here!"

In the midst of a clutter of thoughts, Yoshiki Murayama suddenly remembered his goal.

Use your fists to play your own glory, prove your strength, and join the Kowloon Group.

Until then, there must be no fall!

Yoshiki Murayama's pupils, which were about to lose focus, contracted suddenly, and the muscles of his whole body instantly tensed.

With his own face, he fought back against Huangfu Long's fist while fighting back.

Kowloon Group is currently a national-level extremist force.

The Kowloon Group was also weak in the past, but they united with each other and used their fists to fight their own world, and finally became the current country-level force.

Therefore, in this area, many people who have grown up listening to the deeds of the Kowloon Group, taking the Kowloon Group as their role model, and dreaming of joining the Kowloon Group one day.

And the same is true of Yoshiki Murayama.

Huangfu Longdou didn't expect that Murayama Yoshiki would be able to fight back after taking so many punches from himself.

I really couldn't react at once, and my cheek hit Murayama Yoshiki's fist directly.

See this scene.

The bad guys of the National Doublecom were suddenly shocked.

"It's worthy of Brother Murayama!"

"Hit hit, hit!"

"The counterattack is about to begin, Brother Murayama, come on!"

Compared to the excitement of the national double.

Feng Xian's side was very calm, and he even glanced at him speechlessly, those bad guys of the National Double.

Because of this punch, Huangfu Longdou was just beaten, and his head was tilted a little.

The reality is brutal.

With the fist power of Yoshiki Murayama, just one punch can't break the defense of Huangfu Longdou.

"It's good to be able to fight back, but I'm sorry... You're still far from taking me down!"

The corners of Huangfu Longdou's mouth were hooked, and he said slowly with a smile.

Yoshiki Murayama didn't speak, just looked at Huangfu Longdou with dull eyes.

He also experienced the hopelessness of being punched on him without seeing effective damage.

And Huangfu Longdou, who had just finished speaking, punched his backhand and continued to hit Murayama Yoshiki's face.

Yoshiki Murayama, who was already beaten by the emperor's dragon fight.

The punch just now almost drained the remaining physical strength.

Soon he couldn't bear it anymore and fell directly to the ground.

Although Yoshiki Murayama's will is not bad, he currently has no will-related skills, and he can't see any hope of winning.

He just lay there straight, his eyes were hollow, and there was no sign of sit-ups at all.

"Looks like it's over, hey... If you want to become stronger, come to the phoenix, in a place like this where there is garbage everywhere, even gold will be dull. "

Huangfu Ryuto glanced at Yoshiki Murayama lying on the ground, and then turned around and lit a cigarette while walking out.

The Fengxian people standing at the door immediately got out of the way.

"Others, you can solve it yourself!"

When Huangfu Long Dou walked over from the Fengxian crowd, he waved his hand casually and said.


After the Fengxian people nodded in response, they immediately turned their heads and looked at those national doubles with hideous faces.

"Huh, which bastard just called us bald?"

"Look down on us phoenixes, right?"

"There's a kind of don't run for Lao Tzu!"

"The miscellaneous fish of the National Double, come and have a good time with Lao Tzu!"

"Don't be scared of peeing then!"

The killer army of the phoenix immortals, it was like a flood pouring into the country.

Huangfu Longdou didn't care about them.

Stand on the side of the road, looking at the scenery in the distance, smoking a cigarette.

At this moment, with a roar, two motorcycles galloped in front of Huangfu Longdou.

Huangfu Longdou glanced at the two people on the motorcycle.

Instinctively turned his head, and his gaze continued to follow the two men on the motorcycle.

The two wore sunglasses, black helmets, and denim jackets, with two snakes intertwined on the back of the jacket, and the snake head biting the snake's tail, which looked like a symbol of '∞'.

"These two guys are definitely legendary..."

"There must be a lot of experience points to kill..."

Huangfu Longdou was puffing out a cigarette, and his eyes couldn't help revealing an excited look.

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