The battle between the two sides is on the verge of breaking out.

Uchiyama Kyoku, who was on Fengxian's side, took the lead, burst into cheers, and quickly rushed to Murayama Yoshiki, and waved his fist without thinking.

Direct and decisive, the momentum is much stronger than at the beginning.

After all, I have fought a few hard battles, and I can still grow more or less.

But I saw Yoshiki Murayama sideways while dodging Uchiyama Kyoku's attack.

In an instant, the backhand was a punch to the stomach of Kyoku Uchiyama.


Accompanied by a loud blow.

Uchiyama Kyoku's face suddenly showed a painful expression, and a painful moan came out of his mouth as if he couldn't breathe.

As Yoshiki Murayama withdrew his fist, Uchiyama Kyokuchi knelt directly on one knee, and blood oozed from the corner of his mouth.

Obviously, during this period of time, although Uchiyama Kyojiu has made progress, it has not been much.

At least I can't withstand Yoshiki Murayama's fists.

In the next second, Yoshiki Murayama grabbed Uchiyama Kyoku's hair.

After dragging him up, another punch slammed into his cheek.

Uchiyama Kyoku, who was punched again, slammed into the ground on the spot, rolled out of a circle again before stopping, blood coming out of his mouth and couldn't help but wail.

"Or... Shall you go up together?"

After Yoshiki Murayama withdrew his fist, he smiled evilly and beckoned to the remaining Yasu Yongsuke and the 10 impatiens bald heads.

"Kyojiu, are you alright?"

"Oh yes... Brothers, let's go together!"

"Kill this bastard!"

An Yongsuke was no longer polite, and with 10 phoenix fairies bald, he pounced on Murayama Yoshiki in unison.

Looking at Yasuke Yongsuke's fist at him.

Yoshiki Murayama took a step back for the first time and easily dodged.

Without waiting for Engsuke to withdraw his fist.

Yoshiki Murayama instantly approached in front of Yasu Yongsuke at 17, and it was a knee hit when he put it on.

The knot slammed into Yasuke's stomach, causing him to shake all over his body and snort in pain.

Yoshiki Murayama's actions did not end.

As he retracted his leg, he slammed another punch into Yasuke's cheek.

The collision between the two was in a very short period of time.

It can be said that An Yongsuke was beaten by Yoshiki Murayama as soon as he saw him, the corners of his mouth were bleeding, and he tilted his head and retreated again and again.

However, as soon as An Yongjie retreated, a phoenix fairy bald head behind him immediately filled in the position.

Immediately, it was a punch, and it also landed firmly on Yoshiki Murayama's cheek.

However, Yoshiki Murayama, who was punched, did not change the smile on his face.

As if it hadn't been hurt in the slightest.

Then, Murayama Yoshiki punched him with a backhand and knocked the phoenix fairy's bald head down.

Two people, both fists.

But one looks like it's made of tofu.

One looks like it's made of iron.

Under the siege of the remaining 9 impatiens bald, Murayama Yoshiki is still at ease.

Even in the end, Yoshiki Murayama didn't even dodge, and let the phoenix's bald fist fall on his face.

Standing there like a tower, without moving.

Whenever there is a phoenix bald fist, it falls on his face.

At the same time, his fist would also slam into the face of the phoenix fairy's bald head.

He was beaten, but he still didn't move.

Feng Xian's bald head was hit by his fist and went straight to the ground.

It didn't take long for the remaining 9 impatiens to fall bald.

And Yoshiki Murayama, who was punched a few times, couldn't even see any traces of bruises on his face, and only if you looked closely, you could find that there was some redness.


Yasu Yongsuke, who had not yet completely fallen, cursed and clenched his fists, and pounced on Yoshiki Murayama again.

Seeing this, the corners of Murayama Yoshiki's mouth rose again, and he suddenly accelerated.

In the next second, his whole body suddenly jumped up, and with a flying kick, he kicked Yen Yongsuke in the chest solidly.


Yasu Yongsuke lost his balance on the spot and hit the pillar of the swing behind him, and a lot of blood gushed out of his mouth again.

The violent collision made his head a little dizzy, and he couldn't get up again all of a sudden.

"Now you should understand, I'm not a miscellaneous fish!"

Yoshiki Murayama spread out his hand and said with a smile.


And in response to him was the fist of Kyokuchi Uchiyama, who had risen from the ground again.

Yoshiki Murayama's eyes rolled, noticing the fist that Uchiyama Kyokusu swung at him.

But he didn't move, allowing Uchiyama's fist to land on his cheek.


Yoshiki Murayama's head was tilted by the blow.

Immediately after, he turned his head back again, and the smile on the corner of his mouth remained unchanged.

Uchiyama Kyokuchi was a little confused.

Some are incomprehensible.

Why did you hit your fist, how could it have no effect, it was obviously a hit.

"It's not painful at all!"

When Uchiyama Kyokushi was stunned, Yoshiki Murayama threw a backhand.

In a state of confusion, Jing Jiu, who couldn't react to the internal injuries at all, also stepped into the footsteps and fell to the ground after being beaten.

Aki Aki and Yuji Tokaji, who were hiding behind the green belt, couldn't help but have a look of surprise in their eyes at this time.

"Strong! It's too strong, so many guys in Fengxian have been killed by him cleanly!"

"This guy is like it's made of iron, where the hell did it come from, I don't think I've seen it before. "

"Hey! Do you think that this guy is very similar to a guy from our lily of the valley?"

"You mean Serizawa Tamao?"


Yoshiki Murayama's fighting style reminds Yuji Tokaji of Serizawa Tamao of Lily of the Valley.

He can also ignore other people's attacks, and his body is like being beaten with iron.

"There is still some difference between the two of them, but it's really hard to say which of the two of them is stronger and which is weak!"

"Anyway, the phoenix doesn't look as strong as rumored!"

Aki Instant and Yuji Tozake then looked at Kyokusu Uchiyama and Yasuke Yongsuke.

recalled the skills of the two just now.

Aki Aki and Yuji Tozaki felt that they could kill them if they were alone.

Moreover, Uchiyama Kyojiu and An Yongsuke are still cadres in the third stage of Fengxian, and theoretically, they should be the top few masters of Fengxian.

The first few masters are not enough to play their own.

It seems that there is no need to worry about the phoenix at all.

Between Yuji Tozaki and Izaki momentarily thinking.

In the park.

After all the phoenixes fell to the ground, Murayama Yoshiki squatted down and asked the phoenixes.

"Can you take me to your boss now?"

It's that Uchiyama Kyojiu and Yasuke Yongsuke haven't spoken yet.

Yoshiki Murayama's mobile phone rang suddenly.

"Sorry, someone called. "

Yoshiki Murayama took out his mobile phone as he spoke: "Moses Moses ....."

After saying a few words, it seems that something is going on.

Murayama Yoshiki sighed a long sigh: "It seems that today can only end here, remember, I am Murayama Yoshiki of Guoshuang, I will come to Fengxian to find your boss again in the future, of course, if your boss is free, you can also come to Guoshuang to find me!"

After saying these words, Murayama Yoshiki left without looking back.

After he left, An Yongsuke also took out his mobile phone and contacted the rest of Fengxian.

"Looks like we're leaving!"

"Well, the large army of phoenixes should be there soon. "

At this time, Yuji Tozaki and Izaki glanced at each other instantly, and they also got up and left.

Although they felt that the strength of the Fengxian cadres was average.

But he didn't think that the two of them could deal with the large army of Fengxian.

So I went first.


It didn't take long, just as Yuji Tojiji and Izaki imagined.

Receiving the news that Yasu Yongsuke and Uchiyama Kyokuchi had been killed, the Phoenix Immortal army soon appeared in the park.

The dense number of people almost surrounded the entire park.

However, Yoshiki Murayama, Yuji Tozaki and Izaki have long since disappeared, so naturally they haven't caught anything.

I saw Yasu Yongsuke and Uchiyama Kyojiu and others lying there.

"Jingjiu, why have you been beaten again, this month has ended, and the injuries on your body have not been better for a day, or you can simply change your name to internal injuries Jingjiu. "

Kazuma Oshida looked at the injured Uchiyama Kyoku, speechless.

I can't figure out why this kid has been beaten.

After being beaten by Huangfu Longdou, he was beaten by Lily of the Valley, he was beaten by Lily of the Valley, and he was beaten by Huangfu Longdou, and now I don't know where a person came out of 890 and beat him again.

Hearing this, Yasuke couldn't help but look at Kyokusu Uchiyama, and his eyes looked like he was looking at something dirty.

"Hey, Ernst & Young... What kind of eyes do you have, you don't think I'm unlucky with you, right?"

Uchiyama Kyokuchi noticed the way Yasuke looked at him, and immediately felt insulted.

Yasuke didn't say anything, just nodded.

"Bastard, Ernst & Young, I'll settle accounts with you when I'm healed!"

Uchiyama Kyoku, that's not angry.

"With such a spirited appearance, it seems that you don't have much to do, let's talk about it, who did it?"

At this time, Huangfu Long Dou slowly walked out of the crowd.

"Brother Dragon Dou!"

The surrounding phoenix bald heads bowed in unison for the first time.

"Sorry boss, we disgraced the phoenix. "

"He claims to be Yoshiki Murayama of the Cunshuang ......"

Yasuke Yongsuke and Kyokuchi Uchiyama immediately told everything that had just happened, without adding fuel and vinegar.

"Murayama Yoshiki of Cunshuang, right?"

Huangfu Longdou nodded, took out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it, and after spitting the cigarette and thinking for a while: "No matter who it is, what the reason is, it always has to be solved, since this is the case, then go to the National Zero tomorrow and send them to the hospital first." "

As he said.

No matter what the reason, the people of Fengxian were beaten, it is a fact.

Then we must get the field of the phoenix back.

After all, he is not Mito Makio.

I don't think peace can solve anything.

In a bad world, the only thing that can solve the problem is the fist.

If you can't beat it once, then you can beat it twice, and if you can't beat it twice, you can beat it until others are afraid, and you can be scared to pee when you dream in the middle of the night.


The surrounding impatiens bald heads bowed their heads again in unison.

Immediately, he also began to get busy, and sent Yasu Yongsuke and Uchiyama Kyokyu and others to the hospital.

And the time soon came to the next day.

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