"Huangfu Longdou kicked this kick, tsk... The kid who was kicked probably threw up yesterday's dinner. "

"Those guys in the third period alone can't stop it at all, Huangfu Longdou is like chopping melons and vegetables, rushing all the way forward. "

"It's too strong, it is estimated that they will only move out their grandparents who are in their nineties, and Huangfu Longdou may be blocked because of respect for the old and love for the young. "

"More than 90 years old? That's true, everyone is afraid of being touched!"

The neutral personnel in the phoenix immortal, in order not to hinder the battle between Huangfu Ryuto and Mito Makio, have already withdrawn from it.

But now they were once again gathered in the open space at the gate, talking to each other about the specifics of the war.

Due to the distance, it is not very clear to see.

But some people climbed on the wall, some sat on the shoulders of others, held binoculars, checked the situation inside, and reported the situation to others around them by the way.

Although they are all neutrals of the Phoenix, they are also concerned about the changes of the Phoenixes in the future.

Especially those who had received the favor of the Emperor Fu Ryuto before, and they didn't want to fight Mito Makio.

"How's it going?"

"I can see that it seems that Narumi Daigo and Oshida Kazuma are fighting. "

"Damn, once our phoenix's NO3 Oshida Kazuma was actually hung up and beaten by Narumi Dae. "

"It's really fake, Ming" 510 "Haida, when did I become so strong?"

"Hell, anyway, now Oshida Kazuma is beaten by Narumi and I don't have any ability to resist!"

Looking at the lively crowd, chatting and chatting, I soon found out that Narumi Daigo and Kazuma Oshida were fighting in the utility room.

Although the distance is a little far, there are glass windows separating it.

But I still saw that Narumi Daigo had an overwhelming advantage.

And in everyone's impression, Narumi Ego may not be weak, but Oshida Ichijin is a veteran powerhouse of Fengxian, so it will not be beaten like this by Narumi Ego in the first year.

"There's no reason Narumi would be so strong?"

"Hey, is it Huangfu Longdou? I saw Huangfu Longdou before that it seems to be training with Narumi and me. "

"Therefore, Huangfu Longdou is not only strong himself, but also can drive others to become stronger, which makes me a little moved, or I will simply go to him. “

"Come on, I don't look at what kind of miscellaneous fish I am, I still have the face to bring it up. "

"Why, whoever calls it a trash fish, let's look for death!"

"You look if you have any hair on your head, not a single hair, it's not a trash fish. "

"Damn! Anyway, Lao Tzu must be better than you, there is a kind of going head-on!"

Looking at the lively everyone, soon Narumi became the reason why I became stronger.

Credit to Huangfu Longdou.

I think he made Narumi reborn.

But as he spoke, there was a dispute, and he was about to fight.

"Wait, look, Brother Mito has appeared on the rooftop!"

Standing on the edge of the rooftop, Mito Makio can be seen even at the gate.

"It seems that this big war is coming to an end!"

Everyone immediately stopped arguing, stretched their necks one by one, tilted their heads, and looked towards the rooftop.

It didn't take long for them to see what Mito was saying, and then they left the edge of the rooftop.

At this time, everyone can no longer see the specific situation on the rooftop.

But they knew that it should be Huangfu Longdou who was coming.

"At this time, they should have already started fighting, right?"

"I'm in a hurry, who are you going to win?"

"It shouldn't be too long to wait, after all, Huangfu Longdou and Brother Mito should have consumed a lot of physical strength, and it is impossible to fight for a long time. "

That being said, this moment, for everyone, every second is incomparably long.

Someone was standing there, his whole leg shaking like a piledriver.

Someone bites his nails, like a hamster.

Someone is constantly wandering left and right.

Everyone is anxiously waiting for the last moment.

As the minutes tick by.

Until Huangfu Longdou hung up his flag.

There was a brief silence.

In the next second, the shouts soared into the sky.

"Brother Mito is defeated!"

"It's the Emperor Fu Longdou who won the final victory!"

"Huangfu Dragon Dou has won!"

"There is no doubt that our phoenix immortals will have a stronger fan in the future!"

"Haha, that kid from Huangfu Longdou actually won!"

Some of them danced like gorillas, clapping their chests and shouting loudly.

Shout congratulations to the new head of Fengxian.

Excited, as if he had defeated Mito Makio himself.

After all, they know that Mito is strong, but they like peace.

Originally, this was not a problem.

It's just that everyone is bad, and they don't use their fists, but they open their mouths to be peaceful, and there will always be people who don't understand.

But now Huangfu Ryuto has defeated Mito Makio.

It proves that Huangfu Ryuto is more powerful than Mito Makio, and he is ambitious.

In their opinion, under the leadership of such a character, the phoenix will be even more brilliant, and as a member of the phoenix, they are naturally quite excited.

It was one of the phoenixes who was dancing with his bald hands, and he was happy, and he hit something in the back.

The phoenix bald head instinctively turned his head.

Seeing something behind him, the smile on his face instantly stiffened there.

"No, no, no..."

The phoenix bald head involuntarily took two steps back, and accidentally sat on the ground, her eyes flashing with a panicked look.

"What's wrong?"

"You kid, you shouldn't be too excited about a myocardial infarction, right?"

A few people next to him looked at the phoenix fairy bald head suspiciously.

"It's the guy from the Twin Ghost Heads and Mikawa!"

After swallowing hard, the phoenix bald head swallowed hard, and finally shouted out the words in his throat.

"Twin Ghost Heads and Sanchuan guys?"

"What's the matter, those idiots have the guts to come out here?"

The other phoenix fairies were bald and turned around with disdain on their faces.

said that he was not afraid at all.

But as they saw the twin ghost heads and the three rivers, there were more than 100 people in total, each with a weapon in their hands, completely blocking the entire gate.

They all froze there one by one, and a look of fear quickly crept up their cheeks.

The double ghost head and Sanchuan Industry are not terrible, what is terrible is that there are more than 100 people, one by one holding weapons, with hideous faces and murderous faces, standing in front of them, and quantitative changes cause qualitative changes.

And with so many guys from the twin ghost heads and Mikawa appearing here, everyone knows that the sky is about to change!

After all, now Fengxian has just lost both sides internally, and it is the weakest time.

"Why, look down on us Sanchuan, boys, let's tell them today that the phoenix will be trampled under the feet of our Sanchuan Industry and the Twin Ghost Heads!"

The corners of Ida's mouth slowly hooked, with a hideous smile on her face, and waved her big hand.

"Up, !!"

"Slaughter these fellows!"

"Rush Rush!"

"These guys, from now on, Fengxian only deserves to be trampled under the feet of our Sanchuan and the twin ghost heads!"

The bad people of Sanchuan suddenly rushed up, raised their fists and smashed them at the phoenix bald heads.

Seki Torotaro, who is not very good at thinking, saw Mikawa rushing up, and he also shouted, and rushed up with the bad guys with two ghost heads.

These neutral impatiens have a very average combat power, and there are not many of them, and they don't have weapons in their hands. .......

Before some of them could react, they were knocked over by the sticks.

Then, before he could figure out the situation, he was pressed to the ground and kicked again.

All of a sudden, the phoenix bald heads in the open space at the gate had almost no ability to resist, and they were beaten and wailed.


"What's wrong? Is something wrong?"

On the rooftop, hearing the screams coming from below, Mito Makio instinctively sensed that something was wrong.

After all, after fighting so far, not to mention anything else, everyone should no longer have the strength to shout so loudly and so miserably.

"It seems that someone is looking for trouble, one side is from Mikawa Industry, there are about 100 people, most of them are armed with weapons..."

Huangfu Longdou came to the edge of the rooftop and looked towards the gate below.

When he was hunting everywhere before, he worked in Mikawa Industry, so he still knew the uniforms of Mikawa Industry.

As for the twin ghost heads, he didn't know them.

"Sanchuan Industry, but at this time, this is in trouble..."

Mito struggled to get up, but his body was completely at his limit, and he just supported his upper body a little before falling back to the ground.

He knew that Fengxian had a conflict with Sanchuan Industry last time.

At that time, it was still suppressed by the three large families and the people.

There is no doubt that Mikawa Industry is here for revenge.

"You can rest here, and I'll take care of it!"

Huangfu Long Dou looked at the situation below, took a few deep breaths, and prepared to walk downstairs.

"Your physical strength is almost at the end, don't force it, let me deal with this matter..."

Mito Makio said and tried to get up again.

In his opinion, Huangfu Longdou didn't have much physical strength, and it was impossible to kill the opponent's hundreds of poorly armed people, and he would be beaten in vain.

Since he was beaten for nothing, then it was better to let himself come, anyway, it was the trouble caused by the three years on his side.

And he is no longer a phoenix fanchang, as long as he can make Sanchuan Industry temporarily retreat, let them beat them up, it's okay.

And as the new Fengxian Fanchang, Huangfu Longdou will take care of his injuries and recover his physical strength, and it will be the same if he takes revenge when the time comes.

In short, as the new head of Fengxian, he must not lose in the hands of others as soon as 5.0 takes office.

Others didn't care what the state of Huangfu Longdou was at that time.

As long as it is defeated, it will be spread immediately, Fengxian has been lonely, and the new chief has been easily trampled under the feet of Sanchuan Industry.

There may even be more outrageous and insulting rumors.

At that time, everyone will think that Fengxian is easy to bully, and come to step on it.

Trying to step on the head of the phoenix and build a reputation for himself.

After all, the reputation of the phoenix is there.

Not to mention other grievances or anything, there are many bad ones who want to step on the head of Fengxian or Lily of the Valley, and after strengthening their momentum, they can join the pole.

"You think I'm going to lose?"

At this moment, Huangfu Ryuto looked at Mito Makio and asked.


Mito Makio was stunned for a moment, and he couldn't react at once, so he instinctively felt that Huangfu Ryuto asked a nonsense.

The physical strength has reached the limit, is it possible to kill hundreds of bad weapons?

You don't dare to dream like this in broad daylight, do you?

"Anyway, I'm the head of Fengxian now.,Mito senior.,Just follow the order.,I'll deal with it over there in Mikawa Industry.,Don't worry... But a bunch of trash fish, I won't lose!"

Huangfu Long Dou said that, and slowly walked downstairs.

At the same time, he slowly took out the small black notebook from his pocket.

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