The figures of Huangfu Ryuto and Mito Maki Bear quickly shuttled across the rooftop.

The moment they just collided together.

The fists of the two of them immediately slammed towards each other.


Two crisp blows, almost at the same time, resounded across the rooftop.

The heads of the two of them, Huangfu Ryuto and Mito Makikuma, tilted back in unison.

At this time, the physical strength of the two of them has almost bottomed out.

Some couldn't hold each other's fists, and each took a step back.

But whether it is Huangfu Ryuto or Mito Makio, as soon as he stabilized his body, he immediately ~ turned his head back.

Squeezing the remaining strength of his body, he continued to raise his fist and blasted towards the opponent.

At this moment, neither of them had the extra physical strength to defend or dodge, and they were both trying to attack each other with their own attacks and knock each other down.

The four fists kept slashing through the air and landing on each other's bodies.

The howling of the wind grew louder and louder, and it also brought cold.

His breathing became heavier and heavier, and his lungs were like the arid ground.

But under the stimulation of a large number of adrenal glands, Huangfu Longdou felt that the blood in his whole body was boiling.

There was nothing else in his eyes, only the thought of defeating Mito Makikuma.

The same goes for Mito Makikuma.

In the condition that their physical strength was about to reach the limit, the two of them were fighting faster and faster.

It's like a marathon.

Make the last 100 meters of the sprint.

The sound of fists clashing against each other could not even be drowned out by the howling of the wind.

Suddenly, Huangfu Ryuto and Mito Maki Xiong stopped together.

After a short pause, the muscles in their arms swelled to the extreme, and the green tendons writhed like centipedes, and then they took a heavy step towards each other.

"Fall for me!"


With two bursts of applause, the fists of Huangfu Ryuto and Mito Makio slammed into each other's cheeks.



The sound of those two blows instantly soared into the sky.

The wind suddenly stopped howling.

The dazzling sunlight shines through the clouds and shines on the bodies of Huangfu Ryuto and Mito Makikuma.

The next second.

The two of them stepped back one after another under each other's fists.

Huangfu Long Dou stepped back three times in a row, and a low roar of pain involuntarily came out of his mouth, but he still held his body and stopped.

Mito Maki Bear withdrew four times in a row before forcibly stopping the retreating body.

But at the moment when he stopped his body, his feet suddenly became weak, and his knees fell directly to the ground.

Immediately after, he fell headlong.


Mito Makio, who was lying on the ground, roared, unwilling to try to get up again.

But the body no longer listens to him.

Even the intense pain made many muscles in his body tremble uncontrollably.

In the end, he could only barely turn over.

Slowly, Mito stopped struggling.

"I lost !!"

Mito Makio also said these three words slowly in his mouth, and said these three words with a smile.

Seeing this, Huangfu Long Dou Chang breathed a sigh of relief, and fought all the way, and his physical strength was too serious.

If he continues to fight, he feels that he will not be able to hold on.

"Go ahead... Go and plant the flag.,The future phoenix will be your era.,With you as the head of the phoenix.,I think the three households should rest assured.,I won't leave the phoenix with regrets.。 "

Mito Makio continued weakly.

Not unconvinced.

Because he knew that all the way up, Huangfu Longdou's physical consumption was much more serious than his own.

In this case, he still couldn't beat Huangfu Longdou, so he just lay here and couldn't continue to move.

Then what else is not convinced.

If everyone is physically energetic.

Mito Makio understands that if Huangfu Ryuto wants to defeat him, I'm afraid it won't be very difficult, at least it will definitely be much easier than now.


Huangfu Long Dou nodded, and after taking a few breaths, he recovered some strength a little.

Only then did he take a step, picked up the flag, and planted it on the roof of the phoenix.

The wind howled again, rolling up the flag and letting it fly in the air.

I saw that there was a golden dragon on the flag, which looked like it was still embroidered, especially after it was blown up, it seemed to be flying in the air.

"How about it, isn't it handsome, it took a long time for that guy from the three households to embroider it before this day, and he stayed up a lot of all-nighters!"

Mito said with a smile.


Looking at the lifelike golden dragon on the banner, Huangfu Longdou couldn't help but be stunned for a moment.

Unexpectedly, it was actually embroidered by three large families.

"It was said that before leaving, it was a gift to you as the new chief, and it was also a second favor to you!"

Mito Makio continued: "That guy, but he looks good at you!"


Huangfu Longdou looked up at the flag.


"It seems that the Emperor Fu Dragon Fight has won!"

"It seems that he was only a year old, and he actually killed Mito Makio. "

On the other side, the people of Lily of the Valley on the abandoned building were also the first to see the flag fluttering in the wind.

and the Huangfu Dragon Fight standing under the flag.

"Anyway, this is enough to prove that the strength of Huangfu Ryudou is stronger than Mito Makio. "

"Next, our number one enemy is this Huangfu Dragon Fight. "

"Last time, Nakai was beaten by this kid and had no power to fight back, so it's quite difficult to get it now..."

"Don't forget, even if Huangfu Longdou defeats Mito Makio, it doesn't mean that Mito Makio will quit Fengxian. "

"After that, Huangfu Longdou will take Mito Makio and the bald man of about 300 to kill us Lily of the Valley!"

"Don't say it, don't say it, let me calm down!"

As soon as I imagined that picture in my mind, Huangfu Ryudou and Mito Makio rushed towards him with more than 300 phoenix bald heads, and everyone in Lily of the Valley only felt that their scalps were numb.

It's so TM scary!

"Or... Let's not trouble Fengxian in the future, right?"

"What happened to Nakai, don't think about avenging him. "

"It makes sense! After all, the momentum of the phoenix is too strong now, you can avoid the edge!"

Some of the bad lily of the valley have begun to admit it.

"Hey, we're from Lily of the Valley, if we're afraid of a bunch of bald people, others will look down on us in the future. "

"Yes, yes, others will think we are shrunken turtles!"

"Our predecessors in Lily of the Valley are all pressed by the phoenix fairy, and in our generation, do you want to run away when you see a bald man? Anyway, I can't afford to lose this person. "

· ······· Asking for flowers... ·········

Of course, there are still quite a few people who straighten their waists.

"This is not called running away, this is called strategic transfer!"

"Transfer a chicken, the name of lily of the valley, it can't rot in our hands. "

"Otherwise, you can't deny it, the current phoenix is very strong. "

"How about being strong, fighting TM!"

"Take the head and beat it, we can only get more than 90 people at most now, how can we fight Fengxian?"

"One person fights ten, we have more than 90 people, and we can beat 1,000 bald people by rounding!"

"Don't talk nonsense, okay! Why don't you say that you can beat 10,000 bald people alone?"

For a while, everyone in Lily of the Valley was arguing.

In the end, everyone's eyes fell on Chuan Xisheng.

"Brother Chuanxi, it's up to you to decide. "

"We'll listen to you anyway!"

Everyone argued, so they had to let the eldest brother Chuan Xisheng make a decision.


After Kawanishi Sheng let out a long breath, he turned his head to look at Genjiro Kaki, who was squatting there smoking not far away: "We can't lose Lily of the Valley, if we want to face such a phoenix, what Nakai said is not wrong, we can't fight separately, let's join forces!"

...... 0 0

"If the phoenix comes over at that time, I won't stand idly by. "

Genjiro Kaki puffed out a cigarette and said slowly, his eyes still firmly fixed on the Imperial Fu Dragon Dou in the distance.

Anyway, he's also a lily of the valley.

Naturally, I don't want Lily of the Valley to be defeated by the phoenix.

After hearing this, Chuan Xisheng couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief, only to feel that the pressure in his heart had also been reduced a lot.

With Genjiro Kaki's words, it means that the three strongest factions in Lily of the Valley have officially joined forces.

"Wait... It doesn't seem to be over yet!"

At this time, one of the lily of the valley was bad, as if he saw something, and hurriedly shouted.

"What's the matter, Mito Makio is not ready to admit defeat, he wants to get up and prepare to continue fighting?"

"No, he's still lying there!"

"What is your boy's name for no reason. "

Everyone looked at the rooftop of the phoenix again for the first time, but found that there was no special situation.

"It's not the rooftop, it's the gate of the phoenix, the intersection not far away!"

Under the bad finger of that lily of the valley.

The others finally saw that there were more than 100 bad people, holding weapons, and they were gathering there, and they were walking towards the phoenix.

"The uniforms look like twin ghost heads and Mikawa Industries. "

"Fengxian seems to have had a conflict with the Twin Ghost Heads and Sanchuan Industry before. "

"So, they're here to trouble the phoenix?"

"Most of these guys are armed and look murderous, and you should be right. "

"Now that Fengxian has lost both, even Huangfu Ryudou and Mito Makio are afraid that they don't have any physical strength. "

"Without a doubt, this is definitely the weakest moment for the phoenix. "

"It's not good, we don't need to make a move at all, the double ghost head and Sanchuan Industry can kill Fengxian!"

The people of Lily of the Valley quickly recognized the identities of the group of people below.

And at this moment, the twin ghost heads and Mikawa Industries led by Seki Kotaro and Date are only a few dozen meters away from Fengxian.

It can be said that the timing is just right.

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