"Huangfu Dragon is on the rooftop!"

"It looks like the final battle is about to begin. "

"I don't know who of the two of them will win in the end. ".

"I don't want to say that, but if the two of them end up losing and both of them are defeated, it should be the best outcome, and then we won't have to worry about anything. "


On the other side of the abandoned building, everyone in Lily of the Valley immediately noticed the Huangfu Dragon Dou who appeared on the rooftop.


"They're starting, shut up!"

As Huangfu Ryuto and Mito Makio began to move, everyone in Lily of the Valley also closed their mouths, concentrated, and looked at the final battle that belonged to Fengxian.

Impatiens rooftop.

The sound of the fists of the two men, Ryuto and Mito Makio, colliding with each other.

At this moment, it was like setting off firecrackers, resounding throughout the rooftop.

It was punch after punch to each other, constantly blasting at each other at a rapid pace, and there was not even a moment of respite between the two.

Straight to the toughest counter-bombardment.

Although there is no one around.

But even the people of Lily of the Valley in the distance were shocked, and their brows were furrowed from time to time.

It didn't take long for Huangfu Ryuto and Mito Makio to have a lot of bruises on their faces, and there were not a few bruises on the places covered by their clothes.

The tragedy of the hard encounter can be seen.

Although the injuries were getting worse and worse every second, Huangfu Long Dou's face was still extremely calm, as if it was not him who was attacked.

He had long known that Mito Makio was very strong, far stronger than Nakai, and stronger than Minohe Daimoto.

So I have been prepared in my heart for a long time, and the battle against Mito Makio is definitely a hard battle.

On the contrary, Mito really likes the bear, and the more she fights, the more shocked she becomes.

Because he found that with the fight, Huangfu Longdou's movements did not slow down at all, and his physical strength was as if he had not been consumed.

"What the hell is going on with this guy, why is his fist punched like it doesn't work. "

Mito Maki Kuma was a little puzzled.

A strong opponent is not scary, what is scary is not seeing the limits of the opponent.

No matter what kind of attack he receives, he is unmoved.

723 At this time, in the eyes of Mito Maki Kuma, it is like a bottomless abyss.

In fact, he didn't know that Huangfu Longdou's physical strength had been very seriously consumed.

After all, it is a super efficient brush soldier all the way up.

also encountered three large households, and it is impossible for physical strength not to be consumed.

However, the skill of [Immortal Ambition] allows Huangfu Longdou to forcibly maintain a certain state.

"I can't go on like this!"

After a few more punches, Mito immediately planned to change his strategy.

Because on the way to the rooftop, he also consumed a lot of physical strength.

He found that if he continued like this, he might not be able to hold on first.

Just as Mito Maki Bear was about to retreat.

Huangfu Long Dou immediately understood what he wanted to do, and immediately took a quick step.

grabbed Mito Maki Bear's collar and punched him in the face again.

Accompanied by a loud blow.

Mito Maki Bear's whole person kept retreating.

The punch hurt somewhat, but it wasn't fatal to him.

Mito Makio quickly regained his steady.

Huangfu Longdou did not pursue, stood in place, withdrew his fist, and took a long breath.

In the constant confrontation, there was already a rusty smell in the mouth.

Of course, Mito Maki Kuma was not having a good time, and as soon as he stopped, a lot of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth again.

"Huangfu Longdou, your strength is really strong and scary, I haven't met it for a long time, it's really fun to have an opponent like you!"

Although he vomited blood, Mito Maki Kuma had a smile on his face.

"You're also very strong, but I'll win in the end, or you'd better throw in the towel!"

After Huangfu Long Dou spat out a mouthful of bloody spit on the ground, he also said with a smile.

"That's not good, after all, I'm also the boss of the phoenix, or you admit defeat?"

"Why throw in the towel when I can win?"

"Are you so sure you can win me?"

"Of course... Try it if you don't believe me!"

Speaking of this, Huangfu Ryuto and Mito Maki Kuma fell silent together, constantly adjusting their breathing.

Their eyes were fixed on each other.

In the case of a high degree of mental concentration.

No move can escape their eyes.

With a gust of wind blowing, the sound of the plastic bottle next to it being blown over and smashing to the ground.

The two moved.

"Come on! Mito-senpai!"

"Huangfu Longdou, let me see, where is your limit!"

Huangfu Ryuto and Mito Maki Kuma shouted in unison and rushed towards each other as fast as they could.

At the moment when the two sides were about to collide again.

Mito Maki Bear's whole body jumped up and swept directly at the head of Huangfu Longdou.

At the same time the right fist is clenched, and he is ready to hold back.

As long as the kick hits, he is not prepared to give Huangfu Longdou any chance.

However, Mito Maki Bear moved very much, and as soon as he moved, Huangfu Ryuto knew what he wanted to do.

In the face of this kick, do not retreat, do not dodge, do not block.

Huangfu Longdou accelerated again, and the whole person seemed to pounce into the arms of Mito Maki Bear.

The distance between the two sides suddenly narrowed.

So Mito Makio couldn't kick his leg out at all.

And Huangfu Longdou directly hugged him bear.

didn't let him have a chance to land on his feet at all, and hugged him and crashed into the table and chair next to him.

Even if he was holding someone, the speed of Huangfu Dragon Fighting was still getting faster and faster.

Mito Maki Bear glanced back, and also understood what Huangfu Longdou wanted to do.

Immediately raised his elbow and slammed into Huangfu Longdou's back.

Bang! Bang!

One after another, with a dull and loud crashing sound, but it couldn't stop the Huangfu Dragon Fight.


In the next second, a loud bang rose into the sky.

The piles of tables and chairs stacked there were so violent that many of them were about to fall from them.

I saw that the table that was hit by Mito Maki Bear, and the entire table top was directly broken.

Mito Makio, who was lying in the pile of tables and chairs, suddenly poured out a large amount of blood from his mouth under the violent impact.

Huangfu Long Dou couldn't control his body, and took several steps back.

After regaining his footing, he only took a few breaths.

Huangfu Longdou immediately pounced again, raised his fist and continued to blast at Mito Maki Bear.

Seeing Huangfu Longdou's fist, he blasted in front of him.

Mito Maki bear endured the pain as if his internal organs were displaced, and hurriedly threw himself to the side, regardless of the embarrassment, and rolled on the spot.


Another loud bang.

Huangfu Longdou's fist slammed into the table with a pile of tables and chairs, directly smashing through the already cracked table.

Didn't hit the target.

Huangfu Ryuto was not disappointed, and while pulling out his fist, he turned his head to look at Mito Maki Bear: "It's really fast enough to escape." "

"It's dangerous!"

Rolling around on the ground and struggling to stand up, Mito Maki Bear, looked at the miserable situation of the table, and felt a little scared in his heart.

If he was hit by this punch, Mito Makio felt that with his current state, it was estimated that at least one bone would be broken.

"He's a horrible guy, but those elbows I just did should have had an effect on him. "

Mito Makikuma noticed the blood flowing from the corner of Huangfu Ryuto's mouth, and judged the current situation in his heart.

Although he was pressed by Huangfu Longdou and hit the pile of tables and chairs, causing his whole body to die of pain at this time, he still didn't think he would lose.

"Come on!

With a slight gasp, Mito Maki Bear took another step towards Huangfu Ryudou.

At this step, he suddenly felt a strong feeling of dizziness, and involuntarily knelt on one knee.

Huangfu Longdou, who originally wanted to catch up, also stopped.

"Mito-senpai, can't you do it?"

Hearing this, Mito Maki Kuma didn't answer, and stretched out his hand to touch the back of his head.

Immediately touched a piece of slimy stuff, and when I took my hand back, it was all blood.

When he hit the pile of tables and chairs, the back of his head accidentally hit the corner of the table, causing it to be broken.

"Senior Meito, admit defeat and hand over the phoenix to me, you didn't want to take care of the phoenix in the first place, did you?"

Huangfu Long Dou said as he tried to catch his breath and regain his strength.

He didn't want to really make Mito Makio a problem.

However, in the next second, Mito Makikuma supported her knee with one hand and slowly stood up again.

His eyes as sharp as a lion looked directly at Huangfu Longdou.

"If it was a month ago, Fengxian gave it to you, I really wouldn't have any opinions, but I'm sorry, I've already promised the three households, the man will do what he says, this battle must be won!"

Mito Makikuma's firm voice reached the ears of Huangfu Ryudou.

Understand his will.

Huangfu Long Dou let out a long breath.

"Then come on, Mito-senpai!"

Huangfu Longdou took a step forward.

"Come on, haha!"

In the midst of wild laughter, Mito Maki Bear also took a step.

The moment they landed.

Both of them accelerated violently and rushed towards each other again.

Their fists with the belief of absolute victory.

It also slammed into the other person's cheek.


The other side.

Guan Hu Taro with about 40 people has come to the vicinity of Fengxian.

Just as they walked out of the crossroads, they suddenly found that a large number of figures appeared in front of them, also walking in this direction.

Both sides immediately stopped.

"Date, long time no see!"

Seki Kotaro smiled and looked at a man across from him to say hello.

The man has blonde hair, his chest is open, revealing his rather strong-looking pecs, and he also has a gold necklace around his neck.

He is the head of Mikawa Industries: Date.

There were not a few people with them, almost more than 60 people, each with a weapon in their hands.

And everyone looks murderous, even a fool can see that these guys are definitely not going on sightseeing.

The purpose is the same as that of Kotaro Seki.

And the people who joined the belt of Seki Torotaro.

There were more than 100 of them.

"It's been a long time, last time you guy, you actually gave me diarrhea halfway, this time it won't be the same situation, right?"

Date said angrily to Kotaro Seki.

"Don't worry, when I came here this time, I didn't eat at all, although I was a little hungry... But you, will the intelligence be mistaken?"

Seki Kotaro patted his stomach and reassured.

"The phoenix immortal side has already started fighting, at this time, I'm afraid that both sides have been defeated, and it is just our chance to kill the phoenix, but this time you two ghost heads will be the vanguard, after all, you kid actually gave me last time!"

Date smiled wickedly and assured.

"What kind of, I can't do anything about this kind of thing, but forget it, I'll be a pioneer and a pioneer, and when the time comes, just hand over the three big books to me!"

Guan Hu Taro wanted to take revenge with all his heart, and he didn't think too much about it, so he agreed directly.

Let Guan Hu Taro and the others consume the remaining combat power of the Phoenix Immortal first, Date is naturally very happy.

"So happy cooperation, let's go!"


Soon the two teams joined together.

Under the leadership of Date and Seki Torotaro.

With the sound of loud footsteps, the mighty continued to march in the direction of the phoenix.

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