On the second floor, Narumi Da I, in a struggle with several third-year phoenix fairies, crashed into a utility room next to him.

Several impatiens immediately poured into the utility room and continued to pounce on Narumi Ego.

Narumi immediately raised his leg and kicked it on the bald head of one of the impatiens.

The bald head of the impatiens who was kicked lost their balance on the spot and retreated again and again, and by the way, they knocked over the bald head of a phoenix fairy in the back.

Immediately afterwards, Narumi burst into a loud cry and continued to rush forward, punching the other two phoenixes bald down with two punches in a row.

"What the hell..."

The bald head of the phoenix fairy who had just been knocked over got up from the ground while cursing at this time.

"Senior, pay attention to a little quality, don't open your mouth and close your mouth!"

Narumi said and grabbed the collar of this phoenix's bald head, and punched it.

Just when the phoenix bald head was beaten and retreated to the door of the utility room.

A hand popped out and held it up.

The person who came was the cadre of the third section, Oshida Kazuma, and in the past, he was also known as the NO3 of Fengxian.

"Leave it to me!"

Kazuma Oshida said and walked into the utility room.

The other phoenix bald heads immediately retreated, and no longer troubled Narumi Dae.

"Do you want to take a break?"

After there was no one else in the utility room, Kazuma Oshida asked Narumi Daigo.

At this time, Narumi's black hair was almost wet with sweat.

It looks like the physical exertion is very high.

"No... After all, I'm still in a hurry. "

Narumi Daime let out a long breath and spoke.

Now in the situation on the second floor, Mito Makio's camp has more advantages for the time being.

After all, the bald head of the phoenix fairy in the third stage is stronger than that of the members of the first stage.

Now there is no Huangfu Dragon Fighting Brush Soldier to quickly reduce the number of opponents.

The members of the one-year section were basically pressed and beaten by the bald head of the third-year stage phoenix.

That's why Narumi Daii wants to quickly take out Kazuma Oshida and then go to support the others.

"Looks like I'm being underestimated, Narumi... Don't regret it then, I'm also the NO3 of the phoenix, but it's very strong!"

Oshida Ichizane smiled coldly.

He was obviously kind enough to let Narumi take a break for a while, but he was rejected, which suddenly made Oshida Ichijin feel quite unhappy.

After all, Narumi was saying that I didn't have to rest to kill him.

"Oshida-senpai, I apologize to you if my words are upset to you, but I'm really in a hurry, so let's start!"

After letting out a long breath again, Narumi Daigo suddenly burst into action and pounced on Kazuma Oshida.

"Don't be too arrogant, today I will let you understand that those of us who are seniors are not vegetarians!"

Oshida really burst into a shout and greeted him.

In his opinion, even if Narumi Daime has been recognized by Mito Makio, he is only a cadre for a year.

Now I have fought all the way up, and I have consumed so much physical strength.

If I didn't beat him, I would have been killed.

I saw Narumi jump up and kick at me.

Oshida Kazuma smiled disdainfully and quickly raised his arm.

"I actually used a flying kick when I came up, such a large range of movements, and even wanted to kick me, sure enough, it was a year, too naïve, and I had no combat experience at all. "

Kazuma Oshida smiled disdainfully as he blocked Narumi's flying kick towards Narumi's ego.

The ball of the foot collides with the arm.


Oshida's momentum was blocked, but it also blocked Narumi's kick.

Just as he thought, Narumi couldn't help him with a flying kick from me.

But Narumi didn't just kick it out.

People are in mid-air, not yet on the ground.

Narumi ego pulled the other leg around the waist and kicked out again.

It's a double kick.

Kazuma Oshida didn't expect that Narumi would have such a trick.

The face was hit by Narumi's second kick on the spot, and the whole person suddenly retreated again and again, hitting the wall behind him before stopping, feeling the hot pain on his face, and everyone was kicked stunned.

After Narumi stopped, he immediately pounced on Kazuma Oshida again and punched him again.

Then, the sound of a 'fierce' battle was heard in the utility room.

Kazuma Oshida, who was kicked in a daze, was very passive, although he also launched some counterattacks.

But it can't do much effective damage to Narumi Daigo at all.

And Narumi's big fist, that's constantly falling on Oshida Kazuma.

It didn't take long for Kazuma Oshida to lie on the ground, blood from his nose and mouth kept flowing out, and there was still a look of doubt in his eyes.

"It's impossible.,I'm the NO3 of the phoenix.. ¨」 ."

His body has reached his limit, but Kazuma Oshida still can't accept reality.

I was beaten by Huangfu Longdou before, but now I was beaten by a guy who was a year old.

This makes Oshida really a little suspicious of life, obviously he should be quite strong.

How is it like a clown now.

In fact, Oshida Kazu's strength is indeed not weak, but in the face of Narumi's big self, he still made the old mistake of conceit, and underestimated Narumi too much, resulting in being completely passive.

You must know that if there is no Huangfu Dragon Fight, Narumi Daego is the most likely existence to become the next Fengxian Fanchang.

And during this time, Narumi Da I has also grown a lot, and I haven't stood still.

"Oshida-senpai... You're not the NO3 of the phoenix for a long time!"

Narumi looked at Kazuma Oshida, who was lying on the ground and doubted his life, and said while panting.

Although it was a kill of Oshida Kazuma, it also consumed a lot of Narumi Dai's physical strength, and there was an extra bruise on his face.

But after saying this, he did not linger any longer, and walked towards the utility room to help the others.

Hearing this, the corners of Oshida's mouth hooked up a self-deprecating smile.

"yes.... I'm not the NO3 of the phoenix for a long time..."


On the other side of the second floor.

The fighting spirit of the field met another cadre of the third stage: Kyojiu Uchiyama.

The fighting spirit of the field just came to the front of Uchiyama Kyoku, and it was an unreserved punch.

Uchiyama Kyokuchi immediately took a step back and dodged the punch.

As he stepped back, his fighting spirit instantly rose a few points, which was unforgiving, and then swept towards Uchiyama Kyoku.

Uchiyama Kyokyu dodged again, and his fighting spirit fell short, and he slammed into the classroom door, breaking out with a loud bang.

"Jingjiu senior, are you only going to hide?"

The fighting spirit of the field retracted his legs, and while shouting, he continued to rush towards Kyokuchi Uchiyama.

"It's not big or small, since you want to be beaten so much, I'll fulfill you!"

Uchiyama Kyoku's sudden outburst at this time was a punch to the cheek of the fighting spirit.


Uchiyama Kyoku's punch landed firmly on the cheeks of the fighting spirit of the field.

It's not that the fighting spirit doesn't dodge, but it's too sudden to dodge.

With one punch, the whole head was twisted.


The fighting spirit of the field let out a roar in his mouth, and in the next second, he stiffly pressed against Uchiyama Kyoku's fist and swung his head back.

At the same time, a backhand punch slammed into Uchiyama's cheek.

I didn't expect the fighting spirit of the field to be able to resist his own punch Kyoku.

The reaction was not timely, and he was also punched in the face, and the person couldn't help but take a step back.

The next moment he raised his leg and kicked him in the stomach again.

Uchiyama Kyokuro was kicked back again and again, and he barely stopped with his left hand on the wall.

The fighting spirit of the field still wanted to continue the pursuit, and the two third-year phoenix immortals hit him baldly, knocking him against the wall.

Not only that, but one of the phoenix fairies even punched him in the face.

"Get out of here!"

The fighting spirit of the field that was punched again, as if he didn't feel it.

As he roared, he pulled out his hand and slammed it on the bald head of an impatiens.

After beating him down, he grabbed the bald head of the phoenix on the other side, turned around and pressed him against the wall, and hit him in the face with several punches in a row.

Feng Xian's bald head was beaten on the spot, and his nose bleeded sideways, and with the fighting spirit of the field, he slowly slipped to the ground against the wall.

After Uchiyama Kyokuchi stabilized his body, he was also ready to rush towards the fighting spirit of the field.

But as soon as he took a step, a leader of the first-year miscellaneous soldiers next to him directly kicked him.

Uchiyama Kyokuchi was kicked and hit the wall as well.

"It's annoying!"

Uchiyama Kyokuchi quickly turned around and landed a punch on the head of the miscellaneous leader.

As soon as it was repulsed, several more members of the first year came up to him.

The fighting spirit of the field and the kyokusu of Uchiyama collided together again after killing several third-year phoenix fairy bald heads and first-year stage members respectively.

Without further words, the fists of the two of them immediately smashed towards each other.

The sound of fists to the flesh is endless.

For a few minutes, both of them were covered in blood.

The speed of Uchiyama Kyoku's punches slowed down a lot under the constant blows.

Although his eyes still flashed with a strong fighting spirit, his body was already a little unresponsive to his brain's commands.

Just when he raised his fist, ready to continue swinging towards the fighting spirit.

The fighting spirit of the field took the first step and slammed the bloody fist into his face.

All of a sudden, a large amount of blood splattered out of Uchiyama's face.

His head was almost completely tilted back, his body wobbling a little, and he took a step back to barely hold his body.

".ˇ Ah..."

A painful voice came from Uchiyama Kyoku's mouth, and he just put his head back.

The palms of the fighting spirit reappeared in his sight.

grabbed Uchiyama's face and slammed his head against the wall.

With a dull crashing sound, Uchiyama Kyokusu rolled his eyes on the spot.

The fighting spirit that followed was another knee hit, hitting him hard in the stomach.


A mouthful of blood gushed out from Uchiyama Kyoku's mouth.

The feet of the fighting spirit just fell back to the ground, and they were ready to continue to crash into it.

But at this time, Uchiyama Kyokyu couldn't support it anymore and fell headlong directly.

"I'm sorry Jingjiu senior, now I'm stronger than you!"

The fighting spirit of the field stopped, his chest rose and fell violently, and he took a few deep breaths.

He took another step and walked towards the other third-year Feng Xianguang (okay) heads on the second floor.


The other side.

With the Huangfu Dragon Dou facing the light, he walked up the stairs leading to the rooftop.

And behind him is the bald head of the three-year phoenix fairy in a place.

Although Huangfu Longdou killed the three households.

But the subordinates of the three families also killed all the members of the first year.

Huangfu Longdou, who left the art room, immediately met them.

Fight immediately and continue to fight all the way.

You must know that the subordinates of the three households are all the elites of the third period.

Huangfu Longdou, whose physical exertion was already serious, couldn't help panting like a cow at this time.

However, his steps are still calm and firm.

As the door to the rooftop was pushed open.

In that somewhat glare of the sun, Mito Makio was standing there.

"That guy from the three households really can't stop you, and you came here faster than I expected!"

Mito Makio also just came here, pulled out a bottle of water from the box next to him, said and threw it to the Huangfu Dragon Fight, and then pulled out a bottle of water from the box, opened it and poured it with a gurgling face.

Huangfu Longdou was not polite, took the water, and poured a large mouthful into his mouth.

"The banner is over there, win me, hang up the flag, and you will be the chief of the phoenix in the future!"

A bottle of water was in the stomach, and after Mito Makio put the empty bottle aside, he pointed to the flag under the signboard of 'Phoenix Fairy' and said.

"Come on, then!"

Huangfu Longdou put down the water bottle and stretched it a little.

In the next second, he strode towards Mito Makio, and his speed became faster and faster.

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