When Huangfu Long Dou and others rushed to the second floor.

Yasuke Yongsuke and Hayato Shibayama have completely fought.

These two muscular men directly collided hard, and they both raised their fists and beckoned to each other's faces.

A round of fist-to-flesh blows down.

An Yongsuke had a lot of bruises on his face, and there was blood hanging from the corners of his mouth.

And the situation of Shibayama Hayato is not much better than him, to be precise, it is even worse.

Just now, he was punched in the cheek by An Yongsuke, lost his balance, and fell to the ground.

"Hey, hey, hey... Zhishan, didn't you say that you wanted to play with you? Why can't you do it so soon?"

Yasuke spat out a mouthful of blood foam on the ground and grinned.

"Seniors, don't look down on people, it's just the beginning!".

Shibayama Hayato wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and held one hand against the wall, trying to get back on his feet.

"That's interesting, then let's do it!"

Before Shibayama could fully stand up, Yasuke stepped forward and grabbed him by the collar, then punched him again.


Accompanied by a fist falling on the face, a blow sounded.

Shibayama Hayato was hit in the head and quickly threw it to the right, and the whole person lost his balance again.

However, with his right foot, he stepped heavily on the ground and was supported hard, and he was not knocked down.

"Nine-zero-seven" "Yo~ It's quite resistant!"

Yasuke said, raising his fist and continuing to smash it into Shibayama's face.

Right at this moment.

Shibayama Hayato turned his head abruptly, and his backhand was a punch.

Yasuke Nagasuke didn't expect that after Hayato Shibayama took a punch from himself, he would be able to fight back so quickly.

A moment of stunnedness.

Shibayama Hayato's fist had already hit Yasuke Youngsuke's cheek.

The beating made his whole person retreat several steps, and the corners of his mouth were broken, and blood came out.

However, An Yongsuke didn't seem to feel pain, and the corners of his mouth even rose a little more.

"That's kind of interesting, Shibayama, haha!"

Yasuke turned his head, laughed and rushed at Shibayama Hayato again, smashing it with another punch.


Shibayama Hayato burst into a shout, did not retreat but advanced, stubbornly carrying Yasuke Yongsuke's fist, raised his leg and hit him with a knee, hitting him in the stomach.

Under the dull crashing sound, the smile on Yasuke's face disappeared, and he couldn't help but show a painful expression, some blood oozed from his mouth again, and his upper body was slightly bent there.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Shibayama Hayato started and punched him in the face again.


An Yongsuke, who had just rushed up, was beaten again and again and retreated.

Shibayama Hayato swallowed the blood in his mouth directly and followed Yasuke Yongsuke, who retreated.

Just as he was about to take advantage of the victory to pursue, Yasuke Nagasuke suddenly stopped, raised his leg and kicked at Hayato Shibayama.

It was too sudden, and Shibayama Hayato couldn't react at once.

was kicked to the ground by An Yongsuke on the spot, looking quite embarrassed.

Obviously, it is not easy for the two to kill each other.

This moment.

None of them chose to go on the offensive.

Yasuke held on to the wall and stood there breathing, trying to regain some of his strength.

Shibayama Hayato got up from the ground and was half-kneeling on one knee, also gasping for air.

The two of them were on the playground before, and they had already consumed a lot of physical strength.

I just fought again, and the physical exertion was already quite serious.

However, the eyes of the two of them were still fixed on each other.

After a break of about ten seconds.

Yasuke Yongsuke and Hayato Shibayama wiped the blood from the corners of their mouths at the same time and rushed to each other again.

The sound of fists to flesh also sounded again at this moment.

This is the most direct and primitive collision between two men.

Whoever has a harder fist, who has a stronger will, who can hold out to the end.

Whoever is the winner in the end.

Although there were still many people fighting there, no one stepped forward to help Yasuke or Hayato Shibayama.

Because that's a battle between them.

They all know that whoever they are, with the help of others, will be brought down and dealt with.

Neither Yasu Yongsuke nor Hayato Shibayama will be reconciled.

The fists of the two of them kept falling on each other's faces.

By the end of the fight, there was almost no skill left to speak of.

After all, I don't have that physical strength anymore.

It is with the belief that we will win.

Keep punching your fists on the opponent's body.


The bear on the second floor is in the middle of pulling with a group of three-year-old phoenix bald heads.

The whole person crashed directly into the classroom next to him.

I saw the bear Cheriya fall to the ground.

Those impatiens all swarmed up.

is ready to use the advantage of his number to beat the bear Cheriya directly until he can't get up.


Just then, a voice rang out.

Xiong Che Lizai and all the phoenix fairies bald their heads all turned their heads to look into the classroom.

I saw a man sitting there, looking a little leisurely puffing on smoke rings.

He is none other than Mito Makio.

And around him, there are several members of the first stage lying down.

Each of the Year Finalists lay on the ground, writhing and wailing.

Apparently beaten by Mito Makio.

"You guys go out, Xiong Che will be handed over to me... Also, pull these guys out!"

Mito Makio smoked a cigarette and instructed the bald heads of the third-year phoenixes.


Those phoenix bald heads immediately bowed their heads, lifted the members of the first stage to leave, and closed the door with their hands.

Soon, only two people remained, Mito Makio and Kumachi Riya.

"It's bad luck to meet you here. "

Kumachiriya said as he got up from the ground.

"How long has it been since we last played each other?"

Mito asked with a smile as he puffed out his cigarette.

It doesn't look like it's going to be a fight, it's more like it's going to be ready for small talk.

"It's been a while..."

Xiong Che Riya scratched his head and replied.

He did fight Mito Makio before, and there was no doubt that he was defeated in the end, and he only caused a little injury to Mito Makio despite his best efforts.

But it was also at that time that he was recognized by Mito Makio and was officially awarded the Fengxian cadre.

"Then let me see what progress you have made during this time!"

After throwing the remaining half on the ground and trampling on it, Mito raised his hands and stretched his body.

"Brother Meiteng, you have to be careful, I can't beat you down this time!"

Xiong Cheriya grinned and said with a smile.

"It's good to have confidence, but you have to be able to do it!"

Mito Makio put away the smile on the corner of his mouth, and the next second he suddenly burst out, rushing towards Kumachi Riya at a very fast speed.

Kumachi Riya also took a step forward to meet Mito Makio.

At this distance, they soon collided together.

The two of them swung their fists in unison, staggering through the air.

Mito's punches are noticeably faster.

The first to smash in the face of Shibayama Junren.


A loud blow sounded throughout the room in an instant. ......

Xiong Che Liya was hit by this punch on the spot, and the whole person retreated again and again.

It didn't stop until it hit the blackboard in the back.

Mito Makio followed closely, raised his foot and continued to kick Kumachiri.


Another loud bang.

Along with the chalk scraps on the blackboard, a lot fell off.

But Mito's kick didn't hit.

At the critical moment, Xiong Che Riya hurriedly moved a step to the side and narrowly avoided it.

"Xiong Che! can only hide, but can't defeat me!"

Mito Makio retracted his foot and continued to punch Kumachiriya repeatedly.

Kumachiriya could only protect his head with his hands while constantly retreating.

For a moment, there was no chance to fight back.

Even his arms were hurt by Mito's hammer.

"Brother Mito... Sure enough, it's still ridiculously strong..."

Xiong Che Liya couldn't help but sigh in his heart, although he was being pressed, he was not impatient in his heart.

Because after all, he still knows in his heart that there is still a huge gap between himself and Mito Makio.

It's too normal to be pressed and beaten.

At this time, Mito Makio suddenly withdrew his fist and swept out with a kick.

Kumachi Riya didn't expect Mito Makio to suddenly change his moves.

couldn't dodge for a while, and his waist was immediately hit by this kick.

The whole person hit the blackboard again, and a lot of blood oozed from the corners of his mouth.

Mito Makio didn't stop there, and threw another punch.

It landed firmly on Kuma's face.

This punch goes down.

Xiong Cheriya could no longer support his body and fell to the ground, his face full of pain.

"Bear cut... That's not all you have, right?"

Mito Makio said as he walked up to Kumachi Riya, grabbed him by the collar with one hand, and lifted him up.

"With only this bit of strength, it is impossible to defeat me!"

Immediately afterwards, Mito Makio punched Kumachi Riya in the face again.

Immediately, blood splattered out of Xiong Che Liya's mouth.

Even his head was thrown backwards quickly.

"Is it over?"

Mito Makio saw that Kumachi Riya didn't turn his head back, and showed a somewhat disappointed expression.

Just when he was about to let go of 2.6.

Kumachiri raised his left hand and grabbed Mito's arm, so that he couldn't let go.

"It's over, it's still early!!"

Xiong Cheriya burst into his mouth and threw his right fist directly into Mito Makio's face.

With a sudden punch, Mito Makio was beaten and couldn't help but retreat.

Xiong Che Liya did not continue the pursuit, not because he didn't want to, but his body couldn't support it, so he could only stand there and pant constantly, trying to recover some strength.

Mito Makio looked at Shibayama Junto, who was already covered in blood, and touched the place where his cheek was hit again, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

"That's right, let's enjoy this fight!"

Mito Makio said that he took a heavy step, and then jumped up and kicked at Kumachiri.


Kuma Cheri, who had regained some strength, let out a beast-like roar from his mouth, raised his fist, and met Mito Makio.

In fact, Kumachi Riya never felt that he could defeat Mito Makio.


As long as you consume Mito Makio's physical strength as much as possible.

Let the emperor fight against Mito Makio later, he can play more easily.

That's enough!

With such a thought, Kumachi Riya once again faced Mito Makio and swung his fist.

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