"Huangfu Longdou, just rush over, I'll wait for you upstairs, don't let me down!"

After Mito Makio smiled and shouted to Huangfu Ryudou, he turned around and walked into the main building of Fengxian.

Cadres such as Kazuma Oshida and Yasuke Yongsuke also followed.

Of course, there are also some second-year and third-year phoenix bald heads, ~ guarding the gate of the main building.

"Come on!"

"Boys, let the horses come!"

The phoenix fairies in the second and third years shouted one by one as they looked at Huangfu Long Dou and the others who were getting closer and closer.

The shouts released everyone's emotions, driving the adrenal glands of the companions around them to secrete a large amount, and the momentum continued to rise.

And Huangfu Longdou, who led everyone to rush over, picked up speed again and took the lead.

The two sides are getting closer and closer.

10 meters... 5 meters... 3 meters

Everyone was staring at each other tightly, holding back their energy.

At this moment, whether it is Huangfu Ryudou's side or Mito Makio's side.

All mouths roared again.

The deafening sound, like the explosion of C4 explosives, resounded throughout the phoenix.

The two of them also collided with each other.

Standing at the front, a third-year phoenix fairy bald, gritted his teeth, and even the green tendons on both sides of his forehead began to burst out.

Directly raised his fist, trying to block the Huangfu Dragon Fight.

However, his fist had not yet been swung.

Huangfu Longdou's fist fell on his face first.

It's just a punch.

Directly spit blood from the bald mouth of this phoenix fairy and flew out upside down.

Huangfu Dragon Dou also rushed into the enemy camp.

The whole person was like a huge boulder thrown by a trebuchet, slashing through the air and smashing into the crowd.

For a moment, people turned on their backs, and the sound of fists to flesh kept ringing.

The second and third years of the Fengxian who were blocked at the gate were bald, even if they had mustered all their strength and tried their best.

It's still unstoppable.

Huangfu Long Dou was punching one punch after another, directly penetrating the defense line and blasting into the main building.

And in the eyes of Huangfu Longdou, there is only the front.

Even if someone tries to grab him from behind or from the side and try to drag him down.

At this time, the fighting spirit of Narumi Daigo, Shibayama Hayato, and Kumachi Riya on both sides of the field.

It will immediately swing its fist and blast at those who try to attack Huangfu Longdou from behind or from the side.

If the Huangfu Dragon Fight is like a long nail, it directly pierces into the enemy camp.

Then Narumi and the fighting spirit of the field are like a giant hammer smashed down.

The damage dealt by the Emperor Fu Dragon Dou has been further expanded.

The enemy camp that has already been torn open by the Emperor Fu Dragon Fight.

I couldn't stand it anymore, and I was directly crushed over.

Through the gate of the main building, the corridor inside, which was not wide, was almost full of phoenix fairy bald heads in the second and third years.

Huangfu Long Dou did not stop, waved his fist, and smashed one punch after another at the phoenix fairy bald heads in front of him.

Behind them is the fighting spirit of Narumi and the big ego.

So Huangfu Longdou is very relieved, and his body is already very excited until now.

Huangfu Longdou also gradually lost control of his strength, and every punch was carried with violent power, pushing inside as fast as possible.

"Up, up, up!"

"This guy's physical strength can't be unlimited!"

"Stop him for me!!"

The bald heads of the second-year and third-year phoenix fairies, while shouting loudly, rushed forward and rushed towards the Huangfu Dragon Fight.

And Huangfu Longdou's fist can be described as a fist crit.

Each punch was accompanied by a loud blow from fist to flesh, meaning that someone had fallen.

Narumi Daego and the other people followed behind him, working together to block the bald heads of the other phoenixes around Huangfu Longdou.

With the Huangfu Dragon Fight, they advanced all the way.

The members of the first year section of Huangfu Longdou also rushed into the main building more and more.

It was at this time.

Some of the second-year and third-year phoenix fairies in the classroom were bald heads, and they came out of it directly and pounced on those first-year members.

I want to make the Huangfu Longdou and Narumi Daego in front of them completely disconnected from the large army behind.

Although there were some surprises.

But the members of the first year section behind Huangfu Long Dou immediately reacted.

One by one, they fearlessly greeted those three-year-old phoenix fairies with bald heads and collided with them.

At this time, the scene became more and more chaotic.

However, Huangfu Longdou still came to the staircase on the first floor quite smoothly.

"Boss, before Brother Mito's decisive battle, you have to save your physical strength. "

Seeing that Huangfu Longdou was immediately about to raise his feet and go to the second floor, Narumi hurriedly instructed.

Just now, I was standing next to Huangfu Longdou, knowing how powerful each punch he thrown.

Although it was easy to get to the top of the stairs, it obviously consumed a lot of physical strength.

"Don't worry, I know it. "

Huangfu Longdou nodded, and walked directly towards the second floor.

It was just as he walked up the stairs.

An Yongjie, a third-year cadre, walked out of the classroom next to him.

There are also many three-year-old phoenix fairies with bald heads, following behind him.

"Hey, don't be in a hurry, come and play with me!"

Yasuke shouted as he walked towards the staircase, getting faster and faster, and soon started running.

At the same time, he tore off his clothes, revealing his tendons.

The pectoral muscles can even beat, almost like a fitness knack on TV.

"Go up, I'll leave it here!"

After Shibayama said this, he didn't care whether they agreed or not, grinned fiercely and greeted An Yongsuke.

And he also tore off the vest on his body, revealing his well-developed muscles.

Although Yasuke Yongsuke's muscles are even bigger, Hayato Shibayama is not to be underestimated.

"If you want to play, Ernst & Young senior... Then let me play with you!"

In addition to Shibayama Falato, there are also many members of the first stage who stand guard with him at the staircase on the first floor.

"Be careful!"

Narumi Dai: I know that now is not the time to argue about who will deal with Yasuke Yongsuke.

The most important thing is to catch up with Mito Makio and them, and assist Huangfu Ryuto to the top.

Immediately took the rest of the people and followed the Huangfu Dragon Fight in front.

As soon as I got to the second floor, I saw that the corridor on the second floor was also full of second- and third-year phoenix bald heads.

Even the stairs leading from the second floor to the third floor have quite a few bald heads.

As soon as Huangfu Longdou came to the platform on the second floor, a group of phoenix fairies with bald heads immediately pounced like wolves and tigers.

Huangfu Longdou's instinctive backhand was a punch that smashed into the face of a bald head.


With a loud blow, the bald head fell to the ground in an instant.

However, the other three years Duan Fengxian bald, taking advantage of the opportunity of Huangfu Longdou's punch, pounced from the side.

One by one, they grabbed Huangfu Longdou's clothes desperately and pushed him deeper into the corridor, away from the staircase.

Huangfu Longdou was caught off guard, and was suddenly pushed out by the combined efforts of these phoenix fairies to a distance of more than ten meters.

"Get out of here!"

With the roar of Huangfu Longdou, after stabilizing his body, his lower body sank, and he stubbornly resisted and pushed his own several phoenix fairy bald heads.

At this moment, a phoenix fairy bald head approached from behind, jumped up and kicked Huangfu Longdou in the back.


With a bit of dullness.

The bald head of the phoenix who kicked Huangfu Longdou was stunned for a moment.

He felt like he was kicking against a wall.

The Huangfu Dragon Dou in front of him didn't move at all.

It was when he was stunned.

Huangfu Long Dou grabbed the bald heads of the two phoenixes who were grabbing him with his backhand.

I saw the muscles in his arms bulging high, along with the green tendons.

Burst into applause.

The power in Huangfu Longdou's hand completely burst out.

Directly shook the bald heads of the two phoenix fairies in front of him and smashed them on the wall next to them.

The other phoenix fairies next to him were also forced to not get close.

Immediately afterwards, Huangfu Long Dou quickly turned around and looked at the bald head of the phoenix who kicked him from behind.


Feng Xian looked at the tall Huangfu Long Dou in front of him with a bald head, his Adam's apple rolled a little, and he couldn't help but feel a sense of fear in his heart, as if there was a monster standing in front of him.

And this feeling of his quickly disappeared.

Because Huangfu Longdou raised his hand to give him a punch.

His mind was smashed into a blank space and he fell to the ground.

However, at this time, there were still more impatiens around with bald heads.

· ······ Asking for flowers·· ·····

"Field, you go and open the stairs from the second floor to the third floor, and Xiong Che and I will help Brother Long Dou!"

After Narumi Dame, who had already come to the second floor, finished speaking, he and Xiong Che Riya led people to rush to the bald head of the phoenix who was besieging Huangfu Longdou.

"I don't need you to say it, I know it!"

The fighting spirit of the field took some people and continued to pounce on the bald head of the three-year phoenix on the stairs.

With the joint efforts of everyone, the phoenix fairy bald heads who surrounded the Huangfu Dragon Fight were soon forced back by Narumi Daego and Xiong Che Liya.

It saves a lot of effort from Huangfu Longdou.

"Brother Long Dou, leave it to us here, you go to the third floor!"

Xiong Che Liya shouted as he knocked down an enemy bald head next to Huangfu Longdou.

"Be careful!"

Huangfu Ryudou glanced at Narumi Daego and Xiong Che Riya, nodded, and then raised one leg and kicked on the bald stomach of the phoenix fairy in front of him.

The terrifying power kicked this phoenix fairy's bald head away on the spot.

The phoenix fairy bald head that flew out also knocked over several bald heads behind.

Huangfu Longdou didn't bother to care if they could get up or not.

Turn around and walk towards the third floor.

At this time, the staircase leading from the second floor to the third floor.

The fighting spirit of the field is leading people, trying to hit it.

With the three-year phoenix bald heads, they fought together.

The fighting spirit of the field was punch after punch, and it hit the bald body on the opposite side.

However, due to the large number of enemies, it was impossible to fight.

"Get out of the way!"

Seeing this situation, Huangfu Long Dou shouted loudly and rushed directly to the stairs.

Soon came to the front and grabbed an enemy bald head.

With the strength of Huangfu Longdou's right arm, he forcibly threw the enemy's bald head from above.

This was followed by another punch, which quickly hit the bald face of another enemy in front of him.

After having him join, the speed of advancement was much faster, and soon he came to the middle platform.

But at this time, a group of third-year phoenix fairies ran over from the other side of the corridor, blocked the road under the stairs, and rushed up.

and the phoenix bald heads on the third floor, forming a sandwich trend.

"Leave it to me, you just rush up!"

Seeing that the situation was not good, it was also fierce, so he turned around and jumped down.

The whole person was instantly smashed into the pile of bald heads below.

On the spot, he took a lot of enemy bald heads and fell down the stairs to the corridor on the second floor.

Since there were a lot of bald heads as backs, the fighting spirit of the field was nothing, and he immediately got up.

However, the bald heads of the other third-year Duan Fengxian around him also surrounded him.

The two sides are constantly tugging, fighting farther and farther.

As for the other third-year Fengxian bald heads, they were blocked by the members of the first stage under Huangfu Longdou and the first-year section at the staircase on the second floor.

And Huangfu Longdou took some members of the first stage and continued to rush upward.

The remaining three-year phoenix fairy bald head naturally couldn't stop the Huangfu Dragon Fight.

As a three-year-old bald head continued to retreat and fall.

It didn't take long for Huangfu Long Dou to step onto the third floor.

Just as he was about to continue to the rooftop, he found that the staircase on this side had been blocked by a large amount of debris.

"It's faster than expected!"

Suddenly, a voice rang out.

Huangfu Longdou followed the sound and looked towards the end of the corridor, only to see a tall figure, standing there.

And he is the three households!

Behind him, there were quite a few three-year bald heads standing there, putting on eager expressions.

"Looks like you're the last obstacle on the rooftop!"

Huangfu Longdou's gaze looked directly at the three major bens, and at the same time adjusted his breathing.

"That's right, this side is blocked, and if you want to get to the rooftop, you have to go up another staircase, and the way to the other staircase is behind me. "

Minohe Daimoto said slowly with a smile.

"Really, then you're welcome!"

As soon as Huangfu Longdou's words fell, the whole person instantly rushed to the three households.

"Don't meddle, go and deal with the others, this guy is in my hands!"

After the three households said to the bald head of the phoenix fairy behind him, they also took a step forward and faced the Huangfu Dragon Fight.

The two got closer and closer, and Huangfu Longdou's eyes became sharper and sharper.

The look in the eyes of the three big bens is also getting more and more excited.

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