The speed of the two figures was very fast.

One of the figures quickly shuttled through the bald head of a famous phoenix, like a swimming dragon.

I couldn't avoid it, so I punched it away and knocked the enemy in front of me to the ground.

He's Narumi Daigo.

The other figure was like a locomotive, rampage all the way.

The phoenix bald heads in front of him were directly knocked away.

He's a fighting spirit.

Along the way, no one can stop them.

The fighting spirit of the field soon rushed to the vicinity of Kumachi Riya.

The whole person did not stop there, and directly continued to crash into the two phoenix bald heads who grabbed Xiong Che Liya.

"Hold on!"

"No matter what, he's just a year..."

The two phoenix fairies saw the fighting spirit of the field with a cruel smile on their faces, and they couldn't help but panic in their hearts.

But he immediately let out a loud shout, regained his steady, and his body's center of gravity sank.

Just when they were thinking, no matter what, the fighting spirit of the field was just a junior in the first year, and it would definitely be no problem for them to resist him.

The fighting spirit of the field collided.


The bald faces of the two phoenix fairies changed dramatically in an instant, and they only felt like a cow had collided with them, and they couldn't resist it at all.

Immediately lost his balance directly, let go of the bear cut force, and fell to the ground on all fours.

You must know that the potential value of the fighting spirit of the field is A+, and it is even higher than the potential value of the third-year cadre Oshida Kazuma, but he can't be treated as an ordinary cadre in the first-year period.

"Senior... Now it's my turn!"

Xiong Che Lizai, who was out of control, looked at the bald head of the phoenix fairy who had just punched himself a few times with a cruel smile.

"Don't be noisy..."

As soon as the phoenix fairy opened his mouth, before he finished speaking, Xiong Qilizai's fist had already landed on his face.


The phoenix's bald head suddenly retreated again and again, and her head went blank.

Xiong Che Liya quickly followed up, grabbed him by the collar, and punched him down a few times, venting the anger in his heart.

"Alright, save some strength!"

After kicking away the bald head of a phoenix fairy who pounced on him, he turned his head to look at Xiong Che Lizai.

Kumachiri then let go of his hand.

The fairy's bald head immediately fell to the ground like a puddle of mud.

Xiong Che Riya didn't pay any attention to the phoenix fairy's bald head, suddenly accelerated, and then jumped up, kicking at a phoenix fairy bald head who was trying to sneak attack from behind.

The fighting spirit of the field immediately turned his head and looked at the bald head of the phoenix who was kicked over by Xiong Qili Ya, and immediately understood what was going on.

"The favor just now is back to you!"

The bear who landed on his feet was strong, and he looked at the field of fighting 150 Zhi.

In the next second, the two looked at each other and smiled, and they all swung their fists towards the bald head of the phoenix fairy who rushed in.


On the other side, Narumi Daigo, almost at the same time as the fighting spirit of the field helped Xiong Che Riya, the whole person jumped up with momentum.

The browless bald head standing in front of Shibayama was just about to kick Shibayama in the head.

By the time I saw Narumi Daime appear beside me, it was too late to react.

He had no way to continue kicking out this kick to Shibayama.

Narumi first kicked the body of the eyebrowless bald head, then used it to borrow strength, and then kicked the face of the eyebrow bald head.

Two consecutive kicks, the momentum is strong and heavy.

The bald head of the phoenix who controlled Zhishan Junren immediately lost his balance and smashed directly to the ground.

And the bald man with no eyebrows, the whole person flew out directly, and after falling heavily on the ground, blood spat out of his mouth, and he couldn't get up for a while.

Narumi Dai's feet landed on the ground, kicking up some dust.

Although there is also a phoenix bald head holding Shibayama Hayato.

But he alone can't restrain Shibayama Hayato.

I saw that Zhishan Liren immediately seized the opportunity, burst into a shout, and punched him with a backhand, knocking him down.

Then he looked at Narumi again.

"When did you learn this?"

Hayato Shibayama has just been amazed by Narumi's second kick.

It's kind of handsome!

"Brother Long Dou taught, if you want to learn, if you have a chance to let him teach you in the future, Brother Long Dou should not refuse!"

Narumi replied with a smile.

"Brother Long Dou still has such a handsome move, why haven't I seen him use it before?"

"He said that it might work for me, but it wouldn't be of much use to him, because usually he gets down and somebody else flies out and doesn't need a second kick at all. "

"Makes sense!"

Shibayama Hayato turned his head to look not far away, kicked a phoenix fairy bald head out with one kick, and nodded at the distant Huangfu Dragon Dou.

In fact, some time ago, the training of Narumi Daigo and others had already begun.

Because of the fighting spirit of the field and the Shibayama Hayato, their injuries have not healed, so they were not taken with them.

If you kick it twice, it is indeed Huangfu Longdou who taught Narumi Dame, and I think he is more suitable.

"Alright, let's not talk about that!"

Narumi saw another phoenix swooping up with his bald head, and immediately stopped chatting with Shibayama Hayato.


Shibayama Hayato nodded immediately, concentrating on dealing with those three-year-old impatiens bald.


On the other side, there were already a dozen or so members of the first stage lying crookedly around Mito Makio.

As the boss opposite, like Huangfu Longdou, he is naturally the focus of care.

It was these members of the first year who didn't pose any threat to Mito Makio at all, and they were all beaten down soon.

I didn't even touch the corner of Mito's clothes.

I just lay there.

At this time, Mito Makio took a step across, and his fist as fast as lightning fell on the face of a member of the first stage again.

The results speak for themselves.

Beat up this first-year member on the spot.

Mito withdrew his fist, then quickly stepped away from the spot.

Took the initiative to rush towards the three members of the first year not far away.

These three members of the first stage of the Emperor Fu Dragon Fighting camp were besieging a third stage miscellaneous army leader.

Mito Makio took advantage of his momentum, and after getting closer, he directly punched a heavy punch in the face of a first-year member.


Blood spurted directly from the mouth of this one-year member, and the person was also beaten and retreated, and even knocked over another one-year member behind him.

As for the remaining member of the first year, after seeing the two of them fall to the ground in embarrassment.

As soon as I turned my head, I saw a huge fist smashed like a frying pan, and my vision fell into darkness.

By the time he regained his gaze, the first-year member noticed that the whole world was spinning, and there was a stream of heat gushing out of his nose.

Under Mito's fist, the first-year member rolled in a circle in mid-air with a nosebleed, and after slamming heavily on the ground, there was no way to get up.

"Be careful, don't be left alone!"

Mito Makio withdrew his fist and smiled at the leader of the miscellaneous soldiers.

"Yes! Thank you, Brother Mito!"

The leader of the miscellaneous soldiers hurriedly bowed his head in response.

Mito Makio didn't pay any attention to him, and turned his head to scan the entire battlefield.

The brow grew heavier.

"There's no reason!"

Mito Makio found that his side did not have a clear advantage.

Obviously, there are more troops on his side, and the individual combat effectiveness of the miscellaneous soldiers is stronger, and the combat experience is richer.

There is no reason why you can't press Huangfu Longdou to fight here.

Normally, at this time, an overwhelming advantage should have been obtained.

Just when Mito Makio was puzzled, he noticed the situation on the side of Huangfu Ryudou.

A look of surprise flashed in his eyes.

Now, I finally understand.

The speed at which the Emperor Fu Dragon fights and brushes soldiers is too fast.

Anyone who approached him with a three-year phoenix immortal bald head, whether it was a miscellaneous soldier or a miscellaneous soldier leader, was knocked down by him almost instantly.

Most importantly, Huangfu Longdou didn't look tired at all.

"This kid's farming speed is actually faster than mine, and his physical strength seems to be endless, no wonder..."

Now Mito Makio has some understanding that Huangfu Ryuto will be called a monster with a human character.

It really doesn't look like what humans should be.

In addition to gaining new skills, Huangfu Dragon Dou has increased a lot of physical strength and stamina.

In the last battle, it also made him more comfortable with the control of his own strength, and used as little strength as possible to kill the opponent and retain his physical strength.

Due to comprehensive reasons, he now has a stronger battery life.

At this time, Huangfu Longdou stopped.

It's not that he finally can't bear the physical strength, but that no one around dares to rush up anymore.

Although there are still some three-year phoenix bald heads, standing there.

But no one dared to approach Huangfu Longdou anymore.

In their eyes, Huangfu Dragon Dou is like a bottomless pit, no matter how many people fill it in, they can't see the bottom.

It's horrible!

At this moment, Mito Makio put away the surprise in his eyes and shouted at Huangfu Ryudou, "The warm-up is over, right?"

Mito shouted as he walked in the direction of the building, knocking over a member of the first stage who was in the way.

And the other members of the third stage, under the leadership of Oshida Kazuma and others, also began to fight and retreat, walking towards the phoenix.

"Then let's get down to business!"

Huangfu Ryuto glanced at Mito Makio and also took a step.

"Boys, the warm-up is over, and the summit battle is about to officially begin, cheer me up!"

"Still alive, all get up, don't pretend to be dead, let's cover Brother Long Dou to rush forward!"

Narumi Daigo, Shibayama Junto, Kumachi Riya, and several people in the field also shouted, and at the same time, with the members of the first stage, began to regather behind Huangfu Ryuto.

"What about you, do you want to take a break?"

Huangfu Ryudou turned his head to look at Narumi Daime and the others who returned to his side.

"No problem at all, no need to rest!"

"Don't worry, Brother Long Dou, our current state is better than ever!"

"That's right, even if you don't have to rest, it's no problem to fight another group!"

Hearing the words of several of them, Huangfu Long Dou nodded.

The next second.

There was a sharp glint in his eyes.

"Brothers, the main drama has begun, let's go!"

A loud shout erupted from Huangfu Longdou's mouth and spread to the ears of everyone behind him.

And his whole person was like a sharp arrow, rushing towards the direction of the main building in the phoenix immortal, taking the lead.

Behind him, Narumi Daigo, Fighting Spirit, Kumachi Riya, and Shibayama Hayato shouted in unison with their bald heads, and took steps to follow behind Huangfu Ryudou.

This moment.

Their momentum really exploded to the top, flocking to the members of the third stage who were standing in front of the main building of the Phoenix Immortal.



Genjiro Kaki took a cigarette in his mouth, put his hands in his pockets, and walked slowly to the roof of an abandoned building.

"The view is really nice..."

Genjiro Kaki looked into the distance, puffing on a cigarette and sighing.

From this position of his, he could just see the situation on the Phoenix Fairy playground.

"Are you a little late, but which guy is Huangfu Longdou?"

Genjiro Kaki noticed that a group of phoenix fairies with bald heads began to rush towards the main building of phoenixes, and it looked like they had already fought a fight.

He hadn't seen Huangfu Longdou before, so he didn't know what Huangfu Longdou looked like.

However, he still squinted his eyes and scanned the people on the Fengxian playground intently, trying to find the guy who might be Huangfu Longdou.

"The guy who is rushing to the front now is Huangfu Longdou!"

At this moment, a voice sounded coldly.


Genjiro Kaki was suddenly startled, the cigarette butts on his mouth flew out, and after catching the cigarette butts in a hurry, he turned his head to look in the other direction above his head.

I didn't know what time it was, but there were already a lot of people standing.

All of them wore the black uniforms of Lily of the Valley, and one of them was very tall, giving people the feeling of standing out from the crowd, he was the boss of one of the three major factions of Lily of the Valley: Chuan Xisheng.

"Senior Sichuanxi, how long have you been here, why haven't you moved at all, you are almost scared to death. "

Genjiro Kaki let out a long breath as he tried to calm his emotions.

He didn't expect that Chuan Xisheng and the others happened to be here.

"When the Impatiens guys started, we came..."

After saying this, Kawanishi and the others didn't pay attention to Genjiro Kaki.

Everyone was still looking in the direction of the phoenix, silent.

"How's it going?"

Genjiro Kaki noticed that Kawanishi and the others looked very dignified.

"Nakai is right, Huangfu Longdou is a monster in human skin. "

"Those bald people of Fengxian are just like children in open crotch pants, and they are punched by Huangfu Longdou. "

"The efficiency of the brush is like an assembly line. "

"The point is, after beating so many people, he doesn't seem to have consumed much physical strength, he is simply not human!"

"If you really want him to be the boss of the phoenix, for us Lily of the Valley, just like Nakai said, it is definitely the worst situation!"

The crowd, who had been silent, suddenly became noisy.

One by one, it's like they have been suppressed for a long time and suddenly found an outlet.

Listening to their words, Genjiro Kaki's face also began to become solemn.

Because this is enough to show that they feel a huge pressure on Huangfu Longdou.

Just now, they didn't deliberately be silent and pretend to be deep.

Instead, they were in shock.

After all, they are old rivals with Fengxian, and they know that Fengxian is not weak.

I also know what kind of strength is needed to beat the phoenix bald head down with one punch.

At least not an easy one.

"From the point of view of the efficiency of brushing soldiers, compared with Mito Makio and Huangfu Longdou, although Huangfu Longdou's brushing speed is faster, but Mito Makio's speed is not slow..."

"Of course, the efficiency of brushing troops alone does not mean that Mito Makio is weaker than Huangfu Longdou, after all, the strength between the two is also related to many aspects, state, resistance to blows, will, etc..."

"The most critical problem is that Huangfu Ryuto and Mito Makio are both phoenixes, no matter which of them wins, it will be the same for us Lily of the Valley!"

Chuan Xisheng bit his fingers while constantly thinking about it, looking quite anxious.

Genjiro Kaki naturally understood what he meant.

Huangfu Longdou is very strong, Mito Makio is not weak, no matter who wins or loses, for Lily of the Valley, they have to face the phoenix who has the two of them.

Under the leadership of Huangfu Ryudou and Mito Makio, Fengxian's combat power will definitely reach a very exaggerated level.

The current lily of the valley .......

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