Huangfu Dragon Fighting Camp: Cadres Narumi Daigo, Field Fighting Spirit, Kumachi Riya, Shibayama Junto and Ogura Gota, 136 miscellaneous soldiers.

Mito Makio's camp: cadres Mitohe Daimoto, Oshida Kazuma, Yasuke Yongsuke and Uchiyama Kyoku, as well as a second-year cadre, 165 miscellaneous soldiers.

The total number of participants in the battle exceeded 300.

Everyone rushed to each other in unison for the first time.

At this moment, all the shouts and footsteps seemed to condense and soar into the sky.

The two groups of people on both sides are like two behemoths.

Kick up a lot of dust and eventually collide in the middle of the playground.

Under the violent collision, for a while, the members of the two sides can be said to be on their backs.

Not to mention anything else, the impact force when sprinting with all your strength is a force that cannot be underestimated once it hits.

And the Emperor Ryuto, with Narumi Daigo, the field fighting spirit, Kumachi Riya and Shibayama Junto rushed to the front.

Like a sharp knife, it instantly plunged into the opponent's camp, and its fists swung again and again.

A powerful fist, the sound of hitting the target, constantly sounded.

The enemy impatiens bald heads are in the place where they pass.

One by one, they fell.

Even if there were still those who could get up, they would be mended by the members of the one-year phoenix immortal behind them and beat them down again.

After all, Mito Makio's side is not only superior in numbers, but also has a considerable advantage in the combat effectiveness of miscellaneous soldiers.

Only by killing people as quickly as possible and reducing the number of people in the enemy camp can the balance of victory be drawn to one's side.

Only a fallen enemy will not pose a threat to his side.

So as soon as it came up, it was all full fire.

Whether it's Narumi Daigo and the field fighting spirit and others, or the members of the first and second years.

Everyone mustered all their strength and slammed their fists into the enemy personnel.

As long as you take the first step to pound your fist in the face of others, then other people's fists will not be able to hit you.

As for Mito Makio's side, everyone is not to be outdone.

Mito Makio and Minohe Daimoto, with the cadres behind them.

Directly enter the camp of Huangfu Longdou.

To some extent, the two sides have a very tacit understanding.

They all led their men and horses, trying to kill the opposing camp directly and reduce the number of miscellaneous soldiers on the other side as much as possible.

The members of the first and second years of the Emperor's Dragon Fighting camp are considered to have low combat effectiveness due to their age and experience.

At least these cadres who are far inferior to the third stage, especially in front of Mito Makio and Minohe Daimoto, they will basically be put down by the two of them in a very short period of time.

This also leads to the fact that the speed of clearing miscellaneous soldiers between the two sides is basically not much different.

Even Mito Makio's side is a little faster.

Over time.

The constant collision of the two camps, the figures of the two sides constantly staggered on the playground, the fact is that the first wave of charges, no one can help anyone.

However, Huangfu Longdou still took the lead in killing.

On the opposite side, Mito Makio and Minohe Daimoto and others followed and killed out from the other direction and came to the edge of the playground.

At this time, Narumi Da and the other people also came out and returned to Huangfu Longdou.

There was no doubt that none of the Grade Finalists around could continue to keep up with them, only they could make it.

"You pay a little attention to your physical strength, and the battle behind is not destined to end in a short time ̈ ̈!"

Huangfu Ryuto said to Narumi Daime and the others beside him, and turned around and looked at the playground that had been caught in the melee.

"Got it!"

"We'll keep an eye on it!"

Narumi Daigo, Fighting Spirit, Rikumi Kumachi, and Hayato Shibayama also turned around while responding.

"Then go on, you don't have to follow me anymore, you can take care of each other yourself!"

Huangfu Long Dou said as he combed all the hair of his bangs back.

After there are no bangs to block the view.

The next second.

Huangfu Longdou took a step, suddenly accelerated, and entered the battlefield again.

"Be careful. "

"It's the same with you, if you are killed by the miscellaneous soldiers, it will be very humiliating. "

"Don't worry!"

The four of Narumi and the four of them glanced at each other, and then dispersed, and also entered the battlefield again.

On the other side, Mito Makio and the others, after they came out, immediately turned around and continued to kill back.

Although the generals and cadres of the two sides are almost separated by a battlefield.

But the battle in the air has already begun.

Whichever side kills more miscellaneous soldiers, the greater the advantage and the pressure on their own members.

Narumi Da I aimed at a three-year phoenix bald head.

In an instant, it was a kick in his chest.

In order to knock down as many people as possible, he mustered all his strength and kicked people away with one kick on the spot.

But the right foot just landed.

A three-year-old phoenix fairy was bald, and grabbed his clothes from behind.

When I was about to raise my fist and punch Narumi to the back of the head.

Narumi quickly turned around and punched.

It was a solid drop on his face.

After lying on the ground with the bald head of the impatiens, Narumi raised his right hand and lifted the coat that he had pulled off again, put it back on his shoulder, and continued to take a step.

"Seniors, I'm sorry, please lie down on the ground and rest!"

Narumi's voice is not irritable, that is, as he spoke, he grabbed the collar of a three-year-old phoenix fairy's bald head, and raised his hand to punch him in the face.

The phoenix fairy was lying on the ground on the spot, and his nose bleeded wildly.


"Seniors, let's have some fun!"

The fighting spirit of the field not far away grinned and rushed towards the bald head of the recent three-year Fengxian.

The fierce face, the big gold teeth, the hideous smile.

Even the bald head of the phoenix fairy in the third period was taken aback by the fighting spirit of the field.

But there is no way, it can only be hard.

You can't stand here and get beaten.

However, this three-year-old phoenix fairy bald head just raised his fist.

The fighting spirit of the field had already rushed to him, and it was a kick to his stomach.

directly kicked the three-year-old phoenix fairy's bald head down.

After the fighting spirit of the field withdrew his legs, he swung his fist again and again, beating the bald heads of the other third-year Duan Fengxian next to him.

Even if they're just cadres for a year.

However, the individual combat effectiveness is still far stronger than that of the miscellaneous soldiers in the third period.

As for Huangfu Longdou's side.

Being taken care of by the seniors of the third period can be said to be a key care.

Anyone who saw his three-year phoenix fairy bald head rushed towards him as soon as possible.

However, Huangfu Longdou punched down, and knocked a third-year phoenix immortal bald out on the spot.

After the phoenix fairy flew out with his bald head, he bumped into the person who followed behind, and he couldn't help but lose his balance and fall to the ground.

Some of the people who rushed up behind didn't have time to brake, hooked the two people who fell to the ground, and also fell a dog eating.

And more than one fell.

Those rushed too violently one by one, and they didn't have time to react at all.

Although it is not so much that it is said that it loses its combat effectiveness on the spot.

But there is no doubt that Huangfu Longdou caused a lot of chaos for them with just one punch.

Even so, the bald heads of the surrounding three years of Fengxian still did not have any fear, and they still rushed towards Emperor Fu Longdou one after another.

".ˇ Just save the effort of finding someone!"

The look in Huangfu Longdou's eyes became more and more excited, and he raised his fist to meet those phoenix fairy bald heads.

Under the momentum of a large number of three-year phoenix immortal bald heads, Huangfu Dragon Dou was still like a reef in the sea, standing there, and no one could break him.

"No! you can't rush forward like this!"

Soon, the impatiens and bald heads realized that something was wrong.

Just rushed to Huangfu Longdou in one go.

It's like a sow lining up to dive, going up one after another to send it.

"Come on a few people, let me control him!!"

There are still miscellaneous soldiers here in the third section.

Under the command, several third-year phoenix immortals rushed up together, dragging or hugging Huangfu Longdou, trying to control him.

Huangfu Long Dou just wanted to throw the guy who was holding him away.

A phoenix bald head appeared in front of him and punched him in the chest.


However, the phoenix was bald.

He found that when this punch was beaten, Huangfu Longdou didn't seem to have any reaction at all.

"With such a little effort, are you tickling me?"

Huangfu Long Dou laughed, raised his leg and kicked it in the stomach of the bald head of the phoenix fairy in front of him.

The whole person of the phoenix fairy bald head immediately flew out, and the person was in mid-air, and blood was already spurting from his mouth.

After smashing on the ground, there is basically no way to move.

Huangfu Long Dou then shook off the bald heads of the other phoenix immortals who were hugging him, one after another.

And he pulled out his hands again, and once again began a new round of violent beatings.

Huangfu Longdou can also rely on his absolute strength to get rid of these phoenix bald heads that are like dog skin plasters.

On the other side, they encountered Kumachi Riya and Shibayama Hayato, who had the same tactics, and for a while, they couldn't break free.

After several third-year stage phoenix fairy bald heads controlled them, other phoenix fairy bald heads immediately came to them.

Immediately, he smashed his fist at the faces of Kumachi Riya and Shibayama Hayato, and kept smashing his husband.

Punch after punch.

Although the strength of the miscellaneous soldiers is limited.

But damage is something that accumulates.

And the resistance ability of Kumachi Riya and Shibayama Hayato has not yet reached the point where they can ignore the fists of the miscellaneous soldiers.

There is no doubt that if this continues, the two of them will be in danger.

At this moment, two figures rushed towards them.

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