Just within the phoenix, when the flames of war were about to start.

Two-headed ghost high school in the city next door.

Figures began to gather at the gate in an orderly manner.

It didn't take long for more than 40 people to gather.

The man standing at the front, with a bald head, looks quite athletic, and is nicknamed the noisy master: Seki Kotaro.

"Brothers, are you all ready?".

Seki Torotaro pulled his throat and shouted loudly to his younger brothers.

The reason why he is called a noisy master is obviously because he has a very loud voice.

This voice can almost be heard by the entire twin ghost heads.


And the miscellaneous soldiers with two ghost heads also shouted in unison.

As the saying goes, what kind of big brother there is, what kind of little brother there is.

Everyone was shouting with their heads up and at their throats.

Frightened, the passers-by who were about to pass by turned around and detoured.

"Let's go!"

Guan Hu Taro immediately waved his hand and took the lead.

I just took two steps and found that there was no younger brother following me.

"What are you doing?"

Seki Kotaro turned his head and roared with a burning face.

"That's... Actually, I'm not ready, am I really going to Fengxian? We were all beaten up last time!"

A little brother asked weakly.

"That's why I'm going to take you back today!"

Some time ago, the twin ghost heads united with Sanchuan Industry and broke out in conflict with Fengxian.

The three big Ben led the team to suppress and beat them to death.

Although Guan Hu Taro was not present at the time, the miscellaneous soldiers with two ghost heads had been beaten by Fengxian in person.

When I think about the situation now, I still can't help but be full of fear.

Even if this time there was a team led by the two-ghost-headed Fanchoguan Torotaro, they didn't think they could beat Fengxian.

"Don't worry, it's not just us who is in this operation, Sanchuan is also out of grass..."

"Brother Guan, that word seems to be called a nest out, right?"

"It's all the same, anyway, I heard Sanchuan say that there seems to be some civil strife on the Fengxian side today, there is a chance to take advantage of something, in short, there is a great probability of killing the Fengxian this time, and now everyone will set off with me!"

With a wave of his hand, Seki Kotaro took the lead again.

More than 40 of the two ghosts looked at each other badly, and finally chose to take a step forward and keep up with Seki Kotaro.

Just such a group of people, walking towards the subway with a menacing attitude.

At the same time, there was also some movement on the side of Sanchuan Industry.

A large number of people began to assemble at the gate.

As Kotaro Seki said, the twin ghost heads are not fighting alone.


The gate of the Impatiens.

With Narumi Daigo, the fighting spirit of the field, Kumachi Riya, Shibayama Hayato and Ogura Gota came to the front of the Emperor Fu Ryuto with 100 phoenix bald heads.

Everyone bowed deeply for the first time.

"Brother Dragon Dou!"

"Good morning!"

The neat greetings soared into the sky, startling the birds on the branches not far away to fly into the sky.

"Well, good morning, everyone!"

Huangfu Longdou nodded.

"Have you eaten? I brought rice balls!"

Narumi immediately smiled and took out a rice ball from the plastic in his hand and threw it to Huangfu Ryuto.

"How much do you like to eat balls?"

Huangfu Longdou smiled slightly, said and tore open the package of the rice ball, and took a bite.

"When you're full, you have the strength to fight!"

"A little choked, is there any water, give me a bottle!"

There is almost nothing in the rice ball, only a little seaweed on the outside, and some white sesame seeds on the inside, which is still very choking to eat.

Anyway, Huangfu Longdou doesn't understand, how do I love to eat this thing.

But there is really nothing wrong with that, the rice ball is very filling, after all, it is rice.

"It's been ready for a long time. "

Narumi said as he took out another bottle of drink from the plastic bag and handed it to Huangfu Ryuto.

Then I also took out a rice ball from the plastic bag and ate it.

Just when the two of them finished eating the rice balls, packed them up and put them in the trash can next to them.

Suddenly there was a sound of footsteps from inside the phoenix.

Everyone present was suddenly shocked, and all of them looked towards the phoenix.

I saw a series of figures, surging from inside like a tide, and I roughly counted them with my eyes, about 160 people.

All of them were bald and sparkling in the early morning sun, and the scene was spectacular.

And the two people who walked in the front were Minohe Daimoto and Mito Makio, Oshida Kazuma, Yasu Yongsuke, Uchiyama Kyoku, and a cadre, each following on the left and right.

After the reshuffle with the phoenix.

Many people have joined the camp of the Imperial Fu Ryuto, such as the field fighting spirit, Shibayama Hayabusa, and Ogura Goda.

In addition to this, there are those who choose to remain neutral.

It's like some non-combatants, as the so-called forest is big, there are all kinds of birds, even in places like Fengxian, there are some people who are unwilling to fight, so they are collectively called non-combatants.

Even Mito Makio could have been counted among this group of non-combatants.

There are also some people who have been blessed by the Huangfu Dragon Fight, and they don't want to fight with the Huangfu Dragon anymore, and they don't want to fight with their companions who once fought together, so they choose neutrality.

For example, the 90 or so people who fought with the Lily of the Valley Nakai faction last time, some of them chose neutrality.

As a result, the number of people in the camp of Mito Makio and Minohe Daimoto has been greatly reduced.

On the other hand, the number of people in the camp on the side of Huangfu Longdou has reached more than 130 people.

At least in terms of numbers, the gap between the two sides is not very large.

Of course, in terms of the individual combat power of miscellaneous soldiers, Mito Makio's side still has a great advantage.

After all, the composition of the staff is most of the members of the three-year section and a small number of members of the two-year section.

The composition of the camp on the side of Huangfu Dragon Dou, although a small part of them are in the second year, most of them are members of the first year.

But even so, everyone behind Huangfu Longdou was full of momentum.

No one thinks they're going to lose.

Because the person standing at the front is Huangfu Longdou.

Everyone has seen the strength of Huangfu Longdou, and they also believe that he can lead everyone to the final victory.

Even if the enemies faced are Mito Makio and Minohe Daimoto.

"Sorry to keep you waiting!"

"Yo... One by one, the momentum is good!"

Mito Makio and Minohe Daimoto, who came to the playground, stopped and looked at Huangfu Ryuto and the others with a smile.

And the phoenix bald heads behind them also stopped at the same time, all with fierce faces and not weak momentum.

"Field, Shibayama and Kokura, you guys, you guys, actually dare to help Huangfu Longdou. "

"It doesn't seem to take us seriously at all!"

"In that case, then don't blame us seniors for teaching you a hard lesson!"

Especially the cadres like Kazuma Oshida, who were fierce in their eyes, they glanced at the fighting spirit and others.

If the eyes can kill, I'm afraid that the fighting spirit of the field and others are already full of holes.

After all, the fighting spirit of the field and others joined the Huangfu Dragon Fight, which made them the most unhappy.

"Senior Oshida, don't talk about the rest, whoever beats whom, I'm afraid it's really not necessarily!"

"We are not necessarily weaker than you now. "

"Seniors, it's time for us next, so let's prepare for graduation as soon as possible. "

The fighting spirit and the others also immediately stepped forward and shouted to Kazuma Oshida and the others.

Especially the fighting spirit of the field, the fierce face, the grinning grin, coupled with the gold teeth, the ferocity is even more excessive than the cadres in the third stage.

An expression can scare a child to cry.

"A bunch of stinky boys, how dare you say it!"

"Wait, don't run, see how Lao Tzu beats you down!"

"Seniors, don't be funny, our strength will not be weaker than yours!"

"Don't worry, we will never run, we are here, if you have the ability, you will beat us down!"

Just when the two sides were talking harshly to each other.

"Alright, alright!"

"That's it!"

Huangfu Ryuto and Mito Makio spoke almost at the same time in 787.

The fighting spirit of the field and Kazuma Oshida and the others immediately stopped.

"Now that everyone is here, Mito-senpai... Let's get started, don't waste any more time!"

Immediately, Huangfu Ryuto said to Mito Makio.

After all, no matter how fierce the words are, there is no substantive meaning, at most let the other party understand that no one is afraid of anyone.

In the end, you still have to really fight to determine the winner and loser.

"Okay, then let's start, the rules are very simple, now there is a flag with your name written on the rooftop, as long as you can rush to the roof of the building and hang the flag smoothly, it means that you have won, and in the future, it will be up to you to decide the phoenix..."

Mito Makio nodded and told the rules.

"No problem!"

Huangfu Long Dou also nodded.

At the moment when the words fell, the audience fell silent, and no one spoke again, staring closely at the other party's people.

After about a few seconds.

Mito Makio threw the cigarette butt in his hand hard.

Huangfu Longdou took off his glasses and put them in the inner pocket of his coat.

Then the two of them left the same place in unison and rushed towards the counter as fast as they could.

"Brothers, come on!"

"Do it!"

The two led the charge, followed by everyone behind them.

"Boys, rush!"

"Cheer up Lao Tzu one by one, if you lose to your juniors, you can't afford to lose this face!"

"Let these bastard boys understand today that Fengxian is still our world!"


"Brothers, the time has come to prove yourself, come on!"

"Big Brother Dragon Dou will lead us to victory, everyone rush!"


The shouts of everyone on both sides, for a while, the sound of rushing and killing was deafening, resounding throughout the Fengxian.


PS: This book will compress the timeline a little bit, like Seki Kotaro and Yoshiki Murayama on the hot street are currently in high school, otherwise the timeline span is too big, and after more than 10 years, the protagonists are in their 30s.

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