Nakai didn't die, but was seriously injured.

When the situation in Lily of the Valley began to change quietly.

The next day.

Fighting spirit lying on a hospital bed.

Looking at the white ceiling, my mind is filled with the scenery of yesterday's war.

Although the injuries on his body are still painful.

But the excitement in my heart has never been greater.


In the big battle, won the lily of the valley!

Although it is not that the lily of the valley has not been repelled before.

But it was all a skirmish, not the same as this one.

This time it's a real big battle, even if it doesn't mean that Lily of the Valley has been defeated.

But there is no doubt that it was a big victory, a stage victory.

It was also the first real big victory after the fighting spirit entered the phoenix.

The fighting spirit of the field at the thought of it.

Lily of the valley, who doesn't take himself seriously, is bad, and the shock he showed when he was defeated.

Just feel, one word: cool!

If you want to describe it in four words: too TM cool!

At the same time, the fighting spirit of the field had to admit that if there was no Huangfu Longdou, it would not have been possible to win Lily of the Valley head-on at that time.

Even if Uchiyama Kyojiu stabbed Nakai, the result would be a lose-lose situation.

"Huangfu Dragon Fight... This guy..."

The fighting spirit of the field couldn't help but underestimate it.

Hearing this name, Shibayama Hayato, who was lying next door, couldn't help but turn his head.

"The field... What's the matter with you, you've been shouting the name of Huangfu Longdou in your dreams for the past two days, are you evil?"

Shibayama Hayato's face was full of doubts.

In the middle of the night last night, he wanted to get up and go to the bathroom.

As a result, the fighting spirit of the field suddenly shouted, 'Huangfu Dragon Fight'.

He was so scared that he almost peed out.

"You've just fallen for evil!"

The fighting spirit of the field glanced at Shibayama Hayato angrily: "I'm just thinking, we owe a favor from Huangfu Longdou, and this favor is not easy to repay!"

Shibayama Hayato nodded: "Indeed... If there is no Huangfu Longdou, it is impossible for us to get out of the hands of Lily of the Valley, and if we don't do it, it will cause the three brothers to bow to Lily of the Valley, this favor is really not good. "

When the two of them said this, they couldn't help but fall into silence.

seems to be thinking, how to repay this favor.


At this time, the door of the next ward was slowly pushed open.

"It seems to be here... Xiong Che, look, I'll just say I'm not wrong. "

Narumi Daime who walked in, stopped, and looked at the two of them with a smile.

"You've been fooled. "

Carrying a bag of fruit, Kumachi Riya followed closely into the ward.

"Why are you two here?"

The fighting spirit of the field couldn't help frowning.

After all, there was a fight between them last time.

The relationship between each other, at least for now, is antagonistic.

"Of course, to see you guys... Of course, seeing you being beaten so badly, I am still very happy in my heart!"

Xiong Che Liya said and put the fruit in his hand on the bedside table in the middle of the two-person ward.

At the same time, he does not hide his inner thoughts.


The fighting spirit of the field was unpleasantly cold.

If it's not happy, it's not good, and he can't help it.

was beaten too badly by Lily of the Valley, and now it hurts a lot when I move.

"In addition to coming to see you, I actually have something to do, I just want to ask you, would you like to do it with us?"

Narumi grabbed a chair from my hand, sat down next to the bed, and asked straight to the point.

That's right, the main purpose of him and Kumachi Riya is to win over the fighting spirit of the field and Hayato Shibayama.

They were preparing for the ascent battle later.

Pull in as much power as possible.

Although I know that Huangfu Dragon Dou is very strong.

But the difference in strength under his hands is still too big.

At present, there are only about 70 people in the camp of Huangfu Dragon Fight, and they are all members of the one-year stage with low combat effectiveness.

On the other hand, Minohe Daimoto and Mito Makio's side, the third, second, and first years of Shibayama quasi-people and dozens of people in the field fighting spirit.

If you really pull everyone out together and gather there, at least 200 people will start.

Even if it is as small as possible, it will be 200 people.

70 against 200, if you want to win, you can't look at it.

Huangfu Longdou fights 100 by himself, and there is still a gap of 30 people.

Narumi Daime and Kumachi Riya don't think that they can fight 100 people by themselves.

There is a huge gap not only in the number of people, but also in the individual combat power of miscellaneous soldiers, as well as in the number of cadres.

So Narumi Daime and Kumachi Riya are the two of them, and the fighting spirit and Shibayama Hayato that came to mind at the first time.

In any case, for the two of them, it is still necessary to be familiar.

And when he heard Narumi's invitation, the fighting spirit of the field and Hayato Shibayama couldn't help but be stunned.

"No kidding, right?"

"We only fought once some time ago, do you think it's possible?"

The fighting spirit of the field and Hayato Shibayama didn't expect Narumi to come and win him over at all.

"Who knows, what if, you say?"

Narumi replied with a smile.

"The field, Zhishan, Brother Long Dou's strength, you already know very well, the future phoenix, under his leadership, will be even stronger!"

Xiong Che Riya followed up and said firmly.

The fighting spirit of the field and the instinct of Hayato Shibayama wanted to refute.

But as soon as I opened my mouth, I remembered yesterday's big battle.

With the arrival of Huangfu Dragon Fight, all the Fengxian people looked imposing.

For a moment, there was not much to refute.

It seems that what Kumachi Riya said is completely correct.

"And the situation of Brother Sanhe and Brother Meito, you should also know, there is no doubt that Brother Long Dou is the most suitable person to lead the Phoenix Immortal now, as for the rest, I won't say more, think about it yourself. "

Kumachiriya patted the fighting spirit of the field and Hayato Shibayama on the shoulder, and walked towards the outside of the hospital room after speaking.

"Rest well!"

Narumi commanded, and then stood up and walked outside.

As the two of them left, the ward fell silent again.

"The field... Should you?"

Shibayama Hayato's look of fighting spirit was not quite right.

"Xiong Che and Narumi are right, Brother Sanhe is about to leave Fengxian, and Brother Mito doesn't want Brother Sanhe to leave with regrets, so he will agree on this summit battle..."

"After this summit battle is over, even if we win, Brother Mito is estimated to be the same as before..."

"When the time comes, we Fengxian are not Lily of the Valley's opponents at all, so Huangfu Longdou is indeed the most suitable person to lead Fengxian, no matter what, he has won Lily of the Valley! He's strong!"

The more he said, the brighter the look in his eyes became.

"But isn't this tantamount to betraying Brother Mito and Brother Mito?"

When Shibayama Hayato said this, his fighting spirit immediately withered again.


This is really unacceptable.

· ······ Asking for flowers·· 0


"Haha... Betray me, of course not!"

Minohe Daimoto, who was sitting in the Fengxian Art Room, smiled and looked at the fighting spirit and Shibayama Hayato in front of him.

The two of them didn't hold back in the end, and after being discharged from the hospital, they found Michito Daben as soon as possible and told him what they thought in their hearts.

Of course, they didn't mean that they were going to take refuge in Huangfu Longdou.

Instead, he told the three big books about the entanglements and judgments in his heart.

I feel that Huangfu Ryuto is the most suitable person to lead the phoenix, but I don't want to betray Mito's Daimoto and Mito Makio.

"If you are really for the sake of the phoenix, firmly believe in your choice, whether it is to choose the emperor dragon fight, or me and meito, as long as you are for the phoenix... After all, everyone's purpose is the same, and what kind of betrayal is there to talk about betrayal, so go ahead... Make the choice you think is right and don't let yourself regret it!"

As Minohe Daimoto's laughter ended, the fighting spirit of the field and Hayato Shibayama, who were watching, said slowly.

Michinohe Daben hopes better than anyone that the phoenix can get better and better.

0 .. ...

This is also why he, even if he is not a fanchang, has been carefully trying his best to deal with all the trivial matters of Fengxian.

Because he loves it.


The fighting spirit of the field still wanted to say something, but was directly interrupted by the three big households: "There is nothing to do, if because of your departure, it leads to the defeat of me and Meito, it is enough to show that your choice is right, and Fengxian will also become stronger and stronger under the leadership of Huangfu Longdou, isn't it?"

"I understand!"

"Brother Sanhe, thank you for taking care of me for so long!"

The two of them, Shibayama Hayato, got up, and the solemn Minohe Omoto bowed deeply.

With the words of the three households, they no longer have any scruples.

"It seems that Fengxian should also make a new choice!"

Looking at the fighting spirit of the field and the back of Shibayama Hayato leaving, Minohe Omoto touched his chin thoughtfully.

Then he got up and walked towards the radio room.

It didn't take long for the sound of Fengxian's radio to sound.

"Moses, Moses... I'm Minohe Daiben, excuse me, I have something to announce today..."

"Everyone should know about the summit battle after more than ten days. "

"Suddenly, I felt a little bored, so let's be... From today onwards, everyone will have no scruples and make judgments based on their inner thoughts. "

"If you feel that Huangfu Longdou is more suitable to become the next leader of Fengxian, then go directly to Huangfu Longdou's camp. "

"If you think Mito and I can win, then join our camp. "

"What follows is not our civil war, but a celebration that belongs to our phoenix!"

"Everyone makes their own choices according to what they really think in their hearts!"

"Whether you win or lose, the most important thing is not to leave regrets in our youth!"

"Now I declare, the celebration of the impatiens, begins!"

"Everyone, let's make trouble for Lao Tzu's willfulness!"

At this moment, the high-pitched voices of the three big families resounded in all corners of the phoenix.

And his words undoubtedly eliminated all the scruples in the hearts of people with the same fighting spirit as the field.

After putting down the microphone in his hand, the three big families let out a long breath.

Then the corners of his mouth slowly rose: "Huangfu Dragon Fight... Maybe you don't need to, but let's pay you back first, and don't let me down!"

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