At this time, in a utility room in Lily of the Valley.

Serizawa Tamao looked at a pack of cigarette cases on the ground, and instinctively picked it up and looked at it.

"Good luck today!".

Seeing that there were still a few cigarettes in the cigarette box, Serizawa Tamao's eyes suddenly lit up.

He immediately took one out of it and put it on his mouth.

I just touched my body and found that I didn't find a lighter.

"Those who see it have a share!"

At this time, a figure appeared behind Serizawa Tamao.

"Brother Jiamu?"

Serizawa Tamao turned his head, and when he turned back, he found that the cigarette case in his hand was gone.

"Hey, hey..."

The man has a lot of scars on his face, and he looks like a very fierce man.

However, at this time, he smiled a little obscenely, and he was still holding the cigarette case that Serizawa Tamao had just picked up.

You must know that Serizawa Tama is currently the best in the first grade of Lily of the Valley.

It can be seen how fast this man's hand speed is.

And he is the boss of one of the three current factions of Lily of the Valley: Genjiro Kaki.

"Brother Jiamu, this is what I picked up. "

Serizawa Tamao looked at Genjiro Kaki angrily.

"I also saw it, as the so-called seeers have a share. "

Genjiro Kaki was the same, smiling and pulling out a cigarette from the cigarette case.

Just then, the door to the utility room was pushed open.

Serizawa Tamao's friend Tatsukawa Tokio walked in.

"My cigarette seems to have fallen here, have you seen it?"

Tatsukawa looked at Serizawa Tamao and Genjiro Kaki, and his gaze also fell on the cigarette case in Genjiro Kaki's hand.

It looks familiar.

"Nope. "

Genjiro Kaki put the cigarette case in his hand into his pocket without changing his face.

"The pack of cigarettes is mine, isn't it?"

Tatsukawa narrowed his eyes.

"The cigarette cases are about the same length, maybe you are mistaken, but I took it from Tamaxiong. 280"

"Tamaxiong, when did you buy cigarettes?"

Hearing Genjiro Kaki's words, Tatsukawa Shisheng immediately looked at Serizawa Tamao again.

He knew that Serizawa Tamaxiong's family conditions were very poor.

I rarely take the initiative to buy cigarettes.

"Don't talk about this yet, are there any lighters?"

Serizawa Tamao really couldn't touch the lighter, so he asked Tatsukawa Toshio directly.


Tatsukawa Shisheng immediately took out a lighter.


Serizawa Tama Yuki just lit the cigarette.

Suddenly there were shouts outside.

"It's a big deal, something happened to Nakai!"

"Everyone, come out, hurry up, Nakai has been killed!"

"Something is wrong, a nest in it. "

A rapid sound also came to the ears of Serizawa Tamao and others.

"Nakai was actually killed?"

Serizawa Tamao, Tatsukawa Tokio, and Genjiro Kaki couldn't help but have a flash of surprise in their eyes.

The boss of the Lily of the Valley faction was killed outside, which was naturally a top priority.

"Let's go, go out and have a look!"

Genjiro Kaki didn't think twice and immediately walked outside.

Serizawa Tamao followed.

Looking at the backs of the two, Tatsukawa was stunned for a moment.

"My cigarettes and lighters!"

Tatsukawa Shisheng, who found that he didn't even have a lighter, hurriedly caught up with the two.

When they came to the playground.

I saw that one by one the lily of the valley was bad, and it was carried in through the gate, and then put it in the open space.

There are also some lily of the valley plants in the back who are supporting each other, and almost everyone is scarred.

"It's not just Nakai who has been killed, it's Nakai and his faction that have been defeated. "

Genjiro Kaki looked at the scene in front of him, his face a little solemn.

Serizawa Tamao and Tatsukawa Tokio next to him nodded, while their eyes kept sweeping over the wounded, trying to find Nakai.

As a result of hearing the news, everyone in Lily of the Valley ran out.

At this time, the entire playground was full of figures, and it was not easy to find someone.

However, they soon noticed that there were many people around one of the places.

"Nakai, I guess it's over there. "

"Let's take a look, and you'll know. "

Serizawa Tamao and others immediately took another step.

"Let's go!"

There are a lot of people, and the three of them can only squeeze in with all their strength.

"TM, squeeze what squeeze. "

"Don't crowd it, there's no space. "

"Who is TM?

"Jia... Jiamu..."

The lily of the valley that was squeezed away was bad, and it was immediately unpleasant to curse.

This is Lily of the Valley, one by one, even if it is a miscellaneous soldier, it is very strong.

However, after seeing Genjiro Kaki and the others, they immediately shut their mouths one by one and took the initiative to make way out.

"Let's let go, Jiamu is here!"

As the boss of one of the other three major factions of Lily of the Valley, Genjiro Kaki's prestige is still there.

After seeing that it was him, the lily of the valley bad guys immediately got out of the way.

With Genjiro Kaki, Tamao Serizawa and Toshio Tatsukawa, they came to Nakai, who was lying on the ground.

Seeing the three of Nakai's appearance, a trace of surprise and doubt flashed in their eyes.

"Is this really Brother Nakai?"

"It's too miserable to be beaten into a pig's head!"

"Anyway... Does anyone know what's going on?"

Serizawa Tamao and others didn't dare to admit it at first, it was Nakai.

After all, Nakai was beaten so badly that his whole face was about to turn into a pig's head.

Mainly because he refused to admit defeat and got up again and again.

Naturally, he was beaten more severely than others.

was beaten a lot, especially the beating of Huangfu Longdou, and the injury was naturally very serious.

"Senior Nakai, this time they went out, it seems that they are trying to deal with Fengxian..."

"Yes, yes, it seems that I want to help Kinoshita Daizen take revenge, go and kill Huangfu Longdou and a few guys. "

"But in the end, it turned into a big battle with the Phoenix Immortals!"

The people around the lily of the valley, who knew a little bit about the inside story and learned a little about the situation from the wounded, immediately explained to Genjiro Kaki and others.

"Did all the phoenixes go out? That's why Nakai was beaten like this, as if he had been trampled on by an elephant. "

Genjiro Kaki asked, holding his chin.

"No, it seems that there are less than a hundred people dispatched by Fengxian's side. "

"If it's just these people, Nakai shouldn't be beaten like this. "

Genjiro Kaki frowned, puzzled.

After all, he is also the boss of one of the three major factions of Lily of the Valley.

Genjiro Kaki still has some understanding of Nakai's strength.

And he had just scanned the playground to see how the wounded were doing.

Nakai is obviously prepared, and he has brought enough people and horses, so there is no reason why he will be beaten like this by Fengxian.

"At the time... Originally, we had completely gained the upper hand and pressed the phoenix to fight, but suddenly a guy appeared and completely changed the situation. "

An injured lily of the valley who was sitting on the ground next to him lowered his head and said slowly.


"Could it be the current head of the phoenix, Mito Makio?"

"I think I've heard that guy is super strong. "

The eyes of everyone around immediately fell on the badly injured person.

"It's not... It's Huangfu Ryuto, the guy we want to help Kinoshita Daimachi avenge, that... That guy is a monster in human skin!"

At the mention of the name Huangfu Longdou, the badly injured voice trembled.

Everyone around frowned.

I really can't imagine what kind of guy can be so strong that people are scared like this, and they start to tremble even when they mention their names.

"Obviously, we were going to win at that time, but as soon as that Huangfu Long Dou appeared, the momentum on the Fengxian side was completely different..."

"And we people, in front of Huangfu Longdou, are like babies who have just learned to walk, and as soon as they get close, they will be instantly beaten down by him..."

"Even Brother Nakai... Even when facing him, he didn't have any power to fight back, and was finally beaten unconscious. "

Continue to listen to the words of the bad injury.

In everyone's minds, a tall figure couldn't help but appear, and he entered the battlefield halfway, beating Lily of the Valley down like a meat grinder, and finally easily killed Nakai.

"So... Did Nakai go head-to-head and get easily killed?"

Genjiro Kaki held his chin, a terrifying look flashed in his eyes, and Serizawa Tamao and Tatsukawa Toshio next to him also had unbelievable expressions on their faces.

Originally, they thought that it should be all the Fengxian who went out and took advantage of the absolute numerical advantage to trample Zhongjing to death.

Unexpectedly, it was actually when the Lily of the Valley side completely gained the upper hand, because a person joined the battlefield and was overturned.

"Whew... The current phoenix is amazing, in addition to Meiteng, there is such a strong guy, and now our life in Lily of the Valley is probably not very easy. "

After Genjiro Kaki digested the information he received, he let out a long breath and said with a low estimate in his mouth.

Immediately, the corners of his mouth slowly hooked up a smile: "I really want to see, what kind of guy can be so strong." "

"Brother Jiamu, don't you want to go to that Huangfu Dragon Fight to make trouble?"

Next to him, Shisheng Tatsukawa was startled.

"Hey, Nakai!"

Without waiting for Genjiro Kaki to speak, a tall and thin figure not far away quickly ran towards this side.

The person who came was the boss of the last faction among the three major factions of Lily of the Valley.

Originally, the two of them were rivals in Lily of the Valley.

After all, from one year to three years, no one will accept anyone.

Fighting, although as an opponent, they have also become the people who know each other best, and even in a sense, the relationship between the two is very good.

Hearing that Nakai was killed by the others first.

Chuan Xisheng was shocked, regardless of anything else, and rushed back as soon as possible.

Just when Chuan Xisheng was panting and sweating profusely, he ran to Nakai.

Nakai slowly opened his eyes.

His gaze fell on Kawanishi for the first time, and then at Genjiro Kaki.

"Kawanishi... You're here, Jiamu, are you there too, just right... Then I'll just say it, let's join forces with the three of us, otherwise Lily of the Valley will definitely be killed by Fengxian, I'm not kidding... A monster has emerged!"

And as soon as Nakai spoke, although his body was weak and his voice was soft, the words he said shocked everyone.

His meaning is obvious, if the three major factions of Lily of the Valley do not join forces at present.

Lily of the valley will definitely be killed by Fengxian and Huangfu Longdou.

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