Under Sakuragi Bridge.

Cursing came and went.

"Fighting more and fighting less, what kind of ability. "

"TM's, you have the ability ~ heads-up!"

"A bunch of bastards, garbage, cowards -..."

"If you go it alone, Lao Tzu can kill you all one by one..."

The fighting spirit of the field and the others of Shibayama Hayato had regained consciousness, although they were lying there covered in injuries, so weak that they could not even speak.

But since they woke up, the cursing has not stopped.

In the face of so many people, you can't beat it.

But it's still true.

"Shut up Lao Tzu!"

"Do you want to die?"

Finally, there is a lily of the valley that can't stand it, and when he comes over, he stepped on the faces of the two people who were fighting and Shibayama Hayato.

"Don't think you can keep being arrogant..."

"When Lao Tzu recovers from his injury, he will definitely stuff all of your heads into chrysanthemums!"

Although the fighting spirit of the field and the Hayato Shibayama were deformed, they were still not afraid of the lily of the valley.

And these words basically add fuel to the fire.


Annoyed that the lily of the valley is bad, and when she lifts her legs high, she is about to step the fighting spirit of the field and the head of the Shibayama Hayato.

"Lily of the valley, you, have you stepped on it and tried it!?"

"Kinoshita... You're really going back to life more and more, and you're so disgusting that you threaten us with some juniors!"

"There's a kind of honest fight!"

At this moment, several loud roars rang out.

The fighting spirit of the field and the lily of the valley of the Shibayama Hayato, who were about to step on, were bad, and then stopped.

The other lily of the valley bad people who were squatting there smoking around also stood up and looked in the direction of the roadside.

I saw Kazuma Oshida, Yasu Yongsuke and Kyokuchi Uchiyama, with more than 90 impatiens bald heads, emerging from behind the road.

"If you don't, you won't come out, wait... What about Minohe and Mito, and even if they don't come, what about the three we want, such as the Imperial Fortune Ryuto, Narumi Daiga, or Kumachiri Riya?"

After Kinoshita Daimachi glanced at Kazuma Oshida and the others, he found that he didn't have all the people he wanted, and his brows couldn't help frowning.

"Do you think it's possible for us to hand over our juniors?"

"We phoenixes won't betray our own people!"

"If you want to fight, then come on, deal with you bastards, you don't need Brother Sanhe and Brother Mito to make a move!"

Kazuma Oshida, Yasuke Yongsuke, and Kyokuchi Uchiyama continued to shout.

Although they don't have a good relationship with Huangfu Longdou and Narumi Dae, they even dream of beating Huangfu Longdou.

But in their opinion, no matter what, Huangfu Longdou and Narumi Dame and others are all Fengxian people.

At least externally, it's all your own people.

It's one thing to fight back and forth within yourself.

It's another matter when dealing with foreign enemies.

At this time, some figures slowly walked down from the stairs of the bridge next to them, and the leader was the boss of one of the three major factions of Lily of the Valley: Nakai.

Behind him, there are also about 20 bad lily of the valley.

"Oshida... Ernst & Young... Forget about a few of you, the level was average, and now it's like you've been in a car accident, and you're just going to die, so let's go and notify Sanhe or Mito!"

Nakai put one hand in his pocket, a cigarette in the corner of his mouth, and looked condescendingly at Kazuma Oshida and the others.

The contemptuous eyes didn't seem to put Kazuma Oshida and the others in their eyes at all.

Kazuma Oshida and the others, although they did not have a head wrapped around like a mummy as exaggerated as a few days ago, they still wrapped some gauze.

At a glance, it was clear that they were not lightly injured.

It was at this time.

Kazuma Oshida and the others walked towards this side and directly removed the gauze on their faces.

"No wonder Kinoshita Daimachi dares to provoke with such fanfare!"

"Nakai, you guy is really here!"

"No more nonsense, if you want to fight, come on!"

Kazuma Oshida, Yasuke Yongsuke, and Kyokuchi Uchiyama, who were already approaching, stopped.

The 90 or so phoenix fairies behind them also stopped together.

It is neat and tidy, and it is in stark contrast to the lily of the valley standing scattered on the opposite side.

Compared with the unity and orderliness on the side of the phoenix.

Lily of the valley seems to be scattered, but its individual strength is stronger than that of the phoenix.

"Since you're looking for death, then just come, and kill you first anyway. "

Nakai said with disdain on his face.

Recently, the conflict between Lily of the Valley and Impatiens has become more and more intense.

Every now and then, someone is admitted to the hospital because of a conflict between the two sides.

It can be said that they have fought a lot, and they also know each other's strength a little.

At least Nakai doesn't think that the injured Kazuma Oshida and others can pose any threat to him.

Even if the number of phoenixes on the opposite side is more than on his side.

"If you want to kill us, you're not qualified!"

"Brothers, let's send all the people in Lily of the Valley to the hospital today!"

Kazuma Oshida, Yasuke Yongsuke, and Kyokusu Uchiyama shouted to everyone behind them while throwing the gauze they had removed from their hands on the ground.

The injuries on their faces have not yet recovered, but they also make their faces look even more hideous.

"Boys, it's on!"

Immediately, they roared angrily, and with the phoenix bald heads behind them, they began to rush towards the people of Lily of the Valley.

"Rush !!"

"Slaughter those bastards of the valley!"

The bald heads of the phoenix immortals also roared one by one.

All of a sudden, the momentum was monstrous.

Of course, this can't scare the bad guys of Lily of the Valley.

"One by one, how dare you say it, brothers, let these bald people taste our power!"

Nakai even smiled contemptuously and shouted at everyone behind him.


"Brothers, beat all these bald people down!"


Nearly 70 people from the lily of the valley also roared in unison, facing the bald heads of the phoenixes.

The two sides, like two torrents, soon collided under the bridge.

The sound of smashing, shouting, and wailing rang out endlessly.

There was no hand-keeping, no warm-up, no more cruel words.

Everyone was in full firing power, smashing their fists and the iron rods in their hands towards each other.

The fighting spirit of the field and the Hayato Shibayama want to get up and help.

However, his physical strength can no longer support it.

I could only lie there and watch the battle.

Nakai found Kazuma Oshida as soon as possible.

He knew that in the Fengxian camp, the strongest was Oshida Kazuma.

As long as Oshida Kazuma is killed, Fengxian's momentum will be greatly reduced.

Kazuma Oshida had a similar idea.

As soon as the two met.

The fist immediately slammed into the opponent's body without thinking.

It's hard to come up.

In a moment, both sides were punched several times by each other.

Oshida Kazuma couldn't resist Nakai's fist and took the lead in taking two steps back.

"Is that all there is to it?"

Nakai immediately approached again and smashed a punch into Kazuma Oshida's face.

Under the heavy fist, Kazuma Oshida's entire head fell back.

Immediately after, Nakai landed another punch on Kazuma Oshida's stomach.

There was a loud bang, and it scattered in all directions.

Everyone around could feel the weight of Nakai's punch.

And the person concerned, Kazuma Oshida, his face instantly turned pale, and he couldn't help but have a mouthful of blood gushing up in his throat.

He was already injured, and it was really difficult for him to deal with the boss of the Lily of the Valley faction.

"Oshida... I told you a long time ago that you are too weak, so call your boss over!"

Nakai said, stepping forward again and continuing to punch Kazuma Oshida.


Another heavy blow sounded.

Just when the people around who saw Nakai's punch thought that Oshida Kazuma was going to fall.

Kazuma Oshida survived.

"Are you kidding, I'm so strong that I'm afraid of myself!"

Kazuma Oshida opened his blood-soaked mouth and roared.

A backhand punch slammed into Nakai's face, who couldn't react.

"That's kind of fun!"

Nakai, who was just knocked over with his head crooked, turned his head and laughed instead of being angry.

Seeing Kazuma Oshida approaching him, he instantly swung his fist.

The fists of the two staggered in mid-air, smashing into each other's faces almost at the same time.

The next second.

The two of them stepped back in unison.

Nakai took a step back, looking like nothing was going on.

Oshida Kazuma stepped back three times, bent down even more, and spat out a mouthful of blood on the ground.

However, he quickly regained his head and continued to meet Nakai.


Yasu Yongsuke, who was not far away, noticed the situation here and knew that the situation was not very good.

· ······ Asking for flowers... ··

After punching a Lily of the Valley soldier in front of him to the ground.

Immediately took a step towards Nakai and tried to help Kazuma Oshida.

That's just at this time.

"Ernst & Young, your opponent is me!"

Like a bull, Kinoshita Daimachi rushed straight towards Yasuke Yongsuke.

Yasuke Yongsuke's mind was full of wanting to rush over to help Kazuma Oshida, and he didn't have any intention of stopping.

Prepare to knock the Kinoshita big forward into the air, and use the fastest speed to help Oshida Kazuma.

However, as he collided with Kinoshita Daima, Yasuke Yongsuke's face immediately changed, and he felt a force that was not weaker than himself being transmitted, and he was a little unable to exert himself because he was involved in the wound.

The next second.

Kinoshita Daimachi took several steps back.

Instead, Yasuke lost his balance and fell to the ground.

However, such a collision did not cause much damage to An Yongsuke, and he quickly got up from the ground.

"Damn... The injuries on his body were worse than he imagined. "

Yasuke Yongsuke's expression was solemn, and he felt that the old wound had become painful again.

"Injured guy, don't run around, stay here and play with me. "

Kinoshita Ohmae smiled and beckoned to Yasuke Yongsuke.

"Come on, then!"

Yasuke knew that he couldn't support Kazuma Oshida.

If you don't take it seriously, you will be killed if you don't do it well.

Immediately after that, Yasu Yongsuke and Kinoshita Ohmachi shouted.

Rush to each other in unison.

..... .... .......

The two of them can be described as extremely tough in their style of play.

I don't care if I get hurt or not, I just shoot my fist at the other party.

Try to knock the opponent down before they fall.

The sound of collision between the two also continued to resound at this moment.

Nakai vs. Kazuma Oshida.

Yasuke Yongsuke is entangled by Kinoshita Daimachi.

As time passed, the goddess of victory began to smile at the lily of the valley.

Although the number of people on the Fengxian side has an advantage.

But the individual is weak, and many people still have injuries on their bodies.

And many of them are still in their second year.

More and more people are falling.

Soon, there were only about 40 people left on Fengxian's side.

On the other hand, there are basically three years of bad lily of the valley, and there are about 50 people who still maintain their combat effectiveness.

The most critical Oshida Kazuma, whose face was covered with blood at this time, was already lying on the ground.

He struggled to get back up.

But after trying a few times, he fell to the ground again, and his body was already at the limit.

Nakai, on the other hand, did not suffer any injuries except for a few gasps.

And An Yongsuke was already kneeling on one knee, and he couldn't hold it anymore.

After all, they had been beaten too badly by Huangfu Longdou, and the injuries on their bodies had not recovered much at all.

At this time, it is not the opponent of Nakai and Kinoshita Daimae at all.

If this continues, this battle of Fengxian will obviously be defeated.

But at this time.

Not far away, Uchiyama Kyoku, with bloodshot eyes, stared at Nakai.

And his right hand, he slowly took out a dagger from his pocket, and then rushed directly towards Nakai.

"I can't let Brother Sanhe leave more regrets before leaving..."

"Impatiens can't lose !!"

Uchiyama Kyohyu roared, getting faster and faster.

He knew that if he and the others were defeated, it would be difficult for the last Mitohe Daimoto and Mito Makio to really kneel down and ransom people.

Such a thing, he will never allow it to happen.

Hearing the voice, Nakai turned his head and looked at the dagger in Uchiyama Kyoku's hand, and his pupils couldn't help but shrink.

Instinctively wanted to retreat, but it was too late.

"Not good, Brother Nakai!"

"Damn !!"

"Bastard! Stop it!"

All the lily of the valley around is bad, and the heart is instantly raised to the throat.

They wanted to go up and help, but they didn't have time.

I could only watch as the tip of the knife got closer and closer to Nakai.

Seeing the dagger in Uchiyama Kyoku's hand, he was about to stab Nakai in the stomach.

At this moment, a familiar kick suddenly appeared.

Directly kicked on the cheek of Kyokuchi Uchiyama.


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