"Hey, what are you doing here?"

"Sanye... Why did you lie on the ground?".

At this time, several bald men came over.

Seeing the 'petrified' bald heads at the door of Group A, as well as Sanye lying on the ground, he looked puzzled.

"Sanye, hey... Who made you look like this?".

After getting closer, they finally saw Sanye's condition clearly.

"See for yourselves!"

Several bald heads snapped back to their senses, and then moved two steps to the side.

With a few bald men to the door of Group A, look inside.


Their expressions were exactly the same as those bald heads just now.

In the field of view, 9 bald heads from Group A are lying there in various distorted positions.

Someone's head was in a drawer, someone was on his knees with his bent arms clutched, and someone was even hanging from a window

Broken tables and chairs, specks of blood on the blackboard, and wails one after another.

Make Group A hell.

"So... So... The transfer student did it?".

Several bald men swallowed, their necks turned stiffly, and looked at the bald heads next to them.


"This is no longer something we can handle, go and inform Brother Jingjiu!"

A few bald heads nodded.

The Jingjiu brother in their mouths is a cadre in the third section of Fengxian, and his full name is Uchiyama Jingjiu.

The current Bancho Mito Makio doesn't care about things, and he is detached.

The main thing is that he does not like meaningless battles and yearns for freedom and peace.

Although he was appointed as the chief by the previous one, he was the strongest existence of the phoenix, but he had no interest in taking charge of the phoenix.

So much so that now the phoenix is mainly managed by four people.

Kyokuchi Uchiyama is one of them, and Group A is his faction.

Seeing the miserable situation of Group A, these bald heads knew that Huangfu Longdou was no longer something that they could handle.

The next step is to inform the 'immediate boss'.


came to the Huangfu Dragon Dou on the rooftop and glanced around.

I really saw two people, lying on two benches, as if they were sunbathing.

One of them had black hair and a shawl, and a beard on his chin, and looked lean and lean.

The other person also had black hair and looked a little handsome.

With the arrival of Huangfu Longdou.

The two of them, who were originally leisurely, opened their eyes together and looked at him.

"Guy I haven't seen before, Narumi... Have you seen it?".

"No, I guess it's new. "

"It's interesting that the newcomer actually came to the rooftop!"

"And he still has his hair. "

After the two of them looked at each other, they sat up and looked at Huangfu Ryuto again.

There was a lot of curiosity in his eyes.

The two of them can be said to be the leaders of the new generation of Fengxian.

It can be seen from the hair of the two people.

"What, it's weird?".

Huangfu Long Dou looked at the two of them, with a faint smile on the corner of his mouth.

"No one will stop you?"

Xiong Cheriya asked curiously.

"Sort of... There were just about 10 bald people who said they wanted to set rules for me. "

Huangfu Longdou nodded.

"What about them? I seemed to be asking a superfluous question. "

Xiong Che Riya reacted suddenly.

Since Huangfu Longdou is here, those bald people have naturally fallen.

"Hey, what's your name and in which group?".

Narumi asked.

"Huangfu Dragon Fight... One year Group A. "

"Group A, do you know what will happen if you kill those guys?"

Narumi didn't see it with my own eyes.

But guessed, those 10 or so bald people must want to shave Huangfu Longdou's bald head.

This is the tradition of the impatiens, and it's easy to guess.

But killing those bald people means making enemies of the entire phoenix.

"The result is troublesome?".

Huangfu Longdou's expression did not change at all.

"Hmm... It's almost the enemy of the whole phoenix, and it is estimated that soon, those guys will pounce on you like hungry wolves seeing meat. "

Narumi thought about it and explained.

"It doesn't sound like a big deal. "

Huangfu Long Dou said lightly.


Narumi didn't know how to answer all of a sudden.

Isn't it a big trouble to be the enemy of the entire phoenix?

"Are you too confident in your own strength, or do you look down on Fengxian too much?"

The bear next to him frowned slightly, and an unhappy expression appeared on his face.

After all, he is also a member of the Phoenix Immortals.

There is a feeling of being looked down upon by Huangfu Longdou.

"My words may hurt your pride... It's not that I'm overconfident in my own strength, it's that you're weak, just like those bald people just now, and you, a little weak. "

Huangfu Longdou said, and looked at Narumi Da me again: "Your words are okay." "


Xiong Che Liya only clenched his fists and stood up suddenly, his face full of fire, and he looked like he wanted to fight.

Narumi Da I am the strongest of their generation, and when it comes to the mouth of the Emperor Fu Longdou, it is just


And the cadres of Xiong Che Li are dignified and phoenixy, and they also have their own pride.

was described as weak by Huangfu Longdou, and felt insulted, and suddenly became angry.

"Hey... Why do you want to ask, tell the truth, and feel that the fire is big, can you not be so glassy?".

Huangfu Long Dou shrugged a little speechlessly.

"I'm glass-hearted, today I want to see what kind of capital you have to be so arrogant!"

Xiong Che Lizai raised his fist and was about to rush forward.

But as soon as he took a step, his shoulder was held down by Narumi Daime.

"Lizai, don't be impulsive first, Group A is in charge of the Jingjiu seniors for a year, calculate the time, he should already be on the road at this time, the current Jingjiu seniors, I'm afraid I'm very angry, let's not interfere first, let him deal with it!".

"Well... I see!".

Kumachiriya looked back at Narumi and tried to suppress his anger.

"Hey, boy, I'll see how long you can be arrogant!".

However, Xiong Che Liya still let go of the cruel words.

Huangfu Longdou ignored it and turned to look into the distance.

"I now understand why you like to stay on the rooftop, the view is really good. "

Everything around you can be seen.

There is a feeling of being on top of oneself.

As soon as the words fell, a roar spread throughout the rooftop.

"It's you bastard, who injured Uei and Mino, right?"

I saw a fierce-looking yellow hair, with a group of bald heads, pouring out of the door of the rooftop with a fierce momentum.

"It's really a bad scenery!".

Huangfu Longdou turned his head to look at Huang Mao.

Having hair is naturally a cadre who belongs to the phoenix.

And he is Kyokuchi Uchiyama.


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