"It's miserable!".

"Is this really Huangfu Longdou's doing?"

"It's unlikely, so many people can still be beaten like this by Huangfu Longdou?"

"Is Huangfu Longdou looking for help?"

Everyone who entered the dojo looked at the mess in the place, and everyone frowned.

They really can't imagine what kind of person can do it on their own, it's like a hungry brown bear going crazy.

So instinctively suspected, Huangfu Longdou found a helper.

And it's not just one person.

That's why Kazuma Oshida and Kyojiu Uchiyama and Yasuke Yongsuke were beaten into this picture.

"Wouldn't you find someone to ask?"

"That's right!".

Everyone present quickly picked up the bald head of the phoenix who was lying in the corridor outside and had not lost consciousness, and helped them into the dojo.

"Yes... It's Huangfu Dragon Fight!".

"That guy was so strong, and before I could react, I was beaten over by him, and it was like a monster. "

"After beating us, he rushed in and beat them up like this. "

"Brother Sanhu, after Huangfu Longdou left, he left a sentence..."

"Huangfu Longdou said, if you have the ability, go directly to him in a dignified manner, if you dare to do some indiscriminate means, he will beat all of us in the third section, and then strip naked and hang on the gate of Fengxian to show the public!".

Under the doubts of everyone, the phoenix fairy said word by word.

When it came to the end, he looked cautiously at the face of Michinohe Daimoto.

They know, such provocative words.

It's equivalent to pooping on everyone's head in the third period.

None of the members of the three-year stage could endure it, let alone the three major families.

Even if the guy from Lily of the Valley said such a provocative word, the three major Bens would immediately bring someone to kill him.

"What, you want to strip us naked for the whole three years, and hang it on the gate of the phoenix?"

"Did he really say something like that?".

"Why, it seems that this Huangfu Longdou really doesn't take us seriously!".

"TM, can't bear it!".

"Brother Sanhu, let's speak, let's teach this Emperor Fu Dragon Fight a lesson right away!"

The people around the three big books immediately seemed to be fryers.

One by one, that look, as if I wanted to tear the Huangfu Dragon Dou apart.

On the other hand, the three large books were unexpectedly calm.

"What about the field and Shibayama?".

Instead, Minohe Omoto opened his mouth and asked about the fighting spirit and others.

"Here they are!".

"They were all beaten badly!".

"The field has lost all the teeth!".

At this time, some three-year-old phoenix fairies bald, carrying the fighting spirit of the field and Shibayama Hayato and others walked into the dojo.

Although it looks better than Oshida Kazuma and the others, it's just better.

Look at what they look like.

The crowd around them became more and more agitated.

"One by one, all of them were beaten so badly!".

"This Huangfu Dragon Fight is too ruthless!".

"This guy can't be allowed to be presumptuous anymore. "

"This is not only about our face in the third period, no matter what, we have to teach Huangfu Dragon Fight a hard lesson!"

Their gnashing of teeth, if it weren't for the fact that the three households had not yet spoken, they had already begun to act and go to Huangfu Longdou to settle accounts.

"Don't worry... Naturally, it can't just be just like that, but before that, let's take everyone to the hospital first!".

After exhaling a long breath, Minohe Omoto suppressed his emotions and said.

The people around him wanted to go to Huangfu Longdou immediately to settle accounts.

But all three large Bens have already spoken.

They also had to take the injured to the hospital first.


in the hospital.

Narumi Daime was lying on the familiar hospital bed again.

This time, several people accompanied him to lie down.

In addition to Kumachiri, there are three members of Group A.

There were also some members of Group A who were injured, but not to the point where they needed to be in a hospital bed.

Of course, even the two who were the most seriously injured, Narumi Daigo and Kumachi Riya.

After treatment, there is no big problem, there will be no sequelae or anything, but it takes a lot of time to recover from treatment and rest.

Everyone's vitality is still very tenacious.

Now I can lie on the hospital bed, talking and laughing.

And Huangfu Long Dou sat next to him, and opened his black notebook again.

Although he has just been promoted, he has beaten too many people.

Especially after taking out Kazuma Oshida and Kyokuchi Uchiyama.

Huangfu Longdou estimated that the experience points required for the next level seemed to be almost enough.

[Congratulations on defeating the three-year stage Impatiens Bad A (LV13) and gaining 130 experience points and 100 battle points!].

[Congratulations to your subordinates for defeating the 3rd Duan Phoenix's Bad B (LV13) and gaining 60 XP and 50 Battle Points!]


[Congratulations on defeating Kazuma Oshida (LV25), a Fengxian cadre, and gaining 2400 XP and 1400 Battle Points!]

[Congratulations on defeating the Fengxian cadre Uchiyama Kyokuchi (LV20) and gaining 700 experience points and 400 battle points!]


After killing the third floor of the Phoenix Immortal, Huangfu Long Dou killed some of the three-year Duan Phoenix Immortal bald heads, and the members of Group A and Group B also joined forces to kill some of the three-year Duan Phoenix Immortal bald heads.

From the miscellaneous soldiers of the third stage, there is not a lot of experience points that can be obtained, even if they are defeated by their subordinates.

And because Uchiyama Kyokuchi defeated him once, his experience points and battle points have been greatly reduced.

The real big head is still Oshida Kazuma, and when added together, it is very impressive.

Total XP gained: 4570 points.

Total Battle Points: 3,000 points.

Enough for an upgrade.

[Huangfu Dragon Fight]: LV30 (2720/8000 XP).

[Stamina]: 99+3

[Fist Power]: 102+3

[Leg strength]: 102+3

[Stamina]: 97+3

[Speed]: 98+3

[Skill]: 102+3

[Willpower]: 96+3

[Responsiveness]: 99+3

[Shock resistance]: 99+3

[Mastery Skills]: Immortal Ambition (Passive, S+ Level) Born to Be King (Passive, S Rank), Street Fighting Technique (Passive, A-Grade), Large Vision (Passive, A-) Strong Grip (Active, B+ Rank).

[Battle Points]: 8160 + 3000 points

The level reaches level 30, and all attributes exceed 100 points except for [Willpower].

Huangfu Long Dou only felt that a strong force was emerging from the depths of his body.

Even if you have just fought a big battle, you don't feel tired anymore.

The most important thing is that the number of combat points reached 11160.

This means that you will be able to acquire a new skill again.

After Huangfu Longdou rubbed his hands, he did not hesitate.

Directly choose to spend 10,000 Battle Points to enable advanced skill extraction.

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