If Kazuma Oshida hadn't been too confident in himself, he would have fallen into a trance and doubted his life when he failed.

thus received a frontal punch from Huangfu Longdou.

If he takes it seriously, he might be able to maneuver a little.

However, after being punched by Huangfu Longdou, Huangfu Longdou would not give him any chance.

Then came the attacks like a raging storm, which continued to fall on him one after another.

And, of course, Kyokuchi Uchiyama.

"Brother Long Dou! Brother Long Dou! It's okay, it's okay!".

"If you continue to fight, Uchiyama-senpai and Oshida will be killed by you!".

"If you really beat someone to death, it's not good for anyone, Brother Long Dou, do you say yes?"

The members of Group A and Group B hurriedly rushed forward when they saw that Kazuma Oshida and Kyokusu Uchiyama were about to be beaten under the attack of the storm of Huangfu Ryuto.

Everyone worked together, and it was not easy to pull the Huangfu Dragon Fight apart.

Looking at the motionless Oshida Kazuma and Uchiyama Kyoku, Huangfu Ryudou's chest continued to rise and fall, and the anger began to gradually dissipate.

"No one else came?".

After taking a few breaths, Huangfu Longdou turned his head and asked everyone.


Everyone shook their heads.


Huangfu Ryuto glanced at Kazuma Oshida and Kyokuchi Uchiyama again, and after making sure that they were no longer conscious, he slowly turned around.

Seeing his movements, the members of Group A and Group B immediately dispersed and made a way.

Huangfu Long Dou took a step forward, slowly walked out of the dojo, and looked at the phoenix fairy bald heads lying on the floor of the corridor.

This way has not been unimpeded.

There are still some three-year-old phoenix bald heads blocking it.

And their result is just like the bald head of the impatiens lying on the ground now.

Just now, Huangfu Longdou even went to the art room and killed several third-year phoenix fairies in it.

This also means that Minohe Daimoto and Mito Makio are not in Phoenix.

So Huangfu Long Dou grabbed a phoenix fairy on the ground who had not yet lost consciousness.

"You... What do you want to do?".

The phoenix's bald head was suddenly full of fear, and under the intense sense of fear, he even forgot the pain on his body.

"Tell Minohe Omoto and Mito Makio, if you want to trouble me, come to me directly, if you dare to do some more indiscriminate means, I will beat all of you in the third stage, and then strip naked and hang on the gate of Fengxian to show the public!".

Huangfu Ryuto also didn't know if Minohe Omoto and Mito Makio were involved.

Anyway, to avoid this kind of thing to happen next time, let's put it first.

"Did you hear that?".

"I heard it, I heard it!".

The phoenix bald head immediately nodded again and again.

"Let's go!".

Huangfu Long Dou immediately threw the phoenix fairy bald head in his hand and led everyone downstairs.

Anyway, the guys in Fengxian have already been beaten.

It's time to send Narumi Daigo and Kumachi Riya and the others to the hospital.


At this time, in an abandoned construction site.

Minohe sat on the pile of bricks next to him, put on his coat, slowly took out a cigarette from his pocket, lit it, and slowly spit out a cloud of smoke.

I saw that on the ground under the smoke, there was a bad place.

"Are these guys from the twin ghost heads and Mikawa Industries taking the wrong medicine?"

"Obviously, they are weak to death, and they dare to come to our phoenix fairy for trouble. "

"Hell, maybe it's just a brain cramp that can't think of it. "

"I see, these guys want to take advantage of the name of our phoenix!"

"What kind of double ghost head, Sanchuan, who has heard of it before!".

Soon, on the left and right sides of the three households, there were figures walking out one after another, all of them bald heads wearing phoenix uniforms, and there were more than 100 people.


Michinohe Oben puffed out a cigarette and looked at them.

"It's all settled!".

"Not a single one left!".

The phoenix bald heads immediately responded.

The twin ghost head colleges and universities and Sanchuan Industry in the city next door came here to make trouble.

So the three big Bens immediately brought people to suppress it.

The results are clear.

Fengxian's miscellaneous soldiers may be weaker than Lily of the Valley, but they are still stronger than ordinary miscellaneous soldiers.

And there are also three big books, the second-in-command of the phoenix.

"Now that it's all settled, it's time for us to go back!".

Minohe Daimoto immediately stood up slowly.

"Brother Sanhe, Oshida and Ernst & Young?".

"Don't worry, although Oshida is sometimes too arrogant, and sometimes his methods are a little dirty, there is definitely no problem in dealing with Huangfu Longdou. "

The surrounding impatiens don't care much about this.

After all, in their opinion, there was still enough strength on the side of the phoenix.

So many people, so many cadres, can't you kill a single Huangfu Dragon Fight?

Nothing is possible!

"That's why I'm worried that if I'm upright, maybe there's no problem, but if I engage in some schemes, I'm afraid that Oshida will be killed by myself!"

Jingle bell~~~

At this time, a mobile phone rings.

The three households immediately took out their mobile phones and connected the phone.

"Moses Moses..."



Minohe Daimoto spoke, and the dark color became more and more solemn.

The surrounding phoenix bald heads couldn't hear the sound, and looked at each other, full of doubts.

For them to come, the three big Bens have never shown such a solemn expression, even if Lily of the Valley knocks on the door, they have never been so dignified.

Everyone's hearts are becoming more and more confused and curious.

Fortunately, Minohe Daiben quickly put down his phone.

"Brother Sanhe, what the hell is going on?".

"Wouldn't it be that our phoenix was stolen by Lily of the Valley, right?"

"Brother Sanhu, say it quickly, I'm dying!"

For a moment, everyone's questions came and went.

"Be quiet! You guys are so noisy, what do you want Brother Sanhu to say?".

It wasn't until someone burst into applause that everyone quieted down.

Minohe Omoto let out a long breath: "What I was worried about, it still happened!".


The group of people, led by the three households, soon returned to Fengxian.

They rushed to the dojo as soon as possible.

Looking at the phoenix bald heads lying outside the dojo.

Everyone's face was ugly.

"Go and see their injuries..."

The three big bens gave an order to the phoenix fairy bald head behind him, and continued to lead the others to step forward.

As they walked into the dojo.

Looking at the mess inside, as well as the three people lying there, Yasuke Yongsuke, Kazuma Oshida and Kyokusu Uchiyama.

Everyone was stunned, including the three major Bens.

"He... Have they been attacked by a brown bear?".

"By the way, are they Ernst & Young, Oshida, and Uchiyama? If it weren't for the hair, I wouldn't have recognized them. "

"Mom... It's too miserable!".

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