"Narumi, why are you here?".

Yasu Yongsuke turned his head to look at Narumi Ego who was holding him, and a look of surprise flashed in his eyes.

It's not just that Narumi Daime stopped him.

The main thing is that he knows that the fighting spirit of the field and the Hayato Shibayama led people to deal with Narumi and Huangfu Ryuto.

There are also people in the second year who go to support.

It doesn't make sense, Narumi Daime will appear here.

Then the only two possibilities are.

Either the fighting spirit of the field is gone.

Or accidentally let Narumi escape.

If it is the former, Huangfu Dragon Dou should also appear.

Yasuke Yongsuke's mind was thinking quickly, and at the same time, his afterglow swept towards the bathroom door.

The figure of Huangfu Longdou was not found.

"Yes, too... With so many people and support from the second year, there's no reason why they will all be killed... What a bunch of rubbish, not even a single person can stop it!".

Yasu Yongsuke quickly came up with what he thought was the answer, thinking that it should be the fighting spirit of the field, and they accidentally let Narumi Daigo escape.

Even with it, the fighting spirit of the right field is also labeled as 'waste'.

"Yasuke Young-senpai, if you want to fight, let me be your opponent next!".

Narumi didn't know what Yasuke was thinking, but his eyes swept over Kumachiri, and after finding that he was already injured, he was ready to help Kumachiriya stop him.

"I can hold on!".

Kumachiriya couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief when he saw Narumi coming over.

He knew that he who had not recovered from his injury could not be Yasuke Yongsuke's opponent.

At the same time, a flash of worry flashed in Xiong Che Riya's eyes.

He found that in addition to the old wounds on Narumi Daji's face, there were some new bruises on his face.

Those bruises were fought with the fighting spirit and were beaten.

At this time, the bald head of the third-year phoenix immortal, who had already killed those members of Group A, began to walk towards Narumi Dae.

"Narumi... If you want to find trouble with Brother Anyong, you are not qualified enough!".

"Don't disturb Brother An Yong's interest, if you want to play, let's play with you!".

"Judging by your appearance, it's better to just kneel down and admit defeat, so as not to be beaten again!".

The bald head of the third-year Duan Fengxian rubbed his fists and walked towards Narumi Da me with a cruel smile.

Suddenly, a fist slashed through the air.

A third-year phoenix fairy didn't have time to react, and was hit by that fist, and the whole person suddenly lost his balance.

If it weren't for the phoenix fairy bald head in the back to hold it, I'm afraid the person would have fallen.

The person who threw this punch was none other than Xiong Che Liya.

And after throwing this punch, Xiong Qiali, who had little physical strength left, couldn't help but stumble, almost plunged to the ground, and finally regained his body.

"Narumi... How is Brother Long Dou?".

"He should be fighting in the field now, his strength, you can rest assured!".

"Yes, I'll leave these guys to me, and you can deal with him in peace!"

Xiong Che Li, who stabilized his body, also blocked the whole person in front of the bald head of the third-year phoenix.

Although he was worried about Narumi big ego.

But it's even clearer that Narumi doesn't need to worry about himself, what he needs is that no one will interfere with him.

Especially after hearing that Huangfu Longdou was fine, he decided to let it go.

"Narumi... You've chosen the wrong opponent!".

Yasuke didn't go to see Kumache Riya again, knowing that the man was already at the end of the crossbow, and his own men could completely kill him.

So he began to concentrate on dealing with Narumi Ego, and the whole person's muscles gradually expanded and exerted force.

Narumi Daigo, who had already held Yasuke Yongsuke, immediately found that the power against him was increasing rapidly, and he felt that Yasuke Yongsuke could break free from his hands at any time.

immediately increased the power in his hand and tried to completely detain An Yongjie.

However, the harder I worked, the more painful the injured area became, and I couldn't get my strength up.

After Yasu Yongsuke got out of control a little, he immediately put his elbow on Narumi's stomach behind him.

You know, people's elbows are quite hard.

Especially when it hits a relatively soft belly.

Narumi couldn't help but snort in pain, and the strength in his hand immediately weakened a little.

Yasu Yongsuke followed with another elbow, and the force was heavier than the first blow.

The severe pain and impact force made Narumi Daigo unable to grasp Yasuke Yongsuke anymore, and the whole person took two steps back.

Yasuke Yongsuke, who finally broke free, didn't give Narumi a chance to breathe, turned around and immediately pounced, and raised his hand to punch it.

Narumi enduring the pain and raised his hand to swing his fist as well.

Two fists staggered in mid-air.


Accompanied by two loud blows.

Two fists hit each other in the cheek almost simultaneously.

Yasu Yongsuke couldn't help but tilt his head, took a step back, and his momentum was interrupted.

Narumi continued to retreat, hitting the wall before stopping, a smear of blood oozing from the corner of his mouth.

Undoubtedly, in the case of a hard hit, Narumi Ego is completely below.

After all, the injury had not yet recovered, and he had another fight with the fighting spirit, and then rushed over non-stop.

Physical exertion is severe.

On the other hand, Yasu Yongsuke, as if he didn't feel pain, turned his head and immediately took a step forward and rushed at Narumi again.

"It's worthy of being a senior in the third section, it's not easy to solve!".

Narumi thought to myself, turned his head sideways for the first time, and didn't choose to hit it hard.

Yasuke Yongsuke's fist passed through Narumi's ear, and after smashing into the wall, he immediately grabbed Narumi's clothes with his backhand and punched it again.

Forced Narumi to follow himself hard.

With nowhere to dodge and no time to defend, Narumi can only swing his fist.

Bang, bang,


Accompanied by a series of fist-to-flesh collisions.

The corners of Yasuke's mouth also oozed blood, and there were more bruises on his face.

Narumi was even worse, one eye had begun to swell, and a lot of blood was coming out of his mouth, staining his collar red along his chin.

And Yasu Yongsuke didn't stop, he was like a tireless robot, raising his fist again.

It was at this time that one foot crossed the air.

It is directly and firmly imprinted on Yasuke Yongsuke's cheek.

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