"You say, what will that newcomer look like now?".

"I wonder I'm hiding in the corner, holding my hair and crying. "

"That kid in Uei shouldn't be so cruel, right?"

"Maybe after the guy himself was shaved, he was upset when he saw someone else's hair. "

"And the new guy who came here was the kind of obedient student before, a good example in the teacher's mouth, maybe he was still some kind of learning cadre, where had he seen our bad demeanor. "

"I'm afraid that before Uejing makes a move, the newcomer is already scared to pee, do you say?"

"Haha... Makes sense!".

A few bald heads walked down the corridor with cigarettes in their mouths, chatting and laughing.

The so-called 'newcomer' in their mouths refers to Huangfu Longdou.

In their opinion, it was impossible for Huangfu Ryuto to resist Uei and the others.

Huangfu Longdou is more like a gentle young master.

Like flowers in a greenhouse.

You must know that in the past, those guys who shouted so loudly that they felt invincible in the world.

There are even some guys who have made a name for themselves, most of them have been shaved bald.

Not to mention, flowers that have not experienced wind and rain.

"Why don't we go to Group A to take a look at the excitement, after all, there are not many people who turn to our phoenixes. "

"Okay, I'm idle anyway. "

"Let's go!".

After discussion, several bald heads turned around and walked towards Group A.

Compared with other bad gathering places, the phoenix is more orderly.

But it's also more boring.

These young people who are in a restless age naturally can't be idle.

Soon, the bald heads were in the corridor next to the gate of Group A.

Just when they imagined what a miserable appearance the Huangfu Dragon Fight would be.

Will it be like a woman crying and crying?

Will you huddle in the corner and shiver in fear?

Will you shout and regret coming to this place of Fengxian?

The closer they got to Group A, the more curious the bald heads became.

Just when they couldn't wait to get to the door of Group A, ready to reach out and grab the doorknob.


A loud bang suddenly rang in my ears.

A few bald heads instinctively turned their heads.

A bald head was found smashing through the window, carrying with it a large amount of flying glass shards.

Flew out of Group A and slammed into the ground.


The bald head had a mouth full of blood, writhing his body in pain, and a wail came out of his mouth.

"Isn't this Mino..."

"Didn't you and Uei go to set rules for the newcomers?"

"It's just a shave on the new kid's head, how did you become like this?".

"To... What the hell is going on?".

Several bald heads recognized the identity of this person, and when they looked at him as if he was dying, their hearts trembled.

"Blame... Monster... Fast... Notify me soon..."

The name Mino said with difficulty.

Even before the words were finished, a lot of blood gushed out of his mouth.


Several bald heads looked at Mino and frowned.

At this moment, the door of Group A was slowly pushed open.

A few bald heads who finally realized something, the Adam's apple rolled a little, the corners of their mouths twitched, and they slowly turned their heads to look at the Huangfu Longdou who appeared at the door of Group A.

The tall figure exuded a strong sense of oppression, and the sharp eyes that looked down slightly were like an emperor looking down on all beings.


Several bald heads swallowed in unison again.

"You guys..."

Huangfu Ryudou just spoke, wanting to ask if they were the same as Uei and Mino.

Several bald heads moved.

He stepped back neatly until his back was pressed against the wall, making way for the Emperor Fu Longdou.

"It doesn't seem to be..."

Huangfu Longdou then continued to take steps and walked towards the staircase.

He is not so cruel that he will not let go of any bad thing.

After all, there are many good people, or good guys.

It is a prejudice to think that all bad people are bad people and should be taught a hard lesson.

At least Huangfu Longdou is not the kind of person who is unreasonable.

At least those bad ones look well-behaved.

Huangfu Longdou, who walked up the stairs, took out black-framed glasses from his pocket and put them on the bridge of his nose, and a faint smile resurfaced on the corner of his mouth.


From the full opening of the aura just now, the sense of oppression is full.

The whole person suddenly seemed very gentle.

Especially after taking out the black notebook from his pocket, it seems that he is the kind of high-IQ reader who will definitely be admitted to the University of Tokyo.

[Congratulations on defeating Impatiens Bad A (LV7) and gaining 70 XP and 50 Battle Points!]

[Congratulations on defeating Impatiens Bad B (LV8) and gaining 80 XP and 60 Battle Points!]

[Congratulations on defeating Impati Bad Uei (LV9) and gaining 100 XP and 100 Battle Points!]

[Congratulations on defeating the Impatiens Bad Sanye (LV8) and gaining 80 XP and 60 Battle Points!].


Huangfu Longdou glanced at the prompt message that appeared in his notebook.

In total, you will earn about 750 XP and 570 Battle Points.

"It's worthy of being an impatial, even if it's a miscellaneous soldier, the harvest is quite good!".

Huangfu Longdou was quite satisfied and closed the notebook again and put it back in his pocket.

It doesn't sound like a lot.

But you must know that the trash fish outside is bad, and there are only 10 points and 20 points of experience and battle points.

In comparison, the bad income of the phoenix is several times higher.

And it's just a year's miscellaneous soldier.

If it is a high-level miscellaneous soldier or cadre of the phoenix, the experience points and battle points that can be obtained will definitely be even more impressive.

"There is more and more hope for this day!"

The corners of Huangfu Longdou's mouth rose again.

Slowly continue to walk to the top of the building.

Generally speaking, bad bosses usually stay on the rooftop.

After the figure of Huangfu Longdou completely disappeared on the stairs.

The bald heads breathed a long sigh of relief and cautiously re-entered the door of Group A.

Looking at the scene of Group A, several bald heads widened their eyes, their pupils dilated to the extreme, and the whole person was stunned as if they were petrified, motionless.

After a while, several bald heads stammered

"Fruit... Sure enough, it's a monster..."

"The new one is not a lamb at all, but a lion with a mouth full of flesh and blood!"

"Phoenix, it's going to change the sky!".


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