"Huangfu Dragon Fight!".

Shibayama Hayato threw his vest hard, roared, and rushed towards the Huangfu Dragon Dou with great momentum, and the speed became faster and faster.

The phoenix fairy bald heads in front of them, seeing this, retreated to the side as soon as possible.

Make way for Shibayama Hayato.

"It seems... Here's a slightly more powerful one.,Whew~~~"


Huangfu Ryuto let out a somewhat heavy breath as he turned to look at Shibayama Hayato.

Even if you don't take out a small notebook, you can see that Shibayama Hayato is definitely not weak.

It's not just because of that body, but you can tell at a glance that you need to exercise for a long time to have tendon meat.

The main thing is that momentum.

It's definitely not something that miscellaneous soldiers or ordinary cadres can have.

Except for the fact that there is a phoenix lying on the ground with a bald head that needs to be left a little accident, the Shibayama Hayato has been unimpeded all the way.

The moment he came to the front of Huangfu Longdou.

His whole body tensed up in an instant.

With the strength of his whole body, he drove his fist and blasted towards Huangfu Longdou.

At this time, the Huangfu Dragon Fight, as Shibayama Hayato said, was indeed very physically exertional.

After all, at this time, more than 30 phoenix bald heads have been killed, plus an immortal cadre.

Even if you have tried to control your strength and save your strength.

But every time you completely kill someone, it takes physical strength.

It adds up.

But far from the limit.

At least

Looking at the fist that rushed straight to the door in front of him, Huangfu Longdou raised his right hand for the first time.


Shibayama Hayato's fist slammed into the palm of Huangfu Longdou's palm, and a crisp sound erupted.

The fist also stopped, unable to advance for another half a minute.

At least block the fist of Shibayama Hayato, there is no problem.

A look of astonishment suddenly appeared in Shibayama Hayato's eyes.

I was shocked that I punched with all my strength, and I was actually blocked by a guy with serious physical exertion!


In the astonishment of Shibayama Hayato, Huangfu Ryuto adjusted his breathing while throwing a backhand punch.

It is true that the current Huangfu Longdou's physical exertion is a bit strong, but it is not so weak that it will be killed by a random cadre, even if it is not an ordinary cadre.

And his heavy punches are still swift.

Shibayama Hayato, who doesn't have a high reflexes, didn't have time to react at all, and was hit in the cheek.


Shibayama Hayato only felt a hammer knock over, his head buzzed, and the whole person involuntarily retreated again and again.

"Brother Shibayama~".

"Be careful!".

The surrounding impatiens stared at each other in surprise and hurriedly shouted, trying to remind Shibayama Falcon.

However, Shibayama Hayato, whose head was already buzzing, couldn't hear the sounds around him clearly.

When he regained his footing and recovered a little.

Huangfu Long Dou had already approached him again.

The reminders of the impatiens bald heads also lost their effect.

Because it's too late.

Huangfu Ryuto didn't give Shibayama Hayato a chance.

A set of combination punches, directly greeted him.

Bang bang bang !!

The fist hit the flesh, and Shibayama Hayato's whole person was beaten and shaking, and the nosebleed mixed with the blood from the corner of his mouth and splashed into the air.

With the last uppercut of Huangfu Longdou, it landed on his jaw.

Shibayama Hayato rolled his eyes on the spot and fell to the ground, losing consciousness directly.

"Even Brother Zhishan was killed. "

"And it's not the ability to resist at all. "

"Huangfu Longdou is not a human at all, and it is not something we can kill!".

As the Zhishan Hayato fell, the last bit of momentum on the phoenix bald heads who were still standing around them also collapsed, and their wide-eyed eyes began to change from surprise to fear.

No one dared to approach Huangfu Longdou anymore.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Huangfu Longdou worked hard to breathe and adjust his breath and recover his strength.

At the same time, his eyes scanned the surroundings.

His brow furrowed, and he felt that something was wrong.

It's not that there's anything unusual around us.

And when I think about it, Kumachi Riya has been going to the toilet for a while, and he should have come back a long time ago.

"Hey... Did you send someone to deal with the bear?".

Huangfu Long Dou immediately turned his head and asked a phoenix fairy bald head next to him.

"Hmm... The leader of the team is Yasuke Yongsuke!".

Under Huangfu Longdou's sharp eyes, Fengxian trembled baldly, even if it was a hostile relationship, he instinctively said everything he knew.

An Yongsuke, who is also a hard-line main battle faction within Fengxian, is currently known as Fengxian's NO4.

It looks like the same type as Shibayama Hayato, but it's better in terms of strength and resistance.

And he was very ruthless, and the people he killed were basically seriously injured.

Huangfu Ryudou heard Xiong Che Riya and Narumi Daime mention this person before.

If Xiong Che Riya is targeted by this person.

Absolutely going to be finished!

After all, the injuries on Xiong Che Lizai's body have not fully recovered.

Huangfu Long Dou immediately looked at Group A again.

Narumi Daigo, who is fighting with the fighting spirit of the field, is obviously starting to fall behind.

The impact of the injury on him was too great.

Huangfu Longdou's brain quickly calculated, if he went to find Xiong Che Lizai.

I don't know if during this time, Narumi Daime will be killed by the fighting spirit of the field.

After all, there are more than 10 phoenix fairies around with bald heads, and the probability of being able to hold out until they come back is too low.

"Narumi... You go to Kumakie, he seems to be being targeted by Ann Yongsuke, leave it to me here!".

So Huangfu Ryuto rushed back into Group A and shouted to Narumi Daime, "I'm going to kill these guys quickly, and then I'll come to you!"

Huangfu Ryuto didn't expect the injured Narumi Daigo to be able to take out An Yongsuke.

However, after finding Kumachi Riya, it is definitely no problem to entangle Yasuke Engage for a while and delay it for some time.

As long as you quickly kill the fighting spirit of the field and all the impatiens around you, and then rush over.

Then Narumi Daime will not be killed, and he can also support Kumachiri, a perfect solution.


Hearing that Xiong Che Riya was in danger, Narumi Daime understood the meaning of Huangfu Longdou, and immediately gave up fighting with him, turned around and ran towards the outside of Group A.

The fighting spirit of the field wants to stop Narumi Dae.

But Huangfu Longdou directly blocked him and blocked his way.

The fighting spirit of the field had to stop, but immediately shouted to the phoenix fairy bald heads outside: "Block Narumi for me!".

The words should have just fallen.

Huangfu Long Dou turned his head and glanced at those phoenix fairies' bald heads: "If you dare to move, I will kill you!"

The bald head of the phoenix fairy who had just raised his hand all stopped, and no one took another step forward.

Just watched Narumi disappear into the hallway.


The fighting spirit of the field was dumbfounded, and for a moment I didn't understand who those phoenix bald heads were.

Why do your own words look like a fart!

One by one, they listened to Huangfu Longdou's words like this?

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