's fighting spirit is a tough main battle faction in the phoenix, and it has also been recognized by Mito Makio before.

In terms of strength, there is no doubt that some of the people in the Phoenix Immortal are even optimistic that he can become the next Phoenix Immortal Chief.

At least for a year, he has been supported by another cadre, Hayato Shibayama.

Of course, under normal circumstances, Narumi Daime is definitely worthy of him.

It's just that the current Narumi ego has not recovered from the injuries on his body.

Naturally, there is a certain gap between the combat effectiveness and the state of the whole body.

Narumi Daigo who understands his own situation.

At this time, he was quite vigilant, staring at the fighting spirit of the field ahead.

"Narumi... Don't say that I won't give you a chance, now you have to act as if you don't know Huangfu Longdou and don't get involved, I can consider not doing anything to you, after all, it doesn't mean anything to kill an injured you. "

The fighting spirit of the field said to Narumi with a cruel smile.

"The field... If you want to fight, you can fight, stop talking nonsense!".

Narumi glanced at the 5 members of Group A who were besieged not far away, and immediately turned around and said.

He knows that if not to solve the field of fighting spirit.

The fighting spirit of the field is not to let himself go to support the members of Group A.

And if you want to kill the fighting spirit, you need to treat it with all your might.

After all, this guy is not so easy to deal with, especially since his injuries have not yet recovered.

"Since you don't eat and drink in the toast, then blame me for being rude!".

As soon as the words fell, the fighting spirit of the field suddenly jumped up, and with the momentum, he swung his fist and went straight to the door of the big self of Naruto.

It's true that there is no politeness.

Narumi hurriedly bowed his head.

While bowing his head to dodge the attack, he grabbed the fighting spirit of the field and pushed it all the way back.


The back of the fighting spirit quickly hit the wall, and the whole person stopped.

"Yo... I didn't expect that even if I was injured, I still had so much strength!".

As if he didn't feel the pain in his back, a sinister smile curled up at the corner of his mouth.

"Kill your strength, there's still there!".

Narumi said as he raised his hand and smashed his face with a punch.

Although hitting, it is in a damaged state and deals limited damage.

It's just the fighting spirit of the field, and the fight is a little shifted to the side.

The fighting spirit of the field immediately turned around, and while grabbing Narumi's big self with his backhand, he raised his leg to hit him with a knee.

The knee was sturdy and hit Narumi on the stomach.

Narumi was shocked, especially when it was involved in the wound, and I couldn't help but snort in pain.

The fighting spirit was followed by another punch, which smashed him in the face.


Under the sound of a heavy blow.

Narumi and I tilted my body and retreated repeatedly, knocking several tables and chairs into a sliding sound and grinding against the ground.

"Narumi... Don't blame me for not reminding you, I'm very strong, far stronger than you think!".

With a smug grin, he continued to step forward quickly, grabbed Narumi's clothes, and smashed it with a punch.

However, this punch was directly blocked by Narumi Dae's raised palm.

The fighting spirit of the field couldn't help but flash a touch of surprise in his eyes.

"Very strong, it seems that you have a deep misunderstanding of this word, I don't dare to say that I am strong!".

Narumi said and slammed a backhand punch in the face of the fighting spirit, and he also retreated again and again.

I saw that a red mark also appeared on that face, and there was a tendency to gradually become bruised.

Obviously, the power of Narumi's punch is not light.

However, his face was not very good-looking.

It was discovered that the 5 members of Group A had been killed by the Shibayama Hayabusa.

Shibayama Hayato also took the other phoenix bald heads and began to go outside to deal with Huangfu Longdou together.

"Narumi... Where are you looking!".

Feeling the hot and painful fighting spirit on his face, he didn't give Narumi time to think at all, and a lunge rushed up, which was a heavy punch.

Narumi had no choice but to turn his gaze back and continue to concentrate all his energy on the fighting spirit of the field.

I have to admit that the fighting spirit of the field is not weak, and it is even very difficult.

If you don't care about anything else, you won't be able to really get killed by him.


Shibayama Hayato who just came to the corridor.

Looking at the bald head of the phoenix on the corridor, I couldn't help but be stunned.

I never thought that so many people besieged Huangfu Longdou, and so many people were killed.

More than 20 people, lying in the corridor that was not wide, wailing and twisting their bodies, it was still quite scary.

At least at the door, there is almost no place to put your feet.

And when the Shibayama Hayato was stunned, two more phoenix fairies fell to the ground with bald heads.


"Brother Shibayama... That Huangfu Dragon Fight, it seems that he is a little too strong!".

"That's... Are we going to go on?".

The phoenix fairy bald head who followed behind the Shibayama Hayabusa, saw Huangfu Longdou put down two more phoenix bald heads, the Adam's apple rolled, and he swallowed saliva involuntarily.

"Huh~ Isn't that the seniors of the second year?".

"I was actually killed!".

"It looks like several teeth have been lost, is this Huangfu Longdou really human?".

Soon, they noticed the second-year cadres who were walking on the ground.

All the phoenix fairy bald heads behind Shibayama Hayato swallowed a mouthful of saliva again, and a look of fear appeared in their eyes.

That look at Huangfu Longdou is like seeing a monster in human skin.

Originally, there were close to 30 of them, and the bald heads of the phoenix immortals besieged the Huangfu Dragon Fight.

After that, more than 10 second-year phoenix fairies came to support.

There are more than 40 people in total.

Now there are just over 10 people still standing.

If not to see it with your own eyes.

They would never believe that so many people were killed by one person.

If there were no accidents, the remaining 10 or so people would also fall under the fist of Huangfu Longdou.

"What are you afraid of! No matter how strong this guy is, after beating so many people, the physical exertion must be very serious, and at this time it is just the end of the strong crossbow!".

At this moment, Shibayama Hayato burst into a shout, took a step, and walked towards Huangfu Longdou.

At the same time, he tore off his vest, completely exposing the strong muscles of his upper body.

"Huangfu Dragon Fight!".

With the roar, the momentum of Shibayama Falcon's whole person also climbed steadily.


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