"Damn! I deserve to be the senior of the second year!".

"This is our Fengxian cadre, this courage! This momentum is incredible!".

"Awesome!Senior, you will be my idol in the future!".

The bald heads of the surrounding phoenixes looked at the figure of the second-year cadres rushing towards Huangfu Longdou, and their eyes were full of admiration.

In the face of the Huangfu Dragon Fight, which was so powerful that it was like a monster, he was still so arrogant, and he rushed up and swung his fist without any hesitation.

Everyone said that they couldn't worship it if they wanted to.

The bald eyes of every phoenix fairy around were not only full of admiration, but also full of anticipation, looking forward to the second-year cadres killing Huangfu Longdou.

After all, if they say 'if Lao Tzu doesn't beat you out of the today, Lao Tzu will have your surname', I think the cadres in the second year are quite sure.

So dozens of pairs of eyes present just looked at the second-year cadres and hit Huangfu Longdou's fist with their faces.

Because it happened so quickly.

The upper body of the second-year cadre still maintains the posture of leaning forward and rushing forward, and the raised fist has not yet been swung out.

And Huangfu Long Dou instantly turned around and took a punch.

So much so that it looks like a second-year cadre took the initiative to use his face to bump into Huangfu Longdou.

Immediately after, there was a bang.

A loud blow resounded throughout the corridor.

I saw that under the fist of Huangfu Longdou, a large mouthful of blood spurted out of his mouth on the spot, and his whole head was thrown backwards suddenly, and even turned with his body below.

After the whole person turned around twice, he rolled his eyes, plopped, and plunged directly to the ground.

Even the shoes on their feet flew out.

At this moment, the entire corridor became silent, and even the movement of shoes on the ground could be clear.

All the phoenix fairies around were bald, looking at the second-year cadres lying on the ground, and the Huangfu Longdou standing there, all stunned.

Their dull eyes seemed to be doubting life, wondering if they were dreaming, wondering if they had been beaten until they fainted and lost consciousness, and now they were just looking at the moment before they fell into a coma.

I can't even think of scratching my scalp.

I was still worshipping just now.

vowed to kill the second-year cadres of Huangfu Longdou.

In the blink of an eye, he was killed by Huangfu Longdou's punch.

If you look closely, there are two more bloody teeth on the ground.

The beaten ones are even worse than other bald heads.

So weak!

What kind of excitement is going up, and it's so arrogant.

It's a waste of feelings!

In fact, even Huangfu Long Dou was stunned for a moment.

I thought that I dared to rush up so arrogantly, and I had hair, I must be a guy with some ability.

Where to think, so weak.

It's just funny!

Of course, the cadres who can become phoenix immortals must be much stronger than other bald soldiers.

However, now Huangfu Longdou's full punch is not something that any cadre can resist.

"Go on!".

Huangfu Long Dou quickly refocused, his eyes scanning the bald heads of the surrounding phoenixes.

Under his sharp sight.

The phoenix bald heads only felt a knife slashing through their skin, and they came back to their senses one after another.

But the momentum was interrupted, and they didn't dare to swing their fists at Huangfu Longdou for a while.

Some impatiens are bald, and even instinctively retreat a few steps back.

"Since you don't go, then I'm coming!"

After taking a deep breath, Huangfu Longdou stepped in and crashed directly into the bald group in front of him.


Compared to Huangfu Longdou's side.

The situation in Group A is not easy for Narumi Daime and the 5 members of Group A.

5 members of Group A, but at the level of ordinary miscellaneous soldiers.

There is no absolute strength to crush several people with a single blow, and there is no number of people who are several times the number of the enemy.

was pressed and beaten by the Zhishan Hayato with several phoenix bald heads.

A member of Group A had just knocked off a phoenix bald head with a punch.

was punched head-on by another phoenix fairy, and he was powerless to defend or dodge.

After all, the strength of both sides is miscellaneous soldiers, half a catty and eight taels.

It doesn't take advantage of the fight at all.

In general, the big deal is a lose-lose situation.

However, on the opposite side, in addition to the bald head of the impatiens, there is also Shibayama Hayato.

Shibayama Hayato, who can become a cadre in a year, is naturally not an ordinary person.

A punch landed on a Group A member in the face, knocking them off balance and throwing them to the ground.

Another member of Group A, although taking advantage of Hayato Shibayama's closing punch, went up to give him a punch as well.

However, his strength can't do much damage to Shibayama Hayato at all.

Shibayama Hayato was just beaten in the head and crooked.

After quickly turning back the head, it is immediately returned to color.

After a solid punch, the members of Group A tilted their heads and retreated.

Before he could fall, he was kicked by a phoenix fairy next to him.

He completely lost his balance on the spot and slammed into the ground, which was also completely detrimental to his combat effectiveness.

You know, there were only 5 members of Group A present.

After 3 people were killed, the remaining 2 people, under siege, couldn't make any waves.

As Shibayama Hayato slammed the head of the last member of Group A against the wall, causing him to lose consciousness directly.

All five members of Group A were wiped out.

"Let's go!".

Shibayama Hayato glanced at the blood left on the wall, as well as the members of Group A lying on the ground, and after making sure that they couldn't move, he waved his hand and walked out with the rest of the impatiens bald heads.

"The field... Narumi is handed over to you, don't be killed!".

Shibayama Hayato didn't choose to get involved in the battle with Narumi Daigo.

Soon left Group A and went to support the Fengxian bald head outside, and dealt with Huangfu Longdou together.

And the reason why Narumi Daime didn't help those 5 members of Group A.

is also because he was targeted by the fighting spirit of the field.

Both of them were the best of the year segment.

In the previous words, the fighting spirit of the field was also the only one in the year period who could compete with Narumi Da I for the next Fengxian Fan Chief.

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