"Have you heard, yesterday the seniors fought hard with Lily of the Valley again!".

"It's not too tragic this time, after all, Lily of the Valley is all some little minions. "

"But recently, the conflicts between our Fengxian and Lily of the Valley have been too frequent, it's just a small battle every three days, and a big battle every seven days, I always have an ominous premonition. "

"What are you afraid of, the sky is falling and there are tall people on top. "

"That is, if Lily of the Valley really dares to attack our Fengxian in an all-out way, isn't there still Brother Mei Teng and Brother Long Dou. "

"When the time comes, Brother Mito and Brother Long Dou will definitely beat those bastards of Lily of the Valley all over the ground to find their teeth. "

At this time, several impatiens in Group A were chatting with each other while walking down the corridor towards Group A's classroom.

After chatting and chatting, they came to the gate of Group A.

As a few people pushed the door in, they saw the situation inside.

Several phoenix fairies were all stunned for a moment.

Then Qi Qi raised his hand and wiped his eyes.

"What are you doing here like a door god?"

At this time, Narumi Daigo and Kumachi Riya also walked over.

Narumi has been discharged from the hospital.

However, there is still a dog skin plaster on his face.

was beaten hard by Huangfu Longdou, and it still takes a lot of time for the injury to fully recover.

But there is nothing wrong with simple actions.

Kumachiri's situation is better than Narumi's.

After all, Xiong Che Lizai's head was low fast at that time, and the injury was not so serious.

"What's going on inside?".

Narumi couldn't help but be a little curious about a few phoenix fairies stunned at the gate.

"See for yourselves~".

"I feel like something big is going to happen!".

Several phoenix fairies came back to their senses and immediately made way for the two of them.

As Narumi Daigo and Kumachi Riya walked into the classroom of Group A.

In an instant, the two of them reacted exactly the same as the bald heads of the phoenix fairies just now.

He was stunned for a moment, then raised his hand and wiped his eyes.

As if suspecting that I had misread or hallucinated.

I saw Huangfu Longdou sitting in a pile of test papers, which was called a hard work.

Such a scene,In an ordinary school park,It's very normal.。

But where is this?


A famous bad gathering place in Toyaru City!

Smoking, fighting, and shaving your head are routine.

The tables and chairs that sit under the buttocks are either used to sleep or fight.

Some people can't even understand addition and subtraction, but if they know how to multiply formulas, they can be regarded as the top students of the whole phoenix.

Where have they ever seen such a scene, they only feel their scalps tingle!

Instinctively suspect that I am in the wrong place.

"Brother Long Dou, what the hell is going on?".

In the next second, Xiong Che Liya hurriedly rushed to the front of Huangfu Longdou.

I think that Huangfu Longdou has taken the wrong medicine.

Even if the dignified hall is bad, catch the test paper and write it in one go?

"It's just a part-time job!".

Huangfu Long said without raising his head.

He is annotating the test questions for Fumino Furuhashi and Riku Ogata.

In order for the two to better understand the knowledge of science and liberal arts.

Huangfu Longdou is still quite dedicated, otherwise he would not have become a gold medal lecturer in a tutoring institution.

And the remuneration promised by the chairman of the board of directors is quite high.

Usually there is nothing to do in Fengxian.

Instead of wasting time, Huangfu Longdou directly started work here.

"What kind of part-time job?".

Kumachi Riya and Narumi Igo are still at a loss.

Those test questions, they can't understand anyway.

"I work part-time as a tutor at a tutoring agency, and I'm preparing annotations for the students I just recruited!".

Huangfu Long Dou finally put down his pen, raised his head and looked at the two of them and said.


"Annotations to test questions?".

Narumi Da I, Xiong Che Liya, including the bald heads of several phoenix fairies in the back, all widened their eyes and opened their mouths wide, and they could be described as looking at Huangfu Longdou in amazement.

"Don't look at me like this... I'm also a gold medal instructor at a tutoring institution!".

Huangfu Long Dou slowly pushed his somewhat reflective glasses and continued.

Narumi Dae, Xiong Che Liya, and several phoenix fairies bald their heads tilted their heads in unison, and a bunch of question marks popped up on their heads.

Impatiens are bad!

Gold Medal Lecturer!

These two identities don't match at all, ah!!

The rebellious teenagers didn't expect that their boss was actually the teacher they hated the most before, and it was a gold medal!

"If you want to learn, I can teach you too!"

Huangfu Long Dou said with a smile.

And his smile, in everyone's eyes, is like the devil's smile.

The heads immediately shook like rattles, indicating that they did not need to be taught by Huangfu Longdou.

Huangfu Long Dou shook his head and didn't force them.

After all, everyone has their own choices.

"Anyway, Brother Long Dou, you're too smart, I can't even understand these things, you can still teach others!".

"yes, it feels like reading a book from heaven, boss... Could it be that you're the kind of legendary genius?".

"Not only is your strength so strong, but your brain is also so smart, Brother Long Dou, have you ever thought about giving others a way to live?".

"If it's a teacher, I'd really be disgusted, but if it's Brother Longdou, you, suddenly feel very relieved. "

Seeing that Huangfu Longdou didn't force himself, everyone suddenly relaxed and began to surround Huangfu Longdou and look at what he wrote.

After discovering that he really couldn't understand it at all, he looked at Huangfu Longdou's expression one by one, and worshiped it more and more.

For them, Huangfu Longdou is simply a genius!

And compared to following a stupid boss, following a smart boss naturally feels more secure.

As a younger brother, it is definitely not easy to suffer.

"That's right... If you don't want to learn new knowledge, will you learn martial arts from me in the future?"

Huangfu Long Dou didn't bother to listen to them pat his ass, and continued.

At the same time, his eyes fell on Narumi Daigo and Kumachi Riya.

The potential of the two is undoubted.

If you train well, both of them are definitely fierce generals, especially Narumi Daego.

"Teach us to fight?".


Compared with the things that use their brains, everyone in Fengxian is naturally more willing to do it.

Especially when I heard that Huangfu Longdou could teach myself to become stronger.

One by one, the enthusiasm was high.

Soon, everyone set a time.

The first, third, and fifth took time to train with Huangfu Longdou.

The second, fourth, and sixth are well-rested.

Of course, for the time being, this is the arrangement for the time being, and then the training intensity will be adjusted according to everyone's situation.

"Boss, I'll go to the toilet first!".

"I'll go too!".

After discussing, Xiong Che Liya and a few phoenix fairies had a bald head to urinate, said hello to Huangfu Longdou, and walked towards the toilet.

It wasn't long before they left.

A group of impatiens pushed open the door of Group A and walked in.

The leader was a man who looked quite strong, and had a fierce face with a sinister smile on his lips.

And next to him, there is also a man with yellow hair, wearing a vest, and a body of tendon meat.

Seeing these two people, Narumi couldn't help but shrink my pupils.

If you realize that the person who is not coming is good, I am afraid that it will be very troublesome next!

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