One year group A is right next to the staircase and is easy to find.

Huangfu Longdou followed the corridor and came to the gate of Group A of the year.

Push the door in.

There are some tables and chairs in the crooked inside.

Many of the tables and chairs looked a little broken, and the glass windows were broken.

"That's what it looks like!".

Huangfu Longdou muttered and stepped into Group A for one year.

There are a lot of bad places, and if the tables and chairs are neatly organized, it will be a little scary.

I found a clean seat and sat down in the back window.

The sunlight shines through the glassless window, and it is warm.

It's just that Huangfu Longdou's ass hasn't been hot yet.

At the gate, 10 impatiens suddenly walked in.

"Yo... Luckily, I actually came to our group, hey... Boy, do you know the rules of the phoenix?"

One of them, who even had his brow shaved off, tilted his head, staggered to Huangfu Longdou, held a cigarette, and said with bad intentions.

"I know!".

Huangfu Long Dou looked 'well-behaved' and nodded.

"I can't see that I'm quite sensible..."

Having said that, the browless bald head showed a look of disappointment.

It seems that he would prefer Huangfu Ryudou to say, 'I don't know'.

"It's a little less fun, but forget it... Do I help you, or do you do it yourself?".

The bald head of the browless who felt that he had lost the opportunity to "educate" took out the clipper from his pocket with no interest.

He felt that Huangfu Long Dou said that he knew the rules of Fengxian and had accepted the fact that he was going to be shaved bald.

"The rules of the phoenix, the weak do not deserve to have hair, only the strong can have their own personality... You are obviously the so-called weakling!".

Huangfu Long Dou said and pushed the black-framed glasses on the bridge of his nose, and glanced at the bald heads: "But there is one thing I don't understand, as a weak person, how dare you want me to shave my head? Who gave you the courage?".

As soon as the words fell, the entire A group became dead silent.

10 bald heads, 20 pairs of eyes, staring directly at Huangfu Longdou.

After a long time, one of the bald heads suddenly burst into laughter.

"Haha... This kid can't be the kind of guy who is stupid at studying, right?

The bald head's name is Uei.

Suddenly, Uei put away his smile and continued: "We are indeed weak among the phoenix immortals, that's just compared to Brother Mito, if you deal with a guy like you, Lao Tzu can kill you with one hand!".

"In that case, I'm more curious, how did you kill me with one hand?".

Huangfu Longdou looked at Shangjing, with a faint smile on the corner of his mouth.

In Uejing's eyes, it was full of contempt for himself.

"Shangjing, don't talk nonsense with this guy, just let this kid experience the rules of our phoenix fairy for yourself!".

The eyebrowless bald head quickly came to the side of Huangfu Longdou, and the corners of his mouth hooked up a hideous smile.

In the past, he was pressed on the table and forcibly shaved his head.

That sense of powerless failure.

In the view of the browless bald head, it can't be only known to himself.

Why don't you let other people experience it?

The browless bald head thought, and the smile became more and more hideous.

But in his left hand, he grabbed Huangfu Longdou's shoulder and tried to press the person to the table.

The smile on his face suddenly stiffened there.

The Huangfu Dragon Fighting Pattern did not move

It feels like you're pressed against a wall.

It can't be, right?

I'm obviously trying hard!

"Give Lao Tzu a !!


No eyebrows, bald heads, do not believe in evil, concentrate on their spirits, and muster up all their strength.

As a result of exerting too much force, both sides of the temples began to erupt.

However, Huangfu Long Dou still sat there steadily.

"Hey, stop playing, hurry up!".

Uei thought that the browless bald head was playing, and he was suddenly a little dissatisfied.

"I've used all the strength to feed, this guy... Something evil!".

The browless bald head and his eyes are starting to get bloodshot.

On the other hand, Huangfu Longdou still looks relaxed.

Even as if he didn't feel the existence of his eyebrowless bald head, he slowly took out the small black notebook from his pocket and opened it to take a look.

[No eyebrows and bald head]: LV8

[Average attribute]: 44

[Uei]: LV9

[Average Attribute]: 46

[Bald A]: LV7

[Average attribute]: 42


"The average attribute is only around 45 points, and sure enough, they are all miscellaneous fish, no exceptions!".

Huangfu Ryudou closed the notebook again and put it back in his pocket.

"Bastard, it looks like you're choosing to die!".

Umii didn't understand any average attributes, but he understood that Huangfu Longdou called himself a miscellaneous fish.

Huangfu Longdou ignored the shouting of the well.

The backhand slowly grabbed the palm of the bald head of the brow that was pressed against his shoulder.

I've just come into contact with it.

The browless bald head suddenly changed his face, and his breathing gradually became heavy.

With the Huangfu Dragon Dou turned his wrist.

The browless bald head listened to the 'click' sound coming from his palms and wrists, and he only felt that it was about to break.

The pain was so painful that the sweat was raging, and the whole person involuntarily knelt on the ground.

"Loose... Let go..."

Enduring the intense pain, the browless bald head struggled to squeeze a few words out between his teeth.

Huangfu Longdou didn't stop, and he didn't stop writhing until the browless bald head knelt beside him.

It's just that the hand without eyebrows and bald head has been twisted to a certain extent, as if the joints will collapse at any time.

"I'm the one who hates unfamiliar guys the most, and they put their hands on my shoulders for no reason..."

Huangfu Longdou still had a faint smile on the corner of his mouth, and he grabbed his eyebrow-free bald head with one hand and made him kneel beside him.

"Bastard... He told you to let go, do you hear that!".

Uei finally understood what was going on, and immediately burst out, rushing head-on at Huangfu Longdou and waving his fist.

Seeing that the fist was about to hit the face.

Huangfu Longdou kicked on the table leg.


The entire table moved sideways in an instant, hitting Uei's leg, causing him to lose his balance and fall onto the table on the spot.

"Oh yes..."

His leg hurt from the bang, and Uei cursed as he pressed his hands on the table.

Just about to try to get up.

Huangfu Longdou's big hand grabbed his head.

Then press down firmly.


The loud sound instantly resounded throughout Group A.

I saw Uejing's bare head, slamming into the tabletop and being pressed into the drawer by Huangfu Longdou.

Say it's too late, then it's too fast.

In the blink of an eye, one fell to his knees, and the other burrowed his head into a drawer and became motionless.

On the other hand, Huangfu Long Dou was still sitting there, with a faint smile on the corner of his mouth.

All the remaining bald heads, looking at Huangfu Longdou, a strong chill rose in their hearts, and they involuntarily took a step back.

"Obviously, you can't kill me with one hand. "

Huangfu Longdou let go of his eyebrow-free bald hand, patted Shangjing's head, and slowly stood up as he spoke.

Take off your black-rimmed glasses, rub your hands together and slowly pull all your hair back.

"So... Now let's warm up!".

Without glasses to cover him, Huangfu Longdou's sharp eyes swept over the bald heads of the audience.

Each bald head only felt two sharp blades stabbing at him, and a large number of goosebumps immediately appeared on his skin, and he instinctively took a step back again.

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