After saying goodbye to Narumi Daigo and Kumachi Riya.

Huangfu Longdou left the hospital and came to the counseling institution.

Push straight open the president's office.

I saw that the president in a suit and leather shoes in the office was already sitting behind his desk.

And on the sofa next to it, there was also a middle-aged woman who looked very capable.

"Teacher Longdou... You're finally here.,Let me introduce you to you.,This is the chairman of the Eriko of Seno Gakuen!".

When the president saw Huangfu Longdou coming in, he immediately got up and stepped forward, with a smile on his face, which was called enthusiasm.

"The chairman of the board of directors of Seno Gakuen?, you are the client?".

After nodding to the president, Huangfu Longdou turned his head to look at the middle-aged woman suspiciously.

Seno School Park,Huangfu Longdou knows,It's kind of famous nearby.,It's a little bit away from the first line.,A women's school park.。

The so-called girls' school is a school that only admits female students.

This kind of school is still quite common in this country, so naturally it is not a problem.

The problem is that in places like schools, there is definitely no shortage of teachers.

How can you still entrust students to tutoring agencies?

And it's also commissioned by the chairman personally!

Huangfu Long Dou immediately smelled an unusual aura.

It's so suspicious!

And the emperor was puzzled.,When looking at the chairman of the Seno School Park.。

Chairman Eriko also looked at him suspiciously.

"President Miki... That's what you say, your institution's gold medal instructor?".

As the chairman of a school park,Naturally, I know the uniform of the phoenix.。

I also know very well what kind of place Impatiens is.

In normal times, Chairman Eriko even reminds his students to stay away from them as much as possible when they see them.

"That's right... This is our gold medal lecturer, the ace, Huangfu Longdou!".

The president was proud to introduce Huangfu Longdou.


Chairman Eriko's brows tightened more and more, and he looked Huangfu Longdou up and down again.

If he said that he was going to participate in any fighting competitions or sports competitions, he believed that there would be absolutely no problem with the Huangfu Dragon Fight of the Phoenix Immortals.

But if it were to teach knowledge, she wouldn't believe it.

In her opinion, there are a lot of bad places where the phoenix gathers.

I'm afraid there are problems with character, all of them must be sleeping in class, and they can't even go to class, and they can't even add, subtract, multiply and divide, where can they teach people.

Also a gold medal lecturer?!

But after carefully looking at the Huangfu Dragon Fight.

Chairman Eriko found that the man in front of him was completely different from the bad in his impression.

Gentle and elegant, without any violent temperament, he does look like a person who can read very well, and even has an extraordinary temperament, like a well-educated nobleman, quite charming.

After all, Huangfu Longdou still wears glasses well.

"Chairman Eriko... Although Huangfu Longdou has indeed entered the Phoenix Immortal now, his strength is very strong, even if he goes to Dongda immediately, there is no problem, if you don't believe it, you can take a test!".

The president naturally saw the doubts of Chairman Eriko, and immediately patted his chest and said with a package ticket.

"Don't be so troublesome, since the president has said so, I naturally believe you, but when it comes to the ugly words, I'm afraid the students I brought this time are quite troublesome, if it weren't really out of the way, I wouldn't try to send them here for help..."

Chairman Eriko said and looked at Huangfu Ryuto, "If you're not sure, don't waste time with each other!"

It sounds like all the teachers in the entire Seno School Park.,There's no way to take those two students.。

In the end, I had no choice but to send it here for counseling.

"What kind of student?".

Huangfu Long Dou was ready in his heart.

"Here's their profile, you can take a look!"

As she spoke, she pulled out two documents from her briefcase.

Huangfu Longdou took the information and glanced at the content on it, his brows tightened more and more.

Fumino Furuhashi:One year at the school of the present seze.,The family is well-off.,Mother is engaged in the astronomical industry.,And my father is a professor of mathematics at the university.,Received a good education from an early age.。

In the school garden,Modern literature、Ancient literature、There is an overwhelming strength in Chinese subjects.,Known as the sleeping beauty of the literary forest.。

Riku Ogata: In the first year of the school of the present se, in mathematics, physics and other related subjects, he won the first grade in the grade, so he was called the thumbelina of mechanical production.

It sounds like two geniuses, not like a scumbag who can't be taught.

Why can't even all the teachers in the entire school park take them?

Could it be that the two of them are too powerful, so the teachers in the Seno School Park have nothing to teach?

Huangfu Long Dou became more and more puzzled.

"Are they coming?".

Huangfu Longdou put down the information and decided to meet in person.

After all, the information is also written by someone else, and it is possible to make mistakes.

"They're in the next room... Long Dou,Those two students,You have to take it seriously.,Chairman Eriko also wants to rely on their grades.,Impact Seno School Park into a first-line school park.,Of course... When the time comes, there will definitely be no less benefits!".

The president said cautiously as he led Huangfu Ryudou towards the room next to him.

Chairman Eriko wants to rely on these two students to improve the social status of the entire Seno Gakuen.。

This really explains why Eriko thinks so highly of the two students.

Even personally bring students to the tutoring facility.

But for such an important student, the academic performance should be very good, and there is no need to come to the tutoring institution for help.

Very contradictory!

Huangfu Longdou pushed open the door of the next room with a puzzle.

In the small room, there are four desks, one desk, one lectern, and two desks.

There were already two girls sitting behind the desks.

One of the girls was a beautiful girl, with large eyes, a tear mole under her left eye, fair skin, a smile like a flower, and waist-length blue hair with a white headband on top of her head.

Huangfu Ryudou has seen the photos on the information and knows that this girl is called Furuhashi Fumino.

Another girl wears red oval glasses on the bridge of her nose, has an orange student hairstyle, and has a cute red bow hairpin on her left sideburns.

Then this girl should be Riki Ogata.

"Hello, I am your future tutor, my name is Huangfu Longdou..."

Huangfu Longdou came to the two girls and introduced himself with a smile.

Words to be a tutor.

Huangfu Longdou is still quite experienced.

First of all, it is natural to close the distance between each other.

Otherwise, if you are wary of the enemy, it will be difficult to carry out the work.

And if you close the distance first, you can also better promote mutual understanding and familiarity.

In this way, it is more convenient to communicate with all aspects later.


PS: The content of the flower girl will not be very much.,It's going to be adjusted without affecting the main line.,And then I'll try to put the picture on it.,By the way, ask for support !!


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