Narumi I'm completely convinced.

Put yourself in their shoes.

If it is Huangfu Long, he loses to himself.

I won't let him make a choice again no matter what.

With this kind of energy, Narumi Daii thinks I can't do it.

So he was really convinced.

is not only convinced in strength, but also completely convinced in my heart.

"Compared to Brother Zhen Xixiong, maybe Huangfu Longdou can really lead Fengxian to glory!"

Narumi lowered my head and thought to myself.

He believed that Mito Makio's strength would definitely not lose to Huangfu Ryuto.

As for the strength, maybe it's not much worse.

But I have to admit that the peace-loving Mito is really kio.

In this chaotic era, it is impossible to lead the phoenix to move forward.

And Huangfu Ryudou has the momentum and ambition that Mito Makio does not have, and he also has the strength to match.

"Like I said before, instead of giving hope to others, it's better to create the future you want with your own hands, Narumi... Let's create the future together!".

Huangfu Ryuto said and stretched out his right hand to Narumi Daigo.


Narumi nodded, and also raised his right hand, holding it together with the Emperor Fu Longdou.

The sixteenth plan of the thirty-six schemes: to capture the old and indulge!

It seems to be let go, but in fact, it is to really subdue it.

In this world, there are so many bad and extreme paths, according to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 300,000 members of the extreme path registered in this world, and there are countless people who can fight.

But no matter how much you can fight, it's just a safflower double stick, a head or a head to assist.

If you want to be a real boss, your brain is very important.

If Narumi Da I am not really convinced, even if I want to abide by the gambling contract, I am just in Cao Ying's heart in Han.

If there is a real conflict with Mito Makio at that time.

So whether Narumi Daii will fight with all his might is another matter.

I'm afraid I'm going to put some water more or less.

After all, he is not really willing to die, so naturally he will not throw a fist at his respected seniors.

But now that he is completely convinced, he sincerely surrenders, and thinks that the concept of Huangfu Longdou is right, then the situation is different.

Of course, no matter what, Huangfu Ryudou is really optimistic about Narumi Dae.

I also really hope that Narumi Daime can follow him.

After all, there are not many people who can reach S-level potential.

And in the previous battle, Narumi Daime also broke through himself in the battle.

[Narumi Big Me]: LV22

[Stamina]: 83

[Fist power]: 85

[Leg strength]: 84

[Endurance]: 80

[Speed]: 83

[Technique]: 86

[Willpower]: 87

[Responsiveness]: 84

[Striking Force]: 82

[Mastery Skills]: Perseverance (Passive, S-Rank), Fighting (Passive, A-Rank).

The [Tenacity] skill has also been upgraded to [Tenacity].

In this way, at the last moment of the battle, there are even fewer people who can break through themselves by their own willpower.

If you train it well, you will definitely be a big fighter.

Huangfu Longdou is in a good mood.

After a few words of advice to Narumi to get some rest, he returned to the side, sat back in his seat, and took out the small black notebook from his pocket.

It's time to sort it out, today's harvest.

[Congratulations on subduing the Impatiens Narumi Great Self (LV22) and gaining 3,000 experience points and 1,600 battle points!]

It's only Narumi Daime, but the experience points are quite rich.

With so many experience points added, Huangfu Dragon Dou once again met the conditions for leveling.

[Huangfu Dragon Fight]: LV28 (2150/6500 XP).

[Stamina]: 93+3

[Fist Power]: 96+3

[Leg strength]: 96+3

[Endurance]: 91+3

[Speed]: 92+3

[Skill]: 96+3

[Willpower]: 90+3

[Responsiveness]: 93+3

[Shock resistance]: 93+3

[Mastery Skills]: Born to be King (Passive, S Rank), Street Fighting (Passive, A Grade), Large Vision (Passive, A-) Strong Grip (Active, B+ Grade).

[Battle Points]: 11460 points

In addition to the obvious feeling of being stronger because of the upgrade.

The most important thing is that the number of battle points exceeds 10,000.

You can do an advanced skill draw.

As long as the luck is not too bad, being possessed by a non-chieftain.

Gain at least one A-level skill.

However, Huangfu Long Dou still felt a little nervous.

After all, luck is too mysterious to control.

But Huangfu Long Dou quickly adjusted his emotions back.

After taking a deep breath, choose to spend 10,000 Battle Points to start the advanced skill extraction.

[Extraction begins...].

[Congratulations on extracting five skills from the skill library, you can choose one of them...].

[Normal Powerful Punch, Grade B]: Your punch is strong and powerful, and the punch power increases by 5 points when you throw a normal punch

[Stamina Increase, B+ Rank]: When fighting, your stamina is increased by 5 points.

[Entry-level breathing rhythm, C-level]: You know how to master the rhythm of breathing, and you can slightly reduce the consumption of physical strength when fighting.

[Entry-Level Side Kick, C-Level]: You know how to kick a little, and slightly increase the damage of the side kick when fighting.

Seeing this, even if Huangfu Longdou had a big heart, he didn't dare to continue looking down.

The apparent contents of the notebook have also come to an end.

What is the last skill, you need to turn the page to see.

Spend 10,000 battle points, and the first 4 skills are only B+ level at the highest.

"It shouldn't be so non-chieftain, right?"

Huangfu Longdou took another deep breath and let go of the next page of the notebook little by little.

[Phoenix's Ambition, S+ Rank]: Phoenix's Ambition is as solid as a rock, and its willpower increases by 5% during battle, even if its physical strength is exhausted, it can still rely on its own strong will to forcibly let the body continue to act for a long time.

Huangfu Long Dou's eyes suddenly lit up, and his slightly nervous mood calmed down, and even became a little restless.

If [Perseverance] is an upgraded version of the [Perseverance] skill.

Then [Phoenix's Ambition] is the top upgrade of the [Perseverance] skill.

To put it simply, even if you run out of physical strength, you can do crazy sit-ups, just like Xiaoqiang, who can't be killed.

Although on the surface, it is not possible to significantly improve combat effectiveness.

But this skill is undoubtedly the top-level support skill, which greatly increases the likelihood of standing last.

Even if you encounter an enemy who is far stronger than you, you can constantly do sit-ups to break down the enemy's mentality, and finally find a chance to win.

Don't think about it at all.

Huangfu Long Dou did not hesitate to choose the skill of [Phoenix Immortal Zhi].

"It's a double happiness today..."

Not only did he recover Narumi Daego, but he also gained S+-level skills, and Huangfu Ryudou was in a good mood.

That's when the president of the counseling agency called.

said that there are two female students who need tutoring, and I don't know if Huangfu Longdou is interested.

Huangfu Longdou, who was in a good mood, agreed without hesitation.


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