A few days later.

Huangfu Longdou is considered to have rectified the current situation.

Newly rented apartment, nothing was too much trouble, smooth check-in.

By the way, Huangfu Longdou went to the branch of the extracurricular tutoring agency here to report.

The reason why I wear glasses is to try to look 'harmless to humans and animals'.

There is another reason, Huangfu Longdou has a part-time tutor.

Tutoring is also his main source of income at the moment.

After all, people live to have a good meal, and a good meal costs money.

Of course, Huangfu Longdou signed a cooperation contract with the company.

You don't usually have to go to the company, and you can refuse students who don't want to teach.

In short, the company does not have the right to force Huangfu to fight, and it is generally very free.

You only need to take some time to teach a few female students, and you can earn a lot of money every month.

However, because I just came to Toyaru City, I don't have any students under my hands.

So I just went to tell the president of the branch that I came here, and if there are any suitable students, I can arrange them for myself.

After dealing with the incident, Huangfu Longdou returned to Fengxian on this day.

At this time, one year within Group A.

About 10 impatiens were gathering in the middle of the classroom, chatting and spitting.

"You guys be careful these days, those guys in Lily of the Valley don't know what's going on, it's like his wife has been robbed in the past two days, and they're crazy to find trouble with our phoenix. "

"There was someone in the group next door, and I met the guy from Lily of the Valley, and before he could say a word, he was chased and beaten, and the bald head was beaten, as if he had been stung by a group of wasps. "

"Don't you know the reason? It seems that it was because Lily of the Valley's Kinoshita Daimae was killed by our Phoenix, and the guys of Lily of the Valley wanted to get the field back, so they were like crazy to trouble our Phoenix. "

"Kinoshita Daimae, isn't that the old powerhouse of Lily of the Valley, who was killed by our phoenix immortals, say it and make me feel refreshed." "

"It's none other than Huangfu Longdou, who just came to our Fengxian. "

As soon as these words came out, the entire Group A instantly fell into silence.

I saw all the phoenix fairies present bald, with more or less bandages on their bodies and dog skin plasters.

And the injuries on their bodies were beaten by Huangfu Longdou.

"If it were him, it wouldn't be surprising. "

After a long time, one of the phoenix fairies said with a palpitation.

"Hmm... His words, killing Kinoshita Daimae, really nothing strange. "

The other phoenix fairies all nodded their heads.

"Having said that, I don't seem to have seen Huangfu Longdou in the past few days. "

"That's good, if I sit in the same classroom with such a monster, I won't dare to pee!"

"Hmm... Humans don't live with monsters. "

These phoenix fairy bald heads have been beaten out of the psychological shadow by Huangfu Longdou.

As soon as the words fell, the door of Group A was suddenly pushed open.

looked at the figure of Huangfu Longdou walking in.

The hearts of all the phoenix fairies present instantly rose to their throats.

As the footsteps of Huangfu Long Dou stepped in, he approached.

All the phoenix bald heads got up in unison and quickly stepped back.

The tables and chairs were hit by them, and there was an unpleasant grinding sound with the ground.

But they didn't stop, and kept hitting the wall.

"Hey, you guys..."

Huangfu Longdou stopped, looked at the phoenix fairy bald heads who were shrinking in the corner, and just spoke.

These phoenix fairies were so frightened that they all knelt on the ground.

"I'm so sorry!".

"We didn't mean to describe you as a monster. "

"Please forgive us, we will never dare again!".

The phoenix bald heads thought that it was because they and others were saying bad things behind their backs, and Huangfu Longdou came to Xingshi to ask for guilt, and they were scared one by one.

Anyway, they didn't want to be beaten by Huangfu Longdou again.


Huangfu Long Dou smiled, in fact, he didn't care that these phoenix bald heads described themselves as monsters.

After all, too many people have said similar things.

After listening to it too much, I became numb and didn't care.

"Let me ask you a question, where is the bear?"

Huangfu Longdou continued to ask.

Since he said that he wanted to take Kumachi Riya and Narumi Daego under his command, he naturally had to take action.

First of all, start with the relatively weak Kumachi Riya.

"Bear Che Li?".

'He's supposed to be in Group B next door, I saw it when I first arrived. "

These phoenix bald heads didn't dare to hide it at all, and replied as soon as possible.

"I hope you didn't lie to me. "

Huangfu Long Dou said and turned around and walked towards Group B.

Put on your glasses and run your hair to avoid bangs blocking your view.

After finishing up, let's go to Group B.

Huangfu Longdou faced the gate, and raised his leg to kick.


In Group B, there was smoke.

Xiong Che Lizai and about 10 impatiens bald heads swallowed clouds and spitted fog inside, making Group B like a fairyland.

"Bear cut... Have you ever contacted Brother Mito?"


"It's not that we said you, because of what you did last time, and now Lily of the Valley seems to be crazy. "

"In our Group B alone, several brothers were killed by Lily of the Valley. "

All the phoenix fairies present looked at Xiong Qiali in unison.

"Hey, hey, don't make it like I'm hurting, I was just defending myself at the time, but... Big Brother Makio did get in touch, but he didn't want to interfere. "

Xiong Che Lizai puffed on his cigarette and shook his head.

He was not actually surprised by Mito's decision, but disappointment was inevitable.

Once upon a time, he also fantasized.

Mito Makio took himself and others to kill the Quartet and completely defeat Lily of the Valley.

But Mito is a pacifist.

Originally, he was opposed to a war with Lily of the Valley, so he was naturally reluctant to intervene.

"Brother Mito... Is he really worthy of being the head of our phoenix?"

At this time, some people raised doubts.

"There is no doubt about the strength of Brother Makio!".

In fact, the doubts about Mito Makio have always existed in Fengxian.

It wasn't until one day that Mito Makio easily killed everyone including the two Fengxian cadres, and the doubts stopped.

It's just that the conflicts between Lily of the Valley and Impatiens become more and more frequent.

Doubts began to emerge again.

And the situation in Group B is just a microcosm of the whole phoenix.

"Maybe Brother Mito is indeed very powerful, but he is unwilling to make a move, such a long time, I don't admit it. "

"Yes, if it goes on like this, Lily of the Valley will ride on our heads and, and Brother Mito still doesn't say anything. "

"Even if he comes out and says a few words, it's fine!"

Listening to the words of the bald heads around him, Xiong Che Riya threw the cigarette butt to the ground and stepped on it with some irritation: "Let's give Brother Makio more patience, I believe he will be able to make up his mind soon." "

He had been taken care of by Mito Makio before, so he still believed that Mito Makio could lead Fengxian to defeat Lily of the Valley and go to glory.


The other impatiens bald heads wanted to continue to say something.


With a loud bang, the entire door was kicked open and slammed against the wall.

I saw that on the iron gate, I could clearly see a sunken footprint.

All the phoenix fairies present couldn't help but feel a pimple in their hearts.

What the hell is going on?

At the same time, a bad premonition rose in Xiong Che Liya's heart: should it be...

At this moment, Huangfu Longdou grabbed the top of the threshold with one hand, lowered his head slightly, and slowly leaned into Group B with his upper body, grinning at Xiong Che Liya and revealing a bright smile: "Xiong Che... I'm coming!".


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