And at the same time,

Just when Lu Yu was thinking about how to explain to Tong Tong why he didn't go to Red Romance,

The cameraman and the audience in the live broadcast room,

It was also in schadenfreude waiting for Lu Yu's answer.

After all

This kind of problem,

was asked by his own daughter in person,

Brother Lu, who is a father,

It's going to be embarrassing!

Especially after seeing Lu Yu hear this question,

also fell silent,

It made the audience particularly happy to see.

"Hahahaha, I'm going to die laughing, why is Tong Tong still thinking about this matter, does she have to let Brother Lu not get off the stage!"

"One thing to say, if my daughter asks like this, I guess the old face will not be able to hang up!" (covering his face.jpg)"

"Me too, so, I've always been sneaky, and I'll never let my daughter know I've been to that kind of place!"

"Hahaha, I want to know now, what is in Brother Lu's heart at the moment, he has been silent for a minute!"

"What else can you think? I guess it's just a toad drinking glue, why can't you open your mouth!"

"That's not it, Brother Lu is so thick-skinned, he won't be embarrassed!"

"Guess what Brother Lu will answer?"

"I guess, Brother Lu will be serious and come up with a reason to fool Tong Tong, such as if there is no money in the card, or the place is too far away, or that Dad won't go to that place since he had you and your mother!"

"Niu Beer, upstairs, you know Brother Lu!"

"Brother Lu: I won't say that it's because the young lady who is romantic is not beautiful enough, so I won't go!"


Seeing Lu Yu, after hearing this strange question asked by Tong Tong, he was silent for so long,

Audience in the live broadcast room,

It's just going to be fun.

They thought that Lu Yu was embarrassed by this question and didn't know how to explain it to his daughter......


The audience didn't mention how much schadenfreude,

The previous instant noodle turmoil,

I didn't see Brother Lu make a fool of himself,

This time

Maybe you can get your wish!


If Lu Yu knew these thoughts of the audience,

It is estimated that Lu Yu can die of laughter.


Wouldn't I be embarrassed?

What do you think, brothers!

My Lu Yu's face can withstand a meteorite outside the sky!

This little wind and waves, I, Lu Yu, am not afraid!

In the midst of the audience's gloating discussion,

Lu Yu finally organized the language,

Slowly opened his mouth.

His first words,

On the barrage that made the live broadcast room very lively,

Instantly it became quiet!

"Tong Tong, my father will never go to Red Romance again, that's because, in Red Romance, there is a girl named Meixi, who makes me uncomfortable!"

"I hate her!"

"That's why I'm not going!"



As soon as Lu Yu's words came out,

The audience was stunned!


Everyone still thinks that

Faced with this kind of problem,

Lu Yu will be vague, or find another reason to fool Tong Tong.


What I never expected was that

Brother Lu is so brave,

Come up and say,

It's because a woman in Red Romance didn't serve him comfortably, so she didn't go!

Brother Lu is really not worried at all,

It's going to teach the children badly!

Say whatever you want!

It's so brave!


Audience at this time,

I didn't realize what Lu Yu was trying to say at all.

For Lu Yu's mouth,

The woman, named Meixi, didn't pay much attention to it.

Only a tiny fraction of the audience,

After hearing the name,

I complained a few words on the barrage by the way.

"This woman is very good at naming, she is actually called Meixi, why didn't she just call Meixi!"

"Hahaha, if she calls Mei Xi, I will take a plane tonight, I will have to go over and teach her a hard lesson, not for anything else, just because of her name, I look very angry!"

"No wonder I heard the word Meixi, a little familiar, it turned out to be a homophone with the football king......"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I forgot, they have changed their names, it's not called Mehi, it's called Ryxi!"

"Howl for the shrimp?"

"You don't know, because this guy is here with us, dragging like 2580,000, nostrils facing the sky. "

"As a result, after going to Xiaori Country, he became happy again, so now it is said on the Internet that he is a Tai~Jun, he should not be called Meixi, he should be called Yanxi!"

"Hahaha, is there anything else?"


A small audience in the live broadcast room,

Because of the name of Red Romance Meixi mentioned by Lu Yu,

By the way, I complained a few words.


Spit and spit and spit out,

These viewers didn't go to their hearts,


It's just a coincidence that the name of the red romantic girl is similar to Mehi.


Just as they thought so,

Lu Yu spoke again.

"Meixi, I used to like her a lot, but that time, she really made me angry!"

Lu Yu said a little speechlessly,

"I ordered her, paid the money, and went into the house, but Tong Tong, guess what this Meixi did?"

"She was obviously the one I called to give me a massage, and called her to serve me......"

"As a result, she took herself too seriously!"

"When she entered the house, she sat down on the couch and watched TV there!"

"I was thinking at the time, I like you a lot, just look at it, anyway, I'm not in a hurry, there's still a lot of time. "

"I'll wait for you to see it for a while, and then I'll let you come and serve me!"

"But I never expected it!"

"This Meixi is so shameless!"

"Seeing that the time is almost over, she can't even come over to give me a massage, and she is still there watching TV!"

"I was in a hurry!"

"I asked her, it's the second half, why can't you come?"

"Guess what people say?"

"Hehe, she didn't say anything!"

"People don't pay attention to me at all!"

"You don't know, she looks like that, but she makes me angry, if you don't press it, forget it, you won't even talk about it!"

"What's even worse is that she still has a stinky face the whole time!"

"It's as if I owe her so much!"

When the time came, she picked up her toolbox, turned around and pushed the door open!

"When did your dad and I get this kind of anger?"

In a fit of rage, I called the manager and told him about it. "

"The manager told me that she was not feeling well. "

"And, it just so happens that Meixi's relatives, that is, her eldest aunt, came to visit her, so Meixi didn't have the heart to serve me well, and asked me to forgive her......"

"Well, I see!"

Lu Yu spread his hands,

said very freely,

"It turned out that he was not feeling well, and there were relatives at home...... No wonder she looks dead!"

"Your dad and I are not unreasonable people. "

"Since people have a reason, then I don't blame her anymore and choose to forgive her. "


When Lu Yu said this,

Tong Tong nodded.


She understood Lu Yu's words.


It is

Dad found someone named Meixi to give him a massage, but the other party had a stinky face and watched TV in the room.

Not only did I not give my dad a massage,

I don't even give a chat.

Dad can't be angry, (read the violent novel, just go to the Feilu Novel Network!)

I called the manager, and the manager told my father that Meixi was not feeling well......

Thinking of this,

Tong Tong was a little angry and said,

"Dad, this Meixi is indeed quite annoying, she is not feeling well, then she can say it earlier!"

"Or, she doesn't want to come to work, isn't it!"

"It's really annoying that you have taken your money from Dad, and you don't work yet!"

"Tong Tong, you're right!"

Hearing my daughter's summary,

Lu Yu's eyes lit up,

Directly gave a thumbs up to Tong Tong,

"You summed it up, very well!"



Even a five-year-old child can figure out the truth, but it's ridiculous that Meixi doesn't even understand!

You're not feeling well,[]

You can't come at all.

After taking the money,

When you come, you don't work,

It's going to you!

And at the same time,

Just when Lu Yu and Tong Tong said a word, I complained about Meixi's behavior one word,

In the live broadcast room,

Many viewers were stunned again!

If before,

Only a small number of people noticed Meixi's name and thought of the words of that Mehi,

So at this point,

With Lu Yu's crazy hints,

Thinking about it again,

The headlines these days......

Basically, the vast majority of viewers,

In an instant, I got the relationship between Meixi and Mexi!

For another comparison,

Mei Xi and Mehi's behavior,

The audience burst into laughter!

Both have the same name.

The behavior is exactly the same!

One is that after taking the money, he doesn't play football, sits on the bench with a black face throughout the whole process, watches others play, and doesn't interact with others.

One is that after taking the money, I don't massage, I sit on the bed with a stinky face the whole time, watch TV, and don't chat with customers.


The explanation given at the end,

It's all unwell......

Even if the audience reacts slowly, of course, they guessed it at this time,

Brother Lu is referring to something, he is borrowing the name of Meixi, and the connotation of madness is that Mexi!

On the barrage,

Burst into laughter in an instant!

"Hahahaha, Brother Lu, he understands the connotation, I really didn't hear it at first, but the more I listened, the more I felt that this thing was a little familiar, as if I had just ......seen it somewhere."

"If you think about it, isn't this horse talking about Mehi!"

"Cow beer, Brother Lu's connotation, I give it a full score, if I hadn't heard the end, I thought he was really complaining about that massage girl!"

"Laughing to death, as soon as I heard Brother Lu say Meixi, I thought of Mei Xi, and I thought it was a coincidence of the name, but I didn't expect that Brother Lu did it on purpose, hahaha!"

"What Mei Xi, don't talk nonsense, don't recruit black for Brother Lu, what Brother Lu said is obviously Meixi! (dog head .jpg)"

"You think too much, although I also like Mei Xi very much, but what he did was wrong!"

"Brother Lu, don't talk about connotating him, what about scolding him directly, I want to see, who dares to stand up for Mei Xi, come over to Brother Lu!"

"That's right, he has the ability to insult people like this, and he doesn't allow others to say it? Brother Lu is right, it's all the truth!"

"Well, I don't pay much attention to sports, and I'm not a fan of Mexi, but I see that there are a lot of people scolding him recently, which big guy can popularize science about me, what is going on?"

"This doesn't need to be popularized by the big guy, you can just search on the Internet to know!"

"If you don't want to search on the Internet, then you can go to watch the novel "Live Broadcast: The Post-90s Rebel Son with a Baby, It's Too Contrary to the Sky", Chapter 157 in the novel, which has the ins and outs of this matter!"

"I'm ashamed, I'm still slow to react, and when I saw the information on the barrage, I knew what Brother Lu was talking about!

"Tong Tong summed it up very well!"

"Even Tong Tong knows that he takes other people's money and wants to work for others, it's ridiculous that the ball king doesn't even understand this reason, it's disgusting!"

"Don't say anything, just rush Brother Lu, you dare to be in the live broadcast room, the connotation is Meixi, I will give you a crazy thumbs up!"


When the audience is aware,

After Lu Yu's meaning was pointed,

On the entire barrage,

They all started laughing and complaining!


The audience for Lu Yu's operation,

It's simply worship, don't want it,

Brother Lu is too talented,

can actually give irrelevant massage girls to the upper body to the ball king!

Obviously didn't say anything,

But it seems to have said everything,

I almost blew out the other party's ID number!

Brother Lu's brain is open,

It's really not convincing (good Zhao Hao) no!

Many viewers didn't react at all at first!


What's more worth mentioning is that

When you are aware of it,

Lu Yu is after the connotation of that person,

On the entire barrage,

There was no one who jumped to his feet angrily, came out to accuse Lu Yu, and spoke for that person!

On the contrary,

There are quite a few viewers,

blame Lu Yu for scolding too subtlely,

Treat that kind of person,

It's time to scold by name!

This phenomenon,

can only be said to be both unexpected and reasonable,

It can also be seen from this that

This time,

It's really the anger of the people.

As Lu Yu said before,

The land under our feet, no matter how much our own people complain and complain, there is no problem.

It's our family affair.

But you're an outsider,

To insult it in this way?

Sorry for that,

I don't care which onion you are, I don't care how much I liked you......

In the face of Min emotion,

You're a kicker, it's not worth mentioning at all!


On the barrage in the live broadcast room, there was constant laughter and complaints.

And at this moment,

In the picture,

Just listen to Lu Yu continue,

"Tong Tong, the story is not over here!"

"What really makes me angry, what makes me hate that Mei Xi very much, is not only these!"

"She wasn't feeling well and didn't give me a massage, I can understand it, I can even forgive her......"

"But, you know what?"

"Just when I was about to leave Red Romance, another incident happened!"

"It was this incident that made me see Meixi's face clearly!"

"It also makes me sick of this guy from now on!"



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