The cameraman is a good man who is more honest and takes care of his family.

Just from the topic of playing games before,

In fact, you can see it.

The cameraman doesn't play games much, doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, and doesn't get paid.

When you're usually fine,

likes to stay at home and accompany his wife to catch up on dramas, do housework, or accompany his wife to go shopping.

Because of this,

In the heart of the camera brother,

Like this red romance, clubhouse, and those massage places,

It's no different from the spider spirit's silk hole,

He argues that

Those places are not serious places,

The woman inside,

All of them are like a goblin who will seduce men to make mistakes.

Especially for married men,

You shouldn't go to these places to consume,

In case you can't hold it,

What can I do if I make a mistake in it?

When the wife and children found out, wouldn't they cry to death!


It is with this in mind that

At this time, the camera brother persuaded Lu Yu, wanting him to turn back to the shore and stop being obsessed.

Hearing the sincere persuasion of the camera brother,

Lu Yu was stunned,

Then I almost didn't laugh!

"Haha, Lao Zhi, you guy's thinking is too conservative, right?"

Lu Yu said with a smile,

"Where do you want to go?"

"Who told you that these places are not serious!"

"The red romance I went to is a regular club, not the kind of messy place you think!"

"Don't you know my Lu Yu's character!"

"I don't even take a second look at beautiful women walking on the street!"

"You don't look at it a second time, because after you look at it for the first time, you keep staring at ......"

The cameraman rolled his eyes,

faintly complained,

"It is precisely because I understand your character that I persuaded you!"

"Brother Lu, as the saying goes, you often walk by the river, how can you not get your shoes wet?"

"Even if you have held it before, there is no guarantee that you will be able to hold it every time in the future!"

"Once you can't hold on and make a mistake......"

"The consequences are unimaginable!"


Speaking of which,

The cameraman's face showed a look of secrecy,

Anyway, in his 13 lifetimes,

It's impossible to go to those places to consume,

It's too easy to make mistakes!

Looked at

Lu Yu laughed again,

"Lao Zheng, I really didn't see it before, you are still so timid!"

"It seems that you are usually at home, and my sister-in-law is very strict with you!"

"You're too sensitive!"

"Those places, how can they be as terrifying as you think!"

Lu Yu thought for a moment,

Explained with a smile,

"Everything, you have to think about it from a different angle, you can't keep thinking about it, men go there to make mistakes!"

"A different angle?"

The cameraman was stunned,

"What's the angle?"

"The angle of helping others!"

Lu Yu said righteously,

"Do you think, those places, if you don't go, I won't go, he won't go, what will happen to the young ladies there?"

"Isn't it only possible to drink the northwest wind!"

"How do they make money?"

"Our simple consumption may be a ticket to return home for the New Year, and a down jacket to protect against the cold in the harsh winter!"

"Maybe, in their family, there is a gambling father, a sick mother, a young brother, and a younger sister who is waiting for money to pay for tuition......"

"They come to work in these places for the burden of their families, and if we don't go, who will help them?"

"Say, who can help them!"

"As a man who pities the fragrance and cherishes the jade, can you bear to see them depressed?!"

"Anyway, I can't bear it!"

"So, usually, if I can help, I will help them!"


Lu Yu's righteous and awe-inspiring words,

The camera brother who said it directly was dumbfounded.


It turned out that Brother Lu said,

From a different perspective,

That's what it means!

The camera brother glanced at Lu Yu deeply,


Said with feelings,

"Brother Lu, what you said, I really was a little impressed by you!"

"Before, I always thought that you were a shameless guy!"

"But now ......"

"Oh, what's going on now?"

Lu Yu asked expectantly,

"Don't you think I'm great now!"

"No ......"

The cameraman shook his head,

said with a serious face,

"I feel now that it's an insult to say that you are shameless!"

"You're too shameless than them!"

"Not only are you shameless, but you're also very brazen!"

"If a meteorite flies from an alien planet one day, you can directly take your face to resist the meteorite!"

"If the meteorite is shattered, your face will not be shattered!"

Lu Yu: "......"

And at the same time,

...... in the live broadcast room

"Hahahaha, this meal, it's really easy to scold, that's right, Brother Lu, this guy is really saying that he is shameless, it's all light, he has no face at all!"

"Laughing to death, a person with such a good temper as Big Brother was so angry with Brother Lu that he was angry, hahaha!"

"Brother Lu deserves to be scolded, the old man is a good man, you still want to drag others into the water, your conscience is greatly damaged!"

"God stepping on horses likes to help others, Brother Lu, don't you blush when you say this!"

"The old lady lying on the ground at the gate of Wanda Square is not cold yet, why didn't you go over to help others at that time!"

"As we all know, what Brother Lu said about helping others is limited to beautiful widows, long-legged mothers of children, single beauties, and others, which are not within the scope of his help!"

"Hahaha, upstairs, you know Brother Lu!"

"Don't say it, the family situation of the young lady in those places is really similar to what Brother Lu said, many of them have a gambling father, a sick mother, a young brother, and a younger sister who is waiting to pay the tuition......"

"So, Brother Lu understands it very well, and he hasn't been there since then!"

"Thanks to Brother Lu, I realized, in order to let the young ladies grab a ticket to return home during the Chinese New Year, I will help them later!"

"Hey, when you get to the place, don't forget to ask first, let me practice judo!"

"God is special judo...... Hahahacao, I'm a person who has studied judo for eight years, and I can't look at these two words anymore!" (covering his face.jpg)"


A conversation between Lu Yu and the camera brother,

Directly let the audience in the live broadcast room,

Laughter rang out incessantly.

And at the same time,

The camera brother is also completely speechless for Lu Yu!

He kind of saw it,

Brother Lu is too prodigal to be persuaded at all.

No matter how much he says, he will still go when he should go!


The camera brother no longer wastes his tongue,

But after rolling his eyes,

He stopped talking.

At this time, Tong Tong had already changed into her pajamas and lay on the bed, holding the red romantic VIP membership card in her hand.

Seeing that my father and the camera uncle finished chatting,

She asked again,

"Dad, you haven't told me yet, why haven't you been here for a massage for a long time?"

"Didn't you like to go here before?"

"Why don't you go now?"

Tong Tong stared at his father with curious eyes.

This child,

I like to worry about it all day long,

Asking yourself this kind of question......

I don't know,

Who did she learn this from, and she has such messy thoughts all day long......

Faced with this problem of my daughter,

Lu Yu couldn't laugh or cry,


Since my daughter has asked twice,

Lu Yu didn't plan to perfunctory his daughter.

is preparing to truthfully explain why,

said that the reason why my dad didn't go to Red Romance was because the last time I spent in Red Romance, I was frightened, and I happened to catch up with the police to go there for a surprise inspection.

When I am comfortable,

The sweepers pushed the door open and broke in.

The service staff of Red Romance didn't know how to come over to say hello in advance, and when they saw a group of people from the cleaning team coming in Hulala, Lu Yu was directly startled......

The experience at that time,

makes Lu Yu particularly sad,

Because of this,

Since then,

Lu Yu has never been to Red Romance again.

Thinking of this,

Lu Yu was about to explain to her in a language that a child could understand,


At this moment,

Another thought,

But it suddenly appeared in Lu Yu's mind.

He suddenly remembered,

In the past two days, there has been a lot of news on the Internet.


It's about a football superstar!

That's right

That's it, the only Ahetinous ball king who is still in service today - Leo, Mehi!

For Mehi,


Lu Yu has always liked each other very much for so many years.


This year's World Cup competition, (read the violent novel, go to the Feilu Novel Network!)

When I saw Mehi, leading the Ahletin team, defeating the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and letting the Pansy Eagle soar in the sky again,

After 36 years, the moment when I won the Hercules Cup again......

Lu Yu across the screen,

They were all excited and burst into tears.


I don't know how many fans,

It's all the same as Lu Yu,

I am deeply happy and cheering for Mehi's dream!


That's the one,

The idol superstar that Lu Yu has always liked,

But in the past few days of the trip to Xiangjiang,

Lost Lu Yu's good impression of him!

It's not just Lu Yu,

Suffice it to say, []

But whoever lives on the land beneath his feet,

People who have a love for this land,

are all for Mei Xi's behavior on this trip to the Xiangjiang River,

I felt a strong sense of dissatisfaction and anger!

The other party was invited to come to Xiangjiang,

With the team on the Xiangjiang side,

Play an exhibition game, a friendly match.

Originally, according to the contract,

Mehi at least,

You have to play for more than 40 minutes.

All over the country, fans who like Mei Xi also rushed to Xiangjiang on that day because of Mei Xi's arrival!

They buy exorbitant tickets,

Came to the stadium in high spirits,

Just to see the style of the football king!

And also because of Mehi,

The organizers of the sports associations in Hong Kong also attach great importance to this event.

At the opening ceremony,

also invited the popular female singer Deng Jinyu to sing an English song on the spot, just so that Mei Xi could understand the meaning of the lyrics......


What everyone never expected was that

They respect and love Mehi so much,

But in this competition,

The performance is so shocking!

He put his hands in his pockets,

Entering the court with a cold face,

sat on the bench with a black face all the time, without saying a word.

Even in the face of the enthusiastic greetings of the fans,

He also turned a blind eye and treated him coldly.

Throughout the game,

He didn't say forty minutes,

Didn't play for a minute!

Even in the final prize redemption session,

He also chose to refuse to come to the stage to accept the award.

Rao is how the organizer begged him,

I hope he can explain to the fans at the scene the reason why he didn't play,

He didn't even bother to explain.

This performance,

There is no doubt that

attracted the dissatisfaction of fans and countless netizens on the Internet.



Mehi also gave an explanation,

It was said that Mehi was injured, so he couldn't play football and couldn't come to the stage to accept the award......

All right

As a ball king,

You're wounded,

We can understand that

After hearing this explanation, many netizens were very unhappy, but they also chose to forgive Mei Xi, as always, to like him and respect him......

But who knows,

It's only been two days,

Things are reversed!

Two days later,

When Mehi appeared in the country of Little Days,

His performance,

But when he appeared in the fragrant river of flowers,

Polar opposite!

From the moment he got out of the car, the smile on his face never stopped, and he enthusiastically shook hands and signed autographs with fans on the side of the road.

He was on the court in the country of small days,

also restored the former style of the football king,

He's flashing, he's powerful!

It's completely gone, and it looks like there's a wound on the 370 body!

After the game,

He was even more excited to say,

I love it so much that I would like to play here again in the future......

It is precisely these two very different attitudes of Mehi,

Once again, it attracted the dissatisfaction and anger of countless people on the side of Xiangjiang and even the entire flower planting side!


I've seen a double standard,

I've never seen you so double-standard!

What's the matter?

Is there holy water in the country of small days?

You are with us,

The whole process is blackfaced, and the injury can't play,

When you get there,

smiled again, and almost played the whole game......

In stark contrast,

Fools can see it,

This king of the ball,

It's obvious that he's making a difference!

Until this time,

Everyone has woken up,

It turned out that he looked down on the land under our feet at all, and even more despised us living on this land!


He dared to be so arrogant and unstoppable!

He's blatant in it,

Humiliate this land under our feet!

Mehi's attitude,

It can be said that

Instantly detonated the whole flower!

Netizens are outraged!

The fans are grumpy!


Grass on the horse!


Our land, no matter how bad it is, the horse is also the land that gave birth to us and raised us!

Our home, no matter how bad it is, it's also our home!

It's not perfect,

We already knew!

It has a lot of disadvantages,

We've known that for a long time!

Our own people often complain about it,


They also express dissatisfaction and complaints......


No matter how much we complain, no matter how much we complain, it is also our own family's business!


It's your turn to step on the horse, an outsider,

Run to our land,

It's time to insult it!

What qualifications do you have?

You don't deserve it at all!

What's more,

There are so many ways to insult it, and you have chosen a small country to disgust us......

I don't know

We and the country of the little day,

Do you have a deep hatred in the sea of blood, and a hatred in the blood!!

With double buffs stacked,

This great and humble king, who was once in the hearts of countless people,


The image collapsed!

And with that,

It is also a crazy backlash from people from all over the country~ and even all over the world who know about it!

No more, king!

Anyway, Lu Yu doesn't love it at all.

When it comes to nin emotion,

Go to the special thing,

Who I care about you,

From now on, see once and scold once!

Thinking of this,

Lu Yucai finally retracted his thoughts,

began to answer Tong Tong's question.


I'm not going to Red Romance now......

In Lu Yu's mind,

A particularly good answer arises.


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