Seeing Wang Jingze, who was iron-clad and threatened to starve to death and not eat the second bite,

At this time, the spineless surrender was under the silver power of this bucket of instant noodles,

and laughed like a fool,

A look of satisfaction......

In the live broadcast room,

The more than 10,000 viewers were already shocked and dumbfounded!

And in fact,

When Wang Jingze took the second bite just now,

The audience was already dumbfounded!



Stop you bastard,

What are you doing!

If you starve to death, you won't take a second bite,

Why are you still eating deliciously?!

Forget about eating,

Why did you drink all the noodle soup?!

Especially when I heard that after this guy finished eating, he shouted loudly:

Oh my god, it smells so good......

The audience exploded in an instant!

"Hahahaha, what am I ...... Can anyone tell me what the situation is now, even the old photographer is like this, why is it even the green hair like this!"

"Before eating noodles, I was iron-clad, and I didn't eat them until I starved to death!"

"After taking a bite, I knelt on the spot, alas, oh my mother, it's so fragrant......"

"I thought that this was a hearty face-slapping operation, which would swell the faces of Brother Lu and Lao Zhao, but I never expected that the green hair would actually slap him in the face! (covering his face.jpg)"

"Wang Jingze is a ruthless person, he slapped himself in the face, and he actually started a live broadcast to let so many people watch him, hahaha!"

"Lu Yu: Green hair, I still like your unruly appearance before!"

"So, brothers, according to Brother Lu's method, the noodles soaked are really delicious?"


"Damn, this is too unbelievable, instant noodles can be made so delicious, what is the principle of this, is there a big guy in his mouth, come out and popularize science?!"

"Mr. Takeda, please!"


Judging from Wang Jingze's ridiculous reactions,

It is not difficult to see that

According to Lu Yu's method,

soaked noodles,

It's delicious!

The camera brother had that reaction before,

The audience can say that he is deliberately exaggerating with Lu Yu's performance for the sake of the show......

But now,

Wang Jingze is not a member of the program team,

There's no need for this guy to do any more show effects!

In that case,

Then there is only one truth!

That is,

Lu Yu's method is indeed very cowhide, and the noodles soaked out are indeed very delicious!

Even those viewers who are naughty and want to see Lu Yu make a fool of themselves,

After watching Wang Jingze's anti-counterfeiting,

I can only admit this with shock and amazement.


What makes them really incomprehensible is that


It's just a bucket of instant noodles,

Why is Brother Lu's method,

You can make the noodles so delicious!

It's incredible, and it's incomprehensible!

And beneath their curiosity,

Not to mention,


There is a professional boss who came out and gave an explanation!

"Well, as a steamed bread shop master who has been selling steamed buns for more than 20 years, I have a guess, in fact, the noodles brewed according to Brother Lu's method are delicious, and it is also a matter of course......"

First of all, he only soaked for seven seconds before stirring with the sauce, a process that not only improves the elasticity and toughness of the noodles, but also allows the sauce to be fully absorbed into the noodles. "

"It's like when we are steaming steamed buns with noodles, in order to make the steamed bread chewy and soft, whether to add technology and hard work, or rely on continuous kneading of the dough to knead the dough stiffly, Brother Lu's method is equivalent to the second method. "

"Although it is the same noodles, the steamed steamed buns are definitely more delicious than the first one!"

"In addition, there is also Brother Lu's eighteen translations, which seem outrageous, but in fact, if you think about it, it is also very scientific. "

"When the dough is boiled, the elasticity and toughness will definitely decline rapidly. "

"At this time, it is also helpful to squeeze out the soup in the noodles in the first time, so that the noodles will remain alive and will not be soaked in the soup and rotten......

"In this way, the taste in your mouth will of course be very different from the previous instant noodles!"

"Plus ......"


With this professional's explanation,

On the barrage,

It's also blowing up the pot again!


I see!

It seems that this time, Brother Lu really made a mistake and researched a wild way of cow beer!

Although he does this way,

It's a bit weird and offbeat,

But the taste,

But unexpectedly, it is far better than the taste of conventional methods!

There was an audience member, after listening to this explanation,

A very funny analogy is also given.

"It's like, the kind of martial arts cheats in martial arts novels, others are practicing step by step, after practice, it won't be too powerful, but it's not too weak. "

"But when he came to Brother Lu, he didn't practice like this, but looked at the cheats, went to practice blindly, and finally by mistake, he directly practiced and became the first in the world!"

"In "The Legend of the Condor Heroes", Ouyang Feng's toad skills are practiced in this way!"

"In "Chivalry Walk", Shi Potian's magic skills on Chivalry Island are also practiced in this way!"

"In "Tianlong Babu", Duan Yu's six-vein divine sword and Ling Bo Weibu are also practiced in this way!"

"Hahahaha, your analogy is very vivid, as soon as you say that, I will completely understand!"

"So, Brother Lu is still very awesome, he is in a martial arts novel, and he is a big guy!"

"Understood, it seems that we did misunderstand Brother Lu and Lao Shui before, so I'll go to the live broadcast room over there and apologize!"

"Wait for me, let's go back together!"

"You guys go back first, I have to go and eat the bucket noodles, I'm hungry!"

"Brother Green Hair, thank you for fighting fakes, if you don't fight fakes, we really don't know, Brother Lu and Lao Shi are innocent!"

"Hahaha, what is your name Brother Greenhair, call him Brother Zhen Xiang in the future!"

"Poof, real fragrance warning!"


In the laughter on the barrage,

More than 10,000 viewers, after getting the answer in their hearts, also left the green hair live broadcast room.

ran back to the live broadcast room of the program group,

I went to watch the live broadcast over there.

In a blink of an eye

There were only a few dozen spectators left.


These viewers who haven't left are still brushing on the barrage,

"It smells so good!"

"It smells so good!"

"It smells so good!"


This scene can make the green-haired king Jingze, who has just come back to his senses, blush.

Before I think about it,

The posture of their own vows,

In retrospect,

The way I smell so good,

Wang Jingze, who was embarrassed, couldn't wait to find a crack in the ground to get into.


He also had a very strong premonition,

After feeling this incident,

Eighty percent of oneself,

It's going to be the new laughing stock on the Internet......

And in fact,

He really guessed right,

For a long time to come, (read violent novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

There are legends about him circulating on the Internet,

There are many up masters,

After learning of his deeds,

made his live video into a ghost animal,

He was also successfully accepted by netizens,

buckled the name of the iron-clad king Jingze.

Especially on the beep station,

He once became, in the ghost animal area, after Hua Qiang bought melons and Kun Kun danced, the third popular ghost animal area The root of all evil......

In the long years since,

As long as anyone sets a flag,

There will be netizens at the bottom who will move out of his deeds,

Carry out a real fragrance warning!

Since then, there has been a wise saying on the Internet: no one can escape the law of true fragrance.

And the law of true fragrance,

It is also jokingly called yes, the supreme law of the 21st century, which can be compared to Newton's three laws!

Of course

That's all for later,

At this point,

With the passage of this anti-counterfeiting turmoil,

All eyes will be on them,

re-put it back in the program "Two Generations of Daily Life with Babies",

Continue to watch the live stream of the show.

At that time,

It was half past nine in the evening.

Lu Yu and Tong Tong had already finished eating instant noodles with satisfaction, and after playing for a while and digesting food, the two of them brushed their teeth and washed themselves and went to bed.

In the same way,

The same is true for Chen Aijun, the post-80s father,

Coming back from Ken beating chicken,

Chen Aijun made some food for his daughter again,

After eating,

After supervising Tian Tian to do the practice questions for another hour,

They also went to bed early...

Because I didn't take a nap at noon,

Tian Tian slept very early tonight,

At nine o'clock,

The lights went out in his house, and Tian Tian fell asleep.


When the time comes to half-past nine,

Only Lu Yu and Tong Tong are still active in the live broadcast room.

Lu Yu at this time,

is telling a bedtime story to Tong Tong as always.


The story he told today,

Unlike the previous story,

This time the story,

It is a past that Lu Yu has personally experienced.

It is also after the child lies in bed,

Inadvertently elicited it.

The cause is,

Before going to bed, Tong Tong found a red romantic VIP membership card from the bedside table.

Tong Tong obviously knew about this thing.


She asked Lu Yu,

"Dad, do you still have money in this card?"

"I remember, you used to sneak it with you to go out for baths and massages?"

"Why, now you're not going?"

"It's been a long time since I've seen you use it. "


In the face of this innocent problem of Tong Tong,

The camera brother on the side and the audience in the live broadcast room,

One by one, they all laughed miserably!

"Hahaha, Tong Tong still knows this thing, it's to take a bath and massage, this little girl really knows a lot!"

"Laughing to death, didn't you listen to Tong Tong, she saw her father use it, so she only knew!"

"Good guy, Brother Lu is really too arrogant, he has a wife and children, and he still puts this kind of card on the drawer, unlike me, I hide it!"

"Phew, do you think Brother Lu is like you, Brother Lu is simply going to the red romance to take a bath and press a motorcycle, and he is not going to do anything unseemly, why are you hiding it?!"

"Yes, yes, that's right, Brother Lu is a righteous gentleman!" (dog head .jpg)"

"Since he is a righteous gentleman, why doesn't Brother Lu go now?"

"Is it because the food in that restaurant is all vegetarian?"

"God is all vegetarian, you'd better explain it to me!!(Covering his face.jpg)"

"If you don't understand, just ask, we have many of these restaurants here, and the names on the menu are varied, and you can't read them......

"As a newcomer, how can you judge, which of the dishes on this menu is big fish and meat?"

"This is very simple, since you can't understand it, then you don't need to look at it, just call the waiter over and ask her. "

"You just go in and ask them directly, ask them if they accept judo and kickboxing, whether they will be beaten unilaterally, or if they can allow the two sides to beat each other, if she nods, then you will say that you are in the right place......"

"What the hell? Judo and kickboxing? Beating? Beating each other? Uh, brother 0.5, you misunderstood, people are asking about restaurants, not asking how you go to kick the gym......"

"Hahaha, upstairs, at first glance, you are a novice, you don't understand what the big guy means, the big guy has to taste it carefully!"

"Damn, I'll torture everything above, and I'll be shot tonight!"

"A bunch of fishers, you'd better be talking about restaurants!"


Seeing this red romantic VIP membership card,

The audience was overjoyed.

Especially with the question of children,

It's even more ridiculous to make everyone laugh.

A bunch of old cows,

After welding the car windows,

frantically flicking the steering wheel on the barrage,

The whole barrage,

The style of painting has become extremely strange.

In the picture,

The camera brother can't cry or laugh,

Glancing at the VIP membership card in Tong Tong's hand,

Some angrily said to Lu Yu,

"Brother Lu, you're too careless!"

"There are still children at home, this kind of thing, why do you leave it here......

"Shouldn't it be hidden?"

"And ......"

The camera brother secretly glanced at Tong Tong and saw that Tong Tong was playing with the membership card there, so he lowered his voice and asked,

"Moreover, Brother Lu, you are already married!"

"I have a wife and children!"

"Why do you still go to this kind of place to consume!"

"What a bad impact!"

"Listen to my brother's advice, such a place, Brother Lu in the future, you should go less, it's better not to go!"



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