This green hair called Wang Jingze,

In order to show his determination to fight counterfeiting,

As soon as I came up,

Let's set up the flag first!

Didn't Lao Shi say that Brother Lu's soaked noodles are better than five-star + Qilin + private chef + banquet?

All right

Then I, Wang Jingze, will only eat one bite after soaking!

Even if I starve to death,

I won't even take a second bite!

What kind of food is not delicious, and it does not shine~......


I believe you're a ghost!

I'll just take one bite to prove that this thing doesn't appeal to me at all, it's just an ordinary instant noodle!

As Wang Jingze spoke,

In his live broadcast room of 10,000 people,

There was a burst of laughter again,

"Hahaha, green hair, that's a good point, you must slap Brother Lu and Lao She's face!"

"Yes, that's right, Lao Ji has been bought by Brother Lu for five cents, you can't lose your original intention!"

"Take a bite because of the need to fight fakes, and not taking a second bite is our attitude of seeking truth and truth!"

"Seriously, I don't believe that a small instant noodle can taste good......"

"Come on, green hair, uncover the true face of Brother Lu's instant noodles, and give us a bright future!"

"Laughing to death, Brother Lu has a group of fans like you, and he really poured blood mold for eight lifetimes!"

"Fans of other public figures are eager to protect the reputation of their idols everywhere...... But when I got to Brother Lu, hahaha, I couldn't wait to see Brother Lu hurry up and make a fool of himself!"

"It's irrelevant! I like Brother Lu very much, but I also really want to see him pretend to be a failure and be slapped in the face!"

"Who let Brother Lu like to pit us all day long!" (covering his face.jpg)"


In the midst of the heckling of these spectators,

The green-haired king Jingze has finally started to act!

For 100% restoration,

The whole process of Lu Yu instant noodles,

He poured out the pot of hot water that had just been boiled ten minutes ago, and instead reconnected the water and started boiling again!


Lu Yu once said in the live broadcast room,

Instant noodles must be freshly boiled with boiling water.

In order not to let others find fault,

He had to do everything according to Lu Yu's request!

Not only in terms of hot water,

Even the things that he wanted to use to press instant noodles later, he ran outside and specially picked up a brick that looked similar to Lu Yu's brick and came back!

"Hahaha, the green hair is very rigorous, 100% restore the whole process!"

"Green hair knows how to trolls, in order to block the mouth of the people who will give Brother Lu and the old man to wash the ground, he also fights!"

"I'm laughing to death, I deserve to be a fan of Brother Lu, rebellious enough, I like it!"

"It's just a noodle, as if I'm doing some kind of scientific experiment, and the control variable method is used, haha!"

"Even the bricks are the same, as long as the other steps are not wrong, the final taste will definitely be the same!"

"Green hair, well done!"


Seeing that the audience is so supportive of themselves,

Wang Jingze was even more encouraged,

When the hot water finally boils,

He also began to be meticulous, in strict accordance with Lu Yu's requirements, to soak up noodles!

Tear off the plastic seal on the outside of the instant noodles,

I took out the fork, sauce packet and vegetable packet inside.

Then take out the stopwatch,

Pour hot water to soak, press it on top with a brick, and start to stuff the surface at the same time,

I also press the stopwatch,

Read seconds!

"Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one!"

Seven seconds,

In the blink of an eye,

When the time comes,

Wang Jingze took away the bricks,

Lift the lid,

Quickly pour the hot water into the sink!

The whole process,

It's all the same as when Lu Yu made noodles before!

And then,

It's time to put your skills to the test for the first time.

A solemn expression flashed on the face of the green-haired king Jingze,

He put the sauce packet and the vegetable packet,

poured into the bucket,

Begin to use chopsticks to slowly melt the dough.

This process,

Wang Jingze was very cautious,

For fear that the dough will be accidentally broken,


With constant stirring,

Wang Jingze's face also showed horror for the first time!

I don't know if I don't try,

I was shocked when I tried it!


Brother Lu's operation of stirring dough cakes,

It's so hard!

Because the dough was only soaked for seven seconds,

It's barely melted at all,

wants to stir it into the state of Brother Lu during the live broadcast,

can only rely on the sauce packet,

That little poor sauce,

Go a little bit and dissolve the dough.

When I was watching the live broadcast,

I didn't think it was that difficult to operate.

But when you get started with it,

Wang Jingze found out,

The difficulty is really not ordinary!

"Let's not talk about this noodle first, is it delicious to brew in the end......"

"In this technique alone, Brother Lu has something!"

Wang Jingze exclaimed in his heart.

Continue to stir the dough patiently.

After a few more minutes,

He finally put the bread,

was stirred into the state that Lu Yu was in at that time,

At this point,

Wang Jingze's wrist felt like it was going to be broken.

He shook his wrist,

relieved the soreness and said,

"Brothers, I feel that I have been cheated by Brother Lu again!"

"I, Wang Jingze, have countless instant noodles in my life, and this is the first time, my wrist hurts when I am tired of instant noodles!"

"Brother Lu really deserves to be the king of the pit!"

"Even the instant noodle technique taught is so pitiful!"

Wang Jingze's words,

once again attracted laughter in the live broadcast room!

Wang Jingze nodded,


"So, brothers!"

"After I'll brew it later, if the taste is not very good, or the taste is average, everyone will be at home, but don't try it again!"

"It's better to save that little effort and report a lot to Brother Lu!"

"Hahahaha, this green hair, very good at doing things!"

"God so much to report Brother Lu, I seriously suspect that you are not a fan of Brother Lu, but a little black man!"

"Jiang is still old and spicy, Brother Lu didn't have much trouble at this step just now, I saw that he could easily get it done!"

"Brother Lu belongs to practice makes perfect, green hair, this is the first time in his life!"

"Soak in noodles, you can actually be studied by Brother Lu so many ways, how idle Brother Lu usually is!" (covering his face.jpg)"

"That's right, serious people, whoever makes noodles like this is the only one who has this wonderful flower called Brother Lu!"


With the laughter of the audience in the live broadcast room,

Green hair at this time,

Finally, after stirring,

This brings us to the next step.

That is,

Add boiling water a second time, then make a simmer!

Depending on one's taste preference,

The time of stuffing can be long or short,


Since it is a 100% restoration of Lu Yu,

Of course, the green hair is also a choice,

It's the same time as Lu Yu.

"Brothers, let's start counting down to a minute and a half!"

"Brother Lu just now, he was just soaking for a minute and a half!"

"So, I'm going to be like him!"

Greenhair said,

So he poured hot water into the bucket,

Then after pressing it with bricks,

The countdown began to be one and a half minutes.

Time passed bit by bit,

Under the watchful eye,

Under Wang Jingze's long-awaited expectation,


A minute and a half passed!

When the time comes,

Wang Jingze quickly took off the bricks and lifted the lid of the instant noodles!


A wave of steam, mixed with the aroma of instant noodles, gushed out of the noodle bucket!

Smell this fragrance,

Wang Jingze didn't have any accidents,

"Brothers, to be honest, this smell is exactly the same as the noodles I usually make!"

Wang Jingze smiled,

Pick up the chopsticks at the same time,

Let's take the final step!

That is,

The set of techniques created by Lu Yu is called Eighteen Turns of Death, Seven Shallow and Eleven Deep!

The name,

Sounds very unseemly,

But to operate,

But it's not that hard,

It's much easier than when you stirred the dough before!

It didn't take long,

Wang Jingze has already completed eighteen turns,

So far

A bucket of instant noodles that strictly followed Lu Yu's steps, and every process was exactly what Lu Yu said, was finally completed in full view!

At this moment,

A trace of excitement flashed on Wang Jingze's face!

Wow Ka!!

After operating for so long,

Finally made the instant noodles,


But it's your turn to fight fakes!

Whether this instant noodle is delicious or not, and what it tastes like, you can find out for yourself right away!

Of course

Saying so,

But in fact, Wang Jingze is still not optimistic about this instant noodles as always.

No matter how bells and whistles the operation is, it is still just a instant noodle after all, even if it is delicious, how good can it be?!

And at the same time,

In his anti-counterfeiting live broadcast room,

These tens of thousands of viewers, (read violent novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

I also began to look forward to it.

"Green hair, hurry up and eat, and then tell us the answer loudly, let's go to Brother Lu's side and expose his face!"

"Hahaha, yes, I can't wait, I want to see Brother Lu embarrassed!"

"Brother Lu probably didn't expect it, there would really be someone who followed his steps to make noodles to eat, not only soaked, but also started a live broadcast!"

"Brother Lu: Really, with your group of more serious fans, I'm too bolted!"

"It's not just Brother Lu who is going to be slapped in the face, Lao Ji is also going to be slapped in the face, he pretended to be so similar just now, and he looked like the real thing, I think he has something to say later!!"

"Green hair, let's eat!"


On the barrage,

Ask for flowers0

These viewers, who don't think it's a big deal to watch the excitement, cheered up one after another.

Seeing this, the green-haired king Jingze

and no more delays,

Smiled unruly.

"Brothers, I'm still the same!"

"I think that Lao Shi's reaction before was pure!"

"Instant noodles, no matter how you operate them, it's still instant noodles!"

"It's ridiculous to beat Michelin and crush five-star!"

"I'm Wang Jingze, just take one bite!"

"See the truth in one bite!"



Wang Jingze picked up a fork and picked up a fork full of noodles from the bucket,

And then

Put it in your mouth!

His mood at this time is actually the same as the original camera brother,

Three points of ridicule,

Two points of taunt,

Plus five points of disdain......

It's just instant noodles,

What can there be to eat?


storm inhalation,

instant noodle entrance,

The next second,

Wang Jingze's face showed such an expression!

This familiar soup,

This familiar taste,


The taste is no different from the instant noodles I usually eat!

Thinking about this,

Wang Jingze began to chew carelessly.

Under one chew,

The noodles, which were bouncy and full of tenacity, beat wildly in his mouth.

Wang Jingze was stunned,

I thought I was delusional,


Chew it again,

The sauce that had been fully absorbed into the noodles splattered between his teeth as he chewed......

Wang Jingze was stunned again,

Hurriedly accelerated and chewed a few more times,

The noodles, which should have been soft and rotten, were still vibrant, and the rich aroma of soup and sauce quickly filled his entire mouth......

Wang Jingze's taste buds,

I was instantly attracted by this sudden stimulation!

A wonderful and satisfying feeling,


Bursting from the depths of the heart,

His eyes widened,

Can't wait,

Swallow this mouthful of instant noodles into your stomach!

In a trance,

Wang Jingze felt as if he had returned to the day when he first ate instant noodles when he was a child.


That was the first time I had eaten instant noodles.

The deliciousness of instant noodles,

made him fall in love with this food all of a sudden,

That amazing feeling that shocks the heart,

It's his life,

I can't forget it!

It's just that

As I grew up and the economic conditions allowed,

I eat more and more instant noodles,

On the contrary,

Wang Jingze never found it again,

When I was a child, I had the amazing feeling when I first ate instant noodles.

And at this time,

This amazing, and soul-shaking feeling,

But with the swallowing of this instant noodle,


Searched for back!

This kind of crowd looking for him thousands of times, suddenly looking back, her feelings in the lamplight,

Let Wang Jingze's emotions,

Instant ecstasy and excitement!

For a moment,

I forgot that I was fighting fake in the live broadcast,

also forgot,

Just now,

He also said the sentence conclusively: Even if my Wang Jingze starves to death on a horse, he will not eat the second bite of the promise......

Under the jaw-dropping gaze of the audience,

Seeing Wang Jingze, he couldn't wait to use a fork, forked up a fork full of noodles, and sent it directly into his mouth.

It's like opening a treasure chest that contains the most precious memories of childhood,

He greedily recalled,

What a memory!




One fork, then another!

One big bite, one big bite!

Wang Jingze ate faster and faster,

The more you eat, the richer the smile on your face.

He was immersed in the world of instant noodles,

As if no one was around,

Ate a hearty meal!


A whole bucket of instant noodles was eaten by him,


And that's not all,

I saw Wang Jingze, after eating the noodles, he picked up the noodle bucket again, gurgling, and drank not a drop of the noodle soup in one go!

Until you've drunk it all,

Wang Jingze hiccuped a lot,

He shouted out that sentence with satisfaction, he had wanted to say it for a long time, but he had never had time to say it!

"Oh mom, it's so fragrant!"

Wang Jingze shouted,

Sitting on a small bench,

He laughed like a fool,

There is no longer the appearance of being arrogant and unyielding!


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