In the picture,

Hearing Lu Yu's inquiry,

The cameraman brother only got from that wonderful and shocking feeling,

I woke up all at once!

After waking up,

He looked at Lu Yu's eyes,

It's all different from before!

If before,

He also questioned Lu Yu's instant noodle level and Lu Yu's coaxing attitude...

So at this point,

After tasting it yourself,

After feeling the wonderful taste and the joy of the taste buds,

He's really, really,

No more doubts!

The taste is so delicious!!

"Brother Lu, let's talk about it!"

"I've eaten instant noodles for so many years, and this bucket of noodles you soaked is definitely the best bite of noodles I've ever eaten in my life!"

"Do you know Brother Lu......"

"When I tasted your noodles just now, I couldn't help but think of the scene in the little master of flowers!"

"It's like egg fried rice made by a little master, it can sparkle!"

"I feel that this instant noodle of yours is also sparkling in my mouth!"

"Oh my God, Brother Lu, this is amazing!"

"It's obviously just instant noodles, but after you operate it like this, it can actually taste so delicious!"


Talking about the taste of this instant noodle,

The cameraman brother went from being silent at the beginning to gushing,

In his eyes,

It seems to be all bursting with light,

It's like reminiscing about a wonderful encounter!

"Really, Brother Lu, I've convinced you!"

"In the field of instant noodles, I would like to call you the strongest in the world!"

"No, it's not just instant noodles!"

"In the entire food world, there should be a place for Brother Lu!"

"What kind of Michelin, five-star, as well as private chefs, feasts and whatever, all add up to not as delicious as Brother Lu's instant noodles!!"


The words of the cameraman brother,

Speaking impassionedly,

It's like beating chicken blood,

Seeing this reaction of his,

Lu Yu on the other side smiled slightly,

A smug expression appeared on his face.

And the audience in the live broadcast room?

One by one, all of them were stunned by the words of the camera brother!

On the entire barrage,

They all became silent in an instant!

Especially those who are still waiting to see Lu Yu make a fool of himself,

973 naughty viewers who want to make the camera big brother slap Lu Yu in the face like crazy,

Even after hearing the words of the cameraman,

became jaw-dropping,

The eyeballs almost didn't fly out of the sockets!!


It's not what they thought!!

"Rely on it, what's going on, this is different from what I thought, is the instant noodles made by Brother Lu like that really delicious?"

"Nani? What about my brother Lu who said that he was going to slap my face, my small bench is ready, why did you let him put it on again in a blink of an eye?"

"I'm not sure if it's delicious, but even if it's delicious, the reaction of the camera brother is too exaggerated......"

"I know, you ate instant noodles, I don't know, I thought you ate a giant panda!"

"I'm rubbing, I can't tell for a while, is the camera brother his real reaction, or is it acting?"

"I feel that the taste should be very good, otherwise, Lao Shi wouldn't be so out of shape......

"Uh, isn't it? Brother upstairs, do you really believe it, it's obvious that this is just the effect of the show, no matter how delicious the instant noodles are, it's just instant noodles, how can it be better than Michelin and five-star ones?"

"I can only say that the old photographer is a little too fake this time!(Cover your face, jpg)"

"I still think it's a little wrong, although what the cameraman said does sound a bit exaggerated, but I feel that his expression, his reaction, doesn't look like acting!"

"If he can perform, it can only be said that his acting skills are too high, he doesn't have to do photography, he can go to the film academy as a teacher!"

"I feel the same way, I also think that the camera brother doesn't need to do any show effect on this kind of thing, he said it himself before, delicious is delicious, and he will tell the truth if it's not delicious, I still believe in him!"

", if you say so, doesn't it mean that Brother Lu's instant noodles taste really wow?!"


On the barrage in the live broadcast room,

After the shock,

There was another burst of discussion.

Some people think it's the reaction of the camera brother,

It's so fake,

Even if this instant noodle is delicious,

It doesn't taste like this, does it?!

Listen to what he said,

A simple instant noodle, in his mouth, is going to be beaten Michelin + stars, (badh) isn't this fake?!

is clearly the camera brother, he is cooperating with Lu Yu to do the show effect together!

In addition to these self-proclaimed clever audiences,

Of course

There are also quite a few viewers who think that is the real reaction of the camera brother,

After all

The sense of happiness on his face can't be pretended, it's a natural outpour......

In the audience arguing,

To each his own reason,

When all the arguments are about this,


Inside a rental house in the Bulk Province,

A young man with green hair on his head,

is lying on the bed, pressing the mobile phone screen vigorously, spraying with the person on the other end of the screen.

"These guys were really kicked in the brain by a donkey, and they still believe that Lao Zheng's reactions just now are real......"

"I'll go to yours!"

"Instant noodles, I eat it every day, I can't wait to eat it three times a day, what does it taste like, can I not know?"

"Even if you soak it according to Brother Lu's method, it won't taste like that!"

"Look at Lao Shi like that, it's like a cool soul is about to fly after eating!"

"I don't believe it, it must be the effect of the show!"

"This group of people who believe really don't have any brains at all!"


The green hair complained about the dissatisfaction in his heart,

While spraying with those viewers on the other side of the mobile phone,

Squirt and squirt,

Suddenly, he was smart!

"Oops, I'm so stupid, what am I going to squirt with these big fools here!!"

"If I have this time, I will directly follow the steps that Brother Lu said, and make myself a bucket of instant noodles to taste!"

"It just so happens that I haven't eaten dinner yet, so I'll use Brother Lu's method to make bucket instant noodles and use it as an evening meal!"

"Whether it's delicious or not, I'll find out if I'll taste it myself!"


Do what you think,

The green fur immediately got up from the bed,

After boiling water,

Turning his head and turning out a bucket of instant noodles from the cabinet,


His bucket of instant noodles,

It's actually the same as Lu Yu's bucket, and it also has a spicy beef flavor.

Looked at

The green hair's eyes lit up suddenly, and another good idea arose.

"The taste of my noodles now is the same as the taste of Brother Lu's noodles, and the steps will be strictly implemented in accordance with Brother Lu's steps later......"

"In this way, the taste that comes out in the end must be exactly the same as Brother Lu's!"

"Hey, hey, hey, in that case......"

Thinking of this,

After the green hair smiled, he quickly ran to the bedside table and rummaged for a while.


He came out with a phone holder. (If you read a violent novel, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

I saw that he stuck his mobile phone on the mobile phone holder, and after adjusting the angle,

Then on the platform of the live broadcast of "Two Generations of Daily Life with Babies", he quickly registered an account, and when the account was registered, he directly chose to start broadcasting!

The name of the live broadcast room,

Quite a gimmick,

It's called:

[Fight fake Brother Lu's instant noodles, I don't believe it's really as delicious as Lao Zheng's praise!]


The green hair is obviously going to start a live broadcast and directly fight fakes.

Fight against counterfeiting in the form of live broadcasts,

This behavior is simply not too novel!


What you have to admit is that

This green-haired guy is really good at rubbing heat,

Lu Yu just soaked noodles on his front feet,

In a live broadcast room with more than 30 million people, it caused a heated discussion.


The green hair on the back foot started the live broadcast to fight fakes,

no doubt

Receiving traffic is such a thing,

It's really for him to understand!


It turns out that

The effect of his live broadcast,

It's not generally good,

The live broadcast room here has just opened, and it hasn't been ten minutes yet.

the number of viewers in the live broadcast room,

has already broken through 5000,

And the number of people continues to rise,

It's 6,000,8,000......

Half an hour later,

It directly broke through the 10,000 mark!

This scene,

But the mouth that makes the green hair laugh is going to laugh crookedly,

"It's really worthy of my Brother Lu, it's just too good!"

"Now on the Internet, whatever you want, as long as it is related to my brother Lu's name, the traffic will come by itself!"

"It's been a long time, I haven't done anything, I'm just standing here, and the number of people online is actually more than 10,000, wow Ka!"

Greenhair laughed for a while,

I also admire Lu Yu in my heart,

He doesn't think that

This audience of more than 10,000 people came for him,

I want to be good-looking, and I don't have any talent.

The audience is idle and painful,

will come to see yourself!


The reason why the audience came in,

Purely because of the title of the live broadcast room, with the word Brother Lu,

If there is no golden sign with these two words,

Not to mention more than 10,000 viewers,

It would be nice to have 10 spectators!

It can also be seen that

Now Brother Lu's popularity on the Internet is so terrifying!

Just when the green hair secretly sighed,

On the barrage in his small live broadcast room,

Some new entrants,

also ridiculed!

"Damn, this green hair is hot enough, Brother Lu just soaked the noodles over there, and you started to fight fakes!"

"Beat your sister's fake, Brother Lu's soaked noodles are delicious, and Lao Zhao's reaction is the best evidence!"

"Hehehe, you can pull it down, Lao Zheng's words can't be taken seriously, don't forget that Lao Fei is a member of the program team, and everything must be considered in terms of the effect of the program!"

"The more exaggerated he just performed, the better the show will be......"

"It's because you've thought too much about it, this show with a baby has been broadcast live until now, when did you deliberately engage in the effect of the show?"

"Do you think you're watching the daily life of the older generation with babies that Jia Fatpang participated, the script and everything are arranged by the program team, and it's fake at a glance. "

"That's right, is it so hard to admit that others are good?"

"Admit that Brother Lu's instant noodles are delicious, do you want your life like that, you have to pick thorns here!"

"Hahaha, it's not a thorn, it's mainly that I think it's incredible, a bucket of instant noodles, can you really use that method to make food?"

"Upstairs, if you don't believe me, you can go buy buckets of instant noodles yourself, can't you just try it?"

"There's no need to be so troublesome, you see, this green hair seems to be going to try it live according to Brother Lu's method, and you will know if it is delicious or not!"


In this live broadcast room of 10,000 people,

There was also a small discussion on the barrage,

And at this moment,

Seeing that the number of people has stabilized at more than 10,000,

Greenhair doesn't plan to wait any longer,

He's ready to start fighting fakes now!

"Hello brothers and sisters!"

"I guess you're all from Brother Lu, right?"

"Haha, let's be honest, I'm also a fan of Brother Lu......"

"After watching the reaction of the old photographer just now, I really feel a little unbelievable!"

"That's why I want to let myself, and also follow Brother Lu's method, to make a bucket of instant noodles to see if it tastes as good as Lao Shi said!"

"Don't worry, I'm not Brother Lu who bought it for five cents!"

"It's not that the staff of the program team wants to do anything!"

"So, when I'm judging whether this noodle is good or not, I'm absolutely telling the truth. "

"You can, trust me!"

Greenhair said,

An extremely determined expression appeared on his face,

After a pause,

Then he said,

"Before I officially crack down on counterfeiting, I still have one more thing to say......"

"That is, I personally think that instant noodles, it is instant noodles, no matter how many bells and whistles the process is, it is still instant noodles in the end, and the taste is very similar when you eat it......

"So, I think what the old photographer said is pure!"

"It is estimated that he is performing there in accordance with the requirements of the program team, cooperating with Brother Lu!"

"What do you say, instant noodles will sparkle like egg fried rice made by Xiao Dang when you eat it......"

"What else do you say, this instant noodle can beat five-star and Michelin ......"

"It's ridiculous!"

"If such a two- or three-year-old child doesn't believe it, he can actually say it outside!"

"Compared to Lao Shi, I, Wang Jingze, am different, and I will leave my words here today!"

"Later, according to Brother Lu's steps, the instant noodles that will be soaked will definitely not impress me!"

"I'll only take one bite!"

"Even if I starve to death when I step on a horse, I won't take a second bite!"

"This is where my Wang Jingze's determination to fight counterfeiting lies!!"


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