Soon, the last Lily of the Valley also fell under the fist of Huangfu Longdou.

The second half of the battle, without any surprises.

The bad people of Lily of the Valley, who lost their will to fight, were just unilaterally beaten by Huangfu Longdou.

Killing all the remaining lily of the valley is just a drain of some of Huangfu Longdou's physical strength.

After taking a few breaths.

Huangfu Ryudou took his glasses out of his pocket and put them on his face again, then bent down to pick up the schoolbag on the ground.

Pack your things and light yourself a cigarette.

Standing in the wailing lily of the valley, he opened his notebook as if no one was there to check the harvest of this battle.

[Congratulations on defeating Lily of the Valley Bad A (LV15) and gaining 200 XP and 150 Battle Points!]

[Congratulations on defeating Lily of the Valley Bad B (LV16) and gaining 240 XP and 150 Battle Points!]


[Congratulations on defeating the Bad Miscellaneous Boss of Lily of the Valley (LV18) and gaining 500 XP and 200 Battle Points!]

[Congratulations on defeating the Bad Miscellaneous Boss of Lily of the Valley (LV18) and gaining 480 XP and 210 Battle Points!]


[Congratulations on defeating Lily of the Valley cadre Kinoshita Daizen (LV20) and gaining 2200 XP and 1500 Battle Points!]

There were a total of 23 bad lily of the valley people present, and Huangfu Longdou killed 14 bad lily of the valley alone.

Among them, there are 11 miscellaneous soldiers, 2 miscellaneous soldier leaders, and a cadre of Lily of the Valley.

The higher the strength of the opponent, the more experience points will be gained.

In this battle alone, you will earn a whopping 6,180 experience points and 4,010 battle points.

Experience points are enough to move up another level.

[Huangfu Dragon Fight]: LV27 (750/6000 experience points).

[Stamina]: 90+3

[Fist Power]: 93+3

[Leg strength]: 93+3

[Endurance]: 88+3

[Speed]: 89+3

[Skill]: 93+3

[Willpower]: 87+3

[Reaction power]: 90+3

[Shock resistance]: 90+3

[Mastery Skills]: Born to be King (Passive, S Rank), Street Fighting (Passive, A Grade), Large Vision (Passive, A-) Strong Grip (Active, B+ Grade).

[Battle Points]: 2350 + 4010 points

Currently, you have a total of 6,360 Battle Points.

The conditions for acquiring skills have been met.

Low-level skill drawing: Spend 2000 battle points to randomly draw 1 skill from the skill pool at one time, up to a B-level skill.

Intermediate Skill Extraction: Spend 5,000 Battle Points to randomly draw 3 skills from the skill pool at one time, choose one of them, and the highest A-level skill can be drawn.

Advanced Skill Extraction: Spend 10,000 Battle Points to randomly draw 5 skills from the skill pool at one time, choose one of them, and you can draw up to S-level skills.

Finally, there is an ultimate ten-draw draw, which can draw SS-level legendary skills, and of course, the required combat points are currently beyond the reach of Huangfu Dragon Fight.

Among them, the low-level skill is extracted, and there is a high probability that the D-level or E-level garbage skill will be drawn, if it is not possessed by the European Emperor, it is basically a blood loss.

Intermediate skill extraction has a certain value.

In the past, Huangfu Longdou would still consider it.

Now it's up to the Impatiens.

The predecessors of the phoenix want to kill themselves at any time.

Lily of the valley also provoked.

If it was someone else, it is estimated that he would have been so scared that he ran away overnight.

But in the eyes of Huangfu Longdou, he was simply in the pool of experience.

In one day, it was two levels higher.

It is estimated that it will soon be able to accumulate 10,000 battle points.

can draw S-level skills, so why waste battle points to fight A-level skills.

So Huangfu Longdou finally decided to endure it again.

When the time comes, if you can draw a powerful S-level skill, it won't be beautiful.

When Huangfu Longdou felt stronger again because of the upgrade, and was full of beautiful hopes for the future, he closed the notebook with a smile on his face.

Next to him, Narumi and Xiong Che Riya, only felt a chill in their backs.

You must know that around Huangfu Longdou, but the lily of the valley lying on the ground is not good.

They wailed and writhed in pain, and it was like hell.

And in the middle of hell, there was another man standing there smiling very brightly.

That's pretty scary.

"Huangfu Longdou, this guy, shouldn't he be the Satan who got out of hell and came to the world?"

Xiong Che Lizai rolled his throat and muttered that he instinctively pointed the camera of his phone at Huangfu Longdou, but did not press the camera button.

Afraid of taking pictures casually, it will lead to provoking Huangfu Longdou.

"This guy looks like the same person as Makio's predecessor, two people who are completely opposite. "

Narumi nodded and agreed.

At this time, the two noticed Huangfu Longdou who put away the notebook and turned their heads to look at themselves.

"He doesn't want to kill the two of us too, does he? My body is in pain to death now, and I don't have the stamina, Narumi... If he does it, you'll have to resist it. "

Xiong Che Liya's heart was pimpled, and he hurriedly put away his mobile phone.

"If he really wants to do it, I'll try to..."

Narumi nodded again, nervous.

Narumi I have forgotten how long it has been since I experienced it, and like this, I immediately felt nervous just because of a look from others.

"It's really not a good feeling..."

Narumi clenched his fists tightly and took a deep breath.

Xiong Che Riya has basically been beaten into a big cripple by Lily of the Valley.

His own physical strength is also quite intense.

But Huangfu Longdou looked like he had almost no injuries.

In this case.

Huangfu Longdou if he continues to do it.

Can you really withstand it?

Narumi asked, I couldn't help but ask myself.

It is estimated that it will be the same as those lily of the valley lying on the ground, and it will be killed by Huangfu Longdou.

It was also when Narumi Daigo and Kumachi Riya became more and more nervous in their hearts.


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