"It's you, bastard, who beat Shiro and them, right?"

Kinoshita Daimae's vicious eyes were staring at Narumi Ego.


Narumi frowned.

Although I don't understand what Kinoshita Daimae means.

But looking at the surrounding lily of the valley bad quickly surrounded him, each lily of the valley bad hand is holding a weapon.

Obviously it can't be a good thing.

"Brother Damae, could it be a mistake?".

"The person Shiro said was a cadre with bespectacles!".

The two lily of the valley next to me are bad, and I have some doubts when I look at Narumi.

"Wearing the uniform of the phoenix and having hair, the cadres of the phoenix are right, and the glasses can be taken off at any time. "

Kinoshita Daizen disagreed.


"It's nothing, it's all Fengxian guys anyway, it can't be innocent people. "

Impatiens are known to be very united, and usually act in groups.

So in Kinoshita's Daimae's opinion, Narumi Daime is not a real hands-on person.

It happened to appear here at this time, and it must be inseparable.

Either the mastermind or the accomplice.

Anyway, as long as it's a phoenix immortal, it's all a gang, and it's over if you beat it.

"Fengxian cadres with glasses?".

Narumi's brow tightened.

All the cadres of Fengxian knew each other, and none of them wore glasses.

Wait, no

Narumi Dai's mind suddenly appeared the figure of Huangfu Longdou.

Although it is not known exactly what happened.

But it sounds like Huangfu Ryudou has a conflict with Lily of the Valley.

Then Kinoshita Daimae led people to seek revenge.

"Huangfu Longdou, that guy is too good at tossing, he just came and killed the seniors of Jingjiu, and provoked the guy who provoked Lily of the Valley, then again... I'm so lucky, I just happened to run into it, hey..."

Narumi Daigo, who roughly understood the situation, sighed deeply and rubbed his sore skull.

He didn't explain that the guy who killed Shiro wasn't himself.

It doesn't make sense....

Now the situation between Lily of the Valley and Impatiens is to do it when you see it.

Even if there is no Huangfu Ryudou to kill Shiro's five lily of the valley is bad.

Since they have met, there is no possibility for the two sides to live in peace.

The most important thing is that the bad guys of the lily of the valley have already pounced.

"Give it all, kill this guy, even if you find the wrong person, just charge some interest to Shiro and them!".

With a big wave of Kinoshita's big hand.

Lily of the valley bad people immediately take all action.

One of them rushed towards Narumi Daego head-on, with a fierce face and an iron rod in his hand.

"Tsk~~~ You're really welcome!".

Narumi immediately took a step back, dodging the iron rod as he raised his leg and kicked him hard in the stomach.

One foot down, the momentum sinks vigorously.

This lily of the valley immediately looked painful, clutched his stomach, and curled up there like a boiled prawn.

Narumi was able to become a cadre of Fengxian in one year, and his strength was naturally extraordinary.

But it's not a heads-up now.

Another lily of the valley was only a second slower, and then appeared next to Narumi Daishi.

He also held an iron rod high and smashed it at Narumi's big self.

You must know that the miscellaneous soldiers of Lily of the Valley are basically elite miscellaneous soldiers, and in the case of holding weapons, the attack power is quite considerable.

Once the head is smashed, who dares to guarantee that they will be safe and sound.

Fortunately, Narumi was not slow to react, and raised his left hand as soon as possible.

Bang !!

The iron rod smashed firmly into Narumi's arm, and there was a loud bang.

But it was steadily blocked.

Narumi immediately punched him with a backhand and knocked this lily of the valley down.

However, before he could catch his breath, another lily of the valley appeared behind him.

It came up with a flying kick and kicked Narumi in the back.

This is the biggest disadvantage of playing more with less.

It's hard for one person to take care of everything around them, especially when dealing with elite and well-trained soldiers.

Even if the strength of one leg of the miscellaneous soldier is limited.

Caught off guard, Narumi was still kicked and lost his balance a little, and he took two steps forward.

As soon as he stabilized his body, Lily of the Valley's bad attacks followed one after another.

Don't give Narumi a time to react at all.


It was an iron rod that smashed into Narumi's back.

The sound of a heavy blow is like a drum.

Narumi couldn't help but snort.

The next second!

He carried the attack hard, turned around and punched his backhand, and slammed it into the body of Lily of the Valley, who was attacking him.

Kinoshita Daimae watched the lily of the valley fall to the ground and touched his chin thoughtfully.

"This kid's strength is okay, in this case, he can still fight back, shouldn't he catch a big fish?"

Kinoshita Daizen knows the strength of his brothers best.

Ordinary people have already fallen to the ground under their siege, let alone counterattacking.

So Kinoshita Daimachi guessed that Narumi Daime was definitely not an ordinary cadre of Fengxian.

"If you kill it, it should be able to weaken the Phoenix Immortal's combat power to a certain extent. "

There are so many cadres in Fengxian, especially the cadres with the highest status and strength, there are only a few people.

One less will change the direction of the situation on both sides.

Moreover, the important cadres of Fengxian usually go out in groups with a group of younger brothers, but it is not so easy to catch.

The thought of killing Narumi Daego can get a 'great achievement'.

Kinoshita Daizen couldn't help licking his lips, and then shouted loudly: "Don't play, hurry up and kill this guy, after all, this is the territory of the phoenix!"


Hearing Kinoshita Daima's order, the bad guys of Lily of the Valley puffed up a little harder.

Narumi Daime had a hard time resisting.

With the intense consumption of physical strength, when he was not paying attention, he was detained from behind by two lily of the valley defects.

I just wanted to break free.

The lily of the valley in front of me is bad, and when she lifts her leg, she kicks Narumi in the stomach.

The strength that had just been lifted was immediately kicked away.

Lily of the valley followed with a few more punches, and continued to land on Narumi's cheek.

Narumi's head shook from side to side as he was beaten, and blood oozed from the corners of his mouth.

"I've got it all right!".

Lily of the valley didn't stop there.

As he commanded to grab Narumi's companion, he raised the iron rod in his hand.

His eyes widened with ferocity, and he held the iron rod with both hands, and he mustered his strength.

I smashed it down at Narumi.

Just when the iron rod was hit.

A foot suddenly appeared and kicked the lalily of the valley in the cheek.

I saw that the bad face of this lily of the valley was rapidly deformed under the soles of the shoes, and the mouth was crooked.

Immediately afterwards, the company carried the iron rod that flew out and smashed it heavily on the ground.

The cheek was hit by a flying kick, and the lily of the valley was kicked on the spot.

There is also a clear black footprint on his cheek.

Narumi finally found a chance to cheer up his strength, and in one breath, he broke free from the two lily of the valley that caught him.


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