Lily of the valley, the most famous bad gathering place in Toyaru City.

It is also the only existence in the entire Huyaliu City that can suppress the phoenix.

A large number of long-term and strong people in the middle of the country

In order to climb to the top of the legend, he came to Lily of the Valley.

They fought each other so much that the whole of Lily of the Valley was in chaos and there were many factions.

At present, there are three major factions in Lily of the Valley.

They are:

The Nakai faction headed by Nakai.

The faction headed by Kawanishi Sheng.

A faction headed by Genjiro Kaki.

Among them, the Kawanishi faction has the largest number of people, followed by the Nakai faction, and finally the faction of Genjiro Yoshiki.

The 5 lily of the valley killed by Huangfu Ryudou are bad and belong to the Nakai faction.

As they sent back the news that they had encountered the Emperor Fu Dragon Fight and were killed again.

Soon, about 20 bad lily of the valley appeared around.

The leader is a muscular inch-headed man with fierce eyes and a large gold chain around his neck, who looks like a social person.

Kinoshita Daizen, who was originally the boss of Group E for three years, followed Nakai and became Nakai's right-hand man.

The 20 or so lily of the valley behind him, all of them were three-year periods, and each of them had a guy in his hand, a baseball bat or an iron rod or something like that.

"Where's Brother Nakai?".

Seeing the appearance of Kinoshita Daimae, the 5 lily of the valley who was sitting on the side of the road was bad, and raised his head with some difficulty.

"Nakai has something, now it's up to me to deal with it... How are you doing, can you still move?".

Kinoshita Daimachi squinted his eyes and glanced at the bad injuries of the five lily of the valleys.

"It's hard to die, but it's really painful. "

"Don't worry, rest a little longer, we'll go to the hospital by ourselves. "

"Don't worry about us. "

5 lily of the valley bad said one after another.

"Hmm... Where's that fairy guy?".

Kinoshita Daichi nodded, then asked.

"Went in that direction. "

One of them raised his hand and pointed in the direction where Huangfu Longdou had left.

"Let's go!".

Kinoshita Daimachi is resolute.

With a wave of his hand, he took 20 to hold the lily of the valley badly, and looked for the traces of Huangfu Longdou with murderous energy.


A group of more than 20 lily of the valley was bad, and passers-by avoided it.

No one dared to stop it at all.

Countless examples have proven what happens to the angry lily of the valley.

I saw that more than 20 lily of the valley bad people had just passed by in front of an alley.

A figure walked out of the alley.

"It should be over there, right?"

Huangfu Longdou, who was still lost, took his notebook and muttered into the alley in front of him.

I didn't know that Kinoshita Daimae was leading someone to find him.

I don't know that they just passed by themselves.

Just looking at the contents of the notebook, he continued to walk forward.

[Congratulations on defeating Lily of the Valley Bad A (LV15) and gaining 200 XP and 150 Battle Points!]

[Congratulations on defeating Lily of the Valley Bad B (LV16) and gaining 240 XP and 150 Battle Points!]

[Congratulations on defeating Shiro Lily of the Valley (LV18) and gaining 500 XP and 200 Battle Points!]


"Lily of the valley's miscellaneous soldiers, the strength is really stronger than that of the phoenix, no wonder for so many years, the lily of the valley has been able to suppress the phoenix. "

Huangfu Longdou looked at the contents of the notebook and muttered thoughtfully.

According to his estimates, the level of the Phoenix's miscellaneous soldiers, excluding individual exceptions.

The annual segment should generally be between LV7 and LV9.

Most of the second year is between LV9 and LV12.

The three-year period is basically LV12 to LV16.

This time, I encountered five lily of the valley defects, and the lowest was LV15.

There's even a squad leader or something like that, and the level has reached LV18.

Obviously, the individual strength of Lily of the Valley's side is indeed stronger than that of Fengxian's side.

Perhaps this is the reason why even if Lily of the Valley is chaotic and disunited, it can still overpower the phoenix.

"Lily of the valley... That's a lot of good!".

If it were someone else, and he found that he had provoked the powerful Lily of the Valley, he would probably be worried, but a smile appeared on the corner of Huangfu Longdou's mouth.

He even has a good vision for the future.

Because the stronger the lily of the valley, the more experience points and battle points can be earned.

This harvest, plus the defeat of Uchiyama Kyokusu and a bunch of phoenix miscellaneous soldiers.

Huangfu Longdou found that he could level up.

And the battle points also reached 2350 points.

[Huangfu Dragon Fight]: LV26 (70/5500 experience points).

[Stamina]: 87+3

[Fist Power]: 90+3

[Leg strength]: 90+3

[Stamina]: 85+3

[Speed]: 86+3

[Skill]: 90+3

[Willpower]: 84+3

[Responsiveness]: 87+3

[Shock resistance]: 87+3

[Mastery Skills]: Born to be King (Passive, S Rank), Street Fighting (Passive, A Grade), Large Vision (Passive, A-) Strong Grip (Active, B+ Grade).

[Battle Points]: 2350 points

After leveling up, all stats will be increased by 3 points.

Huangfu Long Dou clearly felt that the strength in his muscles had become stronger again.

It's a wonderful feeling.

The reason why Huangfu Longdou keeps fighting, trying to make himself stronger.

Enjoying this feeling of getting stronger is also one of the reasons.

It's like a long-distance run, enjoying every run, enjoying every time you walk with the wind, and enjoying every time you get faster.

That kind of hearty, can't stop.

Gradually, I found that my body was unwilling to stop.

As for the 2350 Battle Points earned so far.

Huangfu Longdou is ready to stay.

It can be used to upgrade skills or buy new skills later.

In addition to that, if you meet a strong opponent.

You can directly exchange all battle points for attribute points, and add points accordingly.

Restrain the other party and finally defeat the other party.

Therefore, Huangfu Longdou temporarily kept all the battle points.

After a long exhale, Huangfu Longdou put away his notebook again.

Pushing his glasses, he continued to take a step, grabbing a passerby.

Wearing glasses, the emperor who has become very kind.

It wasn't as feared as it was at the beginning.

This time it went smoothly and I asked where the agent was.

At this time, Kinoshita Daimae on the other side has come to the edge of the phoenix territory with about 20 lily of the valley bad ones.

Kinoshita Daizen did not hesitate at all and stepped into the territory of the phoenix.

In his opinion, Huangfu Longdou must have fled back in order to avoid Lily of the Valley's revenge.

So choose to keep catching up.

Not far away, Narumi Daigo and Kumachi Riya walked out of a supermarket.

"Narumi, you're going to have a rice ball at night?".

Kumachiri watched Narumi take out the rice balls from the bag and gnaw on them, expressing his incomprehension.

"There's no one at home, so you don't have to worry about it... There's no one at home, do you


Narumi Daime said and took out the rice balls from his pocket and handed them to Kumachiri.

Xiong Cheriya didn't take it, he had never been very interested in this kind of overly simple food.

"It's delicious!".

Narumi passed it over a little more.


Kumachiriya looked at the rice balls, then at Narumi Daiga, and finally chose to take the rice balls.

I tore open the package and took a bite.

Suddenly showed a look of disgust: "Where is it delicious?".

But then he took another bite.

"Haha... Maybe it's plum-flavored, but it's not for you. "

A rice ball was eaten by Narumi in three or two clicks.

"I'd better go buy something else. "

Kumachiriya shook his head and nibbled on the rice balls as he turned around and walked back into the supermarket.

With the supermarket door just closed.

A voice rang out from behind Narumi Daiga.

"It's you, bastard, who beat Shiro and them, right?"


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