In this way, Di Li scored two 99 points and two 100 points.

Di Li scored 398 points, such a score, it should be impossible to fail.

So in the confrontation of this group, Di Li won, and Hua Chenyu is to be determined.

In the next group of matchups, Ou Hao also advanced, and the ultimate PK remains.

Fortunately, in the ultimate PK, Hua Chenyu played steadily and dropped the opponent's PK.

In this way, the top three of "Happy Boys" have been officially released.

"Congratulations, congratulations. When Di Li came back to the crew, everyone in the crew congratulated him.

"Congratulations on entering the top three fast men!" Gao Weixuan, as a friend, congratulated Di Li as soon as he got the news.

"Niu Pi, I really made it to the top three, so it seems that winning the championship is not a dream. Strangling Di Li's neck, Zhang Yunlong said to him: "If you win the championship, please drink." "

Looking at the congratulations of so many friends, Di Li just smiled.

Seriously, the championship is just a matter of mood for him now.

As long as he really wants to win the championship, if he chooses songs well later, he basically runs away.

If he doesn't want to win the championship, then he doesn't choose original songs, but just chooses songs that are available in the world now, so that the possibility of not winning the championship will be greatly improved.

To be honest, from the time he participated in this competition, after he took out the first song of Dong Chou, the champion was basically determined by him, it depends on whether he wants it or not.

"Just drink?" Dili felt that was not satisfied.

"Then what's the matter, introduce my sister to you?" Zhang Yunlong smiled and asked Di Li if he wanted it.

"You dare!" No, several girls in the crew immediately scolded Zhang Yunlong.

Di Li laughed haha and Zhang Yunlong high-fived, there is no way to do this.

Now Di Li is being stared at by too many girls, and even in the cold country, there are people staring at it.

"Have you entered the top three?" Wu Xuanyi looked at WeChat on her phone.

This was sent by Zhou Yutong to tell her that Di Li had entered the top three of the fast men.

Looking at her phone, Wu Xuanyi lay on the floor with some emptiness, looking at the lights on the ceiling.

Five years of relationship, my first love, because of my willful dream, I broke up when I said I broke up.

He sweated in the cold country and fought for his life to make his debut as soon as possible, but what about him, now he is already the top three fast men in the loyal country, compared to him, he came all the way to the cold country to strive for his debut, doesn't it seem more ironic?

Wu Xuanyi was lying on the floor of the practice room, regretting it, she really regretted it now.

"Maggie, I seem to have truly lost the person I love the most. Wu Xuanyi silently shed tears and said to her friends.

Meng Meiqi looked at Wu Xuanyi, who was crying again, sighed, and looked at Cheng Xiao on the side.

"It's useless for you to regret it now, and you can't go back now. "

"If you come to the cold country and go back without accomplishing anything, you will be embarrassed, and it will even make him look down on you even more. "

"You broke up before he debuted, and now that people are so close to the championship, and you run back again, do you decide that he will accept you again?"

Although he has never been in love, Cheng Xiao still understands this truth.

"Yes, instead of you thinking nonsense here, you should practice harder. "

"Only after your debut, standing at the same high point, and meeting again, will you be more confident at that time. "

"Now you, when you go back, it's just a backward post, and you ask him for forgiveness. "

Meng Meiqi also told Wu Xuanyi her personal thoughts.

Although they are also about 15 years old, she has grown up very fast after coming to the cold country as a trainee.

The persuasion of friends made Wu Xuanyi more determined.

"I won't go back until I debut, except four years later. "

Wu Xuanyi sat up and continued to sweat, practicing the dance over and over again.

At this time, Di Li didn't know that Wu Xuanyi was still thinking about him, and even practiced harder.

Now he is in the crew, and he is seriously responsible for every scene of his own.

"If nothing else, the 20th will be completed. The director said to Di Li beside him.

"No. 20, that's fine. Knowing that there were still 10 days to finish, Di Li was also a lot more relaxed.

"There are still 4 episodes left, we started on July 15 and finished on September 20. "

"We finished filming the 30-episode TV series in less than 70 days?"

"Actually, it's not necessarily, the crew is very well equipped, plus we have a month of training. "

"This month's training has allowed you to complete the action scenes very well, and you have a tacit understanding with each other, in fact, you have to count the more than a month of action scene training. "

"In this case, it took us three and a half months to finish filming this TV series. "

Director Liang Guoguan said this, and everyone felt that it was the same.

If they really want to calculate, they still have the time to prepare this play, and the time to act this play, it is three and a half months, so they feel that they can get by.

"That's right, if this drama is finished on the 20th, then we can rest for ten days. "

"When it is eleven, we will go to participate in the launch of "Dragon Babu". "

Di Li felt that this was very good, not too rushed, and time allowed.

"You think too much, you have two dramas to film. Li Yitong reminded Di Li.

"Oh yes, and the Legend of the Condor Heroes with you;" I almost forgot that the two plays were at the same time

The two dramas "Dragon Babu" and "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" were also launched during the 11th Golden Week.

"Dragon Babu" was filmed in Xiangshan Film and Television City.

"The Legend of the Condor Heroes" requires a lot of live-action shooting, which is the most torturous.

Tianlong Babu only filmed more in Xiangshan Film and Television City and Yun Province.

Condor shooting is different, in order to restore the original work, from the desert to the south of the Yangtze River, from the downtown to the secluded dwelling of the large-span regional description, the restoration presents a more realistic picture effect.

The grassland scene in front needs to be filmed in the Yellow River Stone Forest area.

Anyway, in order to make this TV series a classic, Di Li is also very cooperative.

Even in terms of site selection, he also cooperated with the director to discuss and screen.

"Shooting the Condor" found director Jiang Jiajun to direct, which was also requested by Di Li.

Because the director of the 2017 version of the Condor is Jiang Jiajun, Di Li likes the version he filmed, so he let him direct, and he is more at ease.

"But it's not a big problem, in the early stage of "Dragon Babu", I didn't have many scenes. "

"In the middle and late stages, I had a lot of scenes, and at that time, I needed two crews to hurry. "

This can be regarded as Di Li's ability to relax so far.

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