One Piece_ Treasure Appraisal in the Sky, Robin Picks Up the Thunder God

One Piece_ Treasure Appraisal in the Sky, Robin Picks Up the Thunder God


143 Chapters Ongoing Status


[Pirate + Teammate Robin + Invincible + Samsara Eye]

This is a world of pirates descended from the heavens.

There are not only local characters from the pirate world, but also inheritances from various worlds.

Dragon Ball’s Turtle Style Qigong, Naruto’s Rinnegan Eye, Fairy Tail’s dragon-slaying magic, Death’s Zanpakutō… As long as there’s any inheritance you can think of, it’s all here!

Liu Yu traveled to such a pirate world and gained the Eye of Deception at the beginning.

He is the only one in the whole world who can see through these inheritances.

Then get the system, as long as you point out the opportunity to the destined person, he can also get rebates.

From then on, he embarked on the path of appraising treasures for those who are destined to do so!

Robin: “Under his guidance, I got the Flying Thunder God!”

Nami: “With the Thunder Roar Cannon, it’s nothing but a mere Aaron!”

Zoro: “Becoming the world’s greatest swordsman does not require any training at all. You only need to obtain the inheritance of the world’s greatest swordsman from another world! You are right, Zaraki Kenpachi!”

One day, Liu Yu plans to replace the world government.

People who are destined for Liu Yu take the initiative to ask for help!

Nami, Robin, Vivi, and Rebecca: “It was you who helped us, the destined people, in the past. From today on, it’s our turn!”

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