One Piece Internet Café

One Piece Internet Café


153 Chapters Ongoing Status


Traveling to the world of pirates, other people’s systems are either treasure chests or various cheats. Why is my system actually an Internet cafe system? Do you want me to open an Internet cafe in Pirate World?

Hawkeye: White-handed Antuen dragged nineteen, come quickly!

Red Dog: Don’t call me Red Dog! My name is Red God-Akainu!

Hancock: Network administrator, I’m yours tonight, can I give you a set of game skins?

Five-star old man: Tonight we will have a black meeting, no meeting.

Blackbeard: Network administrator, this is 100 million Berry, charge me 1000QB, I want to buy an epic skin for my hero.

Warring States of Buddha: To be a fart marshal, this old man is a man who wants to become the strongest king!


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