Naruto Dragon Ball Wishing System

Naruto Dragon Ball Wishing System


188 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: Naruto Dragon Ball Wishing System

(The Naruto volume is completed, the Hunter volume is completed, the Pirate volume is completed, and the Fairy Tail volume is being serialized)

Ning Hao, an otaku, came to the world of Naruto. Fortunately, it was before the third war, so I had some time to buffer; but being the same generation as Kakashi Hatake? Not the Uchiha clan or the Senju clan?

Ning Hao said he was a bit stressed~

But don't be afraid! I have a Dragon Ball wishing system!

You can make one wish every year! The system helps you realize all your wishes! !

Upgrading the wish power system can help you realize more advanced wishes!

Do you want wood escape? Want the Mangekyō Sharingan? Want the Samsara Eye? Devil Fruit? Zanpakutō? magic?

Everything is available…


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