My Two-sided Cultivation: Starting From Collecting Experiences

My Two-sided Cultivation: Starting From Collecting Experiences


684 Chapters Ongoing Status


Qin Huai has traveled to a fantasy world where demons are rampant, and heroes coexist. He has no background and no qualifications for cultivation. Until that day he became an apprentice in a pharmacy and began to practice with his brothers.

He discovered that experience balls fell out of his master and senior brothers.

He followed the apprentice to grind the medicine.

“Ding! 【Pharmacy】experience value +3!”

Master and brothers practice martial arts.

“Ding! You picked up a [Nursing Qi Gong Essence (White)], [Nursing Qi Gong] experience value +3!”

He killed the bandits, and actually picked up the opponent’s martial arts.

“Ding! 【Expression Concentration Skill】experience value +13!”

The master said that Qigong is not good at attacking and attacking, there is an upper limit of practice, and it can only prolong life.

But when Qin Huai picked up his experience and forcibly picked up Qi Yang Gong to the 50th floor, the qi in his body was like a real dragon, his pushing hands were like a stormy wave, and his offense and defense were integrated.

People in the world say that the two kinds of exercises are in conflict, and if you practice them forcibly, you will explode and die.

Qin Huai picked up the experience and directly skipped the practice process in one step, without any side effects!

When Qin Huai practiced more and more exercises, he suddenly discovered that those exercises interacted in his body, evolving stronger skills.

Qin Huai, who was able to gain experience, began to wander among the various forces.

He saw bones and raw flesh, living another life.

He saw the evil spirit cooking thousands of people, and his evil spirit was soaring.

He saw Buddha statues chanting scriptures in temples, and the Sanskrit sounds were like mantras.

Qin Huai picked up experience silently in order to survive in the troubled times.


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