My daughter made a big fuss in the world of immortality, and my identity as the Immortal Emperor was

My daughter made a big fuss in the world of immortality, and my identity as the Immortal Emperor was


85 Chapters Ongoing Status



Lu Ming traveled to the world of immortality. Because he could not cultivate, he married his childhood sweetheart and chose to be an ordinary person.

However, his childhood sweetheart gave birth to a daughter for him.

The other party suddenly said that he was the reincarnation of the Immortal Emperor, and there were too many causes and effects that needed to be resolved, and he left in a daze.

After my wife left, unexpectedly the sign-in system was suddenly activated.

Relying on the sign-in reward, Lu Ming’s cultivation level was promoted to the Immortal Emperor Realm in just six years.

Little Cotton Jacket also became a terrifying existence under the cultivation of his terrifying resources.

One day, when Lu Ming was attacking the True God Realm, Little Cotton Jacket ran out of the village.

From then on, the world of immortality exploded…

Holy Lord of the Holy Land: Cruel, so cruel. Whose naughty kid is this, using my Holy Land as a vegetable garden?

Monster Emperor: Where is this naughty kid coming from, chasing me for animal milk? Is there anyone in charge? ! !

Lord of the Forbidden Zone: Ah, damn little bastard, you use the innate white lotus that I have guarded for a hundred thousand years as a stew ingredient?

Until one day, when the little cotton-padded jacket encountered someone he couldn’t defeat, he immediately shouted: “Daddy, my daughter can’t bear it anymore.”

Lu Ming came out on the spot: “Who dares to touch my little cotton-padded jacket?”

The world of immortal cultivation is once again in turmoil. I am the immortal of your cup…the Immortal Emperor! ? ?

Realm: Monster/Qi Training Realm, Mysterious Demon/Foundation Building Realm, Earth Demon/Golden Core Realm, Heavenly Demon/Nascent Soul Realm, Demon Emperor/God Transformation Realm, Demon Lord/Fusion Realm, Demon Saint/Mahayana Realm, Demon Emperor/Holy Realm, Demon Ancestor/Emperor Realm, Pseudo Immortal Beast/Tribulation Realm…

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