Chapter 5430: The Person Whom Taishi Xingzhong Kneels To

“Do as I say,” Chu Feng said.

“Sicko!” Ling Hang looked at Chu Feng as if he was a fool before turning his attention toward Li Ta’er. “Miss Ta’er, we’ll meet again.”

With that, Ling Hang left the area. 

Chu Feng and Bai Yunqing didn’t stop him. Of course, Li Ta’er didn’t try to stop him either.

“Big brother Chu Feng, thank you for your help. I know that you stopped me from making a move because you’re worried that Ling Hang will exact vengeance on me,” Bai Yunqing said.

“There’s no need for such words between us. I’m just worried that he will come after you despite that,” Chu Feng said. 

It was then that Li Ta’er walked over and said, “We aren’t afraid even if they come after us.”

“Big sister Ta’er.” Bai Yunqing was surprised. He thought that Li Ta’er would scold Chu Feng for teaching Ling Hang a lesson, but her tone was somehow gentler than before.

“Bai Yunqing, you head out first. I need to talk to Chu Feng,” Li Ta’er said.

“Big sister Ta’er, big brother Chu Feng taught Ling Hang a lesson for you.” Bai Yunqing was worried that Li Ta’er would give Chu Feng a tongue-lashing.

“Ling Hang deserved that,” Li Ta’er replied.

“Then…” Bai Yunqing had no idea what Li Ta’er was up to.

“Is it too much to ask for some private time? Do you have feelings for him?” Li Ta’er asked.

“Of course not!” Bai Yunqing quickly shook his head.

“You should head out first,” Chu Feng said.

Bai Yunqing reluctantly left the room and closed the door behind him. He wasn’t worried about Chu Feng, but he was still a bit hesitant to leave the two of them alone.

“Miss Ta’er, is there something you need from me?” Chu Feng asked.

“Thanks for just now,” Li Ta’er said.

“You don’t need to thank me. I didn’t intervene for your sake. I just didn’t want to see my brother getting hurt,” Chu Feng replied.

However, Li Ta’er wasn’t offended by that response. “Regardless of your motive, it’s a fact that you helped me. Bai Yunqing wouldn’t have been able to stop Ling Hang by himself. For that, I’ll turn a blind eye to you harming me.”

“Miss Ta'er, when did I harm you? Please don’t make up false stories,” Chu Feng replied.

“Heh…” Li Ta’er smirked. “Your illusory formation was formidable, but it’s useless against me.”

Chu Feng maintained a poker face, but he was surprised that she had seen through his illusory formation. That should have been impossible. He was confident that his means could deceive world spiritists even stronger than him. 

“Didn’t Bai Yunqing tell you about my unique constitution? Well, I guess he doesn’t know how my constitution is unique either. My talent might be beneath you, but I am immune to most illusory formations. Even illusory formations from True Dragon World Spiritists can’t beguile me, let alone yours,” Li Ta’er said.

Chu Feng could tell that Li Ta’er wasn’t trying to sound him out. She had really seen through his illusory formation.

“However, you can be assured that I won’t tell this matter to anyone else. I’ll also treat Bai Yunqing better, but it’s on your account.” After saying her piece, Li Ta’er made her way toward the door. Before stepping out, she flashed Chu Feng a smile.

Her smile was beautiful. It carried neither contempt nor the intent to fawn. 

“Has that girl fallen for you?” Eggy asked with a chuckle.

“How is that possible? I beat her up. Why would she fall in love with me for that? Besides, I intervened earlier to save Bai Yunqing, not her,” Chu Feng replied.

“You don’t get it. There are women who prefer stronger men. The friendlier you are to them, the more they look down on you. On the contrary, they respect you if you take on a forceful front. Li Ta’er might be such a woman,” Eggy said. 

“That sounds like a pervert.” 

Chu Feng was rendered speechless. He hoped that Li Ta’er wasn’t fond of him because he didn’t have a good impression of her. Her willingness to let go of their previous grudges didn’t raise his opinion of her, for he knew that she wasn’t a good person, judging from how she had treated Bai Yunqing this far.

“Big brother Chu Feng, what did big sister Ta’er say to you?” Bai Yunqing entered the room and asked.

“It’s nothing,” Chu Feng replied. 

“That’s good to hear. Big brother Chu Feng, I don’t think that I can tag along with you anymore,” Bai Yunqing said.

“Did something happen?” Chu Feng asked.

“My senior uncle sent me a voice transmission earlier to tell me that I shouldn’t leave this manor for the time being because there are matters I need to attend to,” Bai Yunqing replied.

“I understand,” Chu Feng replied. He then switched to voice transmission and asked, “Do you think that your master and your senior uncle are good people?

“Big brother Chu Feng, why do you ask that?” Bai Yunqing was confused by that question, but he tactfully chose to answer via voice transmission too.

“I’ll get to the point. The formation your senior uncle had us work on earlier contains a strong blood stench. I can sense the humans and monstrous beasts with special bloodlines in there. Many lives have been sacrificed to construct this formation,” Chu Feng said.

He wasn’t so naive as to think that those who took the lives of others were evil, but at the same time, it was unlikely for those who had no qualms about taking so many lives to be kind souls. 

“My master treats me very well. I see him as a trustworthy person. I would have been dead if not for him,” Bai Yunqing said.

“You have a surprisingly innocent side. I’m not saying that you should turn your backs on your master and your senior uncle, but you shouldn’t blindly trust them either. I know that you feel indebted to them, but you shouldn’t allow those emotions to cloud your judgment. Look at their words and their actions and discern whether they truly mean well,” Chu Feng said. 

“Rest assured, big brother Chu Feng. I can at least tell as much. If even my master is exploiting me, I don’t think that there will be anyone else in the world who is truly kind to me,” Bai Yunqing said with a smile. 

“I trust your judgment, but keep your guard up. Your safety should come above all things else,” Chu Feng said.

“I understand,” Bai Yunqing replied with a smile.

Chu Feng bade Bai Yunqing farewell and made his way to where the World Spiritist Painter was holding his exhibition. He had to find out who was impersonating him and uncover his motives. Besides that, he thought that those from the Pill Dao Immortal Sect would be there too. 

This was an opportunity for him to exact vengeance. While he was still too weak to deal with Jia Lingyi, he could at least cause them some trouble. 

What Chu Feng didn’t know was that the formation he had perfected earlier had been compressed till it was the size of a single pill. 

“Senior, it’s finally completed!” Bai Yunqing’s senior uncle excitedly presented the pill-sized formation to an elder. 

This elder had an interesting appearance; he had eyebrows that reached his shoulders and a beard that reached his knees. While he had an aged appearance, he had an upright posture that flaunted his two-meter-tall stature, making him appear imposing.

This person was none other than Bai Yunqing’s master, as well as the Totem Dragon Clan’s First Guest Elder, Taishi Xingzhong.

“Wait here.” 

Taishi Xingzhong took the compressed formation and entered the underground chamber in front of him. He passed through multiple layers of powerful barriers before finally arriving at a cliff. On the cliff was an extremely resilient gate. 

Taishi Xingzhong pushed open the gate, and golden light spilled out from within. Instead of stepping into the room, he got to his knees and humbly presented the compressed formation before saying, “Milord, this pill will help you to master your divine art.”

The formation rose into the air and entered the brilliant room filled with golden light.

“Was it made the way I requested?” a voice echoed from the golden light. 

Taishi Xingzhong frowned nervously upon hearing those words. “Milord, I completed the formation according to your request. Is there something wrong?”

“Not at all. I just sense a familiar aura in it,” the person inside the golden light said. 

“Did I accidentally kill milord’s acquaintance?” Taishi Xingzhong was even more unnerved.

“No, it’s just a familiar aura. I can’t remember who it is, but it doesn’t matter. Taishi Xingzhong, you have worked hard. This will be a huge merit for you if I succeed,” the person in the golden light said.


An even more powerful aura rippled from the golden light. A dragon’s roar could be vaguely heard as a massive dragon silhouette flickered amidst the golden light. It didn’t look to be just a manifestation of the formation but a real dragon. 

Eventually, the golden light converged into the body of a man. 

Upon seeing the man’s state, Taishi Xingzhong’s face lit up with delight. “Congratulations to Lord Long Lin for mastering your divine art!”

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