Yang Xiaodi knew what his parents meant, and he was very happy, anyway, he gave He Yuzhu everything, and he couldn't marry him.

Since the breakthrough in the relationship between the two daughters and He Yuzhu, the appearance of the two daughters has also changed dramatically, and they have become more beautiful.

Yang Xiaodi said:

"I'll go back and ask my mom first!"

After speaking, Yang Xiaodi ran back in a hurry, looking at Yang Xiaodi who was leaving, He Yuzhu gently hugged Chen Xueru, and then said:

"Xueru, I've wronged you!"

Chen Xueru put her head on He Yuzhu's chest, then hugged He Yuzhu tightly, and said emotionally:

"Brother Zhuzi, I'm not aggrieved at all, really, not aggrieved at all, on the contrary, I'm very happy that I can finally be with Brother Zhuzi.

Brother Zhuzi, you just didn't have the right time, if in the previous society, there were too many people who wanted to marry Brother Zhuzi and you as a concubine.

And Brother Zhuzi, you are so powerful, the two of us are so useless, we can't let you have fun!"

Hearing Chen Xueru's words, He Yuzhu said in his heart, with his own cultivation, there is no woman in this world who can satisfy him.

However, He Yuzhu did not say so, but said:

"What do you two like, you two are people I like, you can't say that in the future, or I'll be unhappy, you know?"

Chen Xueru nodded:

"Got it, Brother Zhuzi, I won't say that in the future!"

Then Chen Xueru looked up and said:

"Brother Zhuzi and now treat me like this, I have no regrets in this life!"

He Yuzhu said:

"What do you say, I can't give you a name in this life, but "Eight, Six, Seven" Your love, I will give you a lot of it!"

Chen Xueru said emotionally:

"Brother Zhuzi, I believe you!"

He Yuzhu didn't expect that he was a single dog in his previous life, and when he came to this world, he would be able to hug left and right.

However, He Yuzhu knows that only a few of his own people know about this matter, and others can't say it, if you let others know, report yourself for messing with the relationship between men and women.

If you don't die, you have to peel off your skin, no matter what golden body you have, the relationship between men and women in this era is too powerful.

If I didn't know, this time would pass soon, and I would like to go to Xiangjiang to develop.

And I know that my current ability can help my country improve rapidly.

As for the relationship between the three of them, then with their own kung fu, it will not be too late to leave with the second daughter when the time comes.

When He Yuzhu and Chen Xueru were warm, Yang Xiaodi ran back, looking at the two hugging people, Yang Xiaodi was not annoyed, but quickly ran towards He Yuzhu.

Then shouted at He Yuzhu:

"Brother Zhuzi, I want it too!"

After speaking, he threw himself into He Yuzhu's arms, and then handed the account to He Yuzhu like a treasure:

"Brother Zhuzi, my parents agreed, let's go get the certificate tomorrow!"

He Yuzhu did not refute either, and then said:

"Okay, but it's okay to get the certificate tomorrow, after getting the certificate, I'll take you to talk to my dad."

Then come to your door and talk to your parents about our wedding!"

Yang Xiaodi said:

"No need, now everything is simple, let's not have any weddings!"

In fact, Yang Xiaodi is taking care of Chen Xueru's emotions, after all, Chen Xueru was the first to follow He Yuzhu.

But for her own sake, Chen Xueru automatically gave up her name, but gave up everything, and just followed He Yuzhu.

So Yang Xiaodi didn't want to hold a wedding, but Chen Xueru was not a fool, so she naturally knew Yang Xiaodi's thoughts:

"Xiaodi, thank you, but don't worry, I'm really happy that you're like this, but if you don't hold a wedding.

What do you want Brother Zhu to do, you must know that Brother Zhu has a lot of connections.

Whether it is in cooking or other aspects, these are the attitudes of Brother Zhuzi.

If Brother Zhu gets married and doesn't tell these people, these people will pick on it in the future, which is not good for Brother Zhuzi's future work!"

Hearing Chen Xueru's words, Yang Xiaodi said:

"Okay then, I'm worried about Xueru, you're ......"

Chen Xueru said:

"I'm already very happy to be with Brother Zhuzi!"

Yang Xiaodi said:

"Then I'll hold a wedding, and you go into the cave room, so it's fair, anyway, ......"

Before Yang Xiaodi finished speaking, Chen Xueru interrupted Yang Xiaodi's words:

"Yang-Xiao-Di! Don't you know what strength Brother Zhuzi has?

It's so beautiful that I can only help you when you can't support it, and as for the rest, don't talk about it.

Hmph, Xiao Nizi has a lot of thoughts! If you mislead me again, be careful that I don't help you, and let you face Brother Zhuzi by yourself when the time comes!"

Hearing Chen Xueru's words, Yang Xiaodi was immediately afraid, if that was the case, he would not die.

Yang Xiaodi let go of He Yuzhu, and then pulled Chen Xueru and began to speak softly.

Seeing Yang Xiaodi say soft words, Chen Xueru bypassed Yang Xiaodi by getting off the slope and getting off the donkey.

If Yang Xiaodi doesn't help himself in order to compete with himself, then his fate will not be much better.

The reason why the two are so harmonious is inseparable from He Yuzhu's strength.

And both of them were very glad that they had chosen at that time, if they chose either of them, it would be over.

The next day, He Yuzhu and Yang Xiaodi wore the new clothes that Chen Xueru made for the two, and rode their bicycles to register.

When they arrived at the Civil Affairs Bureau, the two took a photo, and then they got a marriage certificate.

Looking at the marriage certificate, Yang Xiaodi was very happy, but he was already mentally prepared, and Yang Xiaodi was still excited.

He Yuzhu knew that he had to go to the courtyard to talk to his father about this matter.

After all, when the time comes, He Daqing will be required for the wedding, He Yuzhu said:

"Let's go, go to my dad first, talk about it, and then ask my dad to discuss our wedding with your dad!"

I still have a lot of people to invite!"

Yang Xiaodi said:

"Me too, there are many classmates and teachers, as well as colleagues from my parents!"

He Yuzhu nodded:

"Okay, then let's go back first!"

Yang Xiaodi nodded, He Yuzhu took Yang Xiaodi back on a bicycle, and as for He Yushui, He Yuzhu entrusted Chen Xueru to take care of it.

After all, the two of them are going back to talk about the wedding, and it is inconvenient to take Chen Xueru with them.

The two rode bicycles to the courtyard, and at this time, Yan Bugui whined:

"Zhuzi, He Yuzhu, are you back?"

He Yuzhu was startled, and then said with a smile:

"The third master, yes, I'm back, didn't I come back to my dad for something?

By the way, the third master, haven't you gone to class, haven't you had a holiday?"

At this time, an uncle outside the order said:

"Hey, Mr. Yan has been running back by himself since the last rating!"

He Yuzhu knew that in primary school, the 6th grade teacher was very powerful.

However, He Yuzhu did not debunk Yan Bugui's words, but said:

"Uncle Zhong, you've been doing well lately, right?"

Uncle Zhong nodded:

"TOEFL, not bad, what's wrong, pillar, this is developed?"

After He Yuzhu finished speaking, Uncle Zhong pointed to Yang Xiaodi, and He Yuzhu said:

"Hi, I patronized and talked to you guys, I forgot to introduce you guys.

This is my daughter-in-law, Yang Xiaodi.

Xiaodi, Uncle Zhong in this era, we are from a compound, this is the third master, Mr. Yan.

One of the three stewards of our compound is the steward who assists the street to help mediate disputes in the compound. "

Hearing He Yuzhu's words, Yang Xiaodi had always heard He Yuzhu talk about the people in this compound before. (If you read a violent novel, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

However, Yang Xiaodi still greeted politely with a smile:

"Uncle Zhong is good, the third master is good!"

Hearing He Yuzhu's words, the third great master Yan Bugui said very curiously:

"Where have you been all these years?"

He Yuzhu smiled and said:

"I'm going to college, isn't this going to graduate right away? And I've been assigned, and I've found a partner at the university, so I don't know if I've got it all.

Come back and talk to me about the wedding!"

He Yuzhu said it easily, but in Yan Bugui's ears, it was a bolt from the blue.

What the?


He Yuzhu?

Dropped out of junior high school and got admitted to college?

Yan Bugui looked at He Yuzhu and was about to speak, and quickly interrupted He Yuzhu:

"Wait, didn't you just say, college? You're going to college? You're about to graduate?"

He Yuzhu nodded:

"That's right!"

Yan Bugui said:

"Didn't you say you went to cook? Why do you still have anything to do with going to college?"

He Yuzhu waved his hand:

"Hey, how many years is that old, three masters, it's a new era now......

You can't look at people with the same old eyes.

I know you don't believe it, but fortunately I haven't graduated yet, to you, this is my student ID, you see"

After speaking, He Yuzhu took out his student ID card and handed it to Yan Bugui, Yan Bugui looked at the contents of the student ID card and was very shocked:

Name: He Yuzhu, Huaqing University, Class 03, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Level 52.

The content is very concise, but it is very clear, I didn't expect He Yuzhu to be admitted to university in 52 years and then go to school.

Yan Bugui felt that something was wrong, and then asked:

"Zhuzi, no, didn't that uncle say that you went to Tianjin Wei to learn to cook?"

He Yuzhu said:

"Oh, the third master, you also believe this, at that time, the first master always asked me to go to the rolling mill as an apprentice, and it was still the kind without salary.

At that time, my basic salary in Hongbin Building was 5 million yuan a month, and my current currency is 500 yuan.

How could I follow Uncle Yi to endure hardships, but Uncle Yi is also a kind person.

I'm too embarrassed to contradict him, so I can only tell a white lie!

It's not been so many years, and I guess he doesn't want to help me, so I told my dad.

My dad also knew about this, so he didn't tell everyone, after all, since I was admitted to university, I didn't like to go around the stove, and the salary was high, but since I was admitted to university

I don't want to hang around the stove like this!"

Hearing He Yuzhu's words, Yan Bugui said:

"It's good to go to college, it's good to go to college!"

If you want to blow Yan Jiecheng, she is not a few years younger than He Yuzhu, and her parents are there, and she is still a primary school teacher.

With such a good environment and atmosphere, his son didn't even get into a secondary school.

And He Yuzhu is actually a university, and it is also the best university in the country, Huaqing University.

Although Yan Bugui said this, he was very jealous in his heart.

However, Yan Bugui said:

"Does Uncle Yi know about this?"

He Yuzhu asked in surprise:

"Three masters, you are a teacher, you three uncles, that is, the uncle in charge, who helps to mediate neighborhood disputes, why do I have to report when I go to college?"

Yan Bugui heard He Yuzhu's words, and glanced at He Yuzhu unexpectedly, this He Yuzhu studied in college, but he was much more powerful than before.

I didn't expect to block my words in one sentence, if you know that you say yes, then you will be labeled as a dictator or feudal head by He Yuzhu.

If not, then my own words before are in vain. 1.8 Yan Bugui did not answer, but said in admiration:

"Pillar, amazing, I didn't expect you to be so powerful, and you really didn't lose that you went to college!"

He Yuzhu smiled at Yan Bugui:

"It's over, if the third master has nothing to do, then I'll go back first!"

Hearing He Yuzhu's words, Yan Bugui nodded:

"Okay, then I won't bother, I have time to come to the third master's house to sit!"

Yan Bugui knew that He Yuzhu's take-off was not something he could stop, so he should have a good relationship.

That's why I said this, He Yuzhu also knew what Yan Bugui meant, but He Yuzhu didn't come here much in the future, if it wasn't for the wedding in a hurry.

I don't know when my unreliable dad will go to my place.

It was impossible for He Yuzhu to come over.

He Yuzhu pulled Yang Xiaodi into the middle courtyard, and watched He Yuzhu leave, Uncle Zhong said mockingly to Yan Bugui;

"Let's eat it, tell me about you, how are other people's lives, that's other people's business, what are you doing with this?"

Yan Bugui was about to speak, but when he thought of the matter of this compound in the future, he changed his words:

"Yes, yes, Lao Zhong, you are right!"

After He Yuzhu entered the compound, he was seen by He Yuqing, who was playing in the yard, and He Yuqing saw He Yuzhu and was very happy:

"Pots and pots, pots and pots, pots and pots hugs!"

Looking at He Yuqing with short legs, He Yuzhu came over and hugged He Yuqing.

And in Song Ziyu in the compound, Aunt Yi and Qin Huairu all saw it, and Aunt Yi said in shock:


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