Yang Xiaodi looked at his parents, you must know that his parents used to say that they should keep their eyes open.

is He Yuzhu is his life-saving benefactor, and his parents don't let him spend the night outside.

Since the incident at Lu Qianqian's house happened, Yang Zhili and Hu Shuzhi never let Yang Xiaodi go out to live.

However, living in He Yuzhu's house, Yang Xiaodi did not say it.

Yang Xiaodi said to his parents:

"Dad, Mom, that's not what you said before!"

Hu Shuzhi said:

"Silly boy, I said this before, just because you haven't met a good person, but we have known this child for more than two years, almost three years.

Good character, good ability, good looks, besides, you will graduate right now.

It's time to think about your marriage, such a good person, if you lose it then, you will never find it again.

The ability of this kid in the pillar, I've grown so big, let alone seen it, I haven't heard of it!"

Yang Zhili nodded:

"Me too, so I think the same thing as your mother!"

Hu Shuzhi asked curiously:

"How does the pillar feel to you?"

Yang Xiaodi said half-truthfully:

"I don't feel anything, that is, let me think about it, after all, I don't know where to assign it when the time comes?"

Hu Shuzhi said:

"What else do you want to think about, no matter where you are assigned, it is the ability of the kid in the pillar, and you can still be disadvantaged?"

Yang Zhili nodded:

"That's it"!

When Yang Xiaodi heard his parents' words, he became even more shy, and then ran away with a red face:

"Hmph, I won't tell you!"

The two looked at their shy daughter and smiled at each other.

Hu Shuzhi asked:

"Husband, wouldn't it be bad for the two of us to talk to our daughter like this?"

Yang Zhili said:

"Why is it not good, if a child like a pillar is missed, he will not be able to find a good one for hundreds of years.

What else does our Xiaodi have besides being pretty?

There are many daughters who go to college, and there are girls who are better looking than Xiaodi.

But there is only one person like a pillar, and there will not be one for hundreds of years.

If you really get along with the pillar, you can follow the pillar to a remote 677 place.

After all, the pillar is now capable, how can the country treat him badly.

The beginning is a fifth-level engineer, you know, that is, the fourth-level engineer is the chief engineer.

As long as he can be in charge of a national-level project in the future, then it is easy to be the chief engineer.

Engineers are already scarce in our country, and high-level engineers are even rarer.

The most important thing is that he is at the peak of so many species, thinking that there is nothing in our country, as long as he is given enough materials.

He can build an industrial country.

This is the ability of the pillar, and now no one else has reacted to it and will not take it down for him.

When the others find out, when he gets married, they will pounce.

After all, there are too few excellent men!"

Hearing Yang Zhili's words, Hu Shuzhi nodded:

"That's right, you're right, such a good son-in-law, if we don't let Xiao Di be with him because of the two of us, Xiao Di will hate me, and we will all regret it!"

Yang Zhili also agreed:

"That's right, I think so too, and these two children have been together for three years, so they must have a relationship.

But neither of them will say anything, if we don't break it.

When the time comes, what will we do if we meet an active one?"

Hu Shuzhi also said:

"That's right, find a time for the pillar to come over for some dinner, I'll pierce this window paper!"

Yang Zhili nodded:

"Okay, I'll see it, sooner rather than later, since the whole Huaqing knows, then everyone else will know about it immediately, after all, many of the leaders' children are also studying in Huaqing!"


Here, Yang Xiaodi's parents are calculating the affairs of He Yuzhu and their daughter, but Yang Xiaodi's parents don't know that Yang Xiaodi, He Yuzhu, and Chen Xueru are all privately determined for life.

He Yuzhu returned home, Chen Xueru was waiting outside, looking at Chen Xueru, He Yuzhu said with pity:

"Xueru, I'm sorry!"

Chen Xueru shook her head, and then threw herself into He Yuzhu's arms:

"Brother Zhuzi, don't say I'm sorry, this is what I want, if I didn't have you that day, I would have been plagued by Hou San.

I don't even know what my future days will be, but I am willing to follow you, whether I have a name or not.

The rain is asleep, Brother Zhuzi, I want to give it to you today, I don't want a name, but I want this first!"

Looking at Chen Xueru's eyes, He Yuzhu suddenly couldn't help it.

As soon as the door closed, he then hugged Chen Xueru and strode towards his room......

The next day, He Yuzhu looked at Chen Xueru, who was still sleeping, and leaked a trace of pity.

You must know that you are not in a bad state now, and your physical fitness is not something that Chen Xueru can bear at all.

Plus yesterday night, it was the first time I came to this world.

Before she tried too hard, Chen Xueru couldn't stand it.

He Yuzhu got up, then called He Yushui up and began to practice martial arts.

After finishing making breakfast, when eating breakfast, He Yuzhu fed Chen Xueru, and He Yushui didn't know what was going on:

"Brother, what's wrong with Sister Xueru?

He Yuzhu said:

"Sister Xueru is sick, let her rest well, I'll send you to school, okay?"

He Yushui nodded:


He Yuzhu sent He Yushui to school and went to school himself.

When school was over, Yang Xiaodi came over to wait for He Yuzhu, picked up He Yushui, and returned home.

Seeing Chen Xueru getting up with a red face, she was cleaning up the yard, and looking at Chen Xueru in the yard, Yang Xiaodi knew that Chen Xueru had not been back since yesterday.

Thinking that after Chen Xueru participated in the public-private partnership, she would not care about the affairs of the store, and the affairs of the store were managed by the public manager.

As for Chen Xueru, the private manager, he just has nothing to check the accounts, and he just doesn't let the public manager embezzle his own money.

And the public manager can only get a salary, while Chen Xueru gets a share.

Yang Xiaodi is very envious of Chen Xueru, but Yang Xiaodi has no experience, if he has experience to see Chen Xueru like this.

I knew what was going on, but Yang Xiaodi couldn't see it, but said to Chen Xueru:

"Xueru, I'm so happy here, I feel like you're looking better than yesterday!"

Chen Xueru glanced at He Yuzhu, and then said with a smile:

"How is it possible, it may be that I eat well here, and my complexion is much better!"

Hearing Chen Xueru's words, Yang Xiaodi also thought it was true, after all, He Yuzhu's craftsmanship is here.

Yang Xiaodi said enviously:

"I really envy you, so free, I want to be here!"

Chen Xueru said:

"You tell your parents that you want to live here, and your parents will definitely agree!"

You must know that although Chen Xueru is young, she has been doing business for a long time, so she naturally knows human nature.

He Yuzhu is so good, unless Yang Xiaodi's parents were kicked in the brain by a donkey, not to mention that their daughter still likes He Yuzhu.

It's that Yang Xiaodi doesn't like He Yuzhu, knowing He Yuzhu's excellence, Yang Xiaodi's parents have to match this matter, after all, there are too few excellent men.

If you bump into it and don't hurry up, then you won't have a chance in the future, and there will be even fewer men as good as He Yuzhu.

Yang Xiaodi heard Chen Xueru's words and asked in disbelief:

(agda) "Really?"

Chen Xueru asked Yang Xiaodi:

"Did you tell your parents about Brother Zhuzi?"

Yang Xiaodi asked:

"What's the matter?"

Chen Xueru looked at the cute Yang Xiaodi and said to Yang Xiaodi:

"It's about Brother Zhuzi being admitted to the fifth-level engineer!"

Yang Xiaodi said:

"That's it, even Brother Zhu took the eighth-level fitter, eighth-level blacksmith, eighth-level carpenter, eighth-level lathe, eighth-level welder, eighth-level riveter, eighth-level electrician, first-class cook, third-level health center, eighth-level repairman, and driver's license!"

Hearing Yang Xiaodi's words, Chen Xueru said

"Then you said that you live here with Brother Zhuzi, your parents absolutely agree, I don't believe you can go back and try it today.

Let's just say that the rain is heavy, and Brother Zhu is inconvenient to take care of, you want to help take care of it, and sleep with the rain.

Your parents will definitely agree!" (If you read a violent novel, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Hearing Chen Xueru's words, Yang Xiaodi said:

"But if I say that, will my parents not let me associate with the pillar?"

Chen Xueru shook her head:

"Definitely not, you told your parents yesterday, do your parents want you to marry Brother Zhuzi?"

Yang Xiaodi said in surprise:

"Xueru, how do you know? Why is it so amazing?"

Hearing Yang Xiaodi's words, Chen Xueru said with a wry smile:

"As long as your parents are normal people, they will not break you up with Brother Zhuzi, think about it, how many excellent people have you seen Brother Zhuzi?"

Yang Xiaodi thought about it, and then shook his head:

"Just one pillar, I haven't found anyone better than the pillar!"

Yang Xiaodi said:

"That's it, think about such an excellent person, be a son-in-law to your parents, and your parents also have face on their faces.

Haven't your parents ever seen anyone better than Brother Zhuzi?

So I told you yesterday that as long as you pursue Brother Zhuzi, your parents will support you.

If you live here, your parents will be desperate.

If you go back and tell your parents that you slept with Brother Zhuzi, your parents will be happier.

will let you get the certificate immediately, and then wait until graduation to discuss the wedding, and even your mother will let you get pregnant as soon as possible and have a child!"

Chen Xueru said that Yang Xiaodi is not confident.

However, Yang Xiaodi still asked:

"Really? I'm just worried that my parents will treat the pillar as a bad person and won't let me associate with the pillar!"

Chen Xueru knew that He Yuzhu was too powerful, and if she was alone, she would die in He Yuzhu's hands sooner rather than later.

So now Chen Xueru sincerely wants Yang Xiaodi to enter this big family.

So Chen Xueru said:

"No, don't worry, your parents can only let you get married quickly, and won't say anything else.

Even when you go back, your mother will say, you are a big girl, you should be sensible, how about men?

It's to let you sleep with Brother Zhuzi, have a child early, and help you take care of the child or something!"

Chen Xueru said that Yang Xiaodi didn't believe it, after all, what Chen Xueru said was too mysterious.

How is this possible?

Chen Xueru said:

"I can bet with you, you told your parents, if your parents don't agree, I will let Brother Zhu get the certificate with you immediately.

If you lose, then you must promise me one condition unconditionally, except, of course, the kind of words that leave the pillar brother. "

Hearing Chen Xueru's words, Yang Xiaodi heard it, as long as he didn't let himself leave He Yuzhu.

And Chen Xueru is now satisfied, after all, she is already with He Yuzhu.

As for Yang Xiaodi, whether he can be with He Yuzhu or not, then I don't care.

If Yang Xiaodi doesn't accept it, then it's even better, and he can be with He Yuzhu justifiably.

If Yang Xiaodi accepts it, then it is the same as his own purpose, and it is not a big deal, so no matter what, Chen Xueru feels that she is not at a loss.

So now Chen Xueru is in a very good mood.

So Yang Xiaodi said:

"No problem, I'll say it now!"

Then Yang Xiaodi said to He Yuzhu:

"Brother Zhuzi, mine go back first and talk to my parents?"

He Yuzhu didn't expect Yang Xiaodi to be in such a hurry, to know that he only ate meat yesterday.

I'm going to try it today, but I didn't expect Yang Xiaodi to be in such a hurry.

However, He Yuzhu couldn't say disagree, and then nodded:

"I have a lady's bicycle in that barn, new, bought before when I didn't have a ticket.

You ride that back, if you don't come, you can ride over tomorrow!"

He Yuzhu didn't want Yang Xiaodi to come over so quickly, but there was no way, he couldn't say anything.

Yang Xiaodi ran back with great interest, and after going back, Hu Shuzhi watched Yang Xiaodi come back.

Curious ask:

"Xiaodi, why did you come back so early?

Yang Xiaodi shook his head:

"No, Mom, you don't want me to be better, I want to discuss it with you when I come back!"

Hu Shuzhi asked:

"What are you discussing?"

Yang Xiaodi said:

"You know the rain, right?

Hu Shuzhi nodded, and Yang Xiaodi continued:

"In the past, the rain was still small, and the pillar could still be taken care of, but now the rain is about to become a big girl, and the pillar is not good to take care of, so I want to live in the pillar's house and help take care of the rain!"

Hu Shuzhi didn't think about it, so he said:

"Okay, go ahead, I'll talk to him when your dad comes back!".

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