Yang Xiaodi heard Chen Xueru's words and said to He Yuzhu:

"Pillar, if that's the case, I agree, but I can't let anyone else know about it, otherwise, my parents will definitely not agree.

But in this case, Xueru will be wronged!"

Chen Xueru smiled slightly:

"Don't be wronged, I don't know what you thought when Brother Zhuzi saved you?

But I thought my life was over, and I didn't have any thoughts about my other half.

But I don't want my other half to be an enemy, and then my offspring will be doomed.

As you are well aware, the state is now very unfriendly to me in doing so.

At that time, I felt it, and I wanted to become bigger and stronger, so that the country would be afraid of me.

But now that I think about it, I was really naïve at that time.

No matter how powerful I am, I can't be bigger than Lou Qingshan's business, and all Lou Qingshan's business has been handed over.

No matter how powerful I am, fortunately, I met Brother Zhu at that time, and Brother Zhu was like a ray of light in the dark.

It illuminated me and made my life colorful, and at that time I was not obsessed with trading.

My idea is very simple, I just want to be a little woman of the pillar brother in my life.

At the beginning, I felt that life was very good, but I didn't expect that after Brother Zhuzi started school.

You suddenly appeared, Brother Zhuzi is not bad looking, and his figure is good.

And you were also saved by Brother Zhuzi, otherwise, how could I be friends with you. "

Hearing Chen Xueru's words, Yang Xiaodi was also very shocked, he didn't expect that Chen Xueru still had this thought.

Yang Xiaodi didn't think about it that way, and he didn't think about sharing He Yuzhu with others at all.

In Yang Xiaodi's heart, he is a college student, and he has a better figure than Chen Xueru, looks better than her, and has parents who are officials at home.

is stronger than Chen Xueru in all aspects, if He Yuzhu chooses in the end, comparing the pros and cons, he will definitely choose his own.

But I didn't expect Chen Ru to choose this.

Yang Xiaodi knew that if he didn't express his position, then He Yuzhu would definitely choose Chen Xueru, who didn't want anything.

You must know that in recent years, Yang Xiaodi has known how good He Yuzhu is.

There is no shortage of women at all, if there is a woman who is better looking than himself, he will also like such an excellent He Yuzhu.

So Yang Xiaodi also hurriedly expressed his position.

After all, Yang Xiaodi is not a fool, if he were a fool, he would not be admitted to Shendu University.

You must know that the admission score of Imperial Capital University is not much worse than that of Huaqing University.

So Yang Xiaodi also hurriedly expressed his position.

Listening to the meeting of the second daughter, He Yuzhu was circled, you must know that He Yuzhu is planning to have a showdown with the second daughter.

I didn't expect to be forced into the palace by two women.

He Yuzhu sighed and said:

"Hey, you two, why bother!"

The two men said in unison:

"We do!"

He Yuzhu said:

"Actually, I'm also about to be assigned, I'm worried that the work I'm assigned is too busy, and in this case, it will delay the two of you.

So I want you to think about it!"

Chen Xueru said:

"Brother Zhuzi, you are assigned to the Great Northwest, and I will go with you, I don't care where you are?

Without you, I feel like my life wouldn't have any color!"

Yang Xiaodi also said:

"Pillar, you don't want to be like this, I'm afraid, I don't care where you are assigned, no matter how long it takes, I'm willing to wait for you.

I can also not work, just for you, to follow you!"

Looking at the two women, He Yuzhu sighed and said:

"It's okay, since you both say so, I won't be human anymore.

But not now, I want you to think about it.

Don't make decisions on the spur of the moment, it's a lifetime thing after all!"

The reaction of the two women, He Yuzhu was very happy in his heart.

Hearing He Yuzhu's words, the second daughter had actually made up her mind a long time ago, Chen Xueru said:

"No matter how long it takes, it's my decision!"

Yang Xiaodi nodded:

"Me too!"

He Yuzhu said:

"In that case, it's all the time for the two of you to think about it until I allocate it.

If you still think so, then do as you two say.

If anyone repents, tell me that I can't delay you!"

Hearing He Yuzhu's words, Yang Xiaodi said to He Yuzhu:

"Zhuzi, don't worry, I won't return, Xueru can give up so much for you.

I can still do it if I accept a Xueru for you!"

Chen Xueru said:

"Brother Zhuzi, I said so, I made such a choice, how could I regret it!"

Looking at the second daughter, He Yuzhu was moved for the first time, you must know that He Yuzhu used to think that this world was a game.

People here subconsciously regard themselves as NPCs, but after listening to the counselor's words today, He Yuzhu has integrated into this world for the first time.

I didn't expect to let my new beat again.

It was also at this time that He Yuzhu had a real feeling for this time.

He Yuzhu subconsciously hugged the two in his arms, and then said:

"Xueru, Xiaodi, thank you both!"

Chen Xueru finally felt He Yuzhu's temperature and was very attached:

"Brother Zhuzi, needless to say, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't know if there would be me now!"

Yang Xiaodi said:

"Me too!"

He Yuzhu let go of the second daughter, and He Yuzhu said:

"For the sake of the two of you, for the sake of the rain, I will try my best to stay in the imperial capital.

But I'll be wronged by you two!"

Both girls shook their heads:

"Don't be aggrieved!"

He Yuzhu turned over and sat between the two daughters, and then spoke until it was dark.

He Yuzhu said:

"It's too late, I'll send you back!"

Chen Xueru said:

"Brother Zhuzi, you send Xiaodi back, I sleep with the rain, and it's me who sends me back!"

Chen Xueru said this, and Yang Xiaodi was not jealous for the first time.

On the contrary, I admired Chen Xueru very much, for the sake of love, she could give up so much.

Yang Xiaodi also wants to stay here, but no, if Yang Xiaodi doesn't go back tonight, then it is estimated that Yang Xiaodi's parents will have to call the police.

So Yang Xiaodi was very reluctant to let He Yuzhu send him back, and on the way, Yang Xiaodi asked He Yuzhu:

"Pillar, if the two of us don't express our stance today, will you give up on the two of us?"

He Yuzhu really thought so, but He Yuzhu still said:

"Do you want to hear the truth or a lie?"

Yang Xiaodi asked:

"How do you say a lie?" (If you read a violent novel, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

He Yuzhu said:

"Of course not!"

Yang Xiaodi asked again:

"What about the truth?"

He Yuzhu sighed:

"Hey, if you two don't take a stand, then I'll give up, after all, choosing any of you will hurt one of you.

So I'm going to choose none of them, and I'll fight for the country all my life!"

Hearing He Yuzhu's words, Yang Xiaodi was very happy and grateful to Chen Xueru.

If Chen Xueru hadn't said this, he might have lost He Yuzhu today.

Thinking of this, Yang Xiaodi hugged He Yuzhu tightly behind him:

"Brother Zhuzi, I'm sorry for making it difficult for you!"

He Yuzhu said:

"I'm sorry for me without you, it's me who is too greedy!"

Yang Xiaodi didn't blame He Yuzhu, if this is placed in modern times, it is simply impossible.

But in this era, the old society has just passed, and in the old society, it is very normal to have three wives and four concubines.

Although the law doesn't matter, in this era, capable people, who don't raise a few outer rooms outside.

Therefore, Yang Xiaodi did not have much disgust at all for this matter, and in the days to come, Yang Xiaodi felt that He Yuzhu and the two women were not too few.

Of course, this is a later matter, He Yuzhu rode a bicycle to Yang Xiaodi and sent it back.

Yang Xiaodi's mother, Hu Shuzhi, saw He Yuzhu send her daughter back, and said very enthusiastically:

"Here comes the pillars, come here, come and sit at home!"

He Yuzhu said politely:

"Auntie, I won't go in, it's too late today, and I still have a sister at home, my sister is young, and I don't worry.

I'll have a chance next time!"

Hu Shuzhi said with a smile:

"Look at you kid, thank you for sending Xiaodi back!"

He Yuzhu responded with a smile:

"It should be, it's not early, Auntie, go back, rest early, I'll go first!"

After speaking, he rode a bicycle and left, looking at He Yuzhu who was leaving, Hu Shuzhi said:

"Good boy, Xiaodi, how are you doing?"

Yang Xiaodi said:

"Let's wait until I graduate, I'll be assigned right away, and I don't know where to go?

People are amazing, they have obtained the certificate of a fifth-level engineer, and wherever they go, they are treated as a fifth-level engineer!"

Hearing Yang Xiaodi's words, Hu Shuzhi said:

"So powerful?"

Yang Xiaodi said disdainfully:

"This is amazing, what if I tell you, people also get a first-class cook's certificate, eight-level fitter, eighth-level electrician, eighth-level turner, eighth-level carpenter, eighth-level welder, eighth-level riveter, eighth-level blacksmith, third-level hygienist, eighth-level maintenance worker, driver's license?"

Hearing Yang Xiaodi's words, Hu Shuzhi said in disbelief:

"'How can he be so young, your father said, there are not many eighth-level workers in the country.

And it's hard for one person, how can he get so many documents?"

Yang Xiaodi said:

"What am I lying to you about, the whole Huaqing University knows about this matter, how can it be fake.

And I've seen all his documents, and they were indeed taken a few days ago.

How can it be fake, and if someone else can't get it, it doesn't mean that the pillar can't be obtained!"

Hu Shuzhi is also from a government agency, so he naturally knows about this matter, and this professional level is nationwide.

Basically, next year the whole country must be finished.

In the imperial capital, the eighth-level worker is even more difficult, not only to take the liberal arts exam, but more importantly, to practice.

This is the most difficult, you must know that in this era, the eighth-level worker is a very good worker anywhere.

Otherwise, there would not be a few eighth-level workers in the country, and the man that his daughter likes is so good.

Hu Shuzhi said:

"Xiaodi, what do you think?"

Yang Xiaodi didn't dare to talk to his parents about this, after all, the two daughters would definitely not do it together, so Yang Xiaodi asked:

"What do you think?"

Hu Shuzhi said:

"Stinky girl, don't pretend to be stupid for me, I said about the pillar, what do you think, I know you look good.

But the pillar is such an excellent person, you have to catch it, you don't want to have people to want.

Strive to set a date with him before the graduation assignment.

The two of you are old enough to get married, and when the time comes, you will be robbed by others, and you will have no place to cry.

Besides, people are still your saviors.

The grace of saving lives, when (Nuo Zhao Hao) promised with his body, don't you know?"

At this time, Yang Xiaodi's father, Yang Zhili, came back, heard the words of his daughter-in-law Hu Shuzhi, and asked:

"What do you promise by yourself? My daughter is so good-looking, I'm afraid I won't be able to get married?"

Hu Shuzhi told Yang Zhili about He Yuzhu, and Yang Zhili was hanging his clothes on the hanger.

After hearing Hu Shuzhi finish speaking, he asked in disbelief:


Hu Shuzhi said:

"The name of the family has spread in Huaqing University, and Xiaodi has also seen his documents!"

Yang Xiaodi nodded:

"I've seen them all!"

Hearing Hu Shuzhi's words, Zhili said:

"Then you have to promise yourself, everyone has saved your life, if you don't promise yourself, how can you repay the grace of saving your life?

Dad told you before that you must repay your kindness, and then you can save your life.

Dad supports mom in this matter, and it's best if you get a marriage certificate before you graduate.

Anyway, you are both old now, and you can get the certificate, what do you want to tell your father, the letter of introduction, the household registration, I will prepare it for you!"

Hearing the words of his parents, Yang Xiaodi was very happy in his heart, after all, such an excellent person, let alone himself, is his parents.

Yang Xiaodi said coquettishly:

"Mom, Dad——, you two, and he has a younger sister?"

If it was before, such a drag oil bottle, Yang Xiaodi's parents would definitely have to think about it, Hu Shuzhi said:

"That means that the child has a good character, what's wrong with his own sister, he has to grow up early and late, and he has to get married!"

Yang Zhili nodded:

"That's right, your mother is right, if we abandon our own sister's person, we are not at ease!".

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