Seeing He Yuzhu's surprised expression, the counselor continued:

"Yes, you learn things quickly, but you will find that the more you learn, the less you know.

And then just like that, keep going on, and eventually you will find that you have been learning all your life.

You understand a lot of things, and when you look back, you will find that you have mastered a lot of skills and learned a lot of knowledge.

But there is not much time left, and in this life, in addition to learning, it is learning.

There is nothing else, you studied before, I didn't stop you, that's because you are a student, your essence is to learn.

But now that you're graduating soon, your job is work.

Instead of studying, of course, it's not that you don't learn, but that you learn on the job.

Turning what you've learned into productivity, these three years, to be honest, most of the time you've been learning on your own.

Your talent is the highest and most powerful I've ever seen, as your counselor.

I haven't taken a single class, so today I'm going to give you the first and last class.

Your life has just begun, don't fall into the devil to learn.

I know that you geniuses love nothing more than to learn, and the more you master, the more secure you become.

You are now, medicine, cooking, all kinds of jobs, machinery, materials, biology, maintenance, calligraphy, musical instruments, it seems that you can't do it without you.

Of course, you didn't just learn, you also made a lot of contributions.

But are you really making these contributions?

It's not something you developed in the process of learning.

If you want to do a good job in R&D according to your qualifications, then you are now qualified to become a Level 4 engineer or even higher.

But you don't, you think you're learning too little, that's why you want to study.

In your eyes, as long as you want to learn, there is nothing 05 you can't learn, and it is.

As long as you want to learn, there's nothing you can't learn, but is this what you want?

Is this what you want to live your life for?

Studying until death?

No, you should use your talent to build our country.

I know that you are a person, as long as you learn, you will not stop, and you have not thought about developing your own country at the same time.

While studying?"

Hearing the counselor's words, He Yuzhu fell into deep thought.

You have to know that you have a lot of skills, and many of them are at the top of this world.

But He Yuzhu was not satisfied, because He Yuzhu knew that he still had a lot of skills.

With this golden finger, you can learn more things, and watch your golden finger constantly prompt.

I enjoy it very much, just like the feeling of playing games and upgrading in my previous life.

Thinking of this, He Yuzhu knew why he didn't have a sense of reality.

It turns out that he came to this world and has been holding the mentality of games, so Chen Xueru or Yang Xiaodi.

I've been pursuing myself for three years, and I can't even see it, but in fact, what I'm thinking about in my heart is a strategy game, waiting for the two to speak.

If the two don't speak, that is, the intimacy is not enough.

In this era, most people know each other for two days and basically get married within a month.

With myself like this, there is basically no relationship that has not been determined for three years.

He Yuzhu fell into deep thought, watching He Yuzhu fall into deep thought, the counselor didn't speak, just looked at He Yuzhu quietly, not knowing if He Yuzhu could listen to his words.

If you can listen to it, then it will be a blessing for the country, if you can't listen to it, then such a good genius will be ruined!"

He Yuzhu was silent, and after about ten minutes, He Yuzhu suddenly raised his head and said to the counselor:

"Thank you, counselor, I see, I almost got on the tip of the horn.

I understand, I know what I want?

However, I will not give up on studying, but I will distinguish my priorities and the things I assign, and ask the counselor to take care of it.

Don't worry, I know how to do it!"

Hearing He Yuzhu's words, the counselor looked at He Yuzhu as much more real, and then smiled slightly, he didn't expect He Yuzhu to figure it out so quickly.

Then the counselor said to He Yuzhu:

"Okay, don't worry, I will try my best to communicate with the above and give you a stay in the imperial capital.

If you had done your research and made a greater contribution, it would have been difficult for you to stay here.

But now that you've figured it out, your current grades and qualifications don't necessarily go anywhere else.

But now that you've figured it out, I know you're smart, so I won't say more.

You're busy!"

After speaking, the counselor took He Yuzhu's application form and left.

Seeing the counselor leave, He Yuzhu did not go to study, but stood at the door of Imperial Capital University for the first time, waiting for Yang Xiaodi to get out of school.

Soon, the students of Imperial Capital University were all out of school, and Yang Xiaodi and a female classmate came out talking and laughing.

At this time, Yang Xiaodi's female classmate said:

"Xiaodi, your man is here!"

Hearing the words of his classmates, Yang Xiaodi looked up and saw who dared to want to be his man.

But when he saw He Yuzhu, Yang Xiaodi's tears suddenly fell, three years, three years.

He went to find He Yuzhu rain or shine, this was the first time He Yuzhu came to find him.

Yang Xiaodi was very excited, and then quickly ran over to He Yuzhu, and then didn't say anything, and suddenly fell into He Yuzhu's arms, and cried while hugging He Yuzhu.

Looking at Yang Xiaodi's appearance, He Yuzhu gently patted Yang Xiaodi's back:

"Xiaodi, are your classmates watching?

Hearing He Yuzhu's words, Yang Xiaodi reacted and is now at the school gate.

With so many people watching, Yang Xiaodi quickly got up, wiped his tears, and then said to He Yuzhu:

"Pillar, let's go back!"

He Yuzhu nodded:

"Okay, let's go catch the rain first, and then we'll go back!"

Yang Xiaodi nodded, and then went to pick up He Yushui, after the three of them went back, He Yuzhu sent Yang Xiaodi to the house, and then said:

"Xiaodi, you and Yushui play for a while, I'll go buy something, and then call Xueru over, I'll cook again!"

Yang Xiaodi heard He Yuzhu's words, and was very nervous, why did He Yuzhu pick him up today and call Chen Xueru, what is this going to do?

After He Yuzhu finished speaking, he rode his bicycle away, looking at Yang Xiaodi in a daze, He Yushui asked Yang Xiaodi:

"Sister Xiaodi, what's wrong with you?"

Yang Xiaodi said to He Yushui:

"It's nothing, did the rain finish his homework?"

He Yushui said very stinkyly:

"That homework is so simple, I'll finish it at school!" (read the violent novel, go to the Feilu Novel Network!)

Hearing He Yushui's words, Yang Xiaodi knew that He Yushui was also a little genius, don't look at He Yushui is only ten years old now, a normal ten-year-old child is only in the third grade now.

But He Yushui was already in the first year of junior high school at a young age, and He Yushui's academic performance was very good.

Yang Xiaodi said:

"Yushui, you study so well, do you still want to go directly to the third year of junior high school?"

You must know that junior high school and high school are still three-year and have not yet been changed to two-year courses.

It will be changed to a two-year system in the future, so the current Yang Xiaodi asked He Yushui if he wanted to directly poison the third year of junior high school.

He Yushui nodded:

"I had this idea, otherwise, it would feel too simple and not interesting at all!"

Hearing He Yushui's words, Yang Xiaodi said:

"The rain in our house is so bad,"

He Yushui heard Yang Xiaodi's words, and giggled very happily, knowing that no matter when, confidence is praised.

The selfish He Yuzhu started with He Yushui, and He Yuzhu has been praising He Yushui.

And He Yushui also lived up to expectations, becoming more and more confident, and learning better and better.

This is all the result of the people around He Yushui.

Coupled with He Yuzhu's real-time guidance, He Yushui is getting better and better.

Just as Yang Xiaodi was talking to He Yushui, He Yuzhu came back on a bicycle.

It turned out that I ran into Chen Xueru halfway and brought it back directly on a bicycle.

After Chen Xueru came down, she came directly to Yang Xiaodi, and He Yuzhu didn't say much, because He Yuzhu knew that the relationship between the two was very good, so he said:

"You talk first, I'll cook!"

Seeing He Yuzhu leave, Chen Xueru asked Yang Xiaodi:

"Xiaodi, what's the situation?"

Yang Xiaodi shook his head:

"I don't know, jealous that today is very strange that he went to pick me up at the gate of our school today.

It's been so long, it's the first time since I've known him!"

Hearing Yang Xiaodi's words, Chen Xueru said:

"It's been so long, and it's the first time he's picked me up from my house!"

Yang Xiaodi asked curiously:

"So what's going on?"

Chen Xueru shook her head:

"I don't know, I'll probably know after eating, right?"


After the four of them finished eating, He Yuzhu said to He Yushui:

"Yushui, you go to study, I have something to say with your two sisters!"

He Yushui nodded, and then ran to study.

He Yuzhu looked at the second daughter and said to the second daughter:

"I'm sorry!"

Hearing He Yuzhu's words, the second daughter immediately panicked, what did she do, she was sorry.

Chen Xueru hurriedly said:

"Brother Zhuzi, what's wrong with you?"

Yang Xiaodi was also very anxious:

"Pillar, what the hell is going on, you say it and we will face it together, don't be like this, I'm afraid!"

Chen Xueru nodded timidly, and He Yuzhu continued:

"Nothing happened, it's just that the things of all these years have been figured out today, and I feel sorry for the two of you.

You're both so beautiful, so good, you've liked me since I saved you two, right?

Actually, I'm not stupid, and I know it too, but both of you are so good-looking, so beautiful.

I'll just pretend not to know the hearts of the two of you, and think that both of you are by my side.

Today I figured it out, I can't drag you two like this, if it goes on like this, I'm too inhuman.

So I'm sorry to the two of you, I used to be so inhuman!"

Hearing He Yuzhu's words, Chen Xueru and Yang Xiaodi are both ice and snow smart, He Yuzhu said this, this is to give up the two of them?

Chen Xueru said:

"Brother Zhuzi, you don't need to say that, we both know what you think, after all, I may not be as good-looking as Xiaodi, not as good as Xiaodi, and not as good as Xiaodi's family background.

But you can choose between Xiaodi and me so hard, and I'm very happy.

It shows that you still have me in your heart, I know you want both, but this country doesn't allow three wives and four concubines.

You can only monogamy, that's why you have this idea.

I can understand and I'm very happy, but Brother Zhuzi, I know what you think, I can do without a name, as long as Brother Zhuzi doesn't drive me away.

I'm just myself in my family, no one else, no one will say anything about me, I can not get a certificate with you.

My children and you can also be said to be your and your wife's children to the outside world, just let me be by your side forever!"

Hearing Chen Xueru's words, Yang Xiaodi and He Yuzhu were shocked, after all, He Yuzhu's idea was that after going to work by herself, the second daughter should go out and not tie herself to herself.

After all, you can't choose any of them, after all, both women are beauties, and they are both beauties that others can't compare.

So He Yuzhu planned to calm down, but he didn't expect Chen Xueru to say this.

Chen Xueru interrupted He Yuzhu's words:

"Brother Zhuzi, if you could choose, you would have chosen one of the two of us a long time ago.

But you still haven't made a choice, and you're about to work, so you definitely don't want to choose anyone.

Actually, I've had this idea for a long time, but I'm still greedy, and I hope that one day you will choose one of me.

I know that if I don't say it now, Xiaodi and I will lose you forever, I don't know what Xiaodi thinks, since the moment you saved me, I have made up my mind in my heart.

I will identify you in this life, unless I die, since you have no choice, I will help you choose.

If Xiao Di doesn't agree to this, then I can't do anything!"

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