You must know that money is a man's guts, and He Daqing was timid before, because he was about to die.

After all, the crime of playing hooligan is not a small crime at this time, but the white widow was frightened by He Yuzhu.

thought that he had really found evidence of Yi Zhonghai and his own crimes, so he didn't dare to come to the imperial capital all these years.

And He Daqing has been married for so many years, and he has a daughter, and there is nothing to do.

In addition, his salary is not low, although everyone is envious in the courtyard, except for the Jia family, almost everyone else will compliment He Daqing.

caused He Daqing to become more and more confident and became what he is now.

Sure enough, as long as you have money, you will slowly become confident.

He Yuzhu didn't know, but He Daqing was not bad in this way, at least he would not be bullied in the courtyard.

He Yuzhu nodded:

"That's okay, we don't bully people, but we can't be bullied either.

Okay, I'm going to cook, let's all eat here!"

He Daqing said:

"Then I'll go pick up the rain!"

He Yuzhu knew that He Daqing had a bicycle, and He Yuzhu said:

"Okay, you can go today!"

He Daqing nodded, and then rode his bicycle to pick up He Yushui.

When He Daqing brought He Yushui back, He Yuzhu had already made almost enough food.

After He Yushui came back, he greeted Song Ziyu obediently:

"Aunt Song!"

Then happily hugged Xiao He Yuqing:

"Yuqing, do you miss your sister?"

He Yuqing nodded her little head and replied cutely:

"Think about that!"

He Yushui was very happy, and then hugged "Eighty-Three-Seven" He Yuqing and said:

"Let's go, sister will take something delicious!"

Everyone else is a small treasury, and He Yushui, a snack stock, has saved a lot of delicious food.

They are all usually bought by begging He Yuzhu, and then save them for themselves, and eat some when they are hungry.

But snacks are nothing compared to what He Yuzhu eats, so He Yushui rarely eats, but he loves to save.

He Yuzhu didn't know why, but he didn't say anything, and it didn't cost much, most of it was dried meat made by He Yuzhu.

He Yuzhu looked at He Yushui and wanted to lead He Yuqing to have a snack, and then said:

"Rain, rain, I've cooked the meal, won't you two eat it?"

When the two little girls heard this, they said in unison


The two little girls are also foodies, especially for the meals made by He Yuzhu, they have no resistance at all.

Then the two of them didn't go to have a snack and went to the restaurant to wait for dinner.

After He Yuzhu brought the food, the two little girls drooled greedily, but no one rushed to eat it.

This was all taught by He Yuzhu, and after He Daqing and Song Ziyu were done, everyone began to eat.

Seeing He Yushui and He Yuqing eating all over their mouths, He Yuzhu smiled slightly, he was alone in his previous life, and now he has two soft little sisters.

He Yuzhu is very fond of him, and He Yuzhu's love for his two younger sisters is incompatible with the people of this era.

In this era, most people are patriarchal, but He Yuzhu likes little girls.

If it was a bear child, it is estimated that He Yuzhu would have cleaned it up a long time ago, although He Yuzhu doted on his two younger sisters very much.

But what should be taught is still taught!

The two little girls are very sensible, and they are sensible and make He Yuzhu even more fond of them.

He Yushui has not been criticized until now, so his personality is very good, and he is also very good to He Yuzhu.

After eating, He Yushui took He Yuqing to play.

When he was about to go to school, He Yuzhu sent He Yushui to class, and he talked to He Daqing and went to college.

He Daqing took Song Ziyu and He Yuqing back.

At night, He Yuzhu was riding a bicycle and preparing to go home, at this time Yang Xiaodi was standing at the school gate waiting for He Yuzhu, and after seeing He Yuzhu, Yang Xiaodi shouted loudly:


He Yuzhu stopped, then looked at Yang Xiaodi, stopped, pushed the bicycle, and walked in front of Yang Xiaodi:

"Xiaodi, why are you so idle today?"

Yang Xiaodi said:

"Pillar, our school is starting to prepare for allocation, do you plan to stay in school or be assigned?"

He Yuzhu knew that after ten years, there would be no good end for those who stayed in school.

I had to say:

"I plan to distribute, as for where, I will listen to the arrangement of the state!"

Hearing He Yuzhu's words, Yang Xiaodi was very disappointed, if it was assigned, then it would be impossible for him to be with He Yuzhu in the future.

After all, he and He Yuzhu were both people who took the college entrance examination in 52, and there were only tens of thousands of universities in the country this year.

But there is a need for talent all over the country, and I don't know where I am assigned.

Looking at Yang Xiaodi's appearance, He Yuzhu knew what Yang Xiaodi was thinking?

However, He Yuzhu didn't say much, because he didn't know where he was assigned to.

And there is also a Chen Xueru, who is also deeply in love with herself.

So I don't know how to treat these two girls, but I'm only 20 years old now.

It's not big, so He Yuzhu didn't do anything excessive to any girl.

But the second daughter is obviously anxious now, Yang Xiaodi said to He Yuzhu:

"Zhuzi, can I go to your house to eat in the evening, I haven't been to your house for dinner for a long time, I miss the food you cooked!"

He Yuzhu nodded;


He Yuzhu rode a bicycle with Yang Xiaodi, and then went to pick up He Yushui and went back.

As soon as the three of them arrived at the door, they saw Chen Xueru standing at the door with a pile of clothes.

Seeing the three people come back, Chen Xueru was no longer surprised, after all, there were many times, and no one was surprised.

Chen Xueru looked at He Yuzhu and said gently:

"It's back!"

He Yuzhu asked:

"Waited a long time, huh?"

Chen Xueru shook her head:

"I know you're back at this time, just a few minutes after you arrived!"

He Yuzhu opened the door, let a few women in, put away the bicycle, Chen Xueru said to He Yuzhu:

"Brother Zhuzi, Xiaodi, Yushui, I made you a few clothes, and you will graduate soon.

There should be a fitting dress!"

Yang Xiaodi ran to Chen Xueru and asked happily:

"What did you do for me?"

Chen Xueru smiled and said:

"Of course it's good-looking!"

Then he said to He Yuzhu:

"Brother Zhuzi, I also heard about it in the tavern, are you going to be assigned?"

He Yuzhu nodded:

"It should be soon, but it's time to sign up now, and it will take a while for the assignment to continue!"

Chen Xueru asked:

"Where is Brother Zhuzi assigned?"

He Yuzhu shook his head: (If you read a violent novel, you can go to Feilu Novel Network!)

"I haven't signed up yet, I'm starting to sign up tomorrow, and I don't know where I'm going to be assigned!"

Hearing He Yuzhu's words, Chen Xueru said:

"Brother Zhuzi, if you are assigned, you must tell me!"

He Yuzhu nodded

"That's for sure, no one will tell you, and I won't tell you two!"

After speaking, He Yuzhu said:

"Okay, don't worry about it, you guys talk first, I'll cook for you!"

After speaking, he went to the kitchen, looking at He Yuzhu who was busy with work, Chen Xueru asked Yang Xiaodi:

"Xiaodi, what do you think?"

Yang Xiaodi shook his head:

"I don't know, what if the pillars are assigned to the outside?"

Chen Xueru said:

"If that's the case, I'll go along, I don't have anything to do right now anyway. "

Hearing Chen Xueru's words, Yang Xiaodi was very envious of Chen Xueru.

Looking at Yang Xiaodi's appearance, Chen Xueru didn't know what to say, although the two were friends, but Yang Xiaodi's thoughts He Yuzhu also knew.

The two of them said that they would compete fairly, so they were waiting for He Yuzhu to make a statement.

But the problem now is if He Yuzhu is far away.

Then Yang Xiaodi will have no chance, after all, Chen Xueru can give up everything and leave with He Yuzhu.

But what about Yang Xiaodi, Yang Xiaodi has his own parents here, and when he has his own, he is likely to be assigned to the imperial capital.

Looking at the lost Yang Xiaodi, Chen Xueru was not in a good mood, and the relationship between the two daughters in recent years has also been good.

The two daughters were silent, and He Yushui asked:

"Sister Xiaodi, Sister Xueru, what's wrong with you two?"

Chen Xueru said to He Yushui:

"It's okay, it's just a bad mood!"

He Yushui looked like a little adult, and then said:

"Hmph, I don't know yet, I understand everything, my brother is about to graduate, and he is going to be assigned 0.....

You're worried that you won't be able to see my brother, aren't you, you're worried that you won't be able to eat my brother's food?"

He Yushui is only ten years old, so he naturally doesn't know love and love, and He Yushui's little head is full of food.

That's why He Yushui said so.

Yang Xiaodi looked at He Yushui's appearance, laughed out loud, and then hugged He Yushui and said:

"Our little rain is so smart, what do you say about the little rain, I don't want to be unable to eat your brother's cooking!"

Hearing Yang Xiaodi's words, He Yushui giggled, and then said:

"How easy it is, how powerful my brother is, just let my brother stay here.

Anyway, my brother loves me so much, how can he be willing to leave me.

My brother promised me that he wouldn't abandon me!

My brother's talk counts!"

Hearing He Yushui's words, the eyes of the two daughters lit up, yes, He Yushui is still here, so He Yuzhu has a great chance of staying here.

As long as He Yuzhu stays here, then it will be easy to do.

The mood of the two daughters improved.


The next day, He Yuzhu handed over his wishes to the counselor, and the counselor looked at He Yuzhu's wishes, and it turned out to be to stay in the imperial capital, any unit.

The counselor knew that He Yuzhu was a person and had a younger sister.

As for He Daqing's return, no one knows yet, and neither does the counselor.

Looking at He Yuzhu's choice, the counselor had already guessed.

"You're about the same, but if you're going to stay in school, it's a sure thing.

But you've made so many contributions, and you'll definitely be considered above!"

Hearing the counselor's words, He Yuzhu nodded:

"Got it, but I hope the above will give more consideration to my personal situation!"

He Yuzhu didn't want to leave the imperial capital, he had to know how rare the household registration of the imperial capital would be in the future.

Even now, He Yuzhu is also thinking about his future, after all, He Yuzhu is the person of the future.

For the country, I also love myself, but I love myself even more, there is no way, after the baptism of the future network.

Modern people rarely give up all their people for the sake of the country, and they all serve the country on the premise that they are doing well.

Therefore, He Yuzhu did not think about it, and he did not think about going to the Great Northwest and the Great Gobi.

So He Yuzhu was able to design a big radish, but He Yuzhu didn't interfere, because He Yuzhu knew that that Da Na was coming back.

When I came back, I was able to study this, and it was done very quickly.

Although he can, but now the country's basic industry is very backward, He Yuzhu plans to upgrade the basic industry.

In this way, it can also 3.1 help the country, not necessarily to develop big turnips.

In this way, I can also work in the imperial capital.

Therefore, the design provided by He Yuzhu over the years is either in terms of materials or foundation lathes.

Although it is also used by the country, because of the scarcity of steel, it is technical.

There is no way to popularize it, and He Yuzhu has known about this problem in the past few days, and he also plans to learn about construction and safety.

Because only by understanding this can you build an advanced steel mill yourself.

There is also knowledge of minerals, only if you know how to prospect and mine, then you can improve the mineral aspect of the country.

However, I have no time these days, I am busy, and when I saw the counselor say this, He Yuzhu also said:

"Counselor, there's nothing going on these days, I'm going to learn about architecture, I don't know if it's appropriate?"

Hearing He Yuzhu's words, the counselor asked:

"How did you remember to learn that?"

He Yuzhu said:

"Now the country lacks everything, especially the materials needed by industry, but now our country is short of these, I want to learn and see if I can contribute!"

The counselor heard He Yuzhu's words and said to He Yuzhu:

"I know that you all have your own revenge for this country, but Zhuzi, the country is not you alone, it needs the efforts of all of you.

Your experience alone is really limited, I know that you are very talented, and if you go to study, there will be no problem, but, pillar, how much time do you have, how much energy do you have?".

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